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The First Dance {Mingling in the Long Hall}

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[FONT=Garamond][CENTER][SIZE=3]The Long Hall[/SIZE]



Very simply known as the Long Hall, this drawing room will be the stage for the first Dance of the Orisian Winter Ball and Tournament. Guests will be welcomed into the Long Hall where they will find an abundance of drinks (both hot and cold) along with a number of delectable treats. Comfortable chairs and sofas are spread across the room allowing for more comfortable discussion between guests. With nearly ceiling high windows, this hall also offers breathtaking vistas of Drakiss City and the ocean beyond. It is here that participants of the Fortune's Spiral Tournament will find themselves able to engage their future competition in conversation rather than combat. Things are absolutely expected to remain cordial during this time, considering the tournament participants will be among guests. Though teasing and taunting will be expected, and even somewhat encouraged, it should all remain in good fun.[/FONT]



1. All of Valucre’s rules apply.

2. The specific locations mentioned above are the only “open” areas for all guests of the Ball. The only exception to this rule will be those who are royal guests of the DuGrace family, and are therefore currently residing within Kingshill Castle. But even these individuals will be prohibited from entering private areas in the castle. That however does not mean that a particularly sneaky character won’t be able to figure out a way to get past the heavy security forces. [U]I do ask that you contact me before-hand if you plan on having your character do a little espionage[/U].

3. Absolutely no OOC in this thread (other than the customary [To so and so] at the beginning of your post if you wish to denote who your post is directed or in response to). If you include any sort of an OOC message in your post, I will ask you politely to delete it. Instead, please use the thread located in the water-cooler to publicly discuss matters regarding this thread."[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/20019-Orisia-s-Winter-Ball-and-The-Fortune-s-Spiral-Tournament"]Orisia's Winter ball and The Fortune's Spiral Tournament[/URL]"

4. There's no strict posting order within this thread. Considering the heavy amount of activity that I am expecting, I think all individual groups of people who are interacting with each other should set the tone for posting order. But that means you have to pay extra attention to those you are playing with, maybe contact them via private-message to set up the order you'll be wanting to follow. The lack of a posting order does not mean you can hop around from group to group screwing up whatever dynamics have been established, if you join and there's a clear posting order established, wait your turn to post again.

5. Do have fun. <3[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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[I]The dress' fabric seems to shift from blue to black as it moves, almost as if there are shadows at the hem. The sleeves reach to the Queen's knuckles.[/I][/spoiler]

Queen Haelyn arrived by carriage, she would have preffered walking from the Inn but that would likely have ruined her dress. She normally did not wear dresses, but this was an evening of appearances, Orisians were apparently cared for that sort of thing more than Luteru. A ball in the southern portion of the Isle of Gesen would mean dancing barefoot around fires to the sound of drums, war cries and chanting mingling with the shrieks of children as they tried to match the adults steps. But that was the beauty of chaos, here things were orderly and clean. At least they appeared to be, Haelyn only knew court manners because she had attended a few Munesh dinners in honor of the tentative peace. That was before the latest troubles, but those thoughts could wait for another time.

Tonight the Queen wore her long black hair piled atop her head, her bangs finged her face and made her electric blue eyes seem brighter than they already were. She had tinted her full lips a bit darker than natural and the effect of it in concert with her hair and eyes made her look more regal and less wild. Her slender, pale, neck made her truly look like she was from a noble house, rather than having won her throne through many years of blood and sweat. When she smiled at the coachmen that assisted her exiting the coach she did not show her teeth, she decided it would be best not to alarm anyone this eve. Already her pointed ears made people turn to stare at her....at least she thought it was her ears. She wore very little adornments, no earrings, her necklace was a silver chain with a single coin sized saphire over her breastbone. The tattoo on the back of her neck would be visible with her hair as it was.

The man that would be representing her in the tournament to come would be arriving later. She wanted to arrive without an escort for her own purposes, mostly so that when people met her, they met only her and not a male they would assume was hers or stationed above here. Humans were notorious for assuming men were leaders, when HAelyn came from a culture where might made right, no matter your gender.

Entering the Long Hall Haelyn almost seemed to glide over to a window, looking outside to see what she could see, when more people arrived and the air was thicker she would feel better. She looked around, hadn't the Queen of Orisia mentioned in her letter that she wanted to discuss something?

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[FONT=Garamond][COLOR="#008080"]Dollya DuGrace

[I]“When will the Queen be with us?”[/I]

“It won’t be long—I believe she’s taking care of some business for Drakiss.”

