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  1. "Can you feel it? Can you feel the pain and the suffering wrought upon the land?" Godric sighed, looking outwards through a window where the sprawling Port Mars was humming with life. They would survive, they would grow, and they would be fine without them. "Brother, I know it feels difficult, but we can still try to rebuild." Godric always felt that Illyana was too soft, and he realized it was this softness that was yet another product of the curse. There is nothing that we do that is not influenced by it, Godric thought, even if it is something as noble as being a priestess. Night had come upon their forlorn household, the moon shining brightly as they gathered together for their meal. Everyone was here, Cassandra, Illyana, Luis, Erica, little Eric, even Mia was allowed to return, a sign of peace and unity in the family. All except for their father Oscar, and their dead brother Henry, every Uldwar was now under one roof to enjoy the fire of the hearth and the nourishment of a simple meal. What they didn't know was that this was all according to Godric's plan to once and for all, save Ursa Madeum from their cursed bloodline. "Thank you all for coming here tonight." Godric said. "Let us all raise a toast, for the future of House Uldwar." They agreed, raised their glasses and drank deeply before going in to their food. Godric waited to drink from his cup, wanting to see and make certain it worked as intended. First his mother dropped, then came Erica. Luis attempted to use his magic, but found his throat closing up too quickly for such things, falling out of his seat before expiring on the floor in a heap. Eric passed on shortly afterwards, Mia attempted to call for help, but Godric had already sent everyone away for the night, to give them privacy. She died with a look of anger upon her face that Godric found true to who she was as a person. Angry and filled with rage. "Brother..." Illyana somehow clung on, perhaps a product of her faith. "Why...? "We should have died a long time ago, sweet sister. I'm simply letting nature take its course and removing us from existence. Just let go, Illyana, it'll be easier that way." He sighed and watched her breathe her last, falling upon the ground. "One last life..." Godric sighed, closed his eyes, and drank deeply of his cup. He died before he put the glass down, it shattered upon the stone floor, marking the end of the Uldwar line for good.
  2. "Our time is finished, my sweet Illyana. Father is locked up, our coffers are barren, and the people's scorn for us has grown to greater heights than we have ever imagined possible. It appears the curse upon our family has finally done us in." Godric was in another one of his melancholic moods, sitting upon his wheel chair, his older sister standing by his side, looking down as she felt the sting of his words. "Dispel those thoughts, brother. Our guests will not want to hear us complaining about our circumstances. We are here for a simple transaction, and nothing more. Once it's done, then we can focus on trying to rebuild." Dressed humbly in the robes of a Gaian priestess, hoping to get through this business as quickly as possible. "Oh Illyana, always the optimist." He sighed, knowing that they must already be at the city, making their way to the keep, where they would purchase their prize. "Perhaps one day, you will see just how doomed our family has been." "The sun is shining, Godric, as it will shine every day from now until the end of everything. A new day is a new opportunity, so try to see things that way, and perhaps that way, we can find some peace." If only she knew what was brewing in her brothers tortured mind, she would have found something else to say, or maybe at least, run away as fast as she could. @Tyler
  3. "Gaia, bless my mother, my father, my brothers and sisters. Show them your love, and guide us towards your truth. As blessed today as we always will be, I end this prayer to you, Goddess." With her prayer finished, Illyana Uldwar proceeded to get dressed, readying herself for her newest trial in her path to helping the world become a better place. In her time as becoming a priestess of Gaia, she has helped so many in these islands. Working to ease the suffering of others has helped her immensely in her faith, showing her just what the love of Gaia could do. Now in the wake of such a terrible disaster, the love of the goddess is needed now more than ever. Her first order of business will be to connect with the local Bugbear tribes, and she was going to need help with it. Her knights were sent away, off on personal missions she had bequeathed unto them, for the sake of keeping Terrenus as a whole safe. Ever since she had that encounter with a cursed comb, she has desired the destruction of all such objects, lest they wreak more havoc upon the world. She prayed for their safety on a daily basis, and hoped they would return unharmed and successful. "Please allow Lady Cathrage entrance to my room when you see her, please." Illyana told the squire at her door. "Yes, milady, as you command." He was a nice man, though she did miss being with Sir Redford at times. Sometimes he offered her pieces of wisdom that she could learn to appreciate, especially when she was feeling frustrated. Starting with putting on her dress, she would hear the door open and so she addressed her visitor. "Hello Riha. I was hoping you might like to accompany me into the jungles to speak with the Bugbears, make sure everything is okay with them and see what they may need." @DarkHorse
