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Found 14 results

  1. As the moon shone in the black sky, critters of the night scurried over cobblestone and snow. They left their tracks for the observant to see, though it didn't truly matter. They were small, and built for the darkness. Tracks wouldn't spell their demise, for the knowledge of hiding spots and useful shadows was embedded in their very DNA. From one such vantage point, a cat viewed the tavern doors with its blank gaze. It lay on a stone wall, black coat lending to its comfort in the night. It watched the lamps at the doors flicker with the wind as they did every night. It watched travelers wander in and out as they did every night. Its lazy eyes sifted from the doors just as they opened once again, this time yielding a party of four. In the front was a foreign creature, her skin a radiant blue and her demeanor bookish. In the snow her tail traced a path telling of her journey. It snaked and dragged after her like an indigo whip. Behind this being stood a man far taller. He wore a scorched longcoat, cuffed at the forearms to give space to two battered steel gauntlets. His right hand clutched a tall spear which glittered in the moonlight. His left hand held a lamp whose soft orange gold did little to combat the dark. On this man's face was a mask of stone, weary but resolute. Behind him was another man, smaller but definitely meaner. With a sword at his side, a scowl on his bearded face, and a guarded gaze he followed begrudgingly. Who were these people? Leaving so late was rare, as the Tavern had rooms, but perhaps there was a reason... Impressive thinking for a cat. Perhaps this cat wasn't just a cat. Ah, one more. An older man who walked with his back bent low as if he carried a weight. He ventured into the cold with little protection but he held a lamp and a map in each hand. He gestured for the group to follow him to the side of the Tavern and follow him they did. The cat rose from its lounging and slinked closer. It kept to the shadows, perfectly balanced on this wrecked stone wall that it had been resting on. What exactly was this? Hain cursed as the cold night air blasted the group as soon as the doors opened. He'd forgotten how cold it'd been. The Tavern had been so welcoming, the heat so forgiving. With much effort he repelled the urge to go back, instead following Beat to the side of the Tavern. It was away from the path, and also away from prying eyes. The meeting was so clandestine, which went against everything that Hain was, though he understood the need. With his back against the wall, Beat regarded the group with wide eyes. "So you'll help me? It's not just my family, you see. It's everyone around here. You'd be helping a lot of folks." The lamplight shook in the man's grasp, casting shadows to and fro. Hain's own hand was as steady as his voice when he spoke: "I'm ready to help, stranger. They are too. Tell us everything." Beat's face rose at the reply. It was as if they'd just given him some grand gift, and the display lent Hain more resolve. "Like I said," the man began, "there's a cult around here. They come every now and then and recruit from us, and they're very persuasive. I remember bring my wife one night. She got to talkin' to some woman, and I'd thought the conversation was real interestin' since they talked all night until closing." He stopped and peered into the darkness. Hain turned to look but he could see nothing. "I don't know what that woman told her," Beat continued slowly, "but the next day all Palri could talk about was destiny. Stories about fate and some big journey. She told our kids, our neighbors, and anyone who would listen. Now, I'm a simple man. I like seein' my wife happy and it'd been a while since she was so passionate about anything. I... I should've put a stop to it. Put some sense into her. Something." His voice began to shake and he avoided Hain's gaze. "One night she was just gone. I came home from the Tavern and she was gone. The kids were gone with her. Oh, they'd loved the stories. All I gave them was the stories about the crazy things happening in the Tavern, but those don't give quite the same feeling of awe as what the cult gives. Their Pa just couldn't compete." He abruptly switched his tone, revealing an undercurrent of anger that Hain had only slightly sensed before. The lamp trembled with that fury, but the words continued. "That's what they do, you see," Beat spat. "They fill your head with lies. They show you a few tricks and they take your soul in exchange. Palri and the kids went missing a week ago. I told some tavern men the story and they promised to get them back, but they returned two days later with nothing." The wind howled in Hain's ears, chilling him through his coat. Snow crunched under his boots as he shifted. "No, that's not true. They came back with a cultist, and helped him spread more lies. They'd been brainwashed." Hain frowned. What kind of force were they going up against? Mages, he guessed. A second later, Beat confirmed this. "The cult is led by a man named Vryn. He's nothing special from what I hear, but he's got four mages under his thumb that could scare men into a new religion. I've been talking to a few people and I know that there's a pyromancer, hydromancer, earth caster, and wind specialist. They're mighty strong, but I'm guessin' they're brainwashed too. You might be able to use that, I dunno. "Regardless, from the information I've got there's something big going on. The Journey that my wife had been yappin' about. It's big and it's bad. They've got so many members now, and it looks like Vryn wants to kill them all for some fucking ceremony. He