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Aaliyah Cianna Marigold: A Personal History

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Title/ThreadA Gala For Serendipity

Characters [interacted with]: Aaliyah, Alexei, Donovan, Shay, Syrica, Chaflin, and Marianna


Aaliyah, or more commonly known as Liyah, makes her first arrival in Valucre as a freshman in Gaia Academy. Many of the students are conjugated together at this Gala to mingle, drink, and have fun. Midst all the different social sessions, a particular student named Alexei approaches the dessert table with a sweet tooth and hears Liyah speak to him from under it. She immediately impresses him by asking him to grab a cupcake for her, describing it perfectly by smell alone. They socialize and he finds her mysterious, for she wears a large white cloak and long gloves, revealing not an ounce of her species or gender outside of her voice.

Liyah is flirtatious, finding him cute and shy, and uses her keens senses to also detect he is a brawler by the smell of old blood on his knuckles. He questions her animal senses, but she vaguely avoids answering until bold and persistent flirtation. She even so bold as to lick his face. They discover they are enrolled in Live Combat together and Liyah offers to spar him later.

A third individual, Donovan, had been getting drunk by frequent visits to a spiked punch bowl. Liyah attempts to warn him but it too late; he starts singly drunkenly with a guitar and his clothes mysteriously vanish. Liyah balls with laughter up to the point he is dragged off stage. Afterward, Liyah returns to Alexei to follow up on their spar.

Before this spar can happen, Liyah is distracted by sudden distressed calls. Rushing to the source, she discovers Donovan, a female [Shay], and another female entangled in a large mesh of poisonous vines [Syrica]. She sees Donovan trying to physically pull her out, intervenes with critiquing words, and suddenly shapeshifts into a poison-resistant muskrat. Her plan is foiled by Shay grabbing hands [who didn't know muskrats are poison resistant]. Liyah cusses her out in a ridiculous series of muskrat squeaks. Eventually, they get Syrica out, but the victim is traumatized and upset because the plants were destroyed.  This causes too much drama for Liyah, who also almost gets stepped on, so she quickly leaves.

Spar date rekindled, Alexei and Liyah face off. Liyah demonstrates her ability to transform into more animals, and Alexei demonstrates his ability to wrestle with the jungle. During the spar, another student, Chaflin arrives on the scene, as do the other previous students. Donovan cheers for Alexei. Chaflin mistakes the spar for an animal attack and rushes to aid Alexei (Liyah currently holding him in anaconda coils). Before he gets there, Alexei bites Liyah, and the pain seems to trigger something primal within her. She almost crushes  Alexei from her temporary lost of logic before quickly stopping and transforming back into a humanoid hidden under Alexei. Intrigued by Chaflin's valiant efforts, she quickly stops the spar to engage him.

[Continued next post.]

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Title/ Thread: Beyond Festivities

Characters: Liyah, Alexei, Donovan, Shay, and Chaflin


Following directly after the previous thread.

Chaflin seems like a gentle giant and Liyah teases his heroic efforts. Everyone tells their name and classes, converses a bit, and Donovan ultimately suggests a trip to the school observatory. They all agree to go.

Never having been to an observatory before, Liyah runs with excitement to the building, the others at her tail. They all enter and spread to entertain themselves. While most of them seem enticed by a huge telescope, Liyah travels to the Galaxy Dome, where the galaxy is projected with special lights and effects inside an enclosed dome. She turns into a cat and figures out how to turn on the machine, entranced by the pretty sights and learning about the planet Valucre.

Alexei joins her. At first, she is too fascinated by the swirling stars to pay him mind but eventually leaves the panel and joins him. She unhesitantly regresses to her naked humanoid form and casually talks with him. They discuss what makes stars beautiful and meaningful, the moment mildly romantic and suggestive before Liyah gets whiff of blood and it's ruined.

