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Abraxos, Angel of the Gods

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Name: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Abraxos[/COLOR]
Nicknames: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]None[/COLOR]
Alignment: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Holy Good[/COLOR]
Race: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Heavenly Angel[/COLOR]
Marital Status: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Single[/COLOR]
Sexual Orientation: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Straight[/COLOR]
Religion: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]the Gods[/COLOR]
Gender: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Male[/COLOR]
Factual Age: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]He's been around for so long, not even he knows how old he is.[/COLOR]
Visual Age: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]20[/COLOR]


Eyes: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Light gold[/COLOR]
Complexion: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Fair[/COLOR]
Height: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]6'2''[/COLOR]
Weight: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]150 lbs[/COLOR]
Build: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Chiseled, not ripped but well muscled[/COLOR]
Hair: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]White[/COLOR]


Demeanor: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Abraxos is calm and serious about his work. He doesn't let outside influences get to him and stays firm to whatever job he's assigned himself to.[/COLOR]
Hopes: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]To serve the Gods as best as he can.[/COLOR]
Fears: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Failure, becoming a fallen angel[/COLOR]
Likes: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Success, the light, the force of good[/COLOR]
Dislikes: [COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Evil, demons, dark things[/COLOR]


Look at what he's wearing--that's basically all he has.




[COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Abraxos is naturally good-willed, brave, gallant, compassionate, and kind. It comes with being an angel. He also sticks to his job and does not let go until he has performed it to the best that he can. He accepts every mistake that he makes, showing that he not only knows when he is wrong but also that by building on those mistakes he can become stronger. Abraxos is very strong-willed and does not let outside influences get the better of him. Also as an angel, he cannot be tempted by most humanly desires such as greed, gluttony, or lust, and is moreoever drawn to all things light and good.[/COLOR]


[COLOR="#FFFFE0"]Despite being a heavenly angel of the Gods, Abraxos also has his weaknesses. His spiritual body cannot tolerate entering places claimed by demons, as their infinite numbers and denomic air will kill him. His compassionate side may also get the better of him sometimes, making him vulnerable if whoever he's helping has a different agenda. [/COLOR]


In addition to excellent swordfighting, Abraxos has Heavenly Magic. This allows him to:

--[B][I]Sense a Heart.[/I][/B] Abraxos can automatically scan a level area within a twenty mile radius for anybody with a pure heart. This can also help in sensing demons around in the area, or fellow angels, so that he knows what kind of place he's in. This is only a tactic he can do while down on earth; it's pretty much pointless up in Heaven where everyone is the same.

--[B][I]Holy Fire.[/I][/B] He can produce white hot flames flecked with rainbow colors, known as Holy Fire, to complete an exorcism on a spirit. Depending on the nature of the spirit, the fire can send it to the demon world or Heaven. The Holy Fire can also double as a weapon of battle against demons, as it is perhaps the most effective fire to use against them. But he only uses it for combat only when he really needs it or his sword has fallen out of his reach.

--[B][I]An Angel's Healing.[/I][/B] Though not a healer angel, Abraxos (as an angel) has the innate ability to lightly heal exterior wounds and minor sicknesses. This is quite handy during physical combat and whenever he is visiting Earth.

--[B][I]Shields of Light.[/I][/B] A totally defensive ability, Abraxos can use his shields of light to block any oncoming attacks that may occur either demonically or humanly, such as demon fire or bullets from guns, and etc. The light shields are also handy at lighting up whatever dark place he happens to find himself in, and rumor has it that he created these shields from the light of the moon itself.


[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/17806-The-King-s-Return-(Semi-Closed)/page3"]The King's Return[/URL]- The Demon King heir has been released of his holy chains by a naive human girl, and god knows what'll happen if he's let loose for too long. Enter Abraxos, sent by the Gods, to find the Demon King and either rechain him or destroy him. Edited by DarkFireMoon

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