[I]“Oh, yes of course. It’s her first time in Drkaiss, isn’t it?”[/I]

“Indeed, the chief overseers of the city could hardly wait to start proposing their plans to her.”

Dollya shrugged her lace covered shoulders as she regarded the finely dressed young woman at her side, a personal assistant brought from Morgana. Turning her vibrant blue eyes down the length of the Long Hall she found herself somewhat relieved to see it empty for the most part. There were a number of high ranking Orisian Officials, a notable number of Drkaiss nobility, but for the most part they were all people whom Dollya already knew—and therefore didn’t need to pay much attention to. Each, in turn, glanced in the direction of Orisia’s Princess and offered smiles and bows out of respect and duty. She of course acknowledged these motions with slight inclinations of her head, gentle dips of her chin, but was glad when it was said and done with.

[I]“Queen Haelyn just arrived, Your Grace,”[/I] said the woman besides Dollya’s side as she pushed up the glasses that rested on the bridge of her nose.

“Who?” Dollya asked, peering up from the brim of her wine glass as she sipped at the crimson liquid within.

[I]“I believe she is one of state from the Isle of Gesen—you’re mother invited her personally.”[/I] The woman paused and glanced down at a small crimson notebook in her hands, [I]“she’s definitely one of the people you should be playing nice with. According to my notes she’s been staying at one of the inns in the city and not in the guest quarters provided.”[/I]

“Well that’s not acceptable,” Dollya said dryly before walking away from her assistant. The young mortal woman wrinkled her nose and turned toward a servant carrying drinks. Meanwhile, Dollya crossed the short distance to the somewhat distracted Haelyn who was peering out a window. Coming around on her left, Dollya cleared her throat softly and once she was acknowledged she would smile brightly. While offering a polite curtsy, Dollya went on to say, “good evening—Queen Haelyn? It’s pleasure to meet you, I am Dollya DuGrace, the Black Queen’s oldest daughter.”-


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[spoiler] Toren's suit: Victorian style cut, grey jacket and trousers, deep purple vest, grey cravat and undershirt. Black dress boots and black hat, looks like a shorter version of a top hat. [/spoiler]

Toren Gokran tripped on his way out of the carriage but caught himself on the man holding open the door, "So sorry! I am not accustomed to wearing such stiff boots." The coachmen grimaced but made no comment.

Straightening the ends of his amythest colored vest Toren touched the brim of his has a fanie lady walked by. He was quite excited, he didn't often dress for formal occaisions and he found he enjoyed it. He had combed his hair straight back and it hung in a short and neat horsetail from under his hat, the ribbon holding it the same dark purple as his vest. Hazel eyes glanced around as he pulled his staff from the carriage. He never went anywhere withought it, and if someone thought it was a weapon, well.......it sort of was but he didn't intend on using it. It was simply an extension of himself.

Walking into the Long Hall he tipped his hat to a few ladies, he didn't know what they kept staring at, was it his hat? Toren shook his head and noticed the Queen looking out a window, then watched as a young woman approached her, Toren shrugged. No reason to interrupt them, he found a chair that was within earshot and within Haelyn's line of sight. He grinned and waved in her direction before sitting down, leaning the staff against the wall next to him.

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[font=lucida sans console][i]"Holy shit, the Black Queen's oldest daughter!"[/i]

The awestruck words, uttered telepathically, would resonate clearly within the confines of every guest's mind. If their minds were open, that was. If they were closed, then the mezzotone would be perceived as naught more than a brush against the erected barriers.

This voice was the voice of a child, or so it would be assumed. A young girl, perhaps no more than eight or nine. And eyes would look about, heads turning and torsos twisting at the waist, all in vain attempts to spot the source, but to no avail. So in time the attention would be redirected back to where it was due, and the strange voice would be forgotten.

But the awe, for the young wyvern, would remain---asserting itself in the saucer shape of duplicate jade-green orbs, as well as in the sudden thump of her tail against the wall. A gesture that, although reckless, made known her excitement.

Of course, she was hiding under one of the sofas, so ... [/font]

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[font=lucida sans console] . . it was likely no one would hear. Which was probably for the best, what with this being her first big adventure away from home and all. She didn't want to be discovered.

(Which was understandable, because her mother would quite literally hang her up by her toes.)

Wings tucked in close to the emerald-green curvature of her spine, Ira pondered her options. She was here to find Israfel, and he was bound to be in the Queen's company. And who would know the Queen's whereabouts better than the Queen's oldest daughter? As the firstborn, this Dollya had to be the most important of Gabriela's spawn-- er, brood.

Her decision made, the young wyvern began to wiggle her way out from beneath the furniture;; carving scratches onto the marble flooring as she did so, squirming on her stomach and .. uttering a hiss, as it seemed she was stuck. [i]Fuck![/i]

Ira's head and neck were out, but the rest of her was stuck, her scales caught on the springs up and under the sofa ..[/font]

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[font=lucida sans console] .. A few wiggles confirmed it: she wasn't going anywhere without losing a few shoulder scales. Double fuck.

Now, normally Wyvernai weren't too vain. Scales grew back, within three months or so. But Ira was a female, and as a female, she [b]was[/b] quite vain. Her scales were her pride and glory; crimson-red in color and when painsakingly polished, reminiscent of dripping blood. The missing scales would stand out---and, thus, their loss would be a tragedy.

And Dollya! So close.

Damn ..

A scowl manifested, exposing pearly ivories. Though small, they were sharp--- and hopefully would dissaude anyone from approaching, until she figured out the solution to her present conundrum.[/font]

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[FONT=verdana]It was rather quiet tonight, hardly anything to be heard. The soft noise that his shoes made against the ground was somewhat pleasant to the male's ears. He had grown accustomed to it for the past half hour that he had walked. He wasn't really sure why he walked, it was just that he felt like for once he wouldn't get lost if he did.
It was awfully quiet, he thought. He still didn't realize that the voice that usually speaks to him had been quite for a few days now. Even when he almost tripped down a staircase. He expected at least some sort of sarcastic remark. None came.
It didn't bug him that much, though. It was a little nice when it was quiet.
A young woman passed by as he walked, about 20 years of age, he guessed. He nodded a simple "[COLOR=#8b4513]Good evening[/COLOR]" at her, his eyes studying her for a second before looking ahead once more. The woman smiled and returned the greetings before continuing on her way. She thought he looked rather classy. A black long coat, with black pants and shoes. Along with matching white gloves to go with that. He was also young and handsome.

A few minutes later, the male was standing in front of his destination. His Gray gaze set on the entrance. He hoped this would work.
A cool breeze brushed against him, making his silvery, medium-length hair sway. He walked up to the staff member at the entrance, and smiled a simple "[COLOR=#8b4513]Good evening[/COLOR]" much like the greeting he gave the young lady earlier. The male was a little over 6 feet tall, making him about a foot taller than the staff member.

"[COLOR=#8b4513]Good evening sir, and welcome! May I see your invitation?[/COLOR]"

"[COLOR=#8b4513]Of course.[/COLOR]" A gloved hand moved to produce the invitation from the inside pocket of his coat, revealing the black shirt beneath. He handed the invitation to the man, the latter observing it for a second before handing it back with a smile.

"[COLOR=#8b4513]You can go right in, Mr. Anunnaki, and good luck in the tournament![/COLOR]" He gestured towards the hall.

"[COLOR=#8b4513]Thank you.[/COLOR]" He smiled warmly. He couldn't believe that worked! He wasn't actually invited to this, but had found the invitation at an inn sometime ago. Well, curiosity had taken the better control of him, and he had magically altered the invitation to say "Shen Anunnaki", instead of the official's name that was printed on it originally. His last name wasn't Anunnaki. He actually didn't have a last name due to his complicated history.
Replacing the invitation back where it was, the male proceeded to enter the Long Hall, looking around at all the officials. Three people stood out in that place. Two finely dressed ladies, one of them looking out a window. And a man sitting down not too far from where he was.

"[COLOR=#b22222][I]Alright Shen, you gotta mingle.[/I][/COLOR]" He told himself and looked around once more, before deciding that he would mingle with the man that was seated. He would've tried to mingle with the ladies but they seemed to already engaged in conversation. So, walking over to the male, Shen took a seat on a chair opposite him, and smiled in greeting.

"[COLOR=#8b4513]Nice hat.[/COLOR]"[/FONT]

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"[I]Van, you don't have to do this."

[/I]Closed lids gradually opened causing the glacial whites of his eyes to materialize. The flawless gems transpired from white to smalt blue before settling into the purest of blacks. The young man's head canted slightly to the right, his shoulders rising and falling with a shrug.

"No, I suppose I don't."

"[I]Then why do it?"

[/I]"I suppose you could say I feel compelled to."

"[I]You know there won't be any way to get you out once you are there."

[/I]"I am more than aware. You worry to much, Gaia will be with me."

"[I]Gaia doesn't..."
The[URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/15372-Cody-von-V%C3%B6lsung?p=233951#post233951"] Volsung[/URL] raised his hand to silence the other. His head righted and he took a few steps back before turning away from his companion. "I've made up my mind. I have no intention of arguing further, so if you would be so kind can we please get this over with?"

A reluctant sigh escaped from the other's maw. After a few seconds the sound of finger tips pecking against stone keys filled the room. "[I]Alright, taking you offline now."

[/I]"Roger. PK11 going dark." From behind his pupil a sharp red light shot out before fading into a dim glow that eventually vanished causing the obsidian discs to return to their former purity.

The sound of tapping became frantic as the other plugged in coordinates. A few seconds later saw several pillars of light exploding from the ground around Van.[I] "See you when I see you. Going hot, 3-2-1."[/I] A suddenly flash of white enveloped the room.[I] "GOOD LUCK VAN!"[/I] The other male called out.

The wall of light surrounding Van pushed through ever pore, every cell, invading all the way down to the subatomic particles that constructed him. Gradually the matter that made up his physical form broke down. 100% of his mass turned into pure energy before being shot out through a lineley. Van's voice echoed from no particular point, his words slightly broken and distorted. "Thanks."



A single bolt of white dropped from the sky, it's trajectory adjusting mid flight. Fractions of a second slipped by before it struck one of Kingshill's steeples. The bolt of energy dissipated on impact, appearing as if it was nothing more than an oddly colored lightning strike.

Within the Longhall a phantasm would start to take shape. Gradually the translucent mass thickened until it became a clearly definable solid person. Where there had once been an empty space now stood Van Edmund. Bringing a hand up to his chest, a flat palm ran the length of his tie smoothing it. Before any further action could be taken one of the butlers.... servers... man servants? Stewards approached him.

"May I see your invitation sir?" Clearly there was some doubt about Van belonging here. Who could blame him though, most people used the front door.

"Absolutely." The warm blue pools sparked with genuine sincerity as his visage contorted into a pleasantly soft smile. Lifting his right hand up to his left breast pocket, the invitation was removed and handed over to the .... whatever he was.

"Ah, Mr. Edmund I see. Welcome. Please join the other guests, best of luck with the tournament."

"Indeed, but luck I need not." A brief and light chuckle punctuated his remark. "But thank you anyway sir."

With that Van would stroll further into the drawing room, eventually coming to stop in front of a large window. With his back to the rest of the guests the smile on his face melted. A surge of nausea rushed through his stomach causing it to twist into numerous fine knots. Lines of pain slowly crept out along the corners of his lips and eyes as he fought the urge to hurl. There was something about having your body atomized and shot halfway across the world that was simply unbearable.

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[url=http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/14460-Zyphia]Zyphia's[/url] attitude was just as exuberant as she always was during the entire trip. First there was the invitation from the Queen, seriously, the Queen. Who would ever have imagined that a queen would be interested in meeting her or even invite her to a party? She was more often known to crash parties or stumble into them. She had to admit though that the adventures had while finding the location of Orisia or even just to get there were more than worth it.

When she got to Orisia, everything just got better. There was the thought that she was dreaming but after many dips in cold water and pinches, it was proven to be real. Even the customer service was excellent. It was right after they got off the ship from Genesaris that she realized they didn't have a dress for the party. After purchasing them, it took a great deal of distraction from Leoni to keep her from putting the thing on right then and there.

The next part of their journey was wandering around the island till they found Drakiss, home of Kingshill castle. Well at least it was thought that it was a castle. As soon as they got to a spot to overlook the city as well as the building of glory she was pretty sure it was a fortress. Actually Zyphia was sure that they never would have made it to the front gate if it hadn't been for Leoni always reminding her they had a party to go to.

Taking a chance to change in the building right next to the gate, which she had no idea what the building was for nor did she stick inside long enough to find out. Just as soon as Leoni was done changing, Zyphia couldn't help but stare. This was her companion and friend. One of the few people she would trust with her dreams. The joy that began to fill up in her nearly made her leap on the warrior, but a promise is a promise. Turning her impulse towards the pathway/road leading up to the castle, she snatches Leoni's hand and began darting towards the top of the mountain.

As she passed through and out of the archway housing the gate, she nearly fumbled to the ground in pleasurable surprise as the gusts of wind from the ravine hit her from the side. In many ways, she began to think if she could only get high enough, the wind would wrap around her and take her away to the heavens. The wild giggle came erupting from the overactive girl as she began to bound each one trying to gain more height than the last one. Perhaps that was the reason she got the great idea to climb the wall meant to hold crazy animals from leaping to their death. The view was breath taking.

