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7 minutes ago, supernal said:

They do but that 94 year old already made 50% progress on the glass battery! I mean if I can take this "charges in minutes with triple the capacity" as an in-between measure until we get to fungi-power I'll take it. Like if we can just skip to the end sure but if we can't, gimme the glass buddy


I dunno, seems like we are getting pretty close. Let's just merge the two.

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Today I hit a hummingbird with my car. Somehow I managed to see it, and I was lucky to only have been going around 15 miles an hour. But for a little thing like that... Well, I managed to see where it was flung too and because there were no cars coming, I stopped and got off. Amazingly enough, the little guy was still alive but he didn't look well. I've never really been that close to a hummingbird -- it was so small, I mean, so incredibly small. I picked it up because I didn't have the heart to leave it on the road (especially since I saw another car that came after me just barely miss running it over). When I picked it up, it fluttered one of it's wings but then settled back down. It was breathing very heavily. I didn't think it was going to make it, but I still didn't want to leave it out there. So, I took him home with me. Berta, our housekeeper was there when I arrived and for some reason I just started crying when I saw her and I showed her the bird. I just said, "I hit him." She made me feel better and told me I hadn't gone out of my way to hit him, and that it was just an accident. I know that. It just made me feel better to hear someone else say it I guess. It's been a really tough few weeks. Anyway, I left him alone on our counter. I sort of figured he was going to die and that maybe picking him up had been the wrong thing to do. Maybe something was internally broken (outwardly it didn't look like he was hurt -- no bleeding, no weirdly bent limbs). I started feeding Gavin and I forgot about my little buddy, until Owain came into the kitchen. He likes to pull things off the table and counter top. Well, he grabbed a hold of the napkin where my little bird was resting and I freaked out and managed to snatch Owain back before he could pull the bird down to the floor. But then! The little hummingbird just came to life. He flew! He took to the air right there in our living room and zipped around. He landed on one of my mother's orchids and rested for another while. I tried to catch him again but he flew into the living room where I was afraid he might end up hurting himself by trying to fly through the window. He was smart. He didn't! But he did get tangled with the curtain and managed to make his way to the floor. I was able to catch him there, and with a very eager Owain right next to me, we went outside and set the little guy free. He flew away, hopefully to live another day. 

They are incredible little creatures. 

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1 hour ago, HotPizza said:

But when I eventually have to do my own renovations, I'm the one getting beaten up by robots.

Well, being a pizza shouldnt hurt too bad

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