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Blood tide on the SG Carrigan invite. Interest Check.

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Armin will be returning from Genesaris after the dark carnival by way of a sailing vessel, her name is the SG Carrigan. Any man or beast in the right place and right time can alter the future. I’m sending an invite out to all who wish to be a part of a dark moment in time, possibly leading to a much darker future. Try to stop him, join him, or simply be a passenger aboard to witness hell. While I will be GM in this moment for Armin’s endeavor to darken the future, by no means am I unfair, keep your posts clear and logical. No one’s character is MENT to die here; though if you and Armin should cross paths anything could happen. It is simply a ride of terror. The horror which will take place goes as far you allow, or prevent it to. The story begins with you already onboard in the Grand Hall, the horrific events already underway.

This is a LARGE ship. I can’t stress enough how bloody huge the thing is. While I would have a blast blueprinting this puppy out, I feel a lot would go to no use. Once again, be clear on your posts and where you are. If you find yourself on the 12th deck, you can’t help a friend out suddenly who’s in the engine room! But by all means, jump down a dumbwaiter or laundry shoot! If you’re super agile cut a rope from a life boat and swing in through a large porthole window! Be sure to make your transitions from room to room, or deck to deck very clear. Remember to have fun and be respectful of the physical world around you. :)

To make things easier, here is a numerical layout of the ship. Stern to bow, or back to front.

12. Ornate window. Grand hall, top floor overlooking Stage. Cards, Dice, and billiards rooms.
11. Ornate window. Grand hall, second floor overlooking Stage. Smoking and lounge rooms.
10. Ornate window. Grand Hall, First floor. Stage overlooking dining area. Casino.
9. Passenger rooms. Direct hallway to Wheelhouse.
8. Passenger rooms.
7. Passenger rooms. Hallway to stairwell leading to Wheelhouse.
6. Kitchen, Guard barracks.
5. Open deck lounge area. Indoor Swimming Pool. Open deck lounge area.
4. Open Main deck area, Middle class passenger rooms, Open Main deck area. Doorway to stairwell leading to Wheelhouse. Life boats.
3. Cargo deck.
2. Engine Room, Cargo deck.
1. Engine Room, Storage.

All decks above the main deck have an open walking area around them, 4 and 5 are just larger.

If there’s something else that would make your navigation of the ship easier please inform me. :)

Welcome aboard the SG Carrigan!

The SG Carrigan is a steam glyph powered, 12 decked, luxury transport ship. The ship boasts comfortably accommodating passenger compartments with high-end good storage compartments below the main decks. The upper decks consist of the passenger rooms 7th, 8th, and 9th. Grand hall on the 10th, 11th, and 12th deck (a large three story tall room, within lies the dining room and a small theatre, all looking out of a three story reinforced ornate glass window!) comfort rooms at the front of the ship on the 10th, 11th, and 12th deck (Smoking rooms, and game halls.) The ship also boasts one of the largest indoor pools on the 5th deck, and the kitchen on the 6th. All decks are connected by elevators and large stairwells spaced throughout the ships many ornate hallways, all of which have white ivory signs informing you which deck you are on accompanied by a layout of the ship. Restrooms and drinking fountains are courteously spaced throughout the ship for your convenience. Our glyph steam room resides at the back of the 1st and 2nd deck. Our patented glyph steam technology propels the ship with ease and speed, making for a relaxing, smooth journey while you’re onboard. The wheelhouse is located separately from the upper decks of the ship, connected by two wide walk ways on the 9th and 7th deck, all of which are enclosed with heavy metal sidings and roofs and porthole windows. Passenger admittance is strictly prohibited. Safety is a major concern considering the high number of passengers and the storage contents of the ship, so there are always guards on board with whom you may report any suspicious behavior and/or activity to. The guard’s barracks and guard house are on the 6th deck. Terrorist levels are on the rise, so be sure to do your part for the peace of Terrenus and the good willed connections to our foreign neighbors!

A Bit of History.

William Buren, and Thomas Hayden, came into possession of a large vessel which would one day become the SG Carrigan! The two men were of opposing views over what the ships primary function would be. William was a man of fine taste with aristocratic ties, who wanted the ship to be a testament of the values of art and culture to the nation of Terrenus and to the nations abroad. Thomas on the other hand was an industrialist with connections to businesses thriving in the fields of technological advancement, and ore foundries, who in turn wanted the ship to be a sailing monument to the ever strengthening super power known as Terrenus! Both men where opportunists and had a magnificent view for the future! But the two men could not come to an agreement for the future of the mighty sailing vessel.