  4. "Keep hauling up those supplies! I don't want anything delaying us from finishing this project." Mia stood at the edge of the caldara, watching the beginnings of her greatest project to date. This would not only bring House Uldwar to the top, but it would make Ursa Madeum as a whole even greater. Ever since she had found the missing materials her father had smuggled in to Port Mars, Mia knew what she had to do to further her father's legacy. By her direction, they would become one of the largest providers of Magitech fuel in Terrenus. The gold alone will be enough to get them into prominence, with enough clout to get the young girl closer to her goals of once again being the Matriarch of her House. A tremor shook the ground beneath them, surprising them, and causing some of the pack animals to stir uneasily. "What was that?" Someone asked. "Never mind it." Mia said, looking upwards at the cloudy sky, noticing the sun at midday position. "We need to get started before it gets dark. Keep moving!" Dressed in light traveling clothes, the heat at the top of Mt. Egon was near unbearable. Water was one of the main supplies they required, and thanks to both Port Mars and Qrill, whose powerful industrial strength allowed for the parts to be crafted in the assembly of this machine. With both Marrow and Fatesbane at her waist, she didn't feel worried about a lack of armor. Taking a long sip from her canteen, she watched as they began the construction process. Yet another tremor shook the ground, even more powerful than before. This one could not be ignored, and Mia began wondering just what might be causing it. "Something doesn't feel right..." A third tremor, causing a scare among the workers and animals. It couldn't possibly be an earthquake, but then what could it- KABOOM! Molten rock spewed from the center of the caldara, going high up in the sky, enough to where it would definitely effect the area around him. Men were screaming, animals were running for their lives, and Mia was treated with a sight she thought dearly impossible. "YOU DARE TRY TO STEAL MY MAGIC?! I WILL BURN THIS ENTIRE ISLAND FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!" It was a massive thing of fire and blackened rock, as large as a castle and burning with an intense fury. The heat was coming off him in waves, forcing Mia to step back, but she refused to give up her mission. What she didn't realize was that the spirit of the volcanos work was already beginning. Misral was burning.
  5. When Oscar awoke, he knew the end was coming for him. Everything was about to go wrong, and if he were honest to himself, he would say that he was relieved for it. In his dreams, there was no longer any desolate landscapes and turbulent winds. All he saw was dark beast, dead and disintegrating into dust. After that, he knew the gifts given to him were gone now, and he was alone. How alone he really was would not be revealed to him until he exited his tent. Everyone was gone, packed up and left without a word. Those bandits, who he thought would be willing to die for him, now left him when they likely realized their new abilities were no more. He supposed he should be grateful, as they could have slit his throat before leaving, but perhaps this may be worse than that. So he sat upon an overturned log, shirtless, poking at the ashes of a fire long dead. When they came for him, he was only surprised they weren't here sooner. "What took you?" @Csl
  6. In the midst of a turbulent thunderstorm, a man was reborn from the harsh womb of an evil thing. Just as a babe is birthed, with pain, yelling and blood, so too was Oscar Uldwar, whose imprisonment was now at an end, at a terrible cost. Rain poured, thunder clashed as bolts of lightning struck the earth, perhaps even to strike down the abomination of nature that was happening in the eyes of nature itself. The hole inside the black, gnarled tree began to expand and contract, moving as if made of flesh, and growing larger as its spawn was coming to the surface. What started as a faint cry drowned in the noise of the storm, went further and further into the volumes of a demented roar of unending pain and suffering. What came next was a scarring experience for any unfortunate enough to bare witness to such an event, enough so that they may forever stay silent of such things, or else be branded a madman. What came forth from the tree was a man, a man who thought himself dead, or at least, he wished he was. Collapsing onto the ground, the shaking, naked body of such a proud Lord now covered in blood and given back to a cold world wishing him harm. Lightning was the only thing which gave him illumination, in those scant seconds of which blinded not only one of his eyes, but both. What magic had taken from him, gave back in so many ways that he could not begin to understand. All he knew now was that he was back in the real world, away from the pain, away from the constant nightmares, and now back to the world he at least knew to some degree. Oscar Uldwar was perhaps the first person to fling himself out of the frying pan and back into the fire. At least here, he believed, he had a fighting chance at life, at answering the questions eating away at him so completely. What happened to him? Why was here? Who had spoken to him during his unpleasant stay within that damned tree?
