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The Hummingbird

History of Genesaris

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[B][U]Timeline of Major Events[/U][/B]

[B]First Era[/B]

[B]Creation of Genesaris: the Gods[/B]
[I]Vihij of Darkness, Ekle of Light, and Uyie of the Gray form from nothingness. [B]The Old Gods[/B] form Night and Day, followed by the Elder Gods, vanishing thereafter. Using the elements they are formed of, the [B]Elder Gods give form and life [/B]to Genesaris, sacrificing their essence until only the [B]God of Thunder, Zare, remains[/B]. [/I]

[B][I]>A barrier is raised around the border of the Genesarian continent, sealing them from the rest of Valucre, said to be formed by the ancient avatars of gods to keep Genesaris safe.<[/B]

[B]The Exodus Cradle[/B]
[B][I]Life begins[/I][/B][I] in the North, spreading outward to populate the entire continent. As humans advance and gain knowledge, factions and royal houses are formed. Battles and duels proving greatness and dominance are popular. Rebels of authority and assassins evolve into Edgemasters and Stealthmasters.[/I]

[B]The Ancient War: the False God[/B]
[I]A powerful deity known as [B]Salakahr[/B] appears, gathering followers. Promotion of power through fear and violence; prejudice, formation of slavery and segregation and other corruptions spreads throughout the nation.[/I]

[*][B]The Skinrip Plague[/B]
[I]A plague sweeps the nation, taking the lives of many and infecting more. Those who are sick or suspected as carriers are rounded up and thrown into the Western Sea. The old and mentally ill follow them, their bodies washing up on a small island, [B]Umbridge Isle[/B]. [/I]

[B]Revolt against Salakahr[/B]
[I]Genesaris brings war on Salakahr; Edgemasters, Stealthmasters, and Phantomblades unite. Salakahr is sealed away in the earth. [B]Slavery is officially outlawed[/B][URL="http://www.valucre.com/#_edn2"][B][ii][/B][/URL]. Umbrdige Isle grows the sacred black roses of martyrs and the unjustly killed.[/I]

[B]The First Era: The Four Lands[/B]
[I]The Four Lands are created: [B]the Great North, the Cold South, the Majestic East, the Glorious West[/B]. The Great North expands and dominates council positions, seeking more power and land, eventually assassinating the most influential of the Cold South lords. The Cold South retaliates, killing and razing the royal houses of the North.[/I]

[*][B]Declaration of War: North vs. South[/B]
[I]Five years of war and exchanges of treaties, allieances, and betrayals ravage Genesaris. The [B]South is defeated[/B]. The Great North rules Genesaris and brings prosperity and economic balance.[/I]

[B]The Five Lands[/B]
The East, West and South unite, eventually forcing the North back to its original, limited territory, declaring independence among their own respective lands. The Union City Council is formed in the new Midland: now known as [B]the Five Lands[/B].

[B]The Second Era: the Years of Strife[/B]
National wars are kept in check by the Council; civil wars and riots between the city-states and various kingdoms rise instead. Eventually, the lands break apart. The Council approves the next war.[B] Airships[/B] are created by Krysta Uhltoria.

[B]>>>>Declaration of War: North and East vs. South and West[/B]
Wars based over land and religion rises. The legendary airship Godhanger becomes piloted by her and Ryer Shantell under the guidance of Zare, the Lord of Thunder. The power of this airship and the crumbling of both armies ends the war.

[B]Altus Arcantium[/B]
[I]The Elder God Zare leads Uhltoria and Shantell to the peace and isolation of the Eastern Grasslands. They become the first of a new people, worshipping Zare who speaks of a prophecy known as the Black Hourglass Dream. The young leader Altus Arcantium is blessed by Zare, raising new if unorthodox beliefs. At death, Altus Arcantium rises to godhood, cementing the new religion named after him.[/I]

[B]Magestorm Years[/B]
[I]Mild since the creation of Genesaris, the magestorms suddenly sweep Genesaris with a ferocity never seen before. The airships vanish with the first. Another sweeps the east, forming the Bloodmages, an offshoot of the Altus Arcantians specializing in blood magic. Cities and lands are struck, transforming creatures into new species, giving rise to new kinds of magic, raising elemental creatures, and more phenomenon. Another magestorm, causes just an earthquake, apparently with no true effect on the surface[/I]