Shay had cut her hand badly in the other room. Liyah takes her cloak, all the while groaning about Donovan's taste in Damsels. They all go to the infirmary, Shay gets stitched up, and Liyah complains about the hospital smell.  After that last bit of excitement, the night ends.

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Title/Thread:  Interview at Aeixxa

Characters: Mr. Sassoon, Ms. Giroux, Liyah, Alexei, and Chaflin


Liyah has signed up for a field trip to the high-security prison Aeixxa with Alexei, to interview a psychotic criminal and try and understand sadistic minds. Liyah is strongly dissatisfied with the traveling situation, for they were stored in the uncleaned under deck cells of the prison transport where keen senses were debilitating. When the professor finally grants them permission on deck, she rushes there with haste and leans over the rail to breath. Alexei, who was practically forced to be Liyah's buddy by her domineering personality, follows her.

Once getting her breath back, Liyah complains about them having to interview a prisoner under the eyes of guards and expresses how she wants to meet more than one. She approaches Alexei and leans in close, pretending to kiss him while instead whispering a plot to sneak away from the class and explore the prison. Alexei is very uncomfortable with the idea, but even more uncomfortable with Liyah doing such things on her own, and so he agrees.

When they land, Liyah finds out Chaflin is along for the ride too. The sheer brute-like look of the guards further entices her mischievous idea and she gets excited thinking about her soon to be adventure. However, her plans are temporarily postponed when Liyah overhears one of the Professors, Mr. Sassoon, discussing the prisoner to be interviewed with another Professor, Ms. Giroux. Turns out the latter Professor has a family relationship with the prisoner; this distracts Liyah and makes her suddenly very interested in seeing the outcome of their meeting.

When they reached the interview room, Liyah seems filled to the brim with excitement when it is her and Alexei's turn to interview the murderer. However, when she approaches the door to see the prisoner, her demeanor changes immediately. She becomes genuinely scared, uncomfortable, and nervous all from an aura her animal senses pick up from the individual on the other side of the door. Alexei appears to have received a similar sensation, though he is not as affected. They enter the room, hesitance within both of them.

[Unfortunately, the thread ends here and what happens beyond that is unknown.]

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Title/ Thread: Adventure Class is What It's Called.

Character: Liyah, Kacey, Chaflin, and Ailsa


Liyah is running late to her Adventure Class, and discovers it to be empty on arrival. Trying not to panic, she sniffs the tables and picks up Chaflin's scent. She quickly rushes his scent to the class, which was discovered to be outside. When she finally arrives there, the Professor Bruce Hicksons demands to know why she is late. Liyah quickly goes into a comedic rant about how she was hunting a mouse, but missed it, got frustrated, and started frantically searching for a breakfast she never found. The class seems to find this hilarious, but the Professor doesn't seem amused and tells her to join the class.

Learning they were to do partner work, Liyah starts looking for one. She recognizes Chaflin, but he seems infatuated with a girl named Kacey, so she doesn't disturb him. Instead, she approaches a girl named Ailsa. Ailsa becomes her partner for a survival assignment through the woods.

[Unfortunately, the player for Ailsa falls off the face of Valucre and how Liyah fares in this thread is also left unknown]

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Title/Thread: Carpe Florem

Characters: N/A

Summary Highlights:

Liyah is actually not involved in this thread. But it’s important to put it in her storyboard because, at this point in her storyline, Gaia Academy is attacked and dominated by an army of Unnaturals. The Academy is destroyed. Liyah is not present at the time of the attack because she has traveled to Genesaris in pursuit of a rumor she overheard at the Academy [Next post].

