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Found 57 results

  1. Csl

    Csl's Art Box

    In the rare moments between the drudgery of college requirements and frantic post/lore writing, I, Csl, do art. Here is a thread for me to stack them all up and display to the Valucre community. Might do commissions in the future if people are interested ^_^ House C'zirqonia Family Portraits Finished the base drawings in the blessed school-less days of Christmas break, cleaned up and added backgrounds this week. Krita + Photoshop. 2-3 hours each for the base drawings. Base drawings Final output
  2. Crescent

    Here’s some stuff of mine~

    I am an artist, and I draw on paper and computer, both forms of my art could be found here on deviantart! https://www.deviantart.com/xxcresent-moonxx Here’s some good stuff of mine, both writing and a bit of art Here is a little bit that I wrote, with Vincent ( one of my OCs in my original Evras world )
  3. Ataraxy

    Thread Movie Trailers

    Cult of Power Note: Other characters will be added at a later date. I got tired and the song ended, so I'll have to mix in a new one to keep it going lol Hope you enjoy! (Let me know if you see any mistakes lol)
  4. Ataraxy

    Atarawr Art Store of Chibis

    I'm calling this an "Art Shop" but it's basically more like "I'll draw you stuff cause drawing is fun and if you wanna be nice and feed me I'll take some money" LOL Hiya party people! So some of you may have witnessed or still be witnessing as I learned to draw with pen and pencil. As of a few days ago, I bought myself a drawing tablet. A $500 Samsung Tab A 10.1 to be precise. And, uh, well that was like a months worth of food for when I'm in law school this summer... lmao... so I figured I'd start this up for whatever people are generous enough to give. For those of you who don't know me or been keeping up with my drawing, my name is Ataraxy and well, I'm learning to draw hahaha That's not to say I'm bad at drawing, I'm just no, uh, well I'm not a Micheal Angelo lmao I guess you'll see in the reference photos down below 😄 1. Number One! The first thing you can ask me to draw for you is what I like to call a SuperChibi. Essentially you direct me to a character (please have a reference photo, drawing from words is a lot harder) and a Superhero of you're choosing. If I'm not confident with that hero or the costume is to difficult, I'll let you know! How much? Um, well, I'm not super sure but I'd like something around 6 dollars for 2. Price can be changed whenever I want but if you strike a deal with me for a certain price and I change the price, you get the price pre-change. Man of my word so if I say 6 bucks to you, that's what you pay. Pay is up for negotiation though. I know there are other poor, poor college students on here like myself so I'm also down for like, art trade or maybe even you gimme something IC. Grab me an artifact and I'd certainly draw you some fun lil' chibis lmao *Pay should be done through Paypal but I'm open to other venues for real life cash haha 2. DINOCHIBIS! Your character in a cool dinosaur suit. These are really fun to draw lmao Be warned that I usually use pose references/ templates cause I'm still learning how to draw proper anatomy and all that. Price is the same as a the Supercheebs 3. Another type of chibi. I'm up to try anything, but fair warning, if I've never done it before I can't guarantee normal quality. I'll certainly, as I always do, try my best. Like the others, price is negotiable and I'll really just take whatever you're able/ willing to give me lol though because these are harder i'mma say I'd prefer something closer to 5 dollars each for these. No examples of these yet lmao sorrrryyyyy
  5. Ataraxy

