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Found 2 results

  1. As the group sets their feet upon the rocky beach, the first thing they will notice is the lack of the sun, clouds filling the sky above, and the stark stench of the sea. It fills the nose and the murky bay that lays before them is clearly to blame. The water is a dark green, filled with floating algae and clumps of underwater plants. They flicker along the surface, breaking the tension of the water like gentle invitations. Along the shoreline lay many ships, some antique and rotting while others appear as though they have only just settled in the bay for a lifetime of rest. Littered along the shore, some have collapsed onto each other, and some float menacingly further in the water. There are two miles of dead-infested beach before you, however, from one side of the bay to the other. Shambling figures can be seen dotting the landscape. Though their numbers seem low, you can probably guess that the danger is far greater than it appears. The secrets and rumors of this place are vast. You have heard whispers of a great dragon horde hidden on one of the ships, and the rocky shoals of the bay are a grim reminder of just how dangerous it could be to those ships. A lone few figures shamble towards your party, though they are slow and decrepit, their awkward stance causing them to appear rather unthreatening, no weapons in their hands. The ships that lay on the horizon are all different sizes and shapes. Some as small as a minivan, and some as large as galleons. Some are obviously newer, coated in a thick metal in an effort to protect them from the sharp rocks that have pierced their hulls. A few of them remain fully intact, a mystery as to why they are now abandoned on the beach.
  2. Saki had always been a complicated presence in Eiji's life. The pair had first met when they had clashed over a piece of treasure that they had both been hired to steal; and ultimately neither had managed to claim it. After a few more similar encounters, they had both been hired to clear out an enclave of bandits up in the Cold Mountains. Reluctantly, they had agreed to work with each other, and had grown closer during their journey. On their way back down the mountain they had been caught in a blizzard that forced them to take cover in an abandoned cabin. Forced to remove their soaked clothes, one thing had led to another, and they had made love. They'd had similar encounters over the years, some longer than others. There were times when he had seriously considered asking her to marry him; to settle down and create a life for themselves somewhere. Somehow he never felt like the moment was right, and the last time they had parted had been for years. Until recently that is, when he had founded Clan Shokan, and recruited her to lead his Diplomacy branch. The two hadn't really talked much since then until a few days ago when she had come to him with a rumor; a pirate ship holding a dragons hoard of treasure, and she had a guide willing to take them. Now as he rowed their small boat through the flooded streets, he felt unsure of how to talk to her. Even all these years later she still made him feel strange; desire and regret mingling into one powerful emotion. He knew at some point he would have to break the silence, but he wasn't sure how. For now he would just keep rowing. @Thotification @Twitterpated
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