  7. The ship arrived in Gold Harbor at midday, and Mia Uldwar stepped off with two footmen, who held a chest between them. She wore a simple ensemble of breeches, tunic, undershirt, belt, boots and gloves, with her Oathblade at her hip. With her hair tied up in a bun, one could easily mistake her for a boy instead of a woman. She was beautiful, in a sense, but she refused to try and be anything but what she believed to be a warrior. On her way through the streets, Mia ignored the looks of the people passing by. She knew they likely were confused by her looks and outfit, but she didn't pay them any mind, at least she tried not to. "Let's hurry, I don't want to keep her waiting." She said, her face becoming more and more frustrated as they traveled. Anger was always her blind spot, and she hoped beyond hope that she would be able to fix that with this plan. All her hopes at a successful political career was resting on Abigail Karradeens willingness to take her in. @Tyler
  8. One day, they will all bow before me, and they will call me queen. The Crown of Ursa Madeum was a powerful thing, and at times, she would sneak into the vault where it lay hidden, and wear it for a time. Ever since Godric had forced her off her position, Mia has been waiting for her chance to return to prominence. Wearing the crown upon her head made her feel powerful, it made her feel important, and it made her dreams of ruling the islands all the more real. "Until next time." She said, taking off the accessory and placing it back on its pedestal. Making her way out of the vault without being seen, she made her way over to the person she knew she had to see today. When Mia was in power for that short time, she didn't see the need to consult with Ingrid about stately things. Her time was best spent on other issues, so she shut her out and spent time with her other advisors. Now she needed her, and if she was honest with herself, she wasn't feeling good about her chances. If she was lucky, maybe she would hear her out at the very least. Approaching her door, she gave it a knock, taking a deep breath. She was wearing expedition gear, comfortable clothing and both her Oathblade and Fatesbane at her hips. It was nerve wracking, but if she wanted this, and she couldn't allow herself to be intimidated by the difficulty of a task. @Kalmuli
  9. Step away from the throne, or lose your life, sweet sister. You would kill your own sister, just to be the same ruler our father was? He was twice the Lord you'll ever be, and I won't have you trampling over our family's legacy just to appease your precious goddess. Don't do this, Mia. This is a path you can't come back from. I won't repeat myself a second time, sister. Step away, or feel Marrow pierce your zealous heart. Three days. It had been three days since Mia Uldwar had taken her place as Matriarch, now becoming the ruling member of a broken family, with a growing city that required attention. Port Mars needed a leader, so she stepped up and made it her mission to support it to it's fullest potential. Undertaking such a task was difficult, but thankfully Mia had some advisors to assist her, namely Uthor Kultin and Morick Champlain. With them behind her, she was able to maintain stability, keep the economy flowing and begin the process of consolidating power in her domain. Much work needed to be done, and not a lot of people believed she could actually do it. When they saw her, she knew what they were already thinking in their minds. Mia didn't belong in armor, with a sword at her hip, commanding others when she herself was still considered a child. All of that she would work on correcting soon enough. “My Lady.” Announced Mr. Kultin, entering the main hall where Mia was located. She sat at the dining table, looking over construction reports for new areas of Port Mars. “We're have a status report from some of our soldiers. So far no sign of the Dali girl.” Tragic, but not her primary concern at the moment. “Tell them to keep searching, but put priority on any pirates they might find, Mr. Kultin.” “Yes, my Lady.” When he left, Mia closed her eyes, sighing sadly at the thought of her own brother and his own part in this madness. Hopefully, by the time all of this was over, they could get on with their normal lives and go forward from now on. That's what this city was doing anyway, despite the sudden and strange news surrounding their former Lord and master. So long as the gold kept flowing, there was no reason to question anything, let alone a shift in powers from father to daughter.