[B]Foundation of Isle of Gesen[/B]

[B]Third Era: Era of the Darkness[/B]
[I]The [B]barrier of Genesaris falls[/B] as the High Lord Vikturiel disappears, exposing Genesaris to other lands; Terrenus, Tullus Mater, and Iselyr. The chaos this unexpected event incites destabilizes authorities; seeing more chances for power, another war started by the North begins to take place, though it doesn't last long as the other lands quickly shut them down.[/I]

[B]The Black Hourglass Dream Prophecy[/B]
[I]Arcantian Fourth Leader Black Solar Dawn kidnaps Odin Haze. Odin Haze escapes, but returns to save Solar from the death penalty set by his own people. Taking Solar to Terrenus, Solar performs an unorthodox penance as Odin’s guest[URL="http://www.valucre.com/#_edn3"][B][iii][/B][/URL]. Sometime later however, when things appear to be at least somewhat calm, [B]Odin Haze travels to Genesaris and destroys a being known as Ziren Rhizae[/B].[/I]

[B]Prophecy and the Declaration of War: Genesaris vs. Terrenus[/B]
[I]Arcantian Third Leader [B]Bright Lunar Dream awakens as the Black Hourglass Dream[/B], with White Crimson Night as his anointed Seer. The [B]prophecy is set in place[/B] as Odin Haze’s murder of Ziren causes a disruption of the balance of night and day the Arcantians consider inviolable and sacred; [B]Eternal Night sweeps Genesaris[/B] along with the rest of Valucre, causing massive damage. Light is eventually returned but the [B]Altus Arcantians declare war on Odin Haze[/B], seeing him as a threat to the balance.[/I]

[B]The Return of Airships and the Traitor[/B]
[I]Deciding to serve Odin instead of his own people, [B]Solar builds the first airship[/B] since the Magestorm Years; [B]Salt Pie 2[/B]. Raising [B]Godhanger[/B], the war begins with a furious start. The Arcantians win the first battle and the rise of Eleos, which Odin Haze razes. Pyrrhic victories on both sides and heavy losses end with a [B]ceasefire[/B], both ships sunk in the sea.[/I]

[B]The True Prophecy[/B]
[I]Partial awakening of [B]Solar as the true Black Hourglass Dream[/B]. He does not know it, although the High Lords and his own anointed seer, Zane, do. After the last victory won by Odin Haze, [B]Solar is fused with Vikturiel[/B], the missing fourth High Lord. In the meantime, Justin is working on forming a sort of allegiance with the southern island Nvengaria with its Countess Cordeliane, betrothed by default to the unwilling Super Eclipse, Shawn Veruacor.[/I]

[B]The Rise of Orisia and the Black Queen’s Reign[/B]
[I]Sensing a certain shift in the future, Aletheiar Alazar Resurrection, de facto leader of the High Lords, makes a visit to the Black Queen’s masquerade.[/I]

[B]The Return of the Darkness[/B]
It is revealed the Black Queen is the balance of Darkness to Light.

[HR][/HR][I][I] Considered to be the Lost Seals, currently known as Zenahriel, Aletheiar, Ryzerus, and Vikturiel.
[I][URL="http://www.valucre.com/#_ednref2"][ii][/URL] Slavery is outlawed, but not completely extinguished. Joran and West Coast keep it under the title of indentured servants and life debts, along with the highly illegal Slaver’s Enclave order.
[I][URL="http://www.valucre.com/#_ednref3"][iii][/URL] The Odd Couple, Terrenus
[/I] Edited by The Hummingbird

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Like all lands, power and authority varies in strength and degree among the Five Lands. It depends on economic strength and success, efficiency in law, education, and military power. Each one supports and compliments the other, but all are far from perfection.

Today there are Five Major Lands; North, South, East, West, and Midland, with the last being the very center and heart of Genesaris. The capital Union City rests here, where a council of fifteen representatives divided among all Five Lands joins to discuss and vote on international manners and, in rare cases, sentences for federal crimes. Their most important function is, however, to maintain a balance of power in Genesaris so that the National War may never be fought again.