    Ataraxy Learns/ Tries to Draw

    I know that I'm going to end up losing or ruining the drawings plus I wanna post 'em here cause it lets me plug my characters lol Uh so, I started drawing about 3 days ago and I don't have a tablet to draw on so everything is done (painstakingly) by hand. And no, I don't have photoshop lol I have a Chromebook. AIso don't have a skin color colored pencil or marker. Gotta go buy that. I also have a printer that scans but it sucks so I'll probably just snap pictures. It's odd though, drawings apparently look much better in RL. I honestly didn't know that before I started trying to upload them lol K den Day 1: Wanted to draw something for the Reverie event Day 2: I wanted to try drawing a person anime style, so I chose Lilith and found a tutorial on Youtube. Actually turned out fairly decent, much to my surprise - Skin color was applied online. Some websites have a smart brush tool thing. Didn't know that. A bit dark for Lilith but whatever, close enough. Day 3: I wanted to try drawing a chibi character, so like yesterday I find a tutorial (I actually combined a few of them cause they all had a few aspects I like but doing quite what I wanted) and did it for Mercury, my Vampire Loli character lmao This was was a bit weird to do (so many different styles) and my hands hurt so it was tough to take a photo properly lol Man, I gotta go buy a better colored pencils/ markers lol
  6. TheEyeOfNight

    RP Banner Showcase/Offer

    I'm a visual kind guy/hyena, and I like PaintShopping headers for RP threads to get myself pumped and otherwise inspired. Thought I'd drop some off here, with a standing invitation to whip some up for anyone's thread if they like. PM or hit me up here and I'll be happy to throw one together for you
  7. Roen

    The Rogue's Gallery v.2.5

    Welcome to the Rogue's Gallery, where I shamelessly upload art of Roen, the Devil Here will be the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, and maybe a few characters other than Roen, if I feel so inclined.
  8. Grubbistch

    The Lorecrafter is in Business!

    Ever since joining this forum I have had a lot of fun in designing and crafting lore. All the effort put into creating the landscapes and worlds for myself and others to take part in really are a blast, and I was thinking of getting back into it, but in a less direct way than usual. I no longer desire actively running areas or managing boards, but I still want to construct rich worlds or areas for others to enjoy. This of course is where the main idea behind this thread is for. Want to role play in a cool city with fascinating lore? Do you desire to be or interact with a unique culture or race of beings in your adventure? Having trouble coming up with a treasure or artifact for your quest? Give me a chance and I think I could really surprise you. Whether you need a cosigner or a consultant, I am ready to help create the world which will house your adventure. Either post here or send me a pm and we can get to talking about what you want so we can begin the process of crafting lore. Completed Projects
  9. Godspell