  10. Your time is done, little sister, it's time for a real ruler to step in. Godric? How did- That's not important. What is important however is that you are in my seat, so it's time to step down. Over my dead body! If you wish, just know that I've already won over the guards to my cause. Do you know why? Because they've been waiting for someone with a legitimate claim to come in, and not only am I our fathers eldest living son, but I also have a beautiful wife with me as well. Yes, that's good, now you understand. You never had a real claim to this throne, all you have is your little swords and a big head. Run along now, or else I'll have you thrown out on your spoiled little behind… [Days later…] Since being ousted by her brother, Mia has been busy working on her next move. At first her own anger made it difficult just to think, but after some time (and the cutting away at a major portion of a tree) she felt ready to move on. Just trying to gain favor wasn't enough, she needed to start a movement, and her father taught her the best kind to start, and that was with one's love for one's country. It all started with a name, one she felt inspired towards after reading some of the footnotes in the kidnapping case of that Dali girl. The True Sons and Daughters of Ursa Madeum was good, but it could be a problem if her group became associated with the scheme, so she restructured it to convey the same message without fear of a bad image. The Glorious Children of Ursa Madeum, that would do well, the beginning stages of a budding political movement. Now she needed membership, which proved even more difficult than she first thought. Mia had her Oathblade, which held in itself a modicum of authority towards it, but it would have been better if she had either the Crown or Fatesbane still in her possession. Other than that, all she had for a reputation was that she was bloodthirsty enough to threaten her own sister in order to gain power. It didn't exactly inspire confidence in others that Mia was a good, competent leader. She needed help if she was going to expand her group, but who was going to help someone so outspoken in her defense against someone that so many people hated? Perhaps by first looking to his friends first? Certainly a good way to go, but who was his friend? That's when it hit her, and the formulations for her plan came together. A covert meeting with a foreign power, all in the name of freedom. @Tyler
  11. Good can only triumph when someone stands up to the darkness and shouts defiantly into the void. Illyana read that somewhere, though the title of it now escapes her best attempts at recollection. Regardless of where it came from, the words still held truth within them. It has become her mission to follow these words, and to defy the darkness with every fiber of her being. There was a knock upon her door, and a voice calling out. "My Lady, are you ready?" "Yes, Maria, I am ready." Since waking from her fitful dreams she has been praying to Gaia, hoping for insight and guidance towards the goals she has set out for herself. As always, guidance was difficult to come by from a metaphysical being, but she was confident Gaia heard her prayers, for she had welcomed the goddess into her heart completely. With the support of her matron deity, the young Lady of House Uldwar felt she could withstand any storm, walking out of her chambers with confidence and pride. This is to be the day the light returned to the islands, and people could feel hope once again within their hearts, even with everything around them being so difficult and trying. Accompanying her was her bodyguard, selected personally by her father, meaning it was one of the members of the intimidating Dogs of War. His name was Sir Aron Redford, a reserved man that showed great spirit when roused into worship of the earth goddess. A paladin he may be, Sir Redford could still be just as savage as the rest of them, that much she knew by the order's reputation alone. Hopefully he could restrain himself during their time of charity and giving back to the community. "Lady Uldwar." Sir Redford said as they exited the Keep. "Why are you dressed so plainly? Do you feel you must be disguised while out in the streets?" Instead of her usual fine clothing, Illyana had chosen simple white linens that made her look more of a healer than a noble. "During this time, Sir Redford, I am going to be very close to sick and injured people. Jewelry and silks get in the way of trying to mend those suffering, don't you think?" Nodding, Sir Redford began detailing the other details of her protection detail. "We have hired extra protection for you today, Lady Uldwar. They will be here within the hour when the boat arrives. We have also received word that a shipment of grain was coming in from Corinth, from a vassal of House Hildebrand." "Send word to the pier that shipment is to come directly to the temple without delay. The De'Laire family have been very generous to provide food for the needy people of Ursa Madeum, they deserve to travel unmolested." Gaining the support of others was a blessing, and she had made many promises to make it up to them for their help. Payments already given, and now they simply had to await it's arrival. "Yes, my Lady." When their walk had ended, Illyana and her group had arrived at the temple erected just recently, welcomed by the priests who made this place their home. Knights spread out to form a defensive line, Sir Redford staying by the noblewoman's side for protection, and Illyana went to work preparing the set up. "People are already starting to come in. We need food and drink ready for consumption, fresh bandages and wine ready to boil. From what I understand the bugbears of this island are going to be coming here as well, so keep your fears to yourself or else you'll give them the wrong idea." Human, elf, goblin, all deserved the love and grace of Gaia. By Her will, Illyana intended on sparking a new wave of religious conversions, and to save the souls of the people on these islands.
