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Found 4 results

  1. Much had changed since Feurerkönig had ventured into the land known as Terrenus. Battles had been fought, with many of them resulting in the defeat of the tyrannical lord of cinders. After finally being taken in by the Gaianists of the Terran Empire, Feurerkönig had suffered great indignities at the hands of the mortals. Days of torturous experiments followed, his enemies hell bent on discovering the secrets of his powers, and how to counter them effectively. By the time they were finished, Feurerkönig felt stripped of his pride, his dignity, his very essence of what it means to be a warrior. Such was the beginning of a low point in his life. The worst of it all was that they had released him, allowing him to live in this shame inflicted upon him. Satisfied they could defeat whatever attempt the fiery king could throw at them, they unceremoniously dumped him back into Genesaris. Never before had he felt so weak, so powerless, so much lesser than everything else. Now that he was back in his homeland, he felt so very...empty inside. It was a long trek back to the Kriegsschmeide, one that he felt a sense of defeat at every step. Even as his warriors greeted him, he didn't feel like the warlord that desired the destruction of this world. Though they did not possess the will to rebel against him, he could feel the loss of respect emanating from their spirits. Their fearless leader, reduced to a cowering mess. "Bring me new armor." He commanded, watching as his slaves went to work forging his new armor. The Gaianists stole so much from him, even his own metal shell to examine the War Metal. Great clouds of black smoke were streaming from the Kriegsschmeide, as if showing its dissatisfaction at its own champion. "To hell with you." He said, pulling himself to his throne, looking out at the charred landscape of his domain. A king without his crown, a warrior without his pride, a conqueror wallowing in defeat. It was pathetic, but it was all he had for the moment. In defeat he would lick his wounds, rethink his next move, and Marshall his forces for a new campaign, one that would allow him the power he needed to bring fury down upon his enemies. "Perhaps it is time to go hunting..."
  2. INTRODUCTION The city was once a glorious structure. Pioneers of science, technology, and architecture, most historians would unanimously exclaim that it was ahead of its own time. There are gears and more gears. There are gears everywhere. The city of Talix-Engine is a land run by gears. One can say this was the land of math and logic and yet this was built upon the great continent of Genesaris where all things enchanted and magical are wont to happen. Such a grandiose and technologically advanced city surely cannot be broken quite easily but alas even the city of Talix-Engine was unable to stop the curse of Whispernight. Now home to many denizens of the night and of the undead, the city is nothing more than a shadow of its former glory. A shadow where vampire lords ruled all over its many regions. This infestation must be culled sooner or later. The undead horde that contaminated this city must be purged. Now here comes the Madame and her companions, those who had sworn eternal fealty to her. On her hands were the legendary artifact Baeoi and whoever runs this city shall be the first to taste of its gleaming steel. Poor city of Talix-Engine, the Madame did not come to cleanse you of your affliction for her true aim is to learn more of the secrets hidden within the blades. The denizens of this city are merely offerings to help her stifle her unquenchable curiosity.
  3. It is time... The time for realizing destinies, the time for taking that final step towards greatness. In these next few moments, the very fate of Genesaris could be decided. Death loomed close by, a haunting specter that was curious towards the results of this final act. Can you feel it...? Yes, I can feel it. That subtle thrum of power beckoning to us, calling for our attention with every passing moment. Deep beyond the veil of reality, the spirits were growing restless, aware of the coming appearance of something both powerful and dreadful at the same time. It was an experience I could scarcely describe, but I knew that it was incredibly intoxicating to feel all that power. Even now high up in the air, I could feel the powers of both the Prism and of the Kriegsscmeidie. "There it is, Talix-Engine." I said, looking out the window to examine the ruined city they were approaching. It will be remade into a place of war and fire... Yes, that much is for certain, but the charade must be kept intact, at least a little while longer. At this point I wasn't in a position to fight them, not until I had undergone the change. "We need to find a forge, a very advanced one, likely in the industrial center of the city." Countless miles of ruined landscape stretched out before them, the city still teeming with undead abominations that sought the death of the living. Had I not known about what or more likely, who I could become, I would have imagined it impossible to cleanse it entirely of its taint. Now though, the power to cleans the entire world of it's suffering and pain was within my grasp. All it would take was a little more deception on his part, and he could realize his dreams. Take it...take all of it...kill them all. Must it be all of them now? Surely they should be allowed some time to...no...no it's better this way. The quicker the death, the less suffering they will have to endure. That would be the merciful thing to do, that I am certain. @Animal @HollowCipher
  4. Talix-Engine, a marvel of the world so cruelly snuffed out by the wretched horrors of the Whispernight. Lordran was not surprised that they had fallen, fir even with all the trappings of technology, it was all useless without the faith in Corvinus as their foundation. While he could not possibly scourge the entirety of the city, he would do his duty to cleanse as much as he could. These monsters could not be allowed to exist anymore than they already were. First he would require transportation, as the Engine was difficult enough to navigate with so much undead inside its borders. The Gray Knight had no doubt entering the city from the ground would be nigh impossible. Fortunately there was always the greed of others to give them the courage they needed to fly into hostile territory. Standing at the bow of the ship, the head of his maul upon the ground as he rested his hands at the bottom of the handle. The days of these wretches were numbered, their executioner was coming for them. He could feel the holy presence of his God King inside of his spirit, feeling complete, drawing strength from his faith. For every blight upon the world he cleansed, he was sure that Corvinus would bless the knight with his divine approval. "Let all stand witness on this day, for it is here that the enemy will know that judgment day has come for them. Humanity will stand triumphant over the darkness on this day, and all will know that it was a champion of Kadia that cleansed this land of evil."
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