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Dolor Aeternum

Raylon Tekker

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Credits for Image (this is only a semblance of how I picture this character):
Fire Mage by *anndr
Digital Art / Paintings & Airbrushing / People / Fantasy ©2010-2012 *anndr

Given Name: Raylon Tekker
Alias: None
Title(s): The Light of Illyria
Race: Illyrian (Similar to humans but more like elves when it comes to age potential)
Sex: Male.
Age (visual): Thirty two
Birth: Illyria
Home: Illyria

Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Shoulder length black hair
Height & Weight: 6'3" & 225 lbs.

Combat: Raylon prefers to remain at a distance from his foes as that allows him to have more control over the situation and allows him to effectively use his magical abilities which due to his thirst for knowledge are many.

Social Behavior: Raylon is somewhat of a bleeding heart individual in many situations. He wishes to help everyone that he sees no matter how twisted they may seem but he is not opposed to killing them if the situation arises. He is extremely formal around royalty or when assuming the role as king but in the presence of friends his speech is much more relaxed.

Likes: Raylon enjoys reading and learning about all sorts of cultures and magic from other worlds. He can spend days as a recluse within a library and is capable of remembering every detail he wants of what he read. He enjoys the normal things a scholar might enjoy but seems to also enjoy testing his battle prowess in spars when there is no danger to either party.

Dislikes: Injustice, dictators, anyone who imposes their will upon others with no remorse.


Raylon is a magic user with high skill wielding staves and very minor skill in swordsmanship. Centuries of book knowledge have allowed him to gain magical abilities through the rigor of study and experimental procedures.

Technological wizardry - Illyria is known for its ability to infuse magic with technology much like other nations. Raylon is an expert at creating such technology and wielding it for more active purposes. Though he does not wear any tech himself, he can naturally pick up any tech and learn how to use it after some review.


Psionics: Raylon is adept at all forms of psionics such as telekinesis or telepathy or even clairvoyance (This cannot be used in battle and requires a day or more of preparation unless it is something minor). Rhabdomancy usually encompasses that ability.

1. Telekinesis - Raylon's usually calm demeanor and ability to avoid mental distractions has allowed him to hone this skill to the point of mastery. 

Conjuring/Summoning: Raylon can summon weaponry if the cache of the weaponry is nearby. Raylon can also summon spirits, elementals, or abominations depending on what he uses to activate the summoning symbol. Summoning takes time so unless protected in battle this could only be done outside of it. Below are some examples of notable summons Raylon has done.

  • Hyla: Water Elemental capable of tsunami level water manipulation.
  • Yorah: Air Elemental capable of creating storms that rival the strength of a Category 3 Hurricane.
  • Ordyx: Demonic entity capable of draining what one would consider life force. Intangible so is immune to physical attacks.

Elemental Manipulation: Raylon can manipulate elements and create projectiles or barriers with them. (i.e. fireballs or ice shields)

Enchantments/Spell Storage: Raylon can infuse items with magical properties or allow items to store carefully prepared spells that would normally take a while due to incantations. This ability coupled with Raylon's obsession with being prepared at all times is what has allowed him to survive for so long. Raylon would never allow one of the gems of Raikoh (see below) to be void of some sort of magical spell.

Energy Affinity: Raylon is capable of sensing the energy around him and at times tapping into it despite not knowing much about it. What he can do with this energy depends on his familiarity with it. Feats can range from simple disruption of the flow of that energy to absorbing it or infusing it with his own magic for all sorts of different effects.

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reserved for more info


Raikoh - Sentient staff that is capable of storing several prepared spells within the gems that adorn the shaft. Constantly storing energy it finds within the area, it manipulates the energy around it in constant preparation of attacks. It has been nicknamed the Staff of Paranoia by many of his peers.

Illyrian Robe - Allows the wearer to be immune to most occult magic. There are several sigils engrained within the innards of the robe that were crafted by ancient Illyrian scholars to prevent the nation's treacherous enemy Cypher Paine from ruining the peace of their kingdom. Raylon wears a specific version of these robes with the Illyrian royal emblem. The only difference from the traditional Illyrian robes is that Raylon's illuminates when in the presence of occult magic or entities. Creatures such as lichs, vampires, demons, zombies, and other abyssal entities.


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Editing equipment long over due.

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Illyria Brief History/Politics

Illyria is a world doused in perpetual darkness due to centuries of tyranny at the hands of a necromancer by the name of Cypher Raikoh Paine. Despite the consistent darkness, the capital city where the royal family resides illuminates the entire kingdom with so much intensity that few could withstand approaching the structure without the proper equipment. In what seems like a constant state of recovery, its people have created a simplistic network that involves organizing themselves by their abilities and specializing so that they can use their work for the benefit of everyone involved. Councils were soon born to brainstorm and discuss the future of their trades. This compartmentalized structure usually lends itself to conflict but for now it has only served to make Illyria that much stronger. 