  12. Progress required sacrifice, and in sacrifice, something of worth is lost. For every action taken, one sacrifices time to perform another action, and so it was that House Uldwar chose to secure their own fortunes in exchange for other possible actions. Whether or not it was a successful investment can only be confirmed in time... Sir Gerald Ultin began organizing the group which would be heading out into the jungle to search for prospective oil fields. Such missions were best left for other folk, but they were short handed, and someone had to try to keep everyone safe on this expedition. With so much at stake, Lord Uldwar felt that only his champion knight could be trusted to make sure the operation when smoothly. If he succeeded, he would achieve honor and glory, but with failure came the promise of disappointment and reprimand. Suffice to say it was important for him to succeed in this task. "Sir!" One of the footsoldiers said, beckoning the knight closer to him. "Our scouts have reported movement in the jungle sir. We think there's something dangerous in there." "It's the jungle, there's always something dangerous in there. Make sure the men are aware and that we are ready for a possible ambush. Surely once they see how large our group is they'll think twice about trying to attack us." Most of the creatures inside the wild were frightened of humans, unwilling to attack a group of two dozen or so. More bold cretins like bandits or goblins would likely be more willing to attack the group. Clouds were gathering, threatening to strike out at the pitiful mortals on the ground with unsettling omens as their heralds. Mystery shrouded just what they would become, if they would become anything at all, but still he felt disheartened to an extent. It was no matter, he thought to himself as he mounted his horse, they would make it through this storm, with the oil they've claimed for House Uldwar. "Where are the newcomers?" He asked, looking for those who had answered the call for aid and arrived to lend their help. Their assistance was vital if they intended on getting this done as quickly as possible, if at all. At the gates of Port Mars, the group was nearly ready to proceed into the unknown. @Aleksei @Maethir
  13. Many people enjoy the beauty of the capital of Ursa Madeum, enjoying the sights of the city and the experiences it brings with it. What many don't see however, are the smaller towns or villages that also reside on the island known as Corinth, who struggle every day just to survive. These people, mostly humble farmers and fishermen, can't be reached by conventional aid efforts due to isolation or due to others having a greater need for the resources. To combat this inequality, Lady Illyana Uldwar regularly makes trips to different villages or towns on the islands, hoping to alleviate their suffering and provide them with the materials and knowledge necessary for better living. They call her a saint for such deeds, but she feels blessed just for the chance to help others live a better life in this cruel world of theirs. One such village was a small place outside of the capital known as Wiltshire, a farming village that grew hemp to take to market. There were over a hundred people living in Wiltshire, and they were having difficulty making ends meet since a storm washed away a bridge they depended on to leave heavy jungles they resided in. With their mission in mind, Illyana knew the first step in helping these people would be to repair the bridge. "How long until the bridge is completed?" Illyana asked the engineer, an elf who had just finished finalizing the plans with his builders. "For the moment the best we can do is make a simple wooden bridge between the banks. It won't hold much, but it should serve until we can begin constructing a proper stone one for a permanent solution. Just have to hope the weather doesn't turn on us, or it'll get washed away." Showing her the designs for each structure, the noble lady nodded in compliance. "Wasn't the old one made of stone as well?" She asked, wanting to make sure this new bridge didn't get washed away like the old one did. "Old one wasn't being maintained as well as it should have been. It's likely someone just forgot about this place, hoped they would just disappear or something." He shrugged, noticing how upsetting the news made Illyana, but having no answer for her. "We can make sure that doesn't happen again." "Yes." She said. "No one is getting forgotten this time. How are we going to get supplies over to the village while the bridge is being erected?" "We have a personal airship that can take you and a few others over with some supplies." He answered. "Good. Pack it with as much food, water and medicine as you can. I'm going to be on the first party who goes over." "As you wish." The engineer said, and went off to do his duty. Looking over to the other side, Illyana could already see a local or two, come to see what the commotion was about. Hammers went about putting together the bridge, making a terrible noise in the process. Illyana did her best to communicate over the harsh sounds. "Don't worry! We are here to help you!" Help them they would, by the grace of Gaia she would do this, and make this world a better place. @Venus Sprite