wants to kill my family!" Beat's voice rose against the silence of the night, echoing off abandoned homes and hitting Hain deeply in his soul. He had a question for the man, but he was almost afraid to ask. Still, he went for it. "Beat," Hain whispered, "could you tell me why you were gathering all of this information? What were you planning on doing with it?" Without hesitation the tavern worker looked at them and answered: "I was gonna go to those woods myself and get my family back." That would've been suicide. Gods, the desperation was clear in the man's face. "I'm guessing that's what the maps for, then?" "Aye," Beat brandished the map and gave it to Yuel. "They're holed up in the woods west of here. There's a path leading into it, but the actual glade is off trail. They've marked a tree, so you should know when to diverge." He hesitated. "Please help us. The ceremony is tomorrow night. I don't want anyone to die because of Vryn and his lies. They believe they're going off to some sanctuary. I don't think don't know that they're gonna die. These are good people and they don't deserve this." Hain nodded and gripped his spear tightly. He looked to Liam and Yuel, eyebrow raised and eyes softening. "What do you say? Are you two ready to move out tonight? If we do I'm thinking we'd get there just in time to stop a mass suicide." @Blackguard @Godspell
  2. @Kairon @Greenmntman Starting Location: On the road, roughly 3 miles south from the Tavern of Legend Evening, about 6:30pm Evening was setting in, and the sky was a beautiful watercolor of fiery reds, yellows and purples. The dirt road was cold, near frozen under their feet as they walked; it was worn from use at least, and the ground wasn't torn up too much from passing horses or herded cattle. There was a wooded area in the distance, marking the edge of farmland and scorched battlefields. The smell of death on the air was noticeable, but not unbearable and luckily for the group the cold air was crisp, not muggy or charged with the indication of a storm. Aster Highglenn found herself in the company of three strange people she'd met and subsequently grouped up with back at the Tavern, and though she held some trust in their abilities she couldn't say she personally felt exactly safe around them. But she'd be spending the next day, or perhaps the next few days with them as they hunted this bear. Her stomach rumbled and the faun resisted a groan; the scratches on her face stung in the freezing air, and she'd even forgotten to eat before they left. She wasn't even buzzed enough to feel loose and confident. "Can we make camp soon? I see a wooded area up ahead, it might be a good spot to wait for the bear." Aster suggested, glancing back at the other three,
  3. @Syxanthie Round 'em up! Location: Yard in front of Tavern of Legend Day 1, night It was already dark outside and the only nearby source of light remaining were the lanterns standing on dimly lit yard in front of Tavern of Legend. Somewhere in the distance one could hear villagers heading towards the tavern to grab a drink and rest after the long day of work. Chatter and laughter used to be merrier back in more carefree times but despite all the evil that fell upon them, locals managed somehow to move on with their lives. The air smelled with wild thyme and other common herbs smashed by the boots of wary travellers roaming the path all day long. Chilly wind moved the branches of tall silverleaf poplars stretching across the path. Even in the darkness it was still possible to see that most of the tree crowns were heavily infected with mistletoe. Suddenly the tavern doors opened when three characters with drinks in their hands left tavern and stopped under branchy linden dwarfing a shack beneath. For a moment all of them were focused on contents of their glasses, but after a while man wearing fisherman coat spoke up. Allright, listen up. I don't know how much do you know about recent events around here so I will start from the very beginning. After the the battle with the Lich-asshole-Lord and his army of smelly corpses, as you can imagine, tavern and neighbouring villages suffered many losses, people and goods alike. In order to rebuild we needed resources and for us only way to get them were by trade. Only thanks to her, ol' lady reputation out in the world - Zell pointed with his thumb at the tavern behind his back - merchants were interested in taking a risk and coming to this shithole. And why you ask?! - Zell barked and poured himself another one with such a verve, that he managed to spill a bit of bourbon on Ben and Bleidd listening to his story. Ben started to think that despite Zells attitude towards them he enjoyed having an audience. ...I'll tell you why! - Zell remained completely oblivious to the fact, that his audience wished only that he cuts to the chase already - Because such grim circumstances always attract vultures, oh, yes and it was the case here as well. Not long after the battle was over we had all sorts of these "guests" - Zell spat with contempt - raiders, looters, bandits and other vermin. Not only they desecrated our dead and plundered empty houses, like there were supposed to be any riches, but they also hunted for caravans, these assholes! These bastards knew that after the battle we had no means to protect them. Or so they were thinking. They. Were. Wrong. - Zell raised his voice waving his finger maniacally. Ben could hardly hide yawning. Their main mistake was to underestimate us. When news of first attacked caravan reached us we organised militia from what was left of us and we hit them hard. Idiots weren't even trying to hide. They were camping near the main trading route. It