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Pasion Pasiva

Lore Article: Port Town of Izabal

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[CENTER][FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3] Port town of Izabal [/SIZE][/FONT]


Irene Gabriela DuGrace, The Black Queen

Followed by
Exa Zeitgeist, Knight Commander and Envoy of the Black Queen
Zeo, Militia Commander and Lieutenant Commander
Rio, Naval Commander


Izabal is the smallest populated city in Orisia. It is located at the northernmost area of the island, on the western coast. Lying near the Areder Mountains, this small, yet thriving city is responsible for a great portion of Orisia's open-sea trade and fishing economy. Within the city there are a few visual attractions that pay homage to the Black Queen and to the Gods and Goddesses of the Seas, which are responsible for their plentiful harvests of fish. It is still under construction and recovering from the attack by the Great North. If Orisia is at risk of encountering another invasion, then Izabal will serve as the headquarters for the Naval Commander.


More to come.

Due to the vast possibility of trade by sea, the populace is comprised of the Humans and Elves in the Military, Merfolk handle the sea trade, Vampires and Lycans which are native to Orisia, and Lizardmen and Dragonkin which are responsible for the fishing economy. Many of the populace have stemmed from already establish cities in Orisia to make a name in the small, developing town of Izabal.


The Black Queen is the supreme sovereign of Orisia. The Port Town of Izabal, like all other cities within Orisia is ruled by an appointed Knight—hand chosen by the Black Queen to protect both her own and Orisia’s interests.

Royal Courts- Being that Exa Zeitgeist is not one of the noble seven, his royal court consists of only 25 men and women. However, the number of the royal court can vary greatly depending on a number of factors—one being that another high ranking knight (along with his/her court) could be visiting. Like the court of any other knight, the responsibilities of his court are scattered, but their primary duty is to serve under their Knight Commander and serve as a source of leadership. During times of peace, members of the Royal Court are encouraged to pursue personal interests that benefit the city.

The Royal Court for Izabal consists of the Military leaders in the towns, who often give audience to the leaders of the fishing and sea-trade markets, since they have the most influence. The Military is divided amongst six soldiers, each responsible for the command of a separate division.

[B][U]City Defenses: [/U][/B]

Palisade Wal— The Palisade Wall is made of wooden spikes and thick layers of wooden walls. An efficient but weak defense against land invasions.

Naval Forces—The Izabal boasts a powerful Naval Command, which is in possession of three mighty battleships, the Poseidon, the Nautilus, and the Leviathan, as well as a few smaller ships. They are the main force that will intercept any sea-based invasions.

Guards—Guards consists of soldiers under the Command of their Division Leaders and they patrol the port, keeping peace and order. Each of them sport light armor, embedded with the Black Queen's crest on the right side of their breastplate. The weapon that the guard carries will depend on which division they are under. Archer Division guards will sport bows, Militia will sport short swords, etc.

Transportation—Most transportation occurs along the main roads that are shadowed by the Areder Mountains. These roads, however, are not yet paved and most travel occurs by sea.

[B][U]Places of Interest: [/U][/B]

1. City Hall—This area serves as the primary center of administration and trade for all citizens of Izabal. Underneath is a small collection of prison cells for citizens that break the law. The current ruler, Exa, doesn't believe in serving sentences without rehabilitation, so most of the prisoners help with the fishing expeditions and are also sent to help with the construction of the city's buildings.

2. Schools and Hospital—There is only one small school established for all classes and races. Most students are encouraged to seek employment either in the ranks of the militia or the sea economy. However, few have excelled enough to establish other trades within Izabal. There is also a small hospital which brings in herbs and remedies from the capital city and makes them into potions and vulenaries that can cure most ailments.

3. The Light House—More to come...

(Written " Zenophoenix ", edited by Gabriela)[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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