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Genesaris Guidebook and FAQs

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Guidelines of Genesaris
There are links in many of the below paragraphs. Make sure to check them out!

Most rules are guidelines, and I do ask that you try to follow them to the best of your capabilities. However, Genesaris is first and foremost about freedom of creativity. Never hesitate to ask me for exceptions!

-For questions and concerns, PM either me or my director, Acies ab Vesania.

-Hired Storytellers as well as board leaders (Acies and myself) are free to enter threads and auto characters if allowed. Storytellers may only do this in the threads in which they are explicitly hired to do so. Acies and I can enter any thread, but will only do so to maintain control, such as if you’re blatantly breaking forum-wide rules. If you’re not causing trouble deliberately, you have nothing to worry about unless you’re posting porn.

-You may use Genesaris Lore for anything. Make characters based off of Lore. Use the cities in whatever way you wish. Start a war. Ask to own a city. You may want to look around for information, but in most cases, you don’t need special permission to rp anywhere.

-Please ask me first before invading a city/society that may have a lasting or global effect, or may potentially become part of a global plot that may or may not lead to the city being blown up. I'm easygoing about this stuff. If it doesn't work out, I'll help you figure something out.

-If you wish to start a war of any size, there are no rules beyond what is posted in this Guide, but most especially with what you agree with your rp partners. Please be reasonable. If what you're doing involves a city that is owned, you must contact the owner of that city. Read THIS for more information on rules of engagement.

-If you wish to involve Orisia Isle, contact .Irénè Gabriela DuGrace. She is the ruler of that land and you must abide by her rules.

-Be original and put effort into your writing. If you want to play a ninja, that’s cool. If you want to play Naruto or fan-based rp, that belongs in Alternative.

-Adhere to the Lore! Genesaris is based around sorcery and magitech. Sound amplifying magic stones and enchantments take the place of mics. Viewing crystals take the place of recording devices. Stoves are heated by simple fire or fire stones, etc. It’s limited only to your imagination, but there are probably no sports cars. Stonehaven and Antigone, islands centered around steampunk and advanced technology, however, may!

Speaking of the Lore. Check out the Lore page. It has tons of info for you to use. Particularly the Snapshot!

-Not here? Check the FAQs, or PM me!

Specific Info!

-Genesaris is the size of Eurasia, Asia and Europe combined for those curious. Curious what the World looks like? Here you go. Graphics are coming too!

-Genesaris has transportation methods to accommodate the large size. Airships, flying beasts, and portals are included, and you may also use teleportation. NPC mages can also teleport you.

-The cities on the map, which is updated on in the General section, are major cities and places of not, as well as forests and marked grasslands. There are many other environments and unmarked towns and villages for you to use in whatever way, whenever and wherever. The Arcantian Grasslands are not the only grasslands. Reyer City Prison is not the only prison. Make up things, make it good, and make it fun!

-Important events in Genesaris you can find in Timeline of Events.

I encourage everyone to check out the page of prepared quests Here. Everyone is also more than encouraged to make their own quests.

Also, remember Orisia, host of the longest rp thread on Valucre? Continue to support this growing land too, with their very own quests! Have at it, Here!

If you want an environment-changing roleplay to be counted as canon (for example, displacing a ruler or changing a city), send me the summary, a link to your thread, and a short blurb of what happened. I will post it in the article, and there you have it - you'll have your place in the history of Genesaris!

Have fun!

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Q) What's canon?
A) Basically, almost everything that happens in Genesaris can be considered canon unless there is a strict contradiction going on between two separate threads or plotlines and/or lore. I trust players to figure this out amongst themselves. If you change a city or some other area and want your thread placed in an article as an official event, send me the summary, a blurb of what happened in the thread, and a link to the thread and I will see it done, so long as I approve it as not being silly.

Q) What does the map signify?
A) Genesaris is the size of Eurasia (Europe and Asia combined). It is what it is, but anyone is free to make their own small villages and towns - even minor cities to supplement what's not on the map. Basically, if you need it, make it. Even on Earth there's a lot of areas that remain unexplored. Same thing here. If you find it, it exists. Also, there are islands not on the map. These are numerous and free for any kind of use.

