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Found 3 results

  1. To our most favored Andelusian High Tea Society , Under House Hildebrand, we are a simple farming house in want of spreading our wares among our people as well as the rest of the world. We would be delighted to introduce to you the prospect of entering some of our most famous treats into your tea house if you would be so willing. Enclosed is a menu of our different pastries and produce as well as some small samples for you to judge at your leisure. We would enjoy your thorough critique of our delicious treats at your earliest convenience. Sincerely, Annette Baerin-De'Laire, of Farmhouse De'Laire. P.S. Delicacies included for sampling: Miniature apple crisp Miniature Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry scones in variety. Miniature mixed berry tart. Miniature Raspberry torte. Miniature apple blossom pie. Variety of berry-topped and compote filled mini-muffins. Apple turnover and Strawberry Turnover. Menu *varies seasonally Apple Blossom Pie Bushel Berry Pie Berry Dainty Muffins Berrylicious Cakes Applicious Cakes Tortes: Blackberry, or Raspberry Tarts: Apple, Strawberry, Blueberry. Raspberry, and/or Blackberry Scones: Individual or mixed berry, Apple Cinnamon Turnovers: Individual, Mixed Berry, and/or Apple Cobblers: Apple, Blackberry, and/or Blueberry Jams, Jellies, & Preserves: Jarred and made to order. Curds & Compotes: Individual, Mixed Fruit/Berry, Apple Candied: Berries, Apples Dried: Berries, Apples @ourlachesism
  2. Affiliations: House Hildebrand more to come. Events: upcoming: grand reopening the Guestlist: NOVEMBER 23 | 29 AO Evienne Goldcourt of House Dali NOVEMBER 24 | 29 AO The Mistress Blackhead Evienne Goldcourt of House Dali
  3. “That should do it!” Dahlia steps back, admires her handiwork against the glass door of the teahouse, the BARISTAS WANTED sign ready for the populace to gaze upon. She doesn’t really want to do this, mired as she is in the past where things had been easier, simpler, with the family now scattered across the islands and beyond, but times change. A new dawn awaits her beloved teahouse, and she will have to look past those she had clung to in her heart in order to find new individuals she can put her trust in. Dahlia does not believe in fate. The strength of her own hands, the loyalty of her employees, those who have stayed and toiled and suffered alongside her: these are the things she has put her faith in. However, there is that faint thread of just knowing that the teahouse is blessed. If she needs to seek new baristas to employ, then they will come. She is sure of it. She stays for a moment under the afternoon sun, basking in its warmth, the sound of birds and laughter and the cool wind blowing down the street. Ah, but it’s great to be home. @Arnau Dermont
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