was glorious, no casualties on our side. We cut their heads of and put them on the pikes as an example for... Alright, alright, I'll stop you right there. - Ben cut in - Tell us only what we need to know, we don't have whole night. Zell spat again - I was going to, stop interrupting! So, what was I...? Ah, the thing is, that we always managed to repel looters ourselves. It was always just a bunch of idiots that hoped for some easy money. And after we rebuild there is nothing to loot out there! So we thought we no longer have to worry about the bandits, at least not more than usual. But then these guys came. Zell was lost in thought for a moment and then he continued in somewhat more serious manner - Yeah, these bandits are different. They are fast, hit hard and what is worst they are smart. They never attack at day, always wait till caravan falls asleep. They leave no tracks either. Luckily they are not up for killing... mostly. We had few nasty injuries but it was all so far... except for the last time. Poor Timwald... - Zell made a brake with a painful expression. So... would you look into it for me? For us? I'm not asking you kill them, nor catch them. Any help, even information about their whereabouts could prove useful for us and it would be generously rewarded. Pay will be better if you get the bastards of course. (OOC: So after a little [2 months?] brake we manage to start! In case somebody would be interested in joining please write a PM to me or to @Syxanthie so we can discuss how to smoothly add your character to the story. Just keep in mind that pace of this thread maybe quite slow [1 post a week at best i guess])
  4. Shortly after coming to the Tavern of Legend once again after a long time, Leon had chosen to take into consideration learning about the world around him. For starters; taking on tasks at the tavern, acting as a central hub in which he can gather and return to if more tasks need to be done, hear the good word on the world around him if he chooses to explore further as well as a myriad of other possibilities. Deciding to take on a quest to cull a bear that's been terrorizing the local and becoming more bold and erratic in its behavior. The young man considers himself a good-hearted man, even without the reward he would have still helped as knowledge holds a well of depth all on its own. He had recently met a new face, an elven woman named Lenora Everstead who shows great promise in her abilities by how she carries herself and the air about her. Having her as a companion felt like the right choice. After retrieving his magicked sword as well as his stave, he would stow his weapons and step outside while waiting for his friend to finish her preparations. His sword sheathed in its uniquely ornate scabbard that wains in a faint ivory light behind a black canvas that is the black leather and steel casing. His stave remained in hand. His abilities to aid them both should be fine for the job at hand. Once he stepped out of the doors, the fog still hasn't seemed to have lifted which could prove to be a problem during their task. Taking into consideration that and preparing accordingly was paramount in gaining knowledge of their surroundings. @Shaylayy
  5. Note - Posting this new instead of edits to the old thread since the old one is 4 years old and should gracefully archive, and since I'll be cutting a lot of content to lower barriers to entry and remove as much middle management as possible. To that end I have made significant changes to the overall system. These quests are available to any members eligible to post in the ToL. Lower level quests can be done solo but groups are encouraged to foster collaboration with multiple parties. Quests are not essential and should be treated as something of a writing prompt, meant to throw a little structure around a plot and rewards but ultimately relying on your creative expression. These quests are designed for new comers with lower level characters, as we've found that the most meaningful character experiences are those which progress your character from weak to strong rather than starting them at strong. Feel free to adjust your quest experience as you see fit for a fun narrative. Going back to the quest as a writing prompt, your incentive as a player to take on quests is the opportunity to develop your character and to role-play with others. Both are key. Overcome challenges and immerse yourself in our detailed and living lore at the same time as you make new friends. Also keep in mind that part of questing assumes some level of autonomy. Staff won't always be available to play NPCs so we provide personality and appearance details for these side characters so you can more easily integrate them into your stories. Another reason for these quests is to get players used to the questing structure., which is essentially the practice of having defined beginnings, middles, and ends for narratives that you intend to use to canonize actions or events in the world. Most of the threads you do probably don't need to be canonized, but this will help you get familiar with the process for those times that you do. This is the easiest, most automated, and most flexible way we can think of to add structure and cohesion to a world where anyone can change anything. Quest threads follow the site standard of waiting 3 days before skipping a player, however individuals are free to set their own desired pacing for their quests or roleplays. If a claimed quest goes more than one week without a post it is considered available again, and does not require staff intervention to list it as available. We just go by the time stamp. You can only participate in one quest at a time.
