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Found 19 results

  1. Welcome to the Rogue's Gallery, where I shamelessly upload art of Roen, the Devil Here will be the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, and maybe a few characters other than Roen, if I feel so inclined.
  2. Hello! 👋 Ace here! Although I have always enjoyed making art, I have only recently decided to take the leap and have a go at making it my real-life occupation. I am a self-taught student of many techniques and styles, including graphic design, illustration, digital painting, cartooning, and character art. So I thought, It's time to set up a gallery and shop here on Val! . . . as well as have a place of my own for chronicling my learning journey among friends. 👩‍❤️‍👩 This post contains my current WIPs & contact information. Commission terms and slots can be found in the next post. Latest Work Contact and Links Officially, I create under the brand identity Poison & Well CreativeWorks. However, I'll be offering you folks a different range of styles to choose from, so all communication regarding Valucre orders should be conducted over Discord. You can now join me for Artin' and chill voice chats on Discord. Check out that and more in my various web homes below. Discord: waitsyan#6655 Instagram | | Ko-Fi
  3. Because I just have too much art to show off. I'm a peacock when it comes to these kinds of things. @The Hummingbird made me some pretty nifty weapons. Give her kiosk some love And finally after five years and a global pandemic I have my finished Fujin-Ryu Armor piece, courtesy of B-Dunn Complete with House Banner Rae got some new threads (and one of Raze's swords made an appearance), a makeover, and some WIPs Artamese got some love, too: And more beasties for the bestiary: Whew...there's still a ton more WIPs in the works for other lore pages and characters, too. That's the bulk of it for now. Outfits: Armor: Solo: Couple/Group: NSFW:
  4. Zigzag

    Zigzag's Art Exhibit

    Hello everyone, I have decided to create a thread to store all the art I'll be collecting in the future. Here you'll find the art, the artist who made it, and what the art represents. I hope you enjoy then as much as I do.
  5. Hey guys just posting a small collection of my sketches and such. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/OoZqd6 hope you guys enjoy.
  6. Edit 1-24-20: Since there has been some interest in commissions and art trades, I'm going to put out some prices in case anyone wants something. See below: Coding: Character Sheet - $3.00 Organizing your information into an HTML Template that can be loaded into a character page on Val. Coding: Lore Article - $5.00 Organizing your information into an wiki-style HTML Template that can be loaded into a lore page on Val. Vectorizing - $7.00 Recreating an existing raster logo as a vector with no other edits or new elements. New Logo (+Flag) - $15.00 Creating a new logo or making modifications to an existing logo. Flag or vertical banner layout can be requested for no additional charge. Character Portrait - $25.00 Vector upper body shot of a character, similar to the images shown below. I will require several reference images. All Other Art - $25.00 per/hr Any other requests, should I choose to accept them, will be done on a pay-per-hour basis rather than a set price. *Payments can be accepted via either Cash App or Paypal. Art trades can sub for cash, you'll just have to make an offer. No offense, but if I don't care for your art style, I may decline the offer and suggest you go with payment instead. == original post ==
  7. Did anyone remember me? Miss me? Haha hope everyone is well during this stressful time! Here's some AMVs starting from most recent. Alright, have fun with these! xD
  8. Hi. I occassionally draw. Most of it is just scribbles done on paper, or on Aggie.io if it's digital art. I'll be posting here occasionally to show off my various scratches and scribbles, for your consideration.
  9. I made my very own podcast for telling original stories, the first one being a little horror piece I think you'll enjoy. https://anchor.fm/tylerhuck/episodes/Deliverance-Be-Damned-eesnuu
  10. Well, since Hana is essentially a self-insert I figured it would be nice to set up some form of gardening discussion. So, feel free to talk about plants and just general gardening stuff. Remember, it's an art not a science. Well, maybe it's a little bit of both. Anyways here are my most prized plants Capsicum chinense 'Carolina Reaper': Idk how to post pictures from my photo library. But, my Reaper is about two years old now and in a sort of perpetual blooming cycle. Like I can abuse it and it still constantly gives me the evil pods that are most likely satan icarnate. They smell like pain manifest. I ended up hallucinating the first time I ate one that's how much they hurt. It's insanely good in chilis, and legend has it one pepper is enough for seven pots of the stuff. I got it at a little niche novelty/weeaboo store at a local mall. It was in this little tin can that was no bigger than a can of coke. It has long since graduated from that can into a Lowes bucket. I'm probably going to end up grafting a couple of other species onto it and make a Frankenstein pepper. Overall it's the reason I got into gardening. Capsicum annuum ’Purple Cayanne’: This is probably my favorite pepper plant. It's technically an ornamental species. But, they taste pretty good. It's pretty interesting though. Though I can't shoe you mine since I don't know how as of yet I can give you a vague idea of her blossoms. They're a mix of purple and white and they kinda look like this: She produces a pepper that's purple and about as long as your pinky. When it originally sprouted last year, she was entirely purple alongside her two brothers that died from what I think was rust. Idk why but she lost that color as she got older. Her stem is darker than the above picture and I have her trained so that it leans to the left. I'm tempted to make her into a bonchi (pepper bonsai), though idk how I would style her. Capsicum annuum 'Friggitello': This is just the fancy Italian way of saying pepperoncini. I just got him, and he's being used as a bit of a lab rat to study the effects of witchcraft on plants. Idk, I prayed to Gaia when I planted him. Generally, I'm not the best at germination. But, he was the only seed I planted and he came up probably as the strongest and healthiest seedling I've ever had. Who's to say though, I think it's more fun to think the latter. As he's still a seedling I have to baby him a lot. Overall I want to see if using different types of charged water have some form of effect on growth and yield rates. Idk, maybe. Certainly won't be formal science. More of a little hey, I wonder what I can do sort of thing. Overall I'm going to try to breed everyone together and see what comes out. I'll probably name whatever comes out Larry. Idk why, I just like the name Larry.
  11. I enjoy drawing weapons and dabble in traditional art as well. Come see, and ask for commissions!
  12. Csl