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Thread/Title: In the Dead of Winter

Characters: Liyah and Khezu Khan


Liyah is seen as a fox chasing a rabbit through the snowy tundra. Unbeknownst to her, she is watched by a lone wandering shinobi named Khezu. Outfoxed by the rabbit, Liyah obliviously continues to travel in a miserable mood. Three days pass and it is apparent that Liyah has a cold-like illness clogging her senses and preventing her from smelling out the stalking Khezu. It isn't until his scent is caught in a strong wind that she smells him and demands he shows himself. Face to face, the shinobi claims no ill-intention. Before Liyah could throw any accusations at him, she sneezes very loudly and transforms into a dog. This actually shocks them both. Liyah turns back, highly irritated with herself, and asks what the man wants. Instead of answering, he asks if she is unwell. Liyah is amused, but quickly sneezes again and transforms into another dog.

The second sneeze triggers an avalanche, and soon the two are running for their lives. They dive off the cliffside of the glacier and descend into a snowy valley trench below, both landing relatively unharmed.  Having experiencing quite the icebreaker (pun intended), a lot of tension between them is released and they introduce themselves. Liyah notices the exotic accent in Khezu's voice along with his lack of fluency of common tongue; this attracts her and she flirts with him, drawing in his much more private interest of her. Khezu tells her they should find water and food together, for he was low on energy and she was ill, and she agrees. Liyah having spotted a lake earlier, they travel in search of it.

They begin to fish, Liyah as a seal and Khezu with his impressive blood-shinobi skills (read the fascinating details yourself), and catch 10 fish equally. Liyah leaves the water and transforms back, giving Khezu a full view of her naked wet backside and introducing the first spark of sexual tension between them. Khezu doesn't realize it, but he is the first to see her "human" appearance in years and he finds her utterly beautiful.

They agree to make a den for the night. Polar bear Liyah does the digging whilst Khezu gathers firewood. However, Liyah's sickness takes a turn for the worse and she collapses. Khezu takes her into the completed den and starts a fire. When he tries to examine the nature of her illness, its complexity eludes him. He cooks her fish and sings. Liyah slowly wakes and starts eating. After her third fish, she thanks him for everything he did and informs him that she believes she is inflicted with a canine virus. Hence its tendency to force her into a canine form.

The two spend the cold winter night socializing. Khezu explains his story, one with tragedy and romance, and ultimately concludes that he is on a journey for closure. Liyah boldy crawls over to him and lays her head on his shoulder, asking him to continue to sing. She starts a tune and Khezu chimes in, the two singing until Liyah falls asleep. In the depths of the night, Khezu performs an impressive blood-filtering technique on the sleeping Liyah, cleansing Liyah of her virus. The act wears him and he too falls asleep.

Khezu wakes with a start, discovering that he is being cuddled by a polar bear, and Liyah feels completely rejuvenated. Not long after teasing Khezu again with her immodest nudity, Liyah picks up a scent and rushes out the den. She discovers a large pawprint and becomes ecstatic. She explains to Khezu that she is looking for an ancient cave lion rumored to be lurking in the mountains. She sought to copy its soul for her own transformation. Khezu agrees to help her find it and they follow the prints.

Thus the two set off on adventure together. This leads them to a mountain pass, where Liyah discovers a mysterious conscious within the icy winds prints lead them to a mountain pass. The winds attack her as she attempts to fly over the pass and she is tossed needs into a labyrinth of spiked ridges. In his search for her, Khezu and Liyah are assaulted by an infestation of Bone Blades. They fight for their lives and Liyah discovers the Cave Lion's scent is nowhere in the labyrinth. They deduce that the Cave Lion must have traveled up the mountain into the caverns.  The two fight their way back to the beginning and instead ascend the mountain to a cave littered with the Cave Lion's scent. Inside there is a hole, and they slide down it.

The hole leads to the hollow interior of the mountain, which host a warm beautiful forest with waterfalls pouring from the darkness above. What further astounds them is that the forest contains crimson crystals that radiate with unnatural but powerful energy. Liyah immediately feels her spirits within becoming more vigorous and her natural animosity rising to extremes. She gazes at Khezu with dangerous eyes, as if he were prey, and Khezu is immediately on alert. However, Liyah managed to control herself and they continue the search for the Cave Lion.