    Mistral's Grace

    I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World lately and one of my passions when it comes to roleplaying concepts go, its creating weapons and various items. So I made a conceptual weapon from one of my favorite weapon types just for fun. I hope you guys like it.~ " Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Store up energy while in sword mode, and then use it to deal high damage in axe mode. " Forged from the scales and essences of fabled Elder Dragon, Kushala Daora. Masters of the skies and the very furious mistrals that beckon to his every whim. Bathed in the elder dragon blood, his essence was used to bring forth a charge blade of devastating amplitude, as his power not only resonated to be an exemplar in comparison to the living, and, breathing wyrm, but also with potential to bring havoc amongst a plethora of foes with a hunter skilled enough to wield this relic of winds fury manifested. A charge blade is a technical weapon with the ability to transform. The base is a sword & shield mode. Allowing for swift attacks as well as the ability to serve as a rampart against incoming attacks albeit physical, projectiles, and so forth. The weapon in of itself has features and mechanics that enhance the weapons performance and allow for the wielder to dish out more cogent attacks. The charge blade is able to equip phials which are items that act as rechargeable containers that can store various forms of energy. This charge blade, in particular, is built to contain two phial types: Impact & Power Elemental with various levels of energy capacity between them. Impact phials store kinetic energy through its standard physical attacks as well as blocking attacks with the shield. By either discharging a percentage of the phials energy capacity into the sword or shield, you'll be granted with options that allow you to enhance your standard capabilities. If you choose to discharge the phials into the shield you'll be granted with heightened defenses, making your shield a bulwark that can stand against even the most fierce attacks. If the phials are charged to their maximum capacity, this unlocks the RG System. (Radial General Purpose) While the shield is charged, the sword unlocks the ability to go into its Amped state. Within the amped state, the sword surges with energy, raging on, the blade is able to implement the energy stored within the phial, into its attacks. Enabling more robust strikes, however, this will drain the phial periodically with each strike landed depending on the strength and gauges before the phial needs to be recharged once more. While the sword is in its amped state, the wielder would be able to discharge all of the energy built up at once into a more formidable strike that has a shockwave range. With this particular charge blade, the shockwave range is 8 feet in a frontal cone in front of the wielder with a diameter of a meter and a half. When the sword is then merged with the shield, the weapon will morph into an elongated battle-axe like weapon, allowing for stronger attacks with more range but also slower compared to its previous form. The axe form also is key to one of the charge blade's most powerful attacks. When charged phials are gauged into the shield, this allows for an Amped Elemental Discharge. The amped elemental discharge is an attack that releases the charged phials stored energy, into a concentrated, traveling shockwave within axe mode, allowing devastating attack power as well as range. When the phial is charged to its maximum, shown by the vibrancy of the phial gauge and the sword, once merged with the shield and going into an elemental discharge, this further increases the amped elemental discharge in power and range. The amped elemental discharge can be accessed mid-combo and in the sword & shield mode, or axe, when an opportunity presents itself to do supreme damage. RG System: Within this amped state of power, the RG System is when the charge blade is at peak performance, its prowess and proficiency are multiplied. Upon releasing the stored and concentrated powers of Kushala Daora, the Hunter is able to unleash the elder dragon's powers in paramount, resulting in the catastrophic endowment that's blessed. The charge blade will saturate the phial energy and the dragon's force internally as well as externally to increase its performance drastically. The wielder can concentrate levels of this esoteric force with the Elderseal Phial that will be slotted into the sword's gauge. The Elder Seal Phial is an enhanced phial that holds the link between Kushala's power and the charge blade. Once combined, delivers a power resonance state between the weapon and the Hunter. The sword and shield are engulfed in ferocious gales and phial energy. This, signifying that the RG System is activated. Within this state, the sword and shield amped state is taken leaps and bounds further to their regular forms potential. The sword's attacks are swifter with the ability to have increased range to its attacks by enlarging the blade, into a blade of wind with a kinetic field created by the discharged phial energy. Given its new properties, the sword has increased attack range, speed, cutting capacity, as well as increased penetration strength has given that the winds are going to be in a continuous, raging spiral. The shield gains a further amped state that enables the Hunter to harness Kushala's power to create a subdermal field on the shield that gives the effect of repulsion mimicry. Allowing various strikes and projectiles to be reflected. This can be used offensively to further increase the amped elemental discharge shockwave power or through techniques that involve a shield bash. The Elder Seal Phial can release all of its stored energy into a Super Elemental Amped Discharge, in which would unleash cataclysmic levels of power to reign upon their foe. The charge blade is able to withstand that amount of shock and stress due to its overall material design. Using the strength of Kushala's scales as the catalyst, paired with tempered adamantine with a compound made with mythril. Able to withstand category F5 tornadoes and microburst storm with relative ease. The very edge of the sword & shield seems to hum with an iridescent, white energy constantly that flows in prismatic waves. Once the wrath of Mistral's Grace is liberated, the very foundation of Kushala Daora's roar can be said to be divulged.
  10. Acies ab Vesania

    Spinal Chills 2018--Winner Announced!

