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A Dream of Angels and Death

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[I]Three months ago... DuGrace Castle[/I]

[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/16886-Leo-Hawklight"][I][U][CENTER]Knight of Diligence - Leo Hawklight[/CENTER][/U][/I][/URL]
[COLOR="#0000CD"]It was a slumber night within the Halls of Diligence. Within would hold the private room where Leo would take rest. The room itself was large in scale, fit for royalty, allowing him to move freely rather than caged. On this night, he would lay half naked upon silk sheets of his decorated bed. While one would think this night to be just like any other, Leo would toss in his sleep as a dream would haunt him. His masculine form rolled around slightly, sweating in the wake of this disturbance. If someone was capable of seeing dreams, they would see that it was nothing more than a nightmare.

[QUOTE]Leo's eyes would open wide, revealing two large blue orbs that scanned the area before him. It was instantly obvious that this wasn't reality, as the area before him was not his room where he last was. This new room had no decorations, furniture, doors or windows, just brown walls that closed him in. The room was only four by four, leaving little room for anything else. He was wearing nothing but the underclothes that covered his privates, revealing his naked torso and firm figure as the center piece of this new room. Blue hair would run down past his chin, almost to his shoulders, before revealing the black lining of a tattoo. The black tribal art painted itself from Leo's neck, to his left hip as it remained sealed.

There was little time to become curious about the purpose behind this. Even as he stood there, trying to analyze the situation as calmly as possible, the tiny hairs upon his body would stand on end. He was like a cat with its back hunched, ready to attack the first thing he could see come into view. Before his eyes would fall upon an unsuspecting victim, a hissing voice would pierce his defenses. The female voice would crackle out in the small room from behind him, dancing upon his ear drums. A wave of heat would rush upon his back side, pressing against his firm form while causing the dim lights to flicker.

[B][I]"Leo... my love... come home..."[/I][/B]

The voice of the siren called upon Leo in a familiar voice, he didn't dare look in an attempt to delay any doubts he had. A warm hand would come around his waist from behind, fitting flat upon his form, revealing blood red nails. She ran each digit up his torso, tracing the tattoo upon his body and past his nipple up to the neck. His body turned to stone, not literally, but he was simply stunned upon her touch and couldn't move. Lips colored red would suckle upon his left ear lobe before she continued to whisper sweet nothings into his mind. [B][I]"Orders have been given... we have much to discuss..." [/I][/B]

[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/15839-Hyza"][B]"Hyza"[/B] [/URL]

Leo's voice was firm as he regained any form of confidence that was possible. He turned around, slightly confused as the reasoning behind this unexpected visitation. Both blue eyes fell upon her stunning body, so different than that of most here on Orisia. Her beauty was unmatched in such an unnatural way, though it was out of this world, and irregular. A slight gulp would reveal the bulge in his jugular as he tried to swallow the reality of this. Her cold slate eyes would lock onto his, grabbing his attention away from her silky ember dress that was... most revealing. She was the the devil in a dress, all she was missing was heels.

[B][I]"Well well... look at you. As much as I would like to say I'm here for pleasure, that is simply not the case. I would love to take this body for a test drive, and feed these new sensations."[/I][/B] Her voice hinted to something much much more, raising a dark eyebrow, teasing him as she pushed her body against his. Her breasts would nearly flatten as they stood flesh upon flesh. A left hand would rub the side of his face, as if she was in thought about taking pleasure first.[B] "You're not suppose to be here." [/B] Leo's voice spoke softly as he tried to continue to understand the situation at hand. It was obvious in his stance that he was most uncomfortable while standing there.

[B][I]"tsk tsk. Orders have brought me to you..."[/I][/B] Her voice remained enticing before she continued on. A slight fluctuation in her voice would reveal her next words to be true. [B][I]"...and I'm pissed off."[/I] [/B]She finished, her hand would come flat upon his chest and push him away. Though it seemed like a gentle push, the power landed him on the opposite side of the room. Leo was caught off guard as the wall slightly caved in, Hyza's form nearly vanished before appearing in front of him once more. A firm female hand forced itself against his throat as her lips gently pushed up against the cheek of his face. Leo wouldn't resist, for there was no point. The dim lights would flicker once more, casting a shadow behind Hyza that revealed two large wings that wrapped around the room. As the light became sustained, erasing the shadow, the wings would disappear.

[B][I]"We found out your fathers plans for you... and The Ancestors are giving you an option." [/I][/B]Leo's eyes would widen with interest while his hands would remain at his side. He was now listening with all intent, for her words spoke in riddle to him. A plan? Before he could even ask, her riddles would continue.[B][I] "You have three months to decide if you want to come back home."[/I][/B] She lifted her hand from his throat while backing off slightly. There was no time for fighting as this was a serious situation.

[B][I]"If you don't. I will come back and kill you myself, as I'm instructed to do. They sent me for a reason and i'm pissed that i'm in this meat suit Leo, i'm sure you're not happy about it either. The smell, the emotions... it's weak. Come back to grace with me Leo." [/I][/B]Her words were most enticing, though it didn't fix his curiosity. The simple thought of returning was a ridiculous notion, and she surely had to know that. There was something much more going on that hasn't been said. Those who had caste him out so long ago would not be calling him back.

[B]"Why are they recalling me?"[/B][I][B] "-They made a mistake. When we sent you here, we thought your human body could contain the energies within you. We even placed the black seal upon you, but as we've watched, we've seen it weakening. In three months you will lose control once more and destroy everything you've come to know here."[/B][/I] [B]"What were my fathers plans?"[/B] [B][I]"The experiments, that we knew nothing about at the time, were done in an attempt to... to make you the Harbinger..."[/I][/B]

Leo's eyes remained widened as he was filled with surprise. A rush of thoughts crashed through his mind as these answers only brought anger to him. His eyes fixated upon her to see if she was lying, but her unwavering voice and posture only spoke truth. For only a few seconds, air would escape his lungs as he became slightly faint. This couldn't be true.[I][B] "Don't worry Leo. If you return with me, we can fix you and take this power out of you... else, I'll rip you from your meat bag and throw you into the depths with the Desolator."[/B][/I] Her voice was firm and spoke of absolute, as if there were no other options. [B][I]"I wouldn't dare fight this Leo. Don't think of going to your new found friends. I will lay ruin to these lands and burn it to the ground with a stoke of my wings. You know my power and my Charge, do not be mistaken."[/I][/B] Her eyes would slit as her canine teeth would bite down upon her lush lower lip.