  14. Just outside the Dali estate, a man approached, carrying with him a box, looking calm and easy going. If he had any idea what was in the simple brown box, he would be white as a ghost. All he really knew was that someone in a cloak gave him good coin to have this delivered to the Dali estate. Gold was gold, and in his town, it went for miles. Seemed nearly too good to be true, which he soon found would be as soon as he gave the package to the first man wearing a Dali patch he could find. “This is to go to Halisera as soon as possible.” The man known as George said, too busy thinking about how he was gonna spend his gold to think about the consequences that would come soon after. “It's from the sons and daughters of Ursa Madeum, which I guess would be me as well.” He said with a slight chuckle. Within the box was a ring finger, wrapped in a pink bow, with a thin gold ring still on it, the ring having been etched with a black spider. Underneath the bloody finger was a note, reading: Dali leaves Ursa Madeum for good, or the next box holds her head. Sincerely The True Sons and Daughters of Ursa Madeum @supernal @LikelyMissFortune
  15. So many centuries before the darkness of Damien Gillick, House Uldwar had a grand champion within the ranks of the Dogs of War. Many called him monster, others called him brother, but history would always refer to the enigmatic figure as Sarvos the Unchecked. Even in death his name inspires fear to those who would bear ill will towards House Uldwar, aware at the lengths they would go to in order to maintain combat superiority. This is the tale shedding light on secrets untold, and of the horrors that lurk within the dark history of a war ravaged land. Finding the Skulking Grounds was a difficult task in itself, given the thickness of the jungle they were cutting through. For the sake of their mission, the knights of the Dogs of War were ready to cut through a hundred miles of forest if the need arose. Military grade determination steeled the armored men in their travels, the five working with great perseverance to arrive at the legendary ruins of one of their predecessors. Loyal Wolfhounds at the five warrior's sides kept their noses attuned for any signs of trouble, ready to leap into battle at a moments notice. When the Dogs of War prepared for battle, there was no chance of them being under equipped for the task. Traveling with the group was a member of the House Ardese, who was accompanying them as aid in their quest for the ancient artifacts. All help was appreciated, for the knights knew that it was going to be a dangerous mission, even with all their combined expertise and equipment at their disposal. "We're almost there." Said Sir Marshall Gamesly, Knight Commander of the Order of the Dogs of War. They had been trekking through this jungle for hours now, but was finally starting to make some headway. "We've got plenty of time to make it to the ruins. No one else is nearly brave enough to go venturing into this place, even with knights at their back." With another swing of his sword, a thick wall of vines gave way to reveal what was left of the mighty fortress that housed Sarvos the Unchecked. "There we are, one of the many lost ruins of Ursa Madeum, from a time long passed in history. To think this was where he resided, a mountain of a man with the tempered of a volcano. Come on, we need to get moving." @Fennis Ursai @Zashiii
  16. One had to be careful whom they allowed in their home, lest they risk losing it to greedy trespassers. "Open the gates!" Gears began to turn, forced into working by a system of chains, pulleys and the toiling work of men turning cranks. Just beyond the gates of the might Uldwar Keep was Iyalon Izora, the head of the once great Order of the Orchid. Just as the Dogs of war had suffered, so too had the faithful knights of House Hildebrand, decimated to near extinction, yet surviving on in spite of the tragedy. For their resilience and dedication to their duty, the order of knights loyal to House Uldwar gave them ample respect during their visit on this day. On this overcast day, with the sun nearly blocked out completely by the clouds, the entire order of