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Gods and Religions

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The Genesar Gods
There are many types of Gods in the world of Genesaris, not all of them believed in or worshiped by all. The most common are the Creators Sefverikah and M'Selenkah (with variations in spelling), the two creators, and the Gods of the Elements revered by the Altus Arcantians. The others are known as the Principal Gods, who rule over human affairs and belong to their own sphere of influence. They have no names, only formal titles and are often called upon in simple earthly matters, though their personalities are often strange and ambiguous. From their separate, celestial world they watch with detached interest the humans who practice that which they embody.



The Great Ones
EKLE, One of Light
VIHIJ, One of Darkness
UYIE, One of Gray

The Elemental Gods
Aezar, God of Earth
Luquura, Goddess of Water
Pyrozen, God of Fire
Glizer, Goddess of Air
Zare, God of Thunder

Principal Gods
God of Comradeship (a bitter god who rules over friendship and loyalty)
God of Betrayal (admires the cleverness of traitors and laughs at their misfortune)
God of Knowledge (one who is eager to share his knowledge but rarely finds those who want it)
God of Vengeance (popular to summon to take an eye for an eye)
God of Justice (a god who seeks to right the wrongs)
God of Clarity (a god who is called upon to ensure unbiased views and clear thinking)
God of Artistry (often credited with bouts of creativity and genius)
God of Words (an eloquent god who often shares his skill with the God of Knowledge)
God of Courage (an angry god who sees more of his other spectrum - cowardice)
God of Repentance (a sad god who began as a human and still carries the guilt of that life)

God of Taxes (no one escapes this god. Existence debatable.)

Other Gods
Altus Arcantium, the God of Mysteries and Secret
Ratharo, God of Prophecies
Valjer, the Dragon God
Sauriel, the Blood God, Lord of Veins

It is believed that the gods may sometimes send avatars to keep watch and guard the world, and while different people believe in different avatars, at least three are recognized. These are known as the High Lords. It is suggested that there are four, but only three have actually made any appearances. It is said they are immortal and powerful, and it is they who will judge the world in the stead of any supreme Gods.

The High Lords

Genesaris is ruled by three Lords, collectively known as the Lost Seals, now known more as the Dark Trinity. These three are Zenahriel Zacharias Darkness, Ryzerus Ryan Oblivion, and Aletheiar Alazar Resurrection. The Lord Aletheiar Alazar leads the other two - he is known as master healer, and a few humans sometimes visit him to plead his services.

These three usually live within the mountain range, inside the earth. The gate within is guarded by a woman, Keljarsia, whose own bird form is a great Bald Eagle. Entrance is granted only by her.

All four have the ability to take the forms of birds as well, to symbolize their meaning; Crow for Darkness, Condor for Oblivion, and Golden Hawk for Resurrection. Keljarsa, as a mighty protector and guardian, is a Bald Eagle.

The origins of the Dark Trinity are shrouded in mystery, but the generally accepted myth is written below.

The Creation

The world is not a single planet. It is not a single reality. It is not even a single universe, but a collective of dimensions, timelines, and all existences viewed by an infinite number of minds. It is existence, in every sense of the world. All that is seen and unseen, is the world.

Because every world cannot exist forever, the Gods saw fit to form the Heralds, who when the time was right would judge the world. They would first watch over it as guardians, then devour it as destroyers, and judge it as arbiters. They would decide whether the world could be reborn, and whether it should be reborn.

From the shadows of night, then, the Gods crafted Darkness, who would consume the world in shadows at its last hour. War would come, and shed the blood of many.

From the depths of the space and the abyss of nothingness, they crafted Oblivion, who would draw the world back into the vortex of nonexistence from which it came.

From the light of the sun and the innocence all living things bear, came Resurrection, who could draw the world back from the abyss and give it a new, pure life.

And from the essence of these three came Finality, who would ultimately, beside the last three, decide the final and true fate of the world.

Whatever mysterious gods or forces there were that allowed such a birthing to take place, they saw the power these Four possessed, and how wild they were and how inherently destructive, less human and more bestial. Justice could not come from such creatures, and so they flung the Four down into the material plane, the mortal world itself, and locked away their access to the celestial plane from which the greatest of their powers stemmed.

The last Four were only essence, and could not sustain themselves as merely this on a world where nearly everything was physical, where everything needed to be physical in order to live. And so they hunted, like predators, for hosts strong enough to house their spirits. Human hosts.