    Entries and Guidelines Welcome to this year's Spinal Chills contest! The Spinal Chills contest has two BIG requirements for entry: submit on time and make sure it's spine chilling! Here's the rest: The word limit is about 2,000 words at maximum. You can exceed it by a small amount (my judgment), but not in excess. Entries must be original, unused work. Do not plagiarize others nor yourself! You cannot tell others what you entered. Only two people should know who an entry belongs to--the author and me, the coordinator. Entries have no specific restriction other than it must be written. Submit anything that fits that requirement. Participants may enter only one piece per person. Revisions are accepted up to the due date. Proper formatting is on you, I will not fix submissions. Entries are due October 19th, 11:59 pacific time. There will be NO extensions. You are getting 30 days to have your stuff turned in- don't procrastinate. 😉 Entries are submitted via PM. Please put "Spinal Chills Entry" in the subject line. I confirm entries within a few days (usually less than 24hrs)-- please give me 72 hours to respond. I will not accept entries any earlier than October 3rd; please spend the next two weeks crafting your future masterpiece. Prizes are based on number of participants. Posting and Voting All stories will be posted in a random order on October 22nd. I will not accept votes until starting 72 hours after they are posted. I ask that all would be voters PLEASE take the time to read ALL entries at least once before voting. You will have until 11:59pm pst Tuesday, the 30th to get your votes in. The results will go up on Halloween. Here are the voting guidelines and requirements: One vote per person. A vote consists of up to three choices that you MUST rank from first choice through last choice. You must rank them, or else I assume the order you post them in is the order you intended (1st through 3rd). You can vote for less than 3. Votes are weighted, with your first choice worth three points, and each choice after worth one point less. In order to vote, you must have been registered on the site prior to October 15th. If you submitted to the contest, you do NOT get to vote . You either participate as a reader/voter, or a contributor. Pick one or the other. All votes coming from new accounts (or any other account suspected of being a duplicate) will be IP address cross checked- so don't even think about trying to cheat. Votes are submitted via PM to me. You need to put "Spinal Chills Vote" in the subject line. I will respond to you before Halloween to confirm I got the vote. Prizes! Prizes this year is dependent on the number of people who submit entries. The more entries, the better the prize. Five or fewer participants 1st place: A free, thorough critique of your Spinal Chills Entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less. [My credentials: I have a BA in Writing] Five to nine participants 2nd place: A free, light critique of your Spinal Chills entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less. 1st place: A free, thorough critique of your Spinal Chills Entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less. Ten to fourteen participants 3rd place: A free, light critique of your Spinal Chills entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $10 Amazon Gift Card* 2nd place: A free, moderate critique of your Spinal Chills entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $15 Amazon Gift Card* 1st place: A free, thorough critique of your Spinal Chills Entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $25 Amazon Gift Card* Fifteen or more participants 3rd place: A free, light critique of your Spinal Chills entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $20 Amazon Gift Card* 2nd place: A free, moderate critique of your Spinal Chills entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $30 Amazon Gift Card* 1st place: A free, thorough critique of your Spinal Chills Entry or an equivalent work of 2kish word length or less OR a $50 Amazon Gift Card* *e-gift cards require a valid email address, so please be prepared to give us one. Let's see who has the most chilling story this year! Good luck!
  11. So, a few years ago, I went back to college for graphic design after spending a year working a dead-end retail job. The actual reason I decided to go back to college in that particular program was because I wanted to learn how to do better art so I could make portraits of my RP characters (for the other RP website I'm on, I was not anywhere near signing up on Valucre at the time). Ironically I wound up getting a good job and eventually buying a house as a result of getting that degree, but I never quite put the skills to proper use making pictures of my RP characters. Fast-forward to eight days ago, I idly decided to try and do a simple vector line-art design on my character Joseph Tynes. Before I knew it, I was doing vector art designs for all of my major Valucre characters! So now that I have them done, I want to show them off. Admittedly, these don't hold a candle to any of the fancy commissioned character pieces a lot of people here have, but seeing as I was able to do these for free, and more importantly have stylistic consistency across my whole cast, I can't complain about the results. Without further ado, my Valcure character cast, in order of appearance: Erin Hale My first character on the site. There's not a ton to say about her other than that she's my only character not to hail from Terrenus, being from Earth instead. Shane Haydes My resident psychopath. My first Norkotian character, though hardly my most prominent one at this point. His character backstory is on its third recycling. Abigail Karradeen Possibly my favorite design. Abigail was originally a villain in one of the my early threads on Val, but now she's head of House Karradeen and my main representative in Ursa Madeum. Rodan Allagi One of the founding members of the Abbadon Triumvirate, Rodan is possibly my most popular character. He's also one of my more unique and powerful ones, despite not being a combat character. Nikki Stratton Nikki doesn't have a lot of screen-time yet, but @Djinn&Juice and I have an interesting arc in the workings for her. It should be noted that I frickin' love black eyepatches. Joseph Tynes The dictator in the making. Tynes is already starting to become known thanks to his presence in the A.N.T. Conference and Norkotia's rising prominence in Terrenus. Diric Redbridge Joseph Tynes's chief advisor and his go-to man for "plausibly deniable operations". He has yet to appear in a non-solo thread, but all you need to know is he's a young Spock with no restrictive morals. Cedric Once a normal man, now a bone-armored vampyre mutant, Cedric is Rodan's main field agent for the Abbadon Triumvirate. He possesses biological traits lifted from Gabriela DuGrace. Mara Mercer Because everyone needs a badass cyborg bounty hunter. Also I like purple. Do I need to say anything else? All character sheets can be viewed via the link in my signature. Feel free to share thoughts and criticisms as desired.
  12. Here is the final result! I am really impressed by the artist. Here is where you can find the artist! https://sketchmob.com/user-profile/BellaBergolts/
  13. Acies ab Vesania