the Dogs of War was there to greet the head knight coming to them for tutelage. Sir Gerald Ultin was in the front of this group, standing proudly along with his men, looking onwards and forwards, his heart swelling with pride at meeting a fellow master in arms. He could appreciate Iyalon, knowing his talents for martial practices were great, quite close in fact to the accolades affords his own group of honor bound warriors. They both shared in a sacred duty, however, to protect their houses at all costs, which was what brought him here to this island so steeped in the arts of Warcraft. "Hail, Sir Iyalon. Welcome to Uldwar Keep. It is my hope your journey here was peaceful and swift." With pirates and unpredictable weather conditions, travel between the islands was difficult to say the least. While he had no means of combating strange meteorological phenomenon, he was certain he could make the seas safe against the scourge plaguing them. Bowing for a moment, Sir Gerald straightened himself, then removed his helmet, revealing the ugly, misshapen face that was brutalizing through so many years of combat. "We are honored that you would come to us to teach you the ways of constructing engines of war. Not every enemy can be slain with sword alone, sometimes you have to throw a mighty large rock at them." A laugh was shared between Sir Gerald and the other knights, all of whom wore exceptional gear, finer than any craftsmanship worn by normal foot soldiers. When one was uplifted into the ranks of the Dogs of War, only the best implements of war was worthy to be used by them. "Come. Before we show you our armory, let us retreat inside before the rain comes." @ourlachesism
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    Rozharon stood at the doors of Uldwars' keep, wings half-spread in a way that resembled a cape, half-facing the ocean to the south. As always, she was alone, bringing neither entourage nor announcing her arrival in advance. Her hair hung loose, the same deep, near-blue black as her wings, a contrast to the simple dusky grey of her dress. What was different, though, was the chest by her side that was fixed in midair, as if placed on an unseen surface. When she had arrived, she had kept a respectful distance from the gate, spending a few minutes appearing to admire the town - in reality, taking account of its the population, activities, and expansion efforts - and only now turned to fully face the keep. With a glance she took in the walls, expression as unreadable as always. The empress walked forward, the chest beside her gliding with her steps, keeping its position relative to her body consistent. Hands clasped behind her back, hidden in the folds of her sleeves, the seraph set her gaze on the guards. "Gʀᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢs. I ᴡɪsʜ ᴛᴏ sᴘᴇᴀᴋ ᴡɪᴛʜ Lᴏʀᴅ Uʟᴅᴡᴀʀ." @Grubbistch
  18. "The construction is going as planned sir, we don't expect anymore delays on our time table." Lord Uldwar nodded, watching the bustling city move from the comfort of his balcony at Uldwar Keep. Looking back to the messenger he asked. "What of the new docks? Are they ready yet?" "Just finished this morning, my lord. It's closer to the rest of the construction being done, with plenty more ships coming in to off load materials." That was good, Oscar thought, giving the messenger permission to leave while he returned to his thoughtful gazing. Building his empire required much more construction, much more resources, much more sacrifice. With every piece of land they took as their own, his own power was sure to increase in kind. More people coming to live in Port Mars meant a stronger economy, which meant his coffers grew fatter. Oscar would not stop until his power was absolute, until his reach extended to all of Ursa Madeum. Power was his to command, with everything else just an obstacle for him to overcome in time. By the time he was finished with his enemies, there would be nothing left to be remembered in the annals of time. Now that there was additional docks, the fishermen would have less to complain about in regards to unloading their catches of the day. Business had to continue as usual for the growing port, lest all these efforts being made were stopped suddenly. Everything had to be running smoothly, and that meant diverting resources to allow for more ships to anchor here. At least it would reduce the amount of small folk coming to complain to him personally. Another servant came, telling him it was time to hold court to the masses. With a heavy sigh he nodded, telling him he would be there in a moment. With power came responsibility, and in that responsibility, Lord Uldwar must suffer the complaints of commoners and wretches.