The Possession of Flesh and Blood


Using only instinct to guide it, Darkness wanted a body strong of will and body, and traveled to the wilds where it knew such a host could be found. What it found was unexpected. It came upon a young man, dying from fatal wounds inflicted upon him. Though one of lesser strength would have long been dead, the man yet lived. Satisfied of the strength of the body, Darkness prepared to take the body. But when it tried, the man's consciousness flared, blocking Darkness from fully possessing him. This in itself was astounding, and intrigued, Darkness searched the man's mind to discover what gave him such and indomitable will, and found that he had attempted to drive off marauders to protect his wife and daughter.

Therefore, Darkness bargained with the man whose body he wanted. If the man ceased to fight and willingly gave himself over to Darkness, not only would Darkness preserve the man's consciousness within the body, thus saving the man's life and instead sharing the body, it would also save the family the man had strived so hard to protect.

And this was how Zenahriel Zacharias Darkness was born, and came to know the meaning of love and wrathful justice.

Resurrection also wanted a strong body, but one of superior grace and speed. It wandered everywhere in no particular land until it came upon the dying body of strangeness. It was not wholly human, but not wholly beast. Nor was it fully alive or dead, but somehow both. Curious, Resurrection delved into the weakened mind of the creature and discovered the creature's name was Alazar, a vampire who, though changed into an undead barely at the age of twenty-one, fought and survived against seemingly insurmountable odds, and was not about to let his body taken over by an alien source.

Like Darkness, Resurrection bargained with Alazar. He would preserve Alazar's consciousness, promising the vampire power beyond what even the oldest of his kind could achieve and even more importantly, a much longer life.

And this was how Aletheiar Alazar Resurrection was born, and came to know the value of knowledge, power, and the usage of such.

Oblivion and Finality came upon their own bodies, but unlike Darkness and Resurrection, the bodies had no minds to bargain with. They too took the names of the mortals whose bodies they possessed, and they too were exposed to human emotions.

And this was how Ryzerus Ryan Oblivion and Vikturiel Victor Finality were born.

Darkness, Resurrection and Oblivion sought one another out, but Finality disappeared, for reasons as of yet undiscovered and not yet guessed at. So too did the remaining three vanish, and no Gods could seek them out, and thus became known as the Lost Seals.


The Birth of Sauriel
Gods are mysterious order, and the Avatar of Darkness engimatic to the extreme. In a ritual of passion and power, the Arcane East saw the rise of Umbra, a city born of blood and darkness, and witnessed a new god crafted from Zenahriel's own true power. HIs name is Sauriel, the Blood God, Lord of Veins, Mate to Zenahriel and True ChIld of the High Lords. Thus the Arcane East became and Empire of beauty and power. 



The Chain of Authority

Genesaris is a land of magic and power, guarded by the Lost Seals and perhaps by the unseen eye of Finality as well. The Lost Seals erected the mountain range that hides this sacred land from all others, letting loose the storms of magic that change and morph this continent every few years. It is they who live in the mountain range, sometimes sleeping, sometimes awake, but forever the protectors of Genesaris. This is their land, their kingdom, and we revere them as much as the gods themselves.

Over the years we have learned that they are not evil. They are the incarnation of unbiased judgment, and may demonstrate harshness, even cruelty, but are also capable of demonstrating mercy and kindness. A few in need have dared to cross into the mountain range to come to them face to face. A few have emerged, healed of illness or injury, speaking of the strange kindness bestowed upon them by the Lord Aletheiar Alazar Resurrection. Others have emerged, speaking of their cruel and unfeeling natures. But they cannot be questioned.

From the few observations gathered, Resurrection is viewed as a godlike figurehead among Darkness and Oblivion, though youngest at least in body. He is the leader, the one to finalize decisions. Oblivion may make the decisions but may be overridden; Darkness makes none, and serves simply to watch and protect, providing insight and alternate views. At the entrance to their court, a woman, much like a deity herself, guards the gates against any intruders who do not belong. Some have passed her; others have been turned away. A few have not returned. She is as much a judge as the Lost Seals are.

To defy either her or them is folly. They are the guardians of this land, and we pay them with our worship and reverence for their generosity, and wait without fear for the time when they must come forth in their true forms and wield their true power.


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