    Archiving the Art Club

    I think the type of content this club specifically is for (showcasing, art-related discussion, etc.) would get more engagement in the main Chat forum, where it deserves to shine more. So this is a notice that the threads in the Art Club have been tagged with showcase and moved to the Chat forum and the club's going to be archived. I'll see you fellow Val artists and art-appreciators there ❤️
  13. Ace

    Draw and chill?

    I'd be interested in designating a Discord VC somewhere for people to hang out and share screen, or just stream music and chat, while we work on art. Would this interest anyone?
  14. Ace

    Who has October plans?

    Inktober. Drawtober. Drawlloween. Anyone doing an October challenge? and which one? I'm rather slow (and generally very supportive of populist boycotts of exploitative bullshit) so I'll probably do Drawtober, which gives you 5 days per prompt. Plus, I like their themed prompts this year. ❤️
  15. Phase

    Phase's Art Emporium

    Looks like I posted in the wrong area. Here is a link to the thread.
  16. I will make a new post for each work, this will serve as an index once I get around to formatting it. Feel free to PM me or write on my status for comments or critique.
  17. Csl

    Free HTML Templates

    A thread for all sorts of HTML templates that can be copied and used by anyone. This includes lore templates, post templates, character sheet templates, and more. Feel free to post templates you've created and instruction for use, preferably with the below format: Template demo (how it looks like when posted) Template Code Instructions / terms of use / about the template Use this coding tutorial for instructions on how to input HTML/inline CSS into the Valucre text editor. Have fun!
  18. Picrew's a site where people make image-makers - basically you can choose from a selection of features like noses, face shapes, eyes, accessories, etc., and make your own character. I've been messing around with this one a while ago and it's very good, great for fantasy character art. It's made by alohasushicore. So yeah- make your characters, post the images you've generated in this thread. If you discover other neat character makers on picrew, you can post your images here or link them below too! Edit: It's in Japanese, but to get started just click the red button on the lower right. Click the paintbrush icon to edit the color of whatever element you're editing and the arrows icon to move it (not all elements can be moved) When you want to save your picture, click the green button on the lower left corner of the image.
  19. I like to do this kind of thread every so often. I think someone usually posts it 1-2 times a year, so I'll do it this time! Probably one of my all time favorite ones haha This gist is fairly simple: post a song that you believe in the music and/ or theme song for one of your characters! You can do it for as many characters as you'd like! Some people also like to give a short snapshot as to why you chose that song. I'll go first, though I'll just use active characters to make it less long haha Lilith Reiter "They say the most dangerous man is the one who has nothing left to lose. I say it’s the one who has at least one last thing left to protect." Alexander Hawk "And if I'm dying in the fight, it'll be while I'm bringing you down to the grave." Aedos Chanaril "No more mercy, no more pain; From the wreckage, no escape; I can feel it burning in my veins." Athena Romanov "The Ends justify the Means."
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