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Found 5 results

  1. notmuch_23

    House Singlance Manor

    Well, now that House Singlance exists, it needs a presence here in Ursa Madeum, which requires a manor. There's just a few problems though, the biggest of which is the fact that Thurgood and Aveline get assaulted as soon as they cross the portal into Andelusia. So when either one wants to explore for a site, they need to hitch a ride with a cargo wagon, and hide in the load. Lately the people have been catching on, so they're needing to hide in more disgusting loads that people do not want to search... ...or if they have the biodiesel, blast through the portal at sixty miles per hour and keep their speed up until they're out of Andelusia. If anybody tries to stop them in a ton and a half of Detroit steel, it will not end well for them.
  2. danzilla3

    A (Temporary?) Trinity

    Grant had thought long and hard about where to host a meeting between the leaders of houses Singlance and Hildebrand. Both had already been to his home, and while the space was perfect for entertaining guests, he decided that he would choose a location offsite for a change of pace. To that end he had enlisted the aid of the newest member of his house, Doctor Silas Harriden. Harriden had been his personal physician for some time now, though that fact was not public knowledge. In gratitude for his service, and knowing that Ursa Madeum was in need of a man with his prowess in medicine, he had made the doctor a vassal of his house. Silas had made a generous offer to a struggling vineyard on the outskirts of the city, and had only been in residence for a few days when the prince had made his request to use his home as a meeting place, and he had graciously agreed. Now the two men sat on a deck of beautiful hardwood, a bottle of wine chilling on the table as they made pleasant conversation waiting for the others. Truthfully, Grant was glad that the doctor had agreed to this for more than just a change of scenery. Silas was intelligent, and effortlessly charming; two qualities that made him a good man to have in a potentially tense situation. While the prince expected that things would remain peaceful, it was still reassuring to have such a person at his side. At least since Reyna was absent for the moment anyway... But he had no time to reflect on his lover at the moment. As soon as the guests arrived, the servants would escort them to the pair waiting on the deck. @notmuch_23 @vielle
  3. notmuch_23

    A long way down

    Before he can even think about starting construction on the House Singlance "manor", Grant Knight tasked Thurgood Singlance to start the mining operation for the newly discovered mineral Vulcanium. The first step of this mining operation is, of course, excavating the shaft. Like all other underground mining operations, this shaft will be the only opening to the surface, bringing workers, machinery, and even the extracted material down and up, at least eight hundred feet each way. The first piece of machinery on the scene, in parts, is a heavy gantry crane that can haul the blasted rock up from the shaft. It's waiting as Thurgood drives up in his Ford F-350 with his steam shovel on a flatbed trailer, to dig the soil away from the shaft. The site already has a hole down to the vulcanium, from when he cored down for petroleum exploration. Without a word, Thurgood starts a wood fire in the shovel's boiler as the rest of the crew starts assembling the crane pieces. If this is a good strike, then House Singlance and House Senaria can completely arm the Veluriyam Empire's military, and possibly inject some epinephrine into Ursa Madeum's economy.
  4. notmuch_23

    Pressure-Washing Andelusia [quest]

    Like they've done before, Aveline drives through the portal between Taen and Andelusia in her two-tone blue Ford F-350 Crew Cab with a tank full of biodiesel, and a drum with more in the bed, but this time, she's not alone. Thurgood, Vivian, and Nadia are riding with them to the main City Guard station, in a bid to start modernizing Andelusia with making the city guard into a proper police force, with modern equipment and training, to try to endear House Singlance to somebody in Ursa Madeum, because Thurgood had been doing such a great job. At the station though, their reception was predictably cold when the group walks up to the receptionist. "What are you doing here?" he asks, his voice and body language saturated with contempt. "Well, we'd like to-" Aveline says before the receptionist cuts her off. "Every single fucking time y'all come here, your mere presence causes more trouble than we can handle!" "Bu-" "Shhhup! It's bad enough we work way too long with armor and weapons that are falling apart on these hard stone streets yoooooooou put in, but when you're actually here, the people lose their collective shit for some reason!" "Well, if you'd let me finish a single fucking sentence," Aveline replies, "I woulda tol'jya that were here to help your overworked, underequipped asses! "If you wanna help, GO BACK TO TAEN!" "No! Go get me whoever's in charge of this guard station!" Aveline says. "And you blame me for treating these people so harshly?" Thurgood asks. "Shut your fuckin' mouth!"
  5. notmuch_23

    The Seditious Constitution

    After she was sure the coast was clear, at least in Lundaris, Aveline wastes no time driving up to the new Castle of Andelusia. The Allied Nations of Terrenus party/meeting that neither Thurgood nor Aveline were allowed to attend concluded long ago, and now Aveline, after convincing the gate guards that she must see the Queen now, drives her blue Ford F-350 into the drive in front of the castle, then turns off the engine and exits, taking the seditious constitution with her, and locking the doors. Since it's her first time inside, Aveline has no clue where the throne room, oval office, or the place Rozharon spends her time here is located, and all of the staff members want to just ignore her for whatever reason. So here she is, in the same black work polo and jeans she wore earlier, starting a systematic check of the castle, actually hoping somebody will challenge her presence. @Csl