One day as chance would have it, William’s daughter Carrigan overheard the two men having a heated discussion once again over the ships purpose. Carrigan saw from both perspectives. To quote from her interview on her thoughts after that fateful day.

“The moral and overall message of prosperity that Terrenus conveys to its people and other nations is indeed an important one. A culture rich in art, philosophy, technology, and military prowess should by all mean boast it’s accomplishments for the world to see. Just as well, it is important to keep the infrastructure of such a great nation at peak capability. Conflict is always on the horizon, and we need every able bodied man and woman to contribute in whatever means they can, for the future stability, and growth of Terrenus.”

Tired of hearing the two men bicker, when they could already have a great plan underway that could benefit Terrenus, she recalls slamming a tea tray down betwixt the arguing men in a fit of annoyance. “If you two don’t stop arguing! I’m cutting the ship in half myself! And making you two play on opposite coasts of Terrenus!” William and Thomas could only stare at each other in embarrassment. Leaving the room with the empty tea tray she huffed out of the room on a comment which would bring about the birth of a mighty sea vessel! “Honestly! Why not just cut the ship in half and make them your own?!”

Both men’s eyes flashed in astonishment! The same idea coursing through their minds. They both went to work immediately on the blueprints of a half luxury liner, half industrial transport. The ships basic construction was that of a battle transport. Hauling large numbers of troops and large armaments by way of the sea in one voyage. However the ship though already constructed (fortunately for William and Thomas) was deemed “to big a target” to be a strategic battle freighter. The ship by all means was large enough to haul ore, or other semi precious cargo. And the top was nothing if not a massive hotel on a series of large empty rooms. Upon its completion the ships name was unveiled to the public and William’s Daughter on her 18 birthday.
The SG Carrigan.

Interesting Facts.

• It was taken into consideration during the ships construction that passenger levels should be placed above the Grand Hall to minimize noise as much as possible. But due to great strides in sound barrier glyph technology, it has never been an issue. So should you find yourself tired from the day’s events whilst a play is taking place in the Grand Hall, you can rest easy knowing sound proofing has been layered underneath the Grand Halls main event chamber.
• In the event that something should go wrong in the pool area, large drains are placed just underneath the body of the swimming area, allowing the water to drain out the back of the ship, for the passenger’s peace of mind there are also several layers preventing leaky roofs.
• Another safety measure we have taken is our life boats. In the highly unlikely event the ship should come under extreme duress, the life boats outnumber the amount of passengers, so there is always room and then some. Also onboard each life boat is several days’ worth of previsions along with crystal flares for when help arrives.

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I'm on pins and needles. :)

Come on! The ship demands more sacrifice! I promise it’ll be fun. Imagine Ghost Ship, Event Horizon, and Dawn of the Dead, sushi rolled up on a large boat. I don’t understand how anyone could resist.

Fine, hidden in the depths of the ship is a room filled with all the gold you could eat, a minigun, and twelve cases of the finest ale! Claim your prize!
Disclaimer- None of this stuff is really on the ship.

Now that you’re hooked, can I take your luggage?

Also update to [URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/19224-Armin-Richter"]Armin's[/URL] profile. His weapons among some other things seemed insignificant to his person.

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Oh that wasn't to you XD

That was me yelling desperately to the masses to "Please join my spooky boat ride!"
But no such luck. Oh but c'est la vie.

Like I said man, take your time. Your the ships only passenger. :)

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Terrenus. Upon arrival things will happen.
[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/19001-The-Petting-Zoo?p=257354#post257354"]Here's[/URL] where Armin was last seen and where the story for this grand adventure begins. Or prequels or whatever.

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To be honest a couple of your powers seem a tad overboard as far as the mild-powers go. Immortality, astral-plane projection, and density control among the more noticeable.
Don't get me wrong he seems solid, just not what I'm looking for in this RP.
And considering your the only one I think I'll be shutting her down.
Kinda was supposed to be a group thing.

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I don't see how talking to people in their dreams is all that powerful. I changed the immortal thing, I was trying to think of something that still connected to the dog. And the density control is just for his body. Not the things around him. But i'm really sad to see this going down. I thought this would be a great way to introduce my character.

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