They are attacked by Kamadans, mystical creatures with sleeping effects on their enemies. The two are severely outnumbered and the battle is gory and fierce. Khezu ends up using a powerful blood technique that leaves him unconscious and near death. Liyah nearly loses herself to her animal spirits, almost killing the unconscious Khezu after she rips apart attacking kamadan. Intimidated by their losses, the kamadan retreat. Liyah takes Khezu to a secluded cavern behind a waterfall and rips a piece of her precious spirits to save his life (read thread for details).

Khezu awakes with Liyah naked in his arms; this throws their sexual tension into frenzy. It initiates a chain of events that include Liyah, driven by her powerful animal instinct, coming onto Khezu and nearly coaxing him into carnal sin. Khezu, sensing Liyah's lack of control, attempts to fend her off with something else he senses about the untamed woman--her fear of losing freedom. He explains that if they have intercourse, a blood link would be activated and they would be bonded together for life. It works and Liyah snaps into her senses. A lion's roar in the distance also helps break them apart, reminding Liyah of her true goal. To ease the tension between them, Liyah takes to the skies and Khezu searches the ground.

They discover the Cave Lion the hard way. Liyah is attacked as she hovers near the trees and is severely wounded by a vicious shoulder bite from the lion's large maw. Khezu rushes to her aid, but she tells him to chase the lion instead. He leaves her a vile of his blood for safety purposes and gives chase. While Khezu and the lion engage in battle, Liyah is fading away. In a desperate act, she drinks Khezu's blood and displays her incredible ability to take on the souls of people as well.

The lion is formidable and powerful, magically enhanced by the crystals, but they had to keep it alive. When Liyah joins in on the fight, she is identical to Khezu in appearance, skill, and knowledge. Utilizing the newly established blood link between them, they coordinate a plain to pin down the lion and Liyah ends up copying its soul.

The success is euphoric for both of them and the land is left twinkling from the beautiful byproduct of Liyah's soul copying process. Liyah wholeheartedly apologizes for forming the blood link and promises to find a way to break it. Also being overwhelmed with gratitude, she tells Khezu they shouldn't waste such a romantic scene and kisses him. Khezu gives in to his carnal feelings for Liyah and returns the kiss. What happens immediately after is left a mystery.

Using the crystal's power, Liyah transforms into Argentavis Magnificens and begins to fly Khezu up the waterfalls, towards the corresponding holes at the top of the mountain. They have one last battle with a swarm of bats before breaking out the mountain.


Spoils from Thread

New level 3 Transformation: Cold Mountain Panthera leo atrox [American Cave Lion]

  • Extreme resilience to sub-zero temperatures
  • Capable of producing powerful blizzards from the mouth
  • Produces red lightning-like energy that can infectiously spread through all material.
  • Capable of devouring pure energy

[2] Red Energy Crystal

[Lost Spiritual Connection with Elephas maximus [Asiatic Elephant]


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Thread/Title: Smoldering Aftermath

Characters: King, Koru,  Rory Quartermain, Madeline, D'eon,  Jhulae, Khezu. 


After the travesty that took place in her departure, a lone teenager named King is seen working on the devastated ruins of the old Gaia Academy.  At first he works several days alone but is soon joined by an anthropic feline hybrid [Koru] and a maniacal looking man with a serpentine staff [Rory Quartermain]. Liyah joins around the same time. Arriving on the scene she is instantly astounded, disturbed, and infuriated by the smoldering runes of the academy.  Khezu is some distance behind her, for the smell had caused Liyah to rush ahead to the runes. It takes her a long moment to make her next move. 

King seems to mostly ignore the persistent attempts for Koru and Rory to gather his attention and ask questions. He only takes the time to tell him he had no time to talk, only work.  Smelling the sweat and work on King, Liyah is softened by King's efforts and vexed by the others attempts. She is also disturbed by the fact that King is alone, lost to the contemplation of whether he is the only survivor or the only one that cared. Heart bleeding for King's devotion and purloined of her usual mirth, Liyah bluntly chastises the visitors tactless and pointless curiosity.  Afterwards, she begins to help King clean. 