    Spinal Chills 2018 Submissions

    Each below are in there own post. This thread will remain locked. You have until 11:59pm pst on Tuesday the 30th to get in your votes. Given the smaller number of submissions, I will accept votes 24 hours from now. Voting rules posted again: One vote per person. A vote consists of up to three choices that you MUST rank from first choice through last choice. You must rank them, or else I assume the order you post them in is the order you intended (1st through 3rd). You can vote for less than 3. Votes are weighted, with your first choice worth three points, and each choice after worth one point less. In order to vote, you must have been registered on the site prior to October 15th. If you submitted to the contest, you do NOT get to vote . You either participate as a reader/voter, or a contributor. Pick one or the other. All votes coming from new accounts (or any other account suspected of being a duplicate) will be IP address cross checked- so don't even think about trying to cheat. Votes are submitted via PM to me. You need to put "Spinal Chills Vote" in the subject line. I will respond to you before Halloween to confirm I got the vote.
  14. Deus Ex Aizen

    Show and Tell - Rae's Gallery

    Because I just have too much art to show off. I'm a peacock when it comes to these kinds of things. Another update from B-Dunn on my armor piece. Revised some of the hard edging of the armor to reflect the curves of the Lotus motif. Arranged some of her facial features, including her eye color. Adjusted the position and grip of her hands, and added more bitchin' cool effects to her Naginata to show the tail end of its evolution from the previous weapon. He said he still has a lot of finer detail to work on, and really wants to showcase the evolution invocation ability, so I told him to have at it. Three years, working on this piece. I've yet to be disappointed! Outfits: Armor: Solo: Couple/Group: NSFW:
  15. Grubbistch

    My Crappy Art

    So here it is the first in probably a long line of terrible art that I plan on putting up on the forum. This beauty if Feurerkönig without his armor. With a bit more practice I'll be able to maybe make something decent in the future.
  16. PurplePanda

    Panda's Practical Doods

    This will be for Panda's valucre art show case. Most of these will never be commission, so the quality is not ever going to be more than 'doodle quality'. I will be putting up characters that are active in Val, off hand portraits I might do for characters I might like. This is not a request thread, if you have any SERIOUS inquiries into commissions, just shoot me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I'm usually flooded with commissions but I might still be able to slot you in! ( Please note, even if they are 'doods', they can still take up to two hours or some times more, please be respectful, that's time I could have been using. )
  17. Select one Power, Ability, Feat, Innate, Spell, Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Auto-Innate, etc Rule 1: No flaming, obviously. Rule 2: Constructive criticism welcomed, and applauded. Rule 3: Select one power from your character, minus the name, enter the flavor text, self-rate then 10/10. DO NOT EDIT. Rule 4: SUBMIT.
  18. The Hummingbird