  6. She had just arrived at the tavern when she heard whispering of trouble at the trading routes. Personally she didn't have any trouble herself, but that might've been because she went through back roads to avoid seeing others until she knew what the town was like. Now, she wasn't afraid of any bears, but they said this one was tall and lumbering with a nose mangled by pink scarring. So she downed her drink and stood. Her tail thudded against the wooden flooring as she stepped away from the stool to amble over to the speaker. Having a tail made her compensate with long and powerful strides. The man introduced himself as Vaddock. He was lean with a short stature; Vaddock explained that he would have taken care of the bear himself but he was merely a merchant. In compensation though, for something she would've done anyway, he offered to fashion a cloak from the bear if she were to bring back the body. So she agreed and began her search for the beast.
  7. Standing outside of the Tavern of Legends was the man who most patrons had come to know as Dredge. The towering and ruthless killer of men. In the previous month that had followed his last appearance, Dredge had shown his face in the tavern and killed a man who drew his sword at him. Without hesitation or even the slightest hint of remorse, Dredge had taken a life and it was clear to everyone in the bar at the time was that he had loved every second of it. So when Dredge took his first step, men cleared and gave way to his destination. They dared not stand in front of them. Reaching the fine oak of the tavern, Dredge entered with little care. Crossing the threshold into the tavern, all had gone silent. Pleasant chatter ceased and men looked stared down at their drinks in the hope that they would not become his next victim. With the still air now punctuating his footsteps, the sound of iron and muscle hitting the decks of the tavern were the only noises made. Step by step he came to the counter and placed another piece of paper at its desk. He was here for his task, and soon he would have his prize. Previously while here, he had heard Levhea talking to the bartender about the infestation of giant spiders in the attic. He had come here to dispose of them. So looking towards the bartender he pointed up to signal where he was going. "In the back. Take the stairway up to the attic." The bartender said with a bit of fear in his voice. Without so much of a word, Dredge proceeded to the stairs that would lead up to the attic. In a matter of moments the man arrived and began to ascend up the stairs. Each creaked and moaned under his weight, but soon he had made his way to the attic and entered the dusty and maze like structure of the building. Soon all would know just what he was capable of. Soon they would know the fear of his name. Dredge was here to burn it all to the ground. It would all begin in this attic. They would know pain and loss.
  8. The heavy stomp of ironclad boots striking wooden floors and echoing outwards hit the deck of the Tavern of Legends. The resonating and fearsome steps of a beastly man entering the tavern was more than likely not an uncommon thing. This world was that was filled with creatures and races of many shapes, sizes, and figures that were in a constant state of flux or growth. Patrons of the establishment were more than likely able to just ignore such things and have at their intoxicating beverages. They could be merry and let the stresses of today become but memory soaked in the comforting embrace of alcohol. But these footsteps were different. Every single footfall commanded attention, the almost rhythmic cadence of its pace called outwards to the bar patrons and forced them to gaze upon what stood there. Now surly what was before them was not the largest being they had seen. Standing near short of seven feet tall, the man who was not yet known as Dredge had entered the bar. Draped in head to toe with Stygian black armor accented with blood red lines made way to the bar counter. In his hands he held a brown crumpled up piece of paper that seemed minuscule compared to him. That piece of paper soon found itself being slammed against a solid oak bar. Making sure not to splinter it and cause damage, Dredge showed a small level of restraint. Even in this suppressing of power, the bar rocked and tavern guest's glasses shook ever so slightly. The bartender on duty looked up at the monolith that was Dredge and there was a level of fear behind those eyes. The young human male did their best to put on a brave face and customer service friendly smile that would please Dredge. "Welcome. Please have a seat wherev-" Soon an iron clad gauntleted hand came down on the bar once more to cut off the man's words. "Unnecessary, keeper of beverages. Bring me Levhea. I have a job that needs completion." opening up his hand, Dredge placed down the job form that entailed clearing large rats from a basement. Leaning forward with the abyss like shade of his helmet, Dredge's black iron helmet lay only inches from the barkeep. A serious and hushed tone came forth from the monster's lips from beneath the shade. "Produce them quickly. I am not a patient man." From there Dredge would leave it up to the staff to give him what he wanted. @supernal
  9. A group of interesting individuals, go on a quest to solve the murder of a zombie. The story revolves around a strange obsidian ring.