[B]"I.."[/B] [B][I]"-Three months... and I will be back."[/I][/B]

Her voice would interrupt his own before she simply vanished once more. Nothing more needed to be said for Leo to understand the gravity of this situation. A wave of heat would flush around his body once more before his eyes became rather heavy. Leo's fists would tighten as he became so angry from this meeting. This little confrontation might not mean much to most, but this was beyond any mere comprehension. This dream was beyond real as he continued to struggle. He tried to fight the resistance of the drowsiness, though both lids would fall once more and cause his comatose to continue.[/QUOTE][/COLOR]


[I]Three months later - Present day... Morgana City[/I]

[COLOR="#0000CD"]It had been three days since anyone had laid their eyes upon the Knight of Diligence. Not even Dollya, who was probably worried sick or in a fit of rage, hadn't seen him since he had last left his chambers. If one were to look hard enough, they would find a single man standing guard outside of Leo's retreat room. This guard was much more like a butler named Jasper who stood over the door in his tuxedo to deny entrance to anyone. However, being more of a butler under orders, it wouldn't be hard for a man like this to crack under any political pressure from royal's or leader's from within.

The retreat room was much like a study, where it would hold hundreds of books and scripts. Papers would be scattered across a single desk at the end of the room. A dim lamp would light the desk, revealing all the utensils and materials one would use to study. It seemed the lamp was the only source of light within the room, for the large cathedral windows were blacked out. Upon the top of the desk, buried in the papers, a soft cheek would be lit. Blue hair would scatter across the soft flesh of his face while Leo's somber body remain motionless. At first glance, it would appear that he was dead, for he wouldn't even appear to be breathing. Even as he rested their with both hands flopped on the desk, his eyes were pure white. A soft glow would come from each hue as his mind would fall into a state of transient.

Within his mind, he would push away the reality of Orisia. Upon the first day of his concealment, Leo had locked himself within a container of his own mind. The space inside, rather limitless, would provide enough room for him to take care of his business safely. This would prove to be the only place in Orisia where he wouldn't be putting everyone in danger, a slight concern he had from the very beginning. The second day would come where Leo would remain in his sheltered mind. A series of traps layered upon layer to help prevent himself from losing all control from the wakening power. These traps were specially designed for Leo and to contain the energy within him from getting out. On the third day, today, Leo would fight for the struggle of his life.

If the Butler managed to fail his job and let someone in, they would find Leo's lifeless body sitting slump at the desk. Perhaps in a panic, the worst case scenario, they would shake his form. The Butler, standing in as a Guard, was to prevent anyone from touching him during this time. With a single touch, that individual would fall limp to the floor, much like Leo's own body, and find themselves inside Leo's own mind. They would have to take witness to the hell about to be unleashed from within.[/COLOR]

[spoiler]Open to all Guests of Orisia/Morgana. If it makes no sense for your character to be here, interacting in Leo's own retreat room, then please don't post. More or less for any Nobles/Knights that may be in the area. PM me if you're not sure. Thanks.[/spoiler] Edited by Ayden

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]The realm which contained this prison within his mind was made of nothing more than a blanket of white light that stretched past the walls of imagination. Upon the brim of sight, the existence continued to push forth in all directions. Where direction was only relative to the labeled mind, one could easily find that up was down, left was back, right was left, and back was forward. Among all the various combinations, one could easily find themselves lost within the recess of anyone's mind, let alone a mind that was ready to break. Surly if one forced themselves into this realm they could hold onto their own sense of being and direction, but time would eat away at them, and they could easily find themselves falling into an endless pit for eternity.

Upon the center piece, if there truly was a center to this place, Leo would stand tall. While this existence shined with nothing more than a white light, the true colors that surrounded his very body would remain true. His dark tan torso, naked and void of a shirt, would reveal a firm chest with the black seal upon his side. The black art would dance and swim freely, shrinking and stretching, contracting, and attempting to become nonexistent in this reality, for it truly was trying to break it's bond from Leo. Though Leo was well aware of his very body and the pressing matter, he felt comfortable knowing that he had taken the time to plan all this out.

Brown pants hung from his hips as his bare feet remained flush against the created ground. As the black seal would try to break free, his very body that was attuned to this world would respond and react as needed. A single large golden chain would break free from the light and anchor itself around his waist. The links would pull tight around his form threatening to drag his body into the abyss of the light that consumed the chain itself. As his body slowly pushed forward, another two chains erupted upon each side of him and latched with cuffs to his wrists. Pulling his arms at an angle behind him, the combined pressure of the three chains would bring him to his knees.

The fallen angel would sit upon his own legs as the power within him continued to swell, and the environment would continue to bind him. Two smaller chains broke free from the same areas that the arm cuffs spawned from, but these would contain a golden hook. With a sharp edge the two weapons would come soaring through the nonexistent air, ripping into his tan flesh of each shoulder blade. The golden edges would dig deep as if they were latching upon him, and as soon as each touched, they would withdraw. Flesh would continue to rip, as two black angelic wings would burst outwards. A storm of sharp black feathers littered the floor around him, appearing in great contrast compared to the white floor they rested upon.

Each wing tip would come pinned to the ground, like a stake running clean through it, causing each wing tip to look like a broken limb. The black wings that stretched out seven feet on each side of him, being pierced and stapled to the ground, would leak with blood. Small trails of red puddled upon the floor, and little streams trickled from his back where both wings were pulled from. Though the amount of blood was very little, far from life threatening, it would be enough to show the amount of pain that was relevant to his injuries.

