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Storyline Board [Information]

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The purpose of this forum is to host threads that allows a user or users to keep track of their writing on Valucre. Not everyone will find it as useful as I do, but when you've been on the site for a few years, have written a dozen characters across a hundred threads, you find that it's easy to forget some of the stuff your character has accomplished if you don't write it down. Ergo, the storyline board.

These can be personal storylines for single characters, or storylines for groups or nations as well.

Personal storyline thread would be "Character's Name: A History", or something.

Communal storyline thread would be the name of the storyline. "The Something Saga" or "The Whatever Chronicles" or whatever. Inside the thread will be posts. Every time you make a thread that involves either your character or is a part of your saga/chronicles, you make a post in this Storyline board thread using the format below.

They must be a separate post, for readability's sake.

No chatter.

The below format is NOT mandatory.

[B]Summary & Highlights[/B]:

The before/after are purely optional. Since Valucre as a site has no "world clock", this will allow you to designate whether your thread came specifically before or after another one, establishing something of a personal timeline. Meant to apply more to tight clusters of threads that appear right before or after one another, and will be harder to work in for the overall story architecture, especially if you're doing this retroactively like most of us will be. Edited by supernal

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