Q) What kind of technology is allowed?
A) Genesaris has airships and guns, even cannons. Airships have just become prevalent in Genesaris again and guns are rare to be had and of a more medieval structure, but they are present and allowed. Likewise, if you have something from a different land, you can bring it in. Things like microphones and other modern-day tech don't naturally exist in Genesaris, but are supplemented by magic; spells like voice amplifying magic take the place of microphones, image freezing magic for photographs, etc. Beam swords and stuff would probably be identified as magic elemental swords if a Jedi somehow found himself in Genesaris. I'd prefer not seeing a Ferrari drive around, but I'm not going to kick you out.

Q) Transporation? How do I get around a land so big?
A) Genesaris has Crossroads. They are essentially like portals summoned beneath arches; however, Crossroads are located not just in major cities but all over the world as a public service. They can be found abandoned in the wilderness, constructed by whatever mysterious forces you can imagine. Also, you can make temporary Crossroads yourself if you have the power. Or, there is a Crossroad ring for sale at the Genesaris Penguin Market. There are airships, horses, other animals including flying animals, teleportation services, and of course, if you can teleport, go for it.

Q) What kind of races are allowed?
A) Any kind. Play a centaur if you want. Just don't play a god who goes around destroying everything. However, in that case it's not you being a god - it's more like you destroying everything.

Q) Is the Altus Arcantians the only religion? What about language?
A) As with the real world, Genesaris has many religions. The Altus belief system just happens to be a major one. Same with language. Most however, know the Common or Midland tongue for convenience in international communication.

Q) I want to play a more high-tech setting.
A) Magitech is most prevalent in the North/northwest. You're also free to make fairly advanced island settings in the West as well. Also, there is Antigone, which is unaffected and isolated from the rest of Genesaris. For really advanced stuff, you have Stonehaven as another option.See below on Islands.

Q) I want to start a war. Can I?
A) There's already a war between Terrenus and Genesaris that is at the moment at a ceasefire. If you're talking within Genesaris, sure, as long as you've put some good work into it. Keep in mind the Rules of Engagement.

Q) Why is the South so damn empty?
A) The North marched in there and killed everyone. Good place for adventurers wanting to kill some monsters, right?

A) Any islands?
A) The map doesn't show them, but they're there. These are the major ones. Stonehaven to the North is an island divided into woodlands, magi-tech, and medieval genres. This is the island that manufactures most of the weapons used by the North. Orisia Isle lies to the Northeast, essentially between Terrenus and Genesaris but closer to the Genesaris mainland. Nvengaria, a traditional medieval land of countesses, marquis, strict nobility and heritage, lies to the South. The the West is Umbridge Isle, fabled island covered with black roses symbolizing the unjust deaths, suicides, and martyrs taken place there. To the Northwest is Antigone, an isolated island of steampunk tech where magic is outlawed and spellcasters are forced to wear collars to restrict their freedom, shunned by society, and sometimes made into lab rats. Extremely rare, magic-restricting pieces come from this particular island on occasion due to a few black marketeers skilled in slipping in and out of places - bad news for mages and their like.

Q) Do you allow guns and firearms?

A) This is a popular question. The only place that isn't friendly to firearms is Nvengaria and Orisia Isle. Any other place within Genesaris is perfectly fine with guns, rifles, and so on. They are less common then swords, but I am perfectly fine with you having whatever gun you like.

Q) What's with all this penguin shit anyhow?
A) I like penguins.

Fun Facts
White hair. The north has white hair as a common color. Why? It began with the South, whose people almost all had white hair, they say because there's so much snow (natural disguise from way back and whatnot). When the North marched into the South, those who didn't get killed went back with the North since what was left was nothing but ruins. Northerners reproduced with Southerners, and it just so happened that white hair was a dominant trait. Ironic, but fitting.

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