Pain racked his body like a disease, bringing a flood of tears to his milky eyes in a natural response. Leo wouldn't let out an audible cry, for he knew that this pain was just the beginning of what was to come. During this moment where his head looked high and his blue hair fell, he simply wished he could have Dollya here. They had been together for the last three months, that he had gotten so use to her presence being one with his own, that he had forgotten what it was like to not be around her. A part of him felt empty, and more naked than he already was. He knew that he couldn't get her involved in this any further than he already had, for the purpose of all this was to keep the others around him safe.

There was no where safer in Orisia to trap the powers within him, than in his own mind. The traps set forth were designed to contain the raw energy of magics that swelled within him. Where he could of destroyed buildings or killed innocent lives, the worst case scenario here would place Leo as nothing more than a fallen vegetable. The only threat he posed, was to himself. Leo had spent three months with Dollya and the many others to rebuild Morgana, that he couldn't risk throwing it all away. Upon this day he hoped to kill two birds with one stone, where he would tame the power within him, and keep himself out of the hands of his Ancestors.

Leo would know it was only a matter of time before Hyza would arrive, invading his mind once more, to only be disappointed by finding the absent cavity within his chest to be without a soul. She wouldn't return him back to the Ancestors, for he kept it hidden. This thought reminded him of the very box he gave to Dollya, entrusting her to hide it, for it contained his heart and soul that they others wished to get their hands on. While Leo would never know where it was, no one else would surly find out. Hopefully after all this, he hoped with everything in him, that this would all be settled.[/COLOR]
[IMGALIGN=RIGHT]http://i46.tinypic.com/14bb4p.jpg[/IMGALIGN] Edited by Ayden

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]-Night was falling over the sand-stone city of Morgana, and she had just emerged from the abandoned cavern. This was one of the many ancient tunnels carved into the side of the great mountains that rose to the north of the city, located far away from the busy mineshafts used today. She had entered this dark place with a box, and was now leaving empty handed, with nothing but the burning curiosity that had made it nearly impossible to walk away without peeking. Of course she had kept her word and had not looked into the box. Instead she had hidden the thing, after walking for miles down the pick black tunnel, until finally she found a steep fall. It had taken some work climbing down into the enormous gallery sized cavern, but for a woman with her skill set and abilities it had proven just a slight difficulty at most. And there, amongst beautiful crystal like structures—the formations of hundreds of years of dripping water and collected mineral, there in a tomb of darkness and coolness, there she left the box.

Now she stood on the precipice of some vague future which both frightened as well as excited her. Not long after arriving, during all the turmoil of getting the city under the control of the Black Heart Order, Leo had sent Dollya away to wait in what would soon become Morgana’s castle and the seat of power of the city. She had been somewhat surprised and upset that she would not be fighting alongside Leo, but he had been so gentle in his explanation—noting that he would not be able to properly concentrate if he had to worry about her. Regardless of her abilities, Dollya was not trained in the arts of fighting—and in a place where so many lingered with knowledge that surpassed her own; her strengths could well become weakness. And so she had followed the second command given to her by her Lord Knight, and had gone with a small party of Royal Knights into the abandoned castle of Morgana to wait.

It had been nearly three days since that happened. Word had been brought to her that Leo was fine, and that all was well, but that he did not wish to take visitors. Respecting his wishes, Dollya kept away—but now, now that her one and only duty had been completed, she was finally left up to her own devices. Alone with her thoughts, her mind turned to dark places, such as the loneliness that was now starting to grow. Once again she felt isolated—abandoned. More than once she thought of looking for Leo, of seeking out the comfort of his company, but a single dark thought kept her from doing so.

[I]What if he doesn’t want you anymore?[/I]

Darkness whispered to her, and in turn her blue eyes grew wet with crimson tears.

“Why would you say something like that Father?”

[I]It’s a possibility you should be prepared for. We are born alone, and then we die alone, little one. You shouldn’t lean so much upon another individual. Loneliness is only a negative feeling if you allow it to be. [/I]

“I hate being alone.”

[I]It’s not so bad.[/I]

“He said he loved me.”

[I]People lie.[/I]

“Did he lie?”

[I]I don’t know.[/I]

“Go away Darkness.”

And before more could be said she started down the dangerous path that had led her up into the mountains. With all of her speed and strength, this path required that she move carefully, with one hand touching the mountainside and her knees bent sharply, keeping her close to the ground. It was far too easy to lose your footing here upon this crumbling mountain.-

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]The time upon the clocks had stood still as if the batteries had died. Upon this dark night a lady in Crimson walked the streets of Morgana. Dressed in a regalia of foreign armor, with sword upon her blusterous hip, she swayed with boots clicking upon the hard ground bellow her. Each step she took grabbed the divided attention of onlookers, who followed her until she left their view. Long locks of burgundy hair flowed from her skull, down to her bottom, as she moved with ease through the streets. While most would gawk upon her Knightly presence that famed a beauty of its own, they would all stay clear of her.

The sandy stones she walked upon seemed to turn black with each step she took, as if she were burning them by her mere touch. Cold eyes, contrary to the rest of her entire figure, scanned the crowd. She knew that he was here, for she could smell him in the winds that danced through the streets. The smell of all walks of life, human, vampire, lizardkin, and the others couldn't drown out the smell of a fallen angel. He was the black sheep in this city, and she was here to collect him, as promised. It took her only moments to have her figure come to the source of the scent, for her frame would stop outside a building branching off of the Castle. Two guards stood in front of the gate, and both of them had already seen her as they too rested their eyes upon her.

Several strides carried her within the reactionary gap of the two well dressed guards.[/COLOR] [B]"Ma'am. May we help you?"[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]They found themselves stuttering over their own words as the spoke. As the words ended, she would wave a fragile hand in front of their faces. She didn't even have to touch them, for her power of persuasion was setting in before she even requested entrance. But, to close the formality, her soft voice would breach their defenses. [/COLOR][B]"You shall let me through, I am here for your Noble."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]There wasn't an ounce of power in her voice that sung onto them. They both nodded and side stepped out of her way, obeying her command without question. It would appear that the two were very well under her spell, and they wouldn't stop her.

