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Found 1 result

  1. Writing as Akni Otria La Ultima Fortuna, Last Chance Morning sunlight basked the upper-class residential area of Last Chance, casting a warm glow through the windows of the fine houses. Among one of these houses was owned by Akni Otria, occupied by herself and her blue-eyed lover and partner, Landon. "Nnn..." Waking up from her restful slumber after a night of sensual love. Akni's eyelids fluttered open, revealing a pair of fiery irises. She shifted her petite limbs, rustling the sheets as the redhead examined the still slumbering form of Landon, his iconic blue eyes still hidden to her. Well, she was often the one who woke up first, being an early riser. "Heh~" Looking at him now, it would be quite farfetched to think the young man used to be a cruel, callous, ruthless slave master and seeing them now, they had definitely left behind their shaky past. Her petite nude frame crawled on the bed, a finger brushing a stray midnight lock out of his forehead. The redhead bent down, pressing her lips against it. He could rest for a couple more moments. "Aaah~" Stretching up, Akni picked up his shirt, crisply folded the other clothes discarded the night before. The girl wore it, her small frame was enough for the oversized shirt to cover everything from the shoulder to knee. "Right..." Stepping down from the bed, she figured she could make breakfast first. Exiting the master bedroom, she made her way down to the first floor where the kitchen was, thoughts brimming in her mind. They really had come far since then, huh? Well, Landon had left his slaver job behind and with the Dead disbanding, Akni no longer had ties with them as well. The two was free to carve their own paths from now on. Akni was an adventurer at heart so even though she wasn't currently affiliated with anyone at the moment, it would only be a matter of time until she found a job or two that'd satisfy her thrill-seeking self. Right now? Judging from the packed bags and supplies in the living room, it was quite apparent the couple was planning a trip. --- When Landon woke up, the blue-eyed man would see his petite lover was no longer on the bed. Instead, the bedroom's door was opened and his trained senses could hear the telltale sounds of eggs being fried in a pan. Upon arriving at the kitchen, he'd see Akni's dainty frame, clad only in his shirt, fiery red locks cascading down her back, unbound by her signature clippers. She was currently humming a cheerful song, it wasn't hard to see why really, the girl was excited for their daring adventure into the hearts of The Velhatien Desert, where the Heat Flash phenomenon of Genesaris first originated. For someone who was so attuned to the flames, the fire dragon bearing the form of a petite human girl, she must visit the place at least once in her lifetime. Right now, however, they were going to have breakfast and... it looked like Akni hadn't noticed him yet.
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