    Hummingbird's Art Kiosk

    I enjoy drawing weapons and dabble in traditional art as well. Come see, and ask for commissions!
  19. roboblu

    roboblu draws some things

    Hey! I used to be really involved with art when I was a teen, but then the Fire Nation Attacked and I ended up pursuing chemistry in college. Regardless, here are some things I drew when I was a little younger! I used to be so, so self-conscious about my artwork, but now that I'm getting back into the swing of things on Val, the creative juices are flowing and I feel the urge to share. FABRIC STUDIES I suck at anything involving color, but I love drawing the folds of fabric, so I did a few studies based on stock images 😂 ASSIGNMENTS These are a few assignments I did for an art class waaaaay back in the day; we were tasked to copy a given image from an art book. I only realize now how creepy some of our provided images were. ... hah? Ha? WARNING: there be butts ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Umm ... and here is an OC I drew way, way, WAY back in the day. She was a snow leopard/ivory gull griffin, pictured below in both juvenile/adult forms. 🙂 I have more of her laying around somewhere, but I can't find the drawings at the moment. So ... yeah! That's it for now. I'm working on some fanart for my characters and their companions right now, so I may update this soon.
  20. (Digital Only, No Shipping) I can draw your OC's or Characters and Bring them to life! Rules: 1. I'm allowed to post the finished art piece, if I want to. 2. Pay beforehand. Time is Money and art takes time I can't waste with someone who can't pay after I draw something. 3. I can only accept payment through Paypal. 4. I will send you the finished piece through email. :) 5. Send good references and very thorough explanations to make sure I draw your character correctly the FIRST time. If you want me to fix something that you did not tell me, you will have to pay more. 6. If you want a pose or a scene describe it to me in DETAIL. 7. NO furries(bc I'm bad at drawing them), anthro, mecha, fetish, or sexual drawings. Moderate nudity is OK, gore is OK, if you are unsure, ask! :) 8. If you have any type of confusion about any of this, please feel free to ask! ----------- HOW TO CALCULATE YOUR PRICE, AND BUY COMMISSION: Find out which type of drawing you want(sketch, lineless, shade, etc.). Then decide if you want a drawing where I draw your character from the shoulders up, the waist up, or full body. Whichever one you choose you can see the price below. Then decide what kind of background you want. Solid color backgrounds(or transparent) are free. Blurred complicated backgrounds (look at the lineless shade example to see what that looks like) add 50 cents to your total. If you want a weapon added to your drawing, the more complicated the weapon the more it costs, which you will have to ask me to find out, but I would say no more than 3 dollars for a very complicated weapon. a simple weapon should be around 50 cents. If you want more than one character in the drawing, its double the price. Once you know your price, email me at kitalacommissions@gmail.com what you want and send GOOD references or describe them well so I can draw your character to your liking :) I'll send you back an email either asking for more information or confirming I can do it or not and how long I estimate it will take. Once I receive payment I will get to work on your drawing! :) Commission Info: Sketch -Shoulders Up | 2$ -Waist Up | 3$ -Fullbody | 4$ Flat Color -Shoulders Up | 4$ -Waist Up | 5$ -Fullbody | 6$ Shade -Shoulders Up | 6$ -Waist Up | 7$ -Fullbody | 8$ Lineless Flat -Shoulders Up | 8$ -Waist Up | 9$ -Fullbody | 10$ Lineless Shade -Shoulders Up | 10$ -Waist Up | 11$
  21. Radioactive