Breaching inside the housing unit, she would follow the sickening smell. After a few moments, she would face a single man dressed in a butler outfit. Jasper looked exchanged glances with her until she again waved her hand in front his face. He too would fall victim to her persuasion, and he too would allow her passage into the Retreat Room. As the door opened, her slate eyes landed upon Leo's body. She laughed audibly with a wicked smile as several thoughts passed her mind. Suicide? How cute. No, he was still breathing... she pondered before turning back to Jasper. It was time to have some fun.[/COLOR] [B]"Go spread the word, the city will be burning soon... go tell your Knight's and Queen that I have arrived."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Of course she didn't know if the Queen was here or not, but it mattered not for her.

Jasper left the guard duty of the door and out of the building. He whispered to two of the guards who were already stricken under her power, before they too would flee to the others around them, spreading the story of fire and a woman. While it was night, surly there would be an uproar in the city with a sensation of confusion and possible panic. Surly as the rumors spread, it wouldn't take long before they reached Dollya or Darkness upon the mountain side, for they would easily be able to hear such things from a distance, or see what was happening down bellow.

Perhaps this would be enough to keep the quite city busy for some time, or long enough to take care of her bidding. As the rumor would soon spread, she would enter the room and circle around Leo's limp body. A gentle smell could reveal so much about him that it nearly made her sick. The smell of the female vampire was disgusting, almost insulting, as she cringed her nose and lips. She really had a disdain for the dead, for she felt that they should stay that way. Regardless, she laughed once more before she placed both hands upon his back side. While most would fall limp and to the floor, she knew all the better, and her entire form would disappear. As quickly as she was here, she was gone...[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]-She knew who Jasper was; she had for a few hours each night spied upon him as he held watch over the doors that lead to Leo. Never did she go to him and ask to be allowed in, but she was certain that the man saw her. They simply did not regard each other, and it seemed for the best. But inside she yearned for nothing more than to be invited in, to be called forward by Jasper and to hear him say that Leo had asked for her. Instead, she would turn the corner toward the large double doors, and there she would cast her blue eyes upon the man who stood guard. He would look to her, then look away and that was all there was to their communication. Defeated she would turn on her heel and walk away, dejected and without much in the sense of purpose. The slowly growing party of Leo’s royal court were better suited for keeping busy, and their hard work could be seen everywhere in the city.

Such were her thoughts as she walked along a busy street, dusk settling over the sky above them—neon orange, pink, and blood red before turning into a deep blue and eventually black on the other side of the horizon. The city was being rebuilt, and she knew it to be on the orders of her beloved fallen angel. And so it was that she moved along content, for the most part, until she saw Jasper walking her way.

The man walked as if he were in a dream. Her heart immediately rose to her throat as she hurried her step to a slow jog in order to catch up with him. When he saw her, perhaps he saw the queen in her face for he quickly delivered the message he had been given. “The city will burn—soon.” And with that he turned on his heel, much like she had the past two nights, and headed down the street, repeating his message to any and all that stopped to look at him. Dollya stood there, mouth open and in utter shock. Her surprise immediately turned to anxiety as she connected the sight of Jasper here, with his absence at the doors that lead to Leo. That’s when she began to run. She dodged people and carts alike—caused a few near accidents, and even shoved some people who were unfortunate enough to get in her way.

Her heart was in her throat, a lump of emotion to thick to swallow away. When at last she made it to the castle, by passing all security, she nearly slid upon the polished floors. But finally when she reached the doors to his private room, she stopped and felt herself afraid and anxious. So much so that in both her youth and fear she did not notice the strange new scent or presence. At least it was too much and she took a deep breath and shoved the doors open, storming into the room with the dire news she had just heard upon her lips, “What is this?! Jasper said the city will bu—” Dollya stopped mid word. There she regarded the woman, an embodiment of fire—beautiful.

“Leo?” Her blue eyes, cool and calm as the tropical waters of Orisia shifted to her commanding knight. “What’s going on here?” But he was not conscious, or at least it did not appear that way, “what have you done to him?!”-[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]It would appear that before her hands landed upon his firm shoulders, a female voice struck out to her. Intrusive and rude, her eyes flashed like the devils own before her own words released into the air.[/COLOR] [B]"Why don't you come on in and find out for yourself. Hah!"[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]She said, laughing at Dollya who looked like a scarred puppet with her strings cut. It was obvious how she was crawling within her own skin, but she couldn't blame her. With that, nothing more was said as she placed both hands upon Leo's back side. Instantly, her body disappeared as if being sucked into Leo's own essence and aura. His own milky white eyes, if possibly seen from the distance, would flicker black once before returning back to the white hue.

Upon her touch, Hyza had entered Leo's mind. Into a world draped in white, Hyza's slate eyes would land upon Leo. She knew that she would have minutes in here with Leo before his lover came after him, for seconds in Morgana were equal to minutes here. It appeared that Leo hadn't even noticed her silent and evasive arrival into his own mind, for he already looked all too tired and drained. She couldn't help but think how sad and pathetic he had become. Her eyes peered into his very core and she would twitch her nose as if something smelt funny. A devious smile crept across her lips as a flurry of mixed emotions began to take over. Hyza’s hips would sway back and forth as she danced her way over to Leo as he remained slumped over. A full hand would extend as each digit grasped his full head of dark hair.

Pulling his cherubic face upwards, she would lean forward to reveal both heavy breasts that threatened to drown him. Her eyes would match his as her lush lips parted, releasing her voice like a goddess.[/COLOR] [B]“Oh Leo my love, how foolish you’ve become in this hacked body of yours. To think that something like this would work, you’re just lying to yourself. I’ll make this quick for you, so try and relax, it won’t hurt… much.” [/B][COLOR="#0000CD"]Her left hand would push forward as the fallen angel struggled against his own devices that chained him in place, keeping him held strong in his own prison. Hyza’s left hand would run flat against his firm chest, and as she pushed forth, his torso would envelope the very limb that pushed against it. As his chest caved in, Leo would give out an audible cry as a bone jarring pain swept his body, and blood would trickle from his lower lip. Tears would roll forth as the pain of her hand in his very body continued to wreck havoc upon him. Leo could feel her twisting and searching for the very thing she desired, and as his hand grasped upon his doppelganger of a heart, she would pull back quickly.

Her hand clenched his head tighter as her free hand retreated from his chest cavity. A confirmed doubt was evident on her face as she squeezed his head tighter within her grasp. [/COLOR][B]“Where is it?!”[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]She yelled, nearly spitting in his face as frustration quickly fell over her. Leo could sense her obvious aggravation and a smile crept across his lips, despite the pain and fatigue.[/COLOR] [B]“You’re a damn fool Leo. You’ve left yourself empty and wide open, I’ll teach you to play these games with me.”[/B][COLOR="#0000CD"] Upon the last of her words she shoved his head back down to stare back at his floor, and she would back up several feet away from him.[/COLOR][B] “The son’s of Diablo’s have been so lonely, looking for a new host. Let’s fill your empty heart without a soul, with something much more enjoyable.”[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Leo’s eyes would widen as they lay deep within his face. An ocean of green flashed like a wild spark of life within him as the responding stimuli knew the truth behind her words. His body continued to shake as he remained in the unbearable pain while he watched her approach him, this time with a black sphere. The small black sphere within her hand seemed to spawn with tendrils that would attempt to latch onto its new host.[/COLOR]

[B]“Since you have no soul, I shall fill that void for you. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.”[/B]

[COLOR="#0000CD"]Hyza would push the black sphere against his very chest; in the same spot her hand violated his very core. The black sphere would hiss audibly as it latched onto the fallen angel and entered his body. Amongst all the blood that flooded from his very being, the wound upon his chest cavity would close as the new object found its nest within him. [/COLOR][B]“Tic-tock, tic-tock Leo. If I can’t find your heart and soul, I will just let this demon eat you from the inside out… tic-tock… tic-tock…” [/B][COLOR="#0000CD"]Her voice taunted him as she stood there.

Leo's chest heaved with great gasps of air, as if trying to control the flow and calm himself. The pain and reality behind all of this remained dream like within his mind, but he knew he could do nothing but wait and watch as this all unfolded. He was shackled by his own prison, and as Hyza had entered his mind, he hadn't the energy to fight back. If the black seal upon his hip would sway back and forth, he could feel his insides crawling. The planted seed within was spreading like a disease, and Leo could feel every hair and cell that it clung onto as it plagued his body. He felt helpless and useless, and truth be told, he felt his own demise. While he had hoped to fool Hyza and lead her astray, he had never predicted that she would plant the son's of Diablo's within his empty heart. A fatal flaw he never accounted for. Silence swept his body as tears ran down his blood speckled face. The pool of blood on the ground seemed to spread out exponentially around his own body, onto the white ground bellow him that contrasted the color. Though Leo felt in control and optimistic about this entire situation about an hour ago... this changed everything.[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]-Horrified she watched as the woman touched Leo and disappeared. Of course she deduced that the woman had someone entered into Leo’s body, but why or how were the questions she most wanted answered. But there was no answer available, nothing but the realization that she could do little to nothing for the winged man whom she had given her heart to—and who in turn had given her his, literally. Quick in her step she crossed the distance and reached Leo within a second, but once she was at his side she simply did not know what to do.

Although her hands shout out to touch him they stopped just before landing upon the back of his head. Hovering, Dollya fixed a narrowed gaze upon the surface of Leo’s hand and sought to run through a multitude of scenarios. The red-haired woman had touched him and disappeared, and Dollya did not know if this was due to her own power or because of Leo’s state. Would she too disappear the moment she touched him? And if so—where to? Biting upon her lip, feeling herself waste more time than was necessary, she finally set her hands upon him.

Immediately he’d feel it, regardless of the separation of body and mind. Her touch was cold and comforting—and had to it the sense of familiarity that could call back his tortured soul. Not knowing what to expect she braced herself for the worse, and smoothed her hands over the length of his back. Bending she embraced him from behind, pressed her cool cheek to the back of his head, her lips near his ear. “Please wake up Leo, please,” she whispered. At the same time her eyes closed, pinching shut hard as she tried to wish him back into consciousness.-[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]His body shook for several moments as he tried to block out Hyza. How simple this would be if he could simply erase her from his mind, and allow her essence to seize and fail in this existence. Yet through the pain that racked his very core, with the flood of darkness within that core, he could feel a gentle calm. Like a breeze, the cold touch upon his body caused his eyes to go wide. Leo looked around for the all too familiar sensation that was the signature to none other than Dollya.

Upon the touch he could hear her words. They echoed through his mind and they pierced his defenses in such a different way, a way that would solidify any holes and gaps from within. A new confidence would come over him, yet he knew what this meant. As much as Leo wanted to keep her out, her very touch would betray just that. She would find herself falling unconscious upon his limp body upon the desk, and her mind would be sent into Leo's own.

An astral projection of sorts, would cause her to find herself in whole within Leo's mind. A world of white, covered with black feathers and blood. Chains binding him down while the female devil continued to laugh at him from a slight distance. Immediately, and unlike Hyza's own entrance, Leo would take immediate notice of her. Would she see the look of a refilling hope in his face? Perhaps the mixture of emotions and physical pain would mask anything other than helplessness.

The black seal upon his tan and naked torso would swim once more. A power swelling inside him, which grabbed Hyza's attention. Another golden chain ruptured from the endless sea of white light and latched itself around Leo's neck, threatening to choke him. A slight squeeze would settle the black drawings of a tattoo upon his side, and Leo would simply fall from his knee's. The chains would catch him, suspend him, and never allow his full weight to reach that of the floor. His chest heaved with heavy breaths as the blood continued to trickle from his body. Leo's face was no longer upon Dollya, but now upon the pool of blood bellow him.

Hyza's slate eyes flashed with wicked intent as Dollya entered into this realm. She knew it would happen sooner or later, but that look Leo gave her. That damn look upon his face upon her presence had rubbed her the wrong way. Perhaps it was a stroke of jealousy, it was truly difficult to tell. Heavy boots pushed forward in the direction of Dollya, who was probably trying to still grab her bearings. Stopping only a few feet short of her, Hyza looked her once over before speaking.
[B]"And who are you to him? Tell me now."[/B]

[COLOR="#0000CD"]There was no tone of respect, no loyalty. A hint of hostility, only reconfirmed with her hand coming to the hilt of her own blade. Princess, Queen, it meant nothing to her when she only knew of Gods. Dollya would find herself faced with a monster, and Hyza had no issues with that. In her head, vampires were nothing more than dirt to walk upon. A sense of a superior race was evident in the way she carried herself, and spoke down to others. It wouldn't matter, for Dollya's choice of words would make an unknown decision that would be enough to shake the stars. Dollya wouldn't find an earthly comfort here, or the chance to hide in any shadows, for they didn't exist here. Besides the clothes and items upon her very being, she would be exposed. [/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]-Freed from the confines of her body, Dollya stood now as a mere representation of how she saw herself and how others saw her. So there stood a beautiful young woman, dark hair, and bright blue eyes, with a slender but gently curved body that reflected the budding stages of womanhood. She took a moment, perhaps a second or two, during which she regarded all that, was presented before her. There was Leo upon his knees with a number of chains hanging from him like wicked pieces of jeweler, and looming over him with cruel taunts and a curler face was that strange woman from before. Certainly, there was much more to take in, and yet Dollya already had all she needed. A more perfect picture could not have been painted—Leo was in trouble, in danger, and clearly in pain and it was all because of that wretched red-headed woman who now looked upon her with a look so full of accusation and hate.

She asked what her connection was to Leo, and in response Dollya merely smiled.

Then she was moving, pulling together all that was required to control whatever this thin she now inhabited was. Was it some sort of astral projection? Perhaps just a conjured image based on how Leo saw her? In the end it didn’t matter because she took full control of it—breaking free from whatever restraints were placed upon her. If this was the realm of dreams, and she was just as asleep as he, then she would control her space.

Without the restraints of a human body, the sheer brilliance and splendor of the soul created by that ancient deity, Darkness, was now able to fully shine. The pretty body was gone, replaced instead by an outline in black, a mass of inky substance that dashed forward at a run. Within seconds she was upon the red-haired woman, meaning to tackle her from the front and away from Leo. She trusted that her movements would be so unexpected, so utterly un-guessable and uncharacteristic that she would not have time to think to move away, or to draw a weapon, instead she would stand there perhaps slack jawed as she was tackled to the ground.—[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]Dollya's movements and shifting figure was analyzed from head to toe with each passing second. But even Hyza couldn't have predicted what this fallen creature could do, or turn into for that matter. And while the darkness that was complete opposite of the lighted scenery surrounding them, would surround Hyza ever so quickly, she could not react. While the first thought of unleashing hell's fire, Hyza refrained, allowing the full force of Dollya to come crashing into her own.

As the two would seemingly stumble to the ground, such a thing would not occur. For what was a ground when one didn't exist? What they stepped upon was their own will and power, and Hyza purged herself of such thought. Instead of giving comfort to Dollya upon hitting a ground, the two would fall freely into the depths of light that stretched endlessly. Air, if it were such a thing, pushed her burgundy hair into the darkness of Dollya that attempted to consume her. Surly Dollya would recognize this falling sensation, and the ever growing distance she was putting between herself and Leo.

Even Hyza knew that if they went too far, there would be no turning back. Yet as they fell, Hyza clenched on with claw like digits. It all became obvious, as Leo's scent was written all over this woman. She knew, and Hyza knew it... for with Leo's scent upon her, came the price of his soul.[/COLOR] [B]"Where is it? Where are you keeping it?!"[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]She yelled in their descent, following with a sharp elbow to combat the darkness tempting to drown her. Hyza wanted answers, she would get answers, or else...[/COLOR]

- - -

[COLOR="#0000CD"]Leo's eyes watched the fray unfold before his very eyes. Dollya's sudden transformation had surprised him, but it made sense at the same time. He knew the story behind Dollya's creation, and it only proved the story to be true; though he never doubted it. Even as she lunged for Hyza, the darkness that she was, was beautiful. It wasn't until they two fell bellow him, that he felt concern for her.[/COLOR]

[B]"Do!!-"[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]His words cut off as he tried to call for her. He coughed violently as blood continued to trickle from his mouth, spattering the surface bellow him. His breathing was heavy, only to join the weight of the rest of his body that remained chained up. Both eyes began to retreat deep within the sockets, as if he looked like a man who hadn't slept in days. A great amount of fatigue wore upon his face and body.

The [I]black seal[/I] upon the side of his body began to swarm in a panic. It's black outline danced as the power inflated, allowing the environment to react once more. All the chains upon him would tighten and pull with more tension. Each wing would be pulled and pinned, feeling as if they were ready to rip from his shoulder blades. His arms stretched tighter, getting ready to be released from the sockets that held them in. The weight of the chain at his waist and neck became heavier, pulling him closer to the pool of blood bellow him.

A golden rope would bend and break from each chain, like a snake, it would crawl and connect to each piece that bonded him in place. The golden rope would wrap around his neck, arms, waist, and feet, as it squeezed him. The labored breathing was becoming harder and harder to sustain. His shaking body was constricted to the point, where he was no longer visibly shaking. While all this was happening, his eyes couldn't help but follow Dollya who was now in free fall with Hyza.

Did he fail? His head throbbed with pain as he tried to fight it off. The feeling of falling unconscious came upon him, but he knew better. How could someone already asleep fall unconscious? This wasn't a sleeping spell, this was death upon him. Leo would try to fight this feeling, through the pain and uncertainty. He had to hold on, he had to fight to stay awake, at least long enough to allow Dollya to get out.[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]-If this was a battle of wills, then Hyza was sadly outmatched. Dollya was not fighting for her own life, she had no fear of pain (how could she when she lacked a body?). Instead, her thoughts and her actions—everything that dictated what she would do next was based on the safety and rescue of the man she loved. There was no floor because Hyza did not will one to appear, hoping to spare herself the crushing pain of having been cast downward with added weight atop of her. But just as easily as Hyza commanded such a thing, so was Dollya able to command the appearance of a flat concrete surface not far below the. They would free fall only for so long, but the floor that Dollya had conjured was fast approaching them now from below.

Meanwhile, the black figure that was Dollya began to change yet again. As they fell as the wind of this empty place caught around them she would begin to come part like some thick liquid substance. Tendrils of black fluttered behind her in the shape of wisps of long black hair. These floated and began to curl inward and moved against the force of wind that pushed them back. Slowly these tendrils drew out and began to wrap around Hyza’s body—a few tendrils went around the woman’s arms, her wrists, some even found their way around her neck. Escape from these was possible, though it would require pulling away or getting away, but in their current state of freefall it would be near impossible to achieve especially when those tendrils were driving towards her and would likely follow after her even if she managed to push Dollya away.

She wasn’t aware of the possibility of becoming lost in this place. But even if she had known she would not fear it. It made perfect sense for Hyza to fear being lost in this place—but what did it really mean to Dollya? This was the mind of the only creature who knew her, of the man who loved her. If she died and could spend eternity here in this quiet lovely place with Leo she would gladly do it. Only Hyza had anything to lose now by being kept here, forced here, while Leo struggled to live.

“Stop your torture of him,” said the black mass that was slowly but surely seeking to entangle the red-headed woman. “Stop it or I’ll make sure you never escape from this place—We’ll stay here forever. And what you want, I can assure you that you’ll never find in here. Let him go—his heart is well hidden and you’ll need me to show you were it is because there’s no way in hell I am going to tell you. So make your choice!” The floor was closer now, and Dollya wrapped her fingers with growing hate and firmness around the woman’s neck holding her head in place, making certain that it would be the first point of contact once they hit the ground.-[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]Hyza welcomed the coming darkness with her own fiery spirit. The rage inside her, from insult and attempt of injury, grew quickly inside her to the point where a physical manifestation became obvious and possible. Her entire body, that was already covered in armor was now consumed in a heated flame. Would the darkness approach and risk being burnt with the heat of the fire? Hyza didn't truly know, but she was willing to take the chance.

With the explosive force of fire that surrounded her body, acting as a natural aura on its own, Hyza would bring a firm foot inwards and kick off of the darkness that was Dollya. Before Dollya had a chance to wrap a firm hand around her throat, perhaps hesitant due to the fiery inferno of her body, she would distance herself and land firmly upon solid feed. Stumbling, she quickly regained her posture to stare down Dollya, who she assumed would take control of her own situation.

A devious laugh burst from her red lips. While her first thought of drawing her sword, and ending this game had occurred, she now hesitated under Dollya's words. Dollya had revealed so much, that it all made sense now. The fire would still burn strong around her as words would escape from her laughter.[/COLOR] [B]"Your eyes deceive you."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]She said as she cringed her nose, in a tone that was matter of fact. A rigid finger would point back up to the decrepit figure of Leo high above them before speaking once more. [/COLOR][B]"I have nothing to do with these chains that bind him here. That is all his doing..."[/B]

[COLOR="#0000CD"]The flame around her would die down, perhaps allowing Dollya a moment to realize that there was no more need for a quarrel between them. While her words were mostly true, Hyza felt the need to keep out the part about the Demon she placed within him just moments before Dollya's arrival.[/COLOR] [B]"I am trying to help him like you."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]She said as her tone lowered only slight, revealing an emotion of sincerity behind it all.[/COLOR] [B]"With his heart, I can end all of this... give it to me."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Being persistent, Hyza would keep her distance this time. She wondered if this girl would agree to hand over his heart, if it meant his own safety... [/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]Dollya DuGrace

“His doing?” Dollya asked, turning her gaze from the red-haired monstrosity, and looking up to where they had left Leo. Though her expression could not be seen, being that she was merely an outline in black now—an inky figure with no visible features, the pose spoke volumes in regards to her confusion. She could not begin to understand what was happening here, or why, or even how. But it struck at her very heart that she knew so little about Leo—and that he had placed those chains upon his own body, a means by which to control himself. Never had he entrusted her with the truth of what was happening. And rather than use chains, he could have used her. Her embrace was stronger but gentler than that which he now used to bind himself with. She clenched her jaw at the foolishness she saw in his desire to keep this all to himself rather than share the burden of whatever problems he was facing.

Hyza continued to speak, to which Dollya reacted by lifting a black hand and rudely silencing her. “Hold your tongue foul creature,” Dollya settled her gaze once more on the woman, “you’ll get nothing from me.” There was no point in Hyza trying to convince Dollya to hand over the heart. Her first order had been simple, regardless of the actual importance of what she was meant to carry out, the details were perfectly clear. She was not to reveal the location of the box—she was to protect it, and that’s exactly what she planned on doing. She expected the red-haired woman to rage suddenly, to spit and spatter with mounting frustration that she would not be getting what she wanted either from Leo or Dollya.

Losing interest in Hyza, now that she knew that the woman was not the source of Leo’s imprisonment or pain, she turned away completely. From the ground nearest to her feet a single pole of white began to rise—higher and higher into the air. From it, like leaves in spring, a staircase began to bloom with each individual step forming directly before her and spiraling upwards around the pole. This was a place of imagination, and she was certain that she could have chosen any other method of transportation that she could come up with—but this seemed practice. She walked up the steps but they were also moving, curling upward, faster and faster until finally she was on the same level as Leo.

