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Mindless Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

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23 minutes ago, The Usual Suspect said:

To be fair, would you ever willingly adult?

If I don't wanna do chores, I just don't do them anymore and play games. Then again, I don't have kids, or a stressful job, so I get that option of saying wtfer at laundry. I have enough clothes to last the week, so meh. It's not a priority at the moment. 

I just try to do priorities, or things that need my absolute attention (rent, business related, or otherwise) and let the smaller stuff slide. 

That's how I "adult," though, results may vary for others.

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I adult when I have to do chores or help my mom with something. Which isn't bad. So I can't complain lol. 

But I'm mostly lazy as well and do more kid things than I should. 

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I adult a lot. I work, raise children (young brother, 3 week raised random little girl) , cook (breakfast, lunch , dinner, celebrations, and lazy cooking) , clean all the rooms (including but not limited to bathrooms, kitchen, random gradge room, parents room and bathroom, brothers room.... ect), engulfed by my studies, and the complicated romantic life.... plus the drinking XD, the gaming, and the time I squeeze out of my day to be on this website. :grintears:

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