  10. There is quite the spider problem going on, perhaps a side effect of recent events. As overheard by Levhea, the spiders have become quite numerous as of late and the limited staff are having a tough time keeping up with the pests- it seems an egg sack must have hatched. You will be tasked with heading up into the rafters and not only exterminating these spiders, but also finding the queen in getting rid of her. By the way, was it mentioned that these spiders are the size of house cats and have a venomous bite that causes malaise, swelling, and intense pain? Well, that should be mentioned. Also, the queen of this swarm is likely much larger. Note from the Tavern Caretaker As this is a level 1 quest, it has a requirement for 15 posts. As a level 1 quest, this has the a word minimum of 75 words- about three average sentences. This quest will present only a minimal amount of challenge. The rafters go much higher than one might first expect. So much so, you really can’t be sure if you can see the ceiling at all- it makes one realize that few people ever do stop to think about what the interior limit of this place actually is. How far up do those rafters go and just how many spiders could be lurking about, lying in wait? Well, there is only one way to find out- best you start climbing, and make sure you bring some good bug spray. Post written by Acies ab Vesania.
  11. [offtopic]This is literally a thread that involves the pest extermination of an (alleged) extraterrestrial hamster of unusual size. While the concept is both silly and almost to ridiculous to be true, the creature is apparently very real and has already caused significant injuries- it's best to get this thing rid of before it causes more harm, particularly irreparable harm.[/offtopic] Note from the Tavern Caretaker [Note]As this is a level 0 quest, it has a requirement for 10 posts, with an additional two posts required for a fourth member. As a level 0 quest, this has the standard Tavern of Legend word minimum (20). This is not an overly challenging quest.[/Note] The path to the farm is as described by the farmer. Reaching the farm is easy enough, and the stroll through the country side rather nice even. Once you arrive at the farm in question, you find yourself greeted by an odd musky odor that is not quite like anything you have encountered before. After just a little poking around, you can uncover the location of the hamster with ease- it is sitting the middle of a corn field, eating entire corn stalks and not yet ready ears of corn. The damn thing really is the size of a grizzly bear. To be honest, it's still absolutely adorable, but those teeth are scary... Credits to Acies
  12. Tellus Mater Quest Reserved for: @Kilnareth @Strycnine @CosmoCat @Masquerade Level 0 Quest: The Info: A jeweler needs the perfect crystals to make the perfect line of necklaces and rings. The crystals in question are scattered across Renovatio, but the ones with just the right color are located near the Tree of Life - a Renovatian wonder. The crystals come in various shapes and are found jutting from the ground; to acquire pieces of the tall crystals, you will need a chisel and hammer forged from Primal Alloy. The specific color you are looking for is a pure blue that looks like the color of a clear sky - nothing darker and nothing lighter. Get as much as you can, the more, the better and the more you get, the more you will be rewarded. Contact: A woman named Wren, who is the liaison for the jeweler. She's sitting at the bar, often having a conversation with the bartender. Required Lore: None. Reward: A necklace of the highest caliber that you can either sell to get its worth, or use its special healing qualities. The necklace can heal minor, none life-threatening wounds.
  13. Picture labelled for reuse This thread is for the level 0 quest "unwelcome guests", about oversize rats occupying the basement of the Tavern of Legend. This quest is reserved for Kilnareth
  14. @PrislyDawn The forest was dark and looming, the tall trees stood like sentinels at the entrance of a place you shouldn't step in. The wind was picking up and strange noises were making their way out of it. Remi was standing in front of the wall of trees, where the trail ended. She was slightly shivering from the breeze and jumping at every little sound, be it just a squirrel scurrying away or the bushes rustling. The tabby cat perched on her shoulders rubbed his head on her cheek in a reassuring way, Remi gave him a chin scratch "Yea you're right, we can do this, we're not alone." She took a deep breath and exhaled "It's pretty dark, do we have any light source?" she asked, realizing that they aren't exactly the most prepared team.
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