Technology infused with magic from a myriad of sources became Illyrian's best export to manage through its crisis. The understanding they had received through their suffering made them capable of nullifying what they considered an abomination to worthwhile magical practices. Occult magic always managed to destroy something or someone so they devoted their time to find many different ways to stamp out its horrid affects on the world. Their technology and abilities remained cut off to any other realms, however, as their constant paranoia forced them to keep to themselves.

Even though creating new technologies or enhancing current ones is one of the main passions of all Illyrians there are some purists who prefer to keep magic and technology separate. Their strong beliefs forced them to prove how much technology corrupts the beauty of all magics. It is this belief that their beloved king was brought up in until he betrayed them and sought to learn newer methods. The betrayal was ultimately forgiven though if their king ever intends to truly bring Illyria to greater heights they believe he must forget such folly.


Still Much More to Overcome

Their previous troubles have catalyzed a huge amount of hatred for the magic and beliefs that they consider closely associated with necromancy. Illyrians hold an intense hatred for beings such as dark elves, vampires, demons, devils, among other creatures. This hatred places them in clear conflict with the royal family as their current king is far more accepting of all forms of magic and creatures.

Racism and close-mindedness played a huge role in the reception given to the aid of the Orisian queen Irene Gabriela Du'Grace. Rumors surfaced that their beloved king took to visit her without any escort and begged her for her aid. Further information had been leaked about the Orisian woman being some sort of vampiric being which led to months of infighting amongst the people. Protests began to occur at the site of their exchange of goods until the exchanges were abruptly terminated once their king Raylon returned. It has been said that the Illyrian Spire, the center of the structure the royal family resided in, dimmed that day as if it had lost some of its ancient magic. Scholars attributed it to their king's proximity to what they considered 'filth'. Others linked it to their king's somber mood.

Public relations returned to normal not long after, providing a small foundation on which Illyria soon began to flourish when it came to technological advancements and becoming self-sustaining. A perpetual source of energy that converted much of the residual magic Cypher had left behind was created. The smartest minds of Illyria soon came together to ensure the future of the kingdom should another threat like Cypher emerge. Many new weapons, defenses, and support items were created.


The Merger


Illyrians were never known to worship any deities, preferring to rely on magic, science, and technology to live their lives. This was not to say they did not understand there were many beings who considered themselves gods and even fewer who have achieved levels of power worthy of such a title. There are many accounts within the archives of the Royal Library that describe mere mortals grinding their way to levels that transcended their mortality or surpassed expectations. It was only in the wake of the tyranny brought on them by Cypher Raikoh Paine that the most intelligent magical scientists considered employing the aid of such a being to finally end the centuries of oppression from their most hated enemy. To be able to extract or temporarily use the power of one of these deities, placing it into one of their own could allow them to overpower the necromancer and end him once and for all.


Enter Raylon Tekker, fledgling magical scientist and very distant heir to the Illyrian throne. With a sister kidnapped by Cypher, Raylon gladly volunteered himself for an experiment that could potentially kill him or worse. Weeks were spent prepping his body to become a temporary host of an exorbitant amount of energy. The specific accounts of the founder of their science council listed several types of energy and locations within several dimensions that registered an enormous collection of them. Pooling from the closest location they could find, they initiated what they thought would be a moderate draining of the energy manipulating it by binding it into many microscopic vessels that would be immediately injected into their subject. Cypher decided to attack that same day, completely decimating the entire group minus Raylon who was left under the rubble of the slab he had been on for weeks. Having damaged the device that was moderating the flow of the energy, it took mere seconds before the Illyrian was inundated with an immense spike of energy. It was then that the Merger occurred.


With no Illyrian alive to account for what happened that day, it is unknown what really happened. A deity called Havoc had seized the opportunity presented by what he considered a worthless carnal husk attempting to steal energy he knew nothing about. Havoc was a deity unknown to many. He preferred to remain unheard of to ensure the integrity of what he needed to accomplish. Havoc’s boredom led him to see just how the entirety of his presence would affect a lowly humanoid. A little joyride would maybe provide him with a tickle of entertainment. It was this curiosity that would be the deity’s most regrettable action. With the intent to possess all of Raylon’s faculties, Havoc moved into the Illyrian’s physical frame and was met with a huge amount of resistance from his host. Raylon trained for this moment, his drive to rescue his sister enough to allow him to hold out against the deity to what would become an inevitable stalemate. Decades would pass under this constant struggle until one day Havoc acquiesced. To this day, no one knows why he did but this left Raylon with an immense amount of power but no way to use it.

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