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Lore Article: Valanian Desert {The White Desert}

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[FONT=Garamond][CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]Valanian Desert
The White Desert


[B]Description:[/B] The Valanian Desert makes up the largest portion of Orisia’s main land. The barren white sands stretch for endless miles in every direction, separating many of the cities and main forested areas that make up the coasts of the island. While the Valanian Desert hosts a wide variety of constant sand storms that last for days at a time, the mighty desert is also home to several monsters that roam aimlessly around either unaffected or well suited for the devastating storms.

[B]Animals:[/B] The Colossus for instance, is a very neutral creature that stands thirty feet tall. It is nothing more than a sand golem that walks aimlessly through the desert, avoiding the cities but staying near water supplies feeding off sweet watergrass. While this powerful creature is peaceful, it will attack anyone that threatens it. Another creature that travelers should note is the Massive Sand Worm's that travel underneath the fine white sands. These creatures are rather aggressive and will often attack caravans and smaller creatures for food. While most would often say that the male worms are more vicious, a pregnant female is the most dangerous. And lastly, the sand sharks of Valanian are notorious for their violent nature. With an unstable hunger, these creatures can often be found following behind herds of Collossus.


Sand Worm

Sand Shark[/spoiler][/CENTER]

[B]Climate:[/B] The Valanian Desert's pure white sand is cut very fine and delicately, almost unnatural compared to any other sand's in Valucre. The sand carried in storms could slice through cloth with ease (thus the preference by natives to wear fine fabrics such as silk), pelting armor like frozen sleet. While a nose bleed isn't uncommon from breathing in the fine sand, it is often used to help clean objects. Mixed with oil, the sand can scrub away any dirt or stain. The sand itself never seems to heat above 110 degree's F, or drop bellow 60 degree's F. During the hottest months, the desert can reach 170 degree's F. The coldest months prove -35 degree's. (The temperature of the sand does not drop bellow it's regulated zones.)

[B]Travel:[/B] Most travelers make the journey across the desert by boat along the Ranthus River, or if they are braver by horse or foot along the ancient paths in the sand. Several laid out roads can be found and traveled by, but they are difficult to maintain and should a sand storm hit a traveler and make him lose his way chances of finding the road once again are rear. However the roads are marked by 10 feet tall black iron oil lamps that somehow manage to stay lit and visible at all times. Parked caravans and shops can be found along the various routes. Trade goods are often bought from one traveler to another, as they make their way through. A few hired mercenaries can often be found with these store owners, to provide protection from any sand creatures or thugs that pass by. Usually, the paths will stray from the center or east side of the desert to avoid two areas.

[B]Places of Interest:[/B] A number of Oasis towns can be found along the Ranthus River. These small communities have sprung up in places where the crystal waters of the river have blessed the sands with life. Providing shade from the relentless sun and more established centers of commerce and government (as they will often play host to a number of Royal Knights and guards) these Oasis towns can provide a traveler with a safer place to rest than the parked caravan’s.

[B]Interesting Fact:[/B] Rumor has it that a single Sand Djin(Genie)roams the desert. Seeing it is a VERY RARE occurrence. Should a traveler be deemed worthy enough to be greeted by it, the creature will offer you ONE wish. From rags to riches, lust to love, life to death, the creature is said to be capable of great feats that only God's are capable of. Even if someone spent their entire life looking for one, it is only up to the Djin if you are worthy of such wishes. It is still undetermined at this time, what constitutes the worth of the Djin's blessings and wish, but it said that the creature is fond of mortal sweets.


{Written by Ayden, edited by Gabriela, pictures by various artists from Deviant Art}

[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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