    Radioactive mindscape

    Here is a little glimpse into my mind and the oddities it produces. More to come... PASSERINE Passerine, common lives. We are not extraordinary or powerful, we are typical and nearly irrelevant to the grand scheme of things. Homely passengers on a gray train, that's what we are. Our clothing is various shades of blue and red, depending on whether we prefer benevolence or rage. Those that prefer benevolence wear blue, and keep their eyes cast downward. They shiver and shrink from the conflict that makes red passengers grin malevolently. Those in blue are solicitous butterflies, shying from permanence. Those in red are carrion birds, feeding on the weak and infirm. Who am I? Ask instead, who am I to you? No one. Nothing. A type and shadow of a form, silhouetted and separated by a black veil. I am the sister of consciousness, known as awareness. I am aware, but only when you speak. If you do not see me, I do not exist. We are clay figurines, amorphous symbols of raw vagueness. There is nothing special in me, and nothing of consequence in you. What then is this? A spark? No, better! A flame! I did not know! I saw it from a distance and mistook it for yet another ambiguous curtain deceiving with silhouettes. I was fooled. It isn't a curtain, but a light! It's a sun, or a million of them. I see it now, not only in you, but in me. I was fooled. We are not passerine, we are exceptional, incredible, peerless, incomparable, utterly and undeniably unique. The blue passengers are not blue after all, but pregnant shades of purple and green. They aren't even wearing clothing. Their sanguine bodies are wrapped in the sharp and piercing light that emanates from their hopeful spirits. The red passengers are indeed red, but that light is not rage after all. It is the burning light of untamed and unbridled passion! The red passengers are fire and the blue are ice. Together they burn the gray exterior off of the train and cool the engines. Together they turn the very world itself into a battlefield of heat and cold and sound and emotion. They are not passerine, they are violent love and mad life!
  22. ezkiel777

    High AF

    This will be where I'll drop stuff I made when i'm, well, you know... (i'm not going to say it because the government is watching me right now and I am creeped tf out by it ammiright) Like, uh, these. I wrote words. A thought of a bro/sis setting where the little sister interacts with her brother like he is a grocery store clerk. Unabridged scribbles of my foggy state of mind. But if anyone thinks it's promising I think I have an idea for a short story. Jackass character who lacks any empathy towards his fellow humans due to poor raising. No sense of ethics nor desire, he takes stock of his own life and tries to turn things around. This goes doubly now that his little sister has moved in with him for the summer while their parents were on an extended vacation. Motivated, he gets a job as a clerk at a local grocer and through great trial and tribulation, he learns the importance of hard work and servitude. Humility. His heart moved and once again he took stock of his own life. He looked at how he treated people and realized that he hadn't treated his loved ones very well. especially hi sister, whom he had completely ignored while he was preoccupied with work. He asked himself "How should I even act around her?", shaking his head. He hung his head considering how compared to his customers, whom he was trained to treat better than anyone else, that it was embarrassing to think that he actually treated them better than his own kin. That said, he made good friends with many of the local customers who came through on a daily basis, after talking with them so much. "Thats it!", he proclaimed. "I should start first with great customer service! friendship will surely follow!" And thus began the daily life of the little sister and her own personal full-time service clerk. Could be a potential RP character. Almost like playing a playable NPC...
  23. The Hummingbird

    Humming's poem thread

    The Seam A dream within my waking dream Perhaps not a dream at all But a place splitting at the seam It punctures the fourth wall. I fear all the things I feel Which appear in such a dream For they are a reality unreal Splitting at the seam. It frays, it fractures, then it tears. And reveals to me such sights As that appears - in nightmares Of things which wail and bite. I shiver for I am bereaved Of all the images I see. It seems forever I have been cleaved From true reality. What is a dream? I cannot tell The dream from waking life It twists, a lunatic carousel It shows me grief and strife. I cannot believe these mad visions They cut me, through and through They burn as fresh-made lesions Of all the dreams I have accrued. But perhaps that dream is not a dream But true reality Simply splitting at the seam. A breathing hell, it seems to be Released forevermore To be released upon a dream. A dream like death and torn lives torn Torn asunder at the seams By nightmares killing a sweet dream - It has split so thoroughly! At the separating seam!
  24. Impulse

    I write these on impulse

    Just a collection of Character spotlights, short stories for my charries at specific points in their life. None of it is in chronological order or anything like that, just moments I choose that I write a little about. There will be cursing and violence, mostly involving my character Kenric, so there's a disclaimer on that. Anyway, here we go.
  25. Impulse

    I draw these on Impulse

    I found my sketchbook that I got in January and lost about three days ago. These were the drawings I had in them: