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Lore Article: The Red Sands

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[FONT=Garamond][CENTER][B][U][SIZE=3]The Red Sands[/SIZE][/U][/B]


[B]Description:[/B] The Red Sands are as Ancient as Orisia itself. The formation of the Red Sands takes place in the East Valanian Desert, located almost against the ridge of the mountains. The color of the sand marks its territory, going from the pearly white to blood red. Over the years many creatures from across Orisia and Valucre have gathered in this place. Fiery monsters, along with drakes and other draconic breads have nested themselves into the Red Sands. While these, seemingly mindless, creatures roam the red sand territory, they seem to centralize themselves around a single lair located in the center of the Red Sands. They seem to gravitate to the lair, yet never enter it, as if protecting it and safe guarding it from outsiders.




[IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y222/lesbia_09/spawn.jpg[/IMG] [/spoiler][/CENTER]

Inferno - A creature of molten lava. The mixture of rock and fire run through it's core as this chaotic creature roams around like a castle on wheels. It isn't uncommon to see this ten foot creature to pick on creatures less its own size. While it isn't fast, the Inferno's are tough to take down by brute force alone. Some warriors have slain the Inferno, to have it explode upon them, melting their own bones into the Red Sands.

Sin Spawn - These uncommon creatures spread out within the Red Sands. Though it is reported that there is only five in existence, the exact numbers are unknown due to the vastness of the area. The Sin Spawn are chained down to the desert ground, and are not capable of roaming. Most of them stay dormant, sleeping hunched over, blending in as if part of the landscape. An awakened Sin Spawn will usually try to get its massive claws on anything within reach, and kill whatever steps before it. The Sin Spawn are considered one of the most fierce creatures in the Red Sand, assuming you don't get eaten by a dragon first.

Chimera Rodent - Larger than the biggest wolf, these mount like vermin run like free spirits in packs. While one of them isn't much of a threat, there power rests in numbers. While most of the bigger creatures like to prey upon them, they rely on their swift speed and sharp claws to attack any predator or individual/groups that invade their territory. As most other creatures in the Red Sands, they appear to be unintelligent, but it has been noted that these Rodent's will use one of their own as bait, to lure in the brave heart to their death.

[B]Travlers:[/B] Outsiders are rather rare when entering the Red Sands. As if the Valanian Desert isn't dangerous enough, only the most battle hardened and war hungry of beings come here. Some come to train, and some end up as nothing more than a meal to a bigger and angrier beast. When intruders enter into these lands, they find themselves facing creatures with uncanny intellect. Two outsiders will be faced with three fiends, three outsiders with four, four with five, five with ten, ten with twenty. The number of monsters in the land seems to never end, as they continue to spawn from the crevices and nooks that make up the land. However, it doesn't make the trip through these sands impossible. If one were to find the correct path, to hide from sight while traveling from one end to another, they could have a safe passage. The chances of safe passage are unlikely, and most travelers just avoid the place.

[B]Places of Interest/Interesting Fact:[/B] Rumor has it, that the lair itself contains the source of the growing chaos in the Red Sands. A being trapped in a crystallized form lays imprisoned inside the lair, waiting to be free'd. The being, in Dragon form, radiates his warmth into the sands as he attracts the monsters to come forth, as if summoning them like an army. While many have entered the Red Sands and died, they have left their riches behind with them. Gold, treasure, and epic items of all sorts could be found scattered around the Red Sand's and inside the layer.

{Written by Ayden, edited by Gabriela, pictures by various artists from Deviant Art}[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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