Rory is annoyed and hateful towards Liyah's boldness and Kory is discouraged. Though Liyah senses the ill-intent from Rory, she ignores it.  As Liyah lessens King's burden, the man pauses at her actions and takes the time to answer Rory and Koru's questions before returning to work. Liyah and King work together in silence for a time before King places a hand on Liyah's shoulder and offers his thanks.  Liyah is drawn to take a moment to watch King work, seeing the sweat and vigor on his body stirred her easily enticed carnal nature, but she swallows it. She soon takes to an elephant form to further help with the wreckage.

 A fourth person arrives [D'eon, or a puppet of his], the most esoteric thus far. He does not engage the group. By sundown the courtyard is clear. King settles to sleep in the cold night. True to her bold nature, Liyah approaches, tosses her cloak over the sleeping King and lays naked within his arms. She stays there for a moment before transforming into a wolf to offer him warmth. When morning comes, King holds her close and nuzzles his thanks. Liyah wakens and feels a sense of void when he leaves her side. They resume work. 

Rory was still present and asking questions to King. The other mysterious man is replaced by another puppet of the same nature.  A new addition [Madeline] also joins that morning. She approaches Liyah and asks to help. Liyah is warmed by the offer and plays casual with Madeline's face in gratitude. King leaves Rory's questions to join them. So two workers become three.  They work on mostly crumbled dormitories. Unable to see the interior one of the building, Liyah transforms into a  gorilla and ascends the wall to reach the inside.

What greeted her was a terrifying display of bones in horrifying positions that overwhelm her. The others hear her cry of terror, King rushing first up the wall with impressive strength and speed to join her in the newfound crypt. He comforts her, informed her he has had to bury many and they would do the same now.  Liyah at first doesn't comprehend him as she is lost in the memories of her friends and their possible death. It isn't until the smell of blood reaches her that she snaps out of her trance, realizing King hurt himself to come to her. 

Meanwhile, Rory summons an undead demonic golemn to help with the wreckage. The smell of it reaches Liyah and displeases her greatly. She rushes back in her gorilla form, temper loss, and fully intent on mauling them both.  Madeline innocently attempts to engage the creature. King lingers back and prays. Liyah stops Madeline and is then further infuriated by Rory's snide remarks. Before any further action could be taken, through an act of Gaia, the golemn is destroyed. King appears by Liyah with a holy sword in his hand and different tone to his voice. He appears to be possessed by the deity and threatens to slay Rory. Rory flees and peace is returned. 

Madeline, King and Liyah continue to work to bury the newfound bodies. Another placement to D'eon puppet arrives (D'eon himself) and he speaks, saying very unnerving things to Liyah about the bones. It fills hers with mental distress and makes her strong suspect D'eon is responsible for the devastation.  Before she can respond, he too leaves. Liyah finds herself utterly exhausted before Khezu finally arrives onto the broken campus.  He presence relieves her and fills her with a moment of joy. He helps with their task.  They bury and say their prayers to the dead. Another presence appears, but Liyah is too tired to deal with more iniquities after such a day. She settles on the now empty dormitory with her thoughts. Khezu joins to comfort her.

Not much interaction is offered after this point. The four continue to work throughout the Gaia Academy remains until presumptively they are finished or time gets the better of them. However in the next scene of this academy, it is discovered that Liyah is the only one left. Not even Khezu is with her. She discovers an injured Drowess named Jhulae, who was plundering the grounds for treasure. Jhulae’s efforts brought her to a lake  and she was attacked by a venomous creature. She escapes injuried and Liyah approaches to offer assistance.

Due to the premature end of this interaction, it is unknown how far Liyah goes with this Drowess before she leaves herself.

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