She neared him with suspicion and when she was close enough she sank to her knees before him and tilted her head trying to gauge the situation. “Why would you do this to yourself?” She asked quietly, the inky black substance began to peel away from her face, until that lovely oval shape was visible. Only her face was revealed—only the perfect white skin and those sad blue eyes that sought his out. “Leo—what does this mean?”-[/COLOR][/FONT]

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[COLOR="#0000CD"]Hyza stood her ground and said nothing as Dollya left her there in the lower area bellow Leo. She didn't mind, for this was all too perfect in her eyes. This was her chance, and if the vampyric creature didn't want to cooperate, that was fine by her. She had other methods to get answers, and this would soon be realized. As Dollya was high above, Hyza would let out and interrupting laugh. The pitched voice would cut through the area like a zephyr of wind that would threaten to knock them all over.[/COLOR]

[B]"If you don't surrender it, I will allow the torture to continue."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]This was all she said before the fiery wisps of air would knock away at her very form. The knightly figure she portrayed would soon deteriorate into nothing more than ash, leaving a dramatic exit with the previous laughter still linger in their essences. Hyza would be completely gone, leaving the two to their own.[/COLOR]

- - -

[COLOR="#0000CD"]Leo revealed blood shed eyes as he picked his head up to Dollya's voice. While he wished to reach out and caress the very face that looked upon him, and examine the darkness that surrounded her, he simply couldn't. As Hyza disappeared, something that he felt relived from, he continued his tired gaze upon her. He was filled with regret, for her questions made him feel guilt.

While an explanation was well deserved, he didn't know where to begin. While Hyza's laugh would fade from ear shot, he would take in a breath before speaking.[/COLOR] [B]"...I... killed my parents..."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Perhaps this wasn't what she expected to hear, but it was where it all began for him. Surly Dollya would feel the pain of such words, for her own failed attempt on the Queen's life spoke volumes. Though Leo had no choice in the matter, it was the truth. His jaded eyes would turn from Dollya, as if it were too painful of a situation to deal with. But he had no where else to hide, for she was in his very mind and he was chained here upon his own doing.

It was time to let it go, and let it all out. While the pain subsided, he took this moment to explain as the blood stained his face.[/COLOR] [B]"...I was an experiment..."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]He started out, returning his green eyes onto her.[/COLOR] [B]"They placed this power inside me that I can't control... and this is my attempt to stop myself from hurting you and everyone Dollya..."[/B][COLOR="#0000CD"] The last time his power awakened was the last time he saw either of his parents, and as a result, was caste down upon this world. This power was the source of his anger, and the source behind all this madness.[/COLOR]

[B]"This is the safest place for me to control it."[/B] [COLOR="#0000CD"]Both wide green eyes looked upon her now with a determination that wasn't there before.[/COLOR] [B]"She placed a demon inside me... in the absence of my soul, this is the price I pay, and the torture she places upon me..."[/B][COLOR="#0000CD"] He knew that even if he were to control his own influx of power, he would still have to battle the literal demon inside. He didn't know when or how, but he knew it would be sooner or later, and that he would have to be prepared. The Son's of Diablo's made this squabble look like chump change compared to them, and his power was nothing in their eyes. [/COLOR]

[COLOR="#0000CD"]Out of all this however, his biggest fear stood right in front of him. Her judgement, her words, her body language. All of it scared him for some reason, as if her actions meant more than any infliction this world had to offer. He couldn't understand why this was, but assumed it to be the resulting emotions of love he had for her. The guilt he had, for not telling her of his troubles, pained him now. He had no intentions of pushing Dollya away, but that may have been exactly what he had done. Knowing this, Leo sighed and allowed the weight of his head to drop to look upon the pool of blood bellow him, for he didn't know what else to say.[/COLOR]

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"][B]Dollya DuGrace[/B]

-She listened and all the while her face remained impassive. There was no sudden jolt of realization, no frown of contempt, no twisted lips curling in agony as some deep dark truth was revealed. This world was so big, and there were so many creatures of varying levels of power, of tragedy, of joyful existence. He was not unique, but he was precious—very precious. She would not negate the pain that she saw in his face, or the fact that his guilt was quite literally killing him, but in the end it meant so very little to her. She had spent her whole life alone, casting herself into isolation because she believed beyond a doubt that she could be, and did not deserve to be loved.

He had proven her wrong.

That had been the biggest battle of her life—getting over the restrictions she placed upon her own self. And now it was his turn. He feared that he would hurt her, that he would hurt others, and that was a fair statement, after all who knew Leo better than Leo himself? She would respect his decision, and if being locked up here in his mind was what he thought was best, then who was she to argue? But just as she respected his decisions, he would have to respect hers as well.

“I won’t go on without you,” she said simply and slowly lowered herself until she was sitting in front of him. The darkness pulled away, and was soon gone, peeling form her like dry paint. Finally she sat there nude, with her knees pulled to her chest, and her long dark hair spread around her, pooling upon the white floor on which she sat. Hugging her knees to her chest she smiled at Leo, who remained in his tortured position—suffering.

“I’ll stay with you. But I want you to know that I don’t believe you could hurt me, or anyone else. I saw the way you looked at the Queen—she is your mother now. You love her as such, and she loves you well Leo. I saw the way your eyes regarded Morgana, the White Deserts as we sailed over the river, you love Orisia and Orisia loves you as well. I can be your chains, I can hold you back.” She reached out; her small pale hand rested on his bare shoulder, and gave it a squeeze. “I wouldn’t let you hurt anyone, and I know you wouldn’t let me. But if you want to stay here, then I’ll stay with you. You are my life—I cannot go on without you.” Oddly enough, regardless of how gentle and sweet her words were, she stated them with such conviction and in such a matter of fact sort of way that it was obvious that the blue-eyed young woman meant everything she said.-

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