  19. "Expanding a city isn't an easy process." One of the knights explained, aware that the operations going on were interfering with the daily lives of the commoners. "We assure you we are doing everything we can to keep things going smoothly." The disgruntled fisherman however was not so easily assuaged. "Do you know how long it took to unload my catch at the harbor? If I can't unload the fish I catch in time then they'll go bad! Who's gonna pay for all that spoiled fish, huh?" With so many building supplies being brought in to expand the city's borders, people were having a hard time finding space to keep their boats. No matter how hard they tried, it was becoming difficult to keep things working smoothly. "We cannot compensate you for spoiled goods, just try and get here before the other ships do, okay? There will be more docks added on soon, just not at this moment." This was no position for a knight, this was something more of foot soldiers or other lower ranked warriors. Both Sir Richard and Sir Engvar wanted nothing more than to see actual action, but instead they were dealing with the grievances of small folk. Such was the tragedy of living in times of peace, when not even the hazards of the wilds weren't enough to warrant a large scale campaign. The only way they were going to get out of this assignment was if they proved themselves worthy of being sent to Yh'mi for a chance to be recruited into the Dogs of War. "Damn you all!" Yelled the fisherman, stomping off back towards his boat. "You're all going to be choking up this entire port if you don't get your acts together." "Thank you for that, good fisherman." Sir Engvar said, doing his best to suppress the anger he felt over the ranting tirade of a commoner. Taking a rest against an equipment shed, Sir Richard huffed in frustration. "Oh come now, Sir Richard, there's plenty of action to be seen around here, you just have to look in the right places." The other knight merely shook his head, refusing to speak to the partner who seemed to have less interest in actual combat than he did. "Wonderful, that'll certainly pass the time...
  20. Gold Harbor. It was doing well, as well as Port Mars was doing, considering the current state of trade in the seas. Finally they were going to visit someone with class, with style, with real nobility running through their veins. Oscar was certain this trip would go far better than the previous one, the bar had certainly been lowered enough to keep his expectations low to the ground. For this trip Oscar was forced to go it alone, as Cassandra was rushed back to the capital to have her ankle looked at. Thankfully it was just a sprain, but she was in no condition to travel until she was healed, meaning it was only the patriarch coming to meet with House Karradeen. Had she came with, it would have been a powerful tool to remind their peers just what House Singlance was capable of. Cassandra however was unwillingly to use herself for the cause in that way, and he respected that decision. Still though, he would have enjoyed having her with him to make the time go by a little faster. "Almost there milord." The driver called, announcing their progress towards the extravagant manner of the Karradeen family. "Thank you. Make sure to head straight for their home. I have no reason to stop and see the sights." It was a beautiful day, the sun was out in full force, showering the landscape with rays of light that illuminated every remarkable detail of this place. Without his beloved wife, it all seemed so mundane, so flavorless and without substance. Everything he was doing, Oscar did it for his family, for his people, for his wife. Without them, he didn't believe he had much reason to get up from bed, let alone try to gain the support of his fellow noblemen towards his cause. "We have arrived, milord." One driver, four knights, and an entire manner full of people just a few feet from them. A thousand people standing close to Oscar would still leave him feeling alone, if none of them was his wife, Cassandra. "Thank you, make sure to have it ready when I am finished speaking with the Karradeens." He agreed, and Lord Uldwar was escorted from his carriage by his trusted knight Sir Gerald. Once more into the lion's den. @Tyler
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