It is a popular theory that all life in Genesaris began in the North, eventually spreading outward to populate all lands, which back then lacked the Midland, and so there were only Four Lands. The East became most articulate in magic, drawing their strength from supernatural forces and the mystic arts. The West became prominent in magitech, creating airships and wondrous technologies. The South lived in a harsh climate and became most adept at survival in the most extreme conditions, hardy and rough. But it was the North that was most ambitious, seeking to excel in all areas. Strict standards and high demands caused the North to grow in all these areas, giving rise to the most brilliant minds known.

As the North's fame grew, so did their opinion of themselves. Accompanied by superior feelings, greed, and contempt for the other lands, the North built a military of extreme power and sent ambassadors demanding submission and resources from other lands. Formerly completely independent and expecting to stay that way, the other lands denied the various, North-favoring “treatiesâ€, even as the North slowly began to expand and gain influence, creeping beyond their boundaries.

Over the years councils were formed in each of the Four Lands, overseen by a Lord, King, or whatever title the land saw fit to give this figurehead ruler. It was primarily these councils that kept the North from completing their expansion. It was the downfall of these that released the North.

Selfish, evil, and greedy minds came to power in the North, a result of powerful factions joining and uniting in a wish for yet more power. These same minds created a scheme, reckless and mocking in its boldness, to bring down these councils and usurp the highest positions of authority.

The result was the assassination of many of the most influential councilors. The murderers managed to escape, save for one, seized in the South when a blizzard struck, forcing him to take refuge or else freeze to death. Interrogations found the North guilty, and while the other lands had no proof, it was enough for them to begin preparations for a retaliation. But the preparations remained incomplete before the South retaliated on its own. An unknown group of spies and assassins infiltrated the North and wiped out the buildings and many members of the most powerful houses of the North.

And the North declared war.

The entire Northern half of Genesaris joined together, and with the military already fully formed and armed in the capitals of Coastal Grande and Aelindra City, they swept through the Southern half like wildfire. The South, nowhere near as populated, armed, or even advanced as their Northern counterparts, fought back without success, serving only to slow down the inevitable end, and the war itself far from clean. Deceit and trickery ran rampant, alliances were made and broken, betrayals and retaliations decimated entire cities and burned throughout the nation. Thousands and, some say, possibly millions lost their lives in a war, the National War that ended up lasting 5 years.

At the end of the five years, the Great North felled the Cold South. The greatest of the proud North's commanders were rewarded with lordship over the East, and West. The remnants of the southern people, left with nothing but smoldering remains of a once strong people, were allowed to find new lives in the other lands. Most of these were persuaded or coerced to forget their Southern heritage and become part of the North, declaring, however unwillingly, their loyalty to the Northern Lords.

Genesaris thus began to recover. And while the Great North was a successful leader, recreating the economy and creating efficiency in trades and businesses, it was not enough to erase their memory of their war crimes among the next rising generation of people.

It was another 30 years before the East and West united under agreed terms, forming the Midland. The slowly repopulating South joined them, and together the first Council of Union City was formed. They demanded the North to send two representatives. Under the combined pressure of these lands that had grown powerful due to the Northern's leadership, the Great North did.

The two representatives, despite their high birth and prestigious bloodlines, were then subject to quiet ridicule as the Midland Council revealed their real plan, long in making; independence would be restored to the Four Lands. The North would have dominance as the greatest of capitals would belong to them, but they would no longer ever be able to move beyond a territory, smaller than ever before. Should they make another aggressive move against the Treaty of the Five lands, they would be expelled under the united army (West, East, and South) of the Midland. Under nothing less than humiliating coercion, the two representatives, entrusted with keeping the Northern pride, were forced to agree. Before the eyes of the entire nation, the Great North was shamed.

Today, the Midland continues to serve as the force that keeps the lands independent and united in trade, creating the Law of Honor that serves all of Genesaris by uniting all lands and military power together when faced by a common threat. Civil wars and in-city wars were still fought, and frequent disagreements in the councils often surfaced, but Council has been largely successful in its goal.

But unlike the others, the Great North has never forgotten its loss of face, a devastating affront only strengthened when the purely Southern feature of white hair became the dominant feature of their land.

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