No longer having a hold of Leoni, she left it to the warrior to keep up with her as she kept moving along the wall towards the top. The adrenaline from riding and fighting the winds nearly drove her to insanity. At one point, Zyphia glancing down below the bridge to the dizzying heights and distant ground began to wonder if she was afraid of heights. She couldn't remember for some reason if she was or not. About the same time of them reaching the gates into the inner wall of the fortress, she turned to Leoni, "Am I afraid of heights?"

Knowing they had reached the wall and the looks she was getting from the guards, she leapt down from the wall to land next to Leoni. Giving the guards a grin almost wide enough to split her face a voice of a shrieking child comes barreling out of her mouth in a simple "Hi" greeting. Taking Leoni's hand once more, Zyphia barrels through the gates just in time to see one of the carriages that had passed them on the way up pull away.

To the guards holding sway on who gained entrance to the fortress as well as the party, Zyphia looked like a child at the most just edging what would be considered marrying age to most. Her hair was colored black as coal, its length not even enough to reach her shoulders. The ends curling wildly and the whole thing having a tussled look from the high winds on the bridge. One side constantly falling in front of her left eye making her push it back in vain. Normally she would have had pigtails but they needed something special for the affair. Her eyes holding an innocent green energy that might have powered the entire town given the chance. The whole way Zyphia presented herself was like a child in a sugar rush at the circus. The only thing suggesting otherwise was the pack on her back that had clearly seen years of use.

Zyphia's voice was not something to over look either as it dripped with excitement as well as holding tones to split eardrums. The volume it seemed to stay at was harsh on the ears too. Everyone outside got a taste of it as she greeted everyone in one breath and wild waving, "HI! My name is Zyphia!" One of the few things that could be said about her greeting and the way she couldn't stay still was that it appeared to be aimed at everyone individually. Her eyes darting everywhere at once. She was indeed memorizing everyone standing out there as well as their smells.

Waiting her turn in line, she greeted all that arrived after her as well as attempted to strike up conversation with them with no avail. Most appeared to be waiting to see if she was some nut job trying to get in for free or if she was actually invited. Getting to the guards finally, she continued to rock on her feet while they asked for their invites. Zyphia quickly produced the paper she was given while blurting, "This is Leoni. She's with me...or I'm with her...not sure how it goes but I want her to come in with me. I'm sure that's fine. She's an awesome person so I know you won't have a problem with her coming inside. If she can't than can she at least wait with you till I find someone with the authority to let her in? I'm sure you will love her. I do!-" Her rambling was interrupted as one of the men standing there quickly took the situation under control and told Zyphia and Leoni to go ahead and enter.

That was all that was needed for her to shout thank you and hug the guard with a sloppy kiss. Just as soon as she had snagged the man off guard, she had Leoni's hand and rushing inside. There they found another obstacle as they were asked to relinquish their bags and weapons. Zyphia stopping for a moment to look at the lady with confusion simply shrugs before handing over the bag and then taking off her varies weapons that soon loaded the woman down. "Don't lose none of those please."

Zyphia knew Leoni wouldn't want to turn hers over, tugging on the warrior's arm, her voice came out displaying all her joy at once. "Just turn them over. I want to party!" Even though they were perhaps a bit away from the room, her nose was good enough to pick up the whiffs of delicious food. As soon as those were turned over as well, Zyphia drags Leoni to the hall where the gathering is being held. It was supposed to be a party but it appeared they had still gotten there early.

No time was wasted in her saying hi to everyone that crossed her path. Her attention was quickly lost though as she came across the snacks which were presented correctly to let her know they were meant as snacks. So instead of trying to eat her fill, she only took one platter and began to woof them down while moving around the room.



Topaz had already been waiting in the hall back in the corner. Her silver tresses tied up and pinned to make it look thicker and not as long. Her amber eyes left blank as she stared at the wonderful view out of one of the windows. She had been staying at the DuGrace Castle since the masquerade ball. Not sure how she had made the required steps but she had been privileged by being invited to this one as well. Arriving with the family, it allowed her to get here earlier and find a place out of the way.

As people poured in to enjoy the ball, Topaz could only sit wondering how this evening would turn out. Sitting tucked in the chair next to her was a doll wrapped in a black fur cloak with a white dress made of white owl feathers.

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[I]I can’t believe this is happening! [/I]“I can’t believe this is happening,” Tesa breathed as she echoed her thoughts, looking out the window of their carriage. She leaned back, dropping her hand from the window, and searched Ceradwyn’s face. They were mere breaths away from coming to a stop. “Are you ready?” She leaned forward and took Cera’s hands briefly into the gloves of her own. “Let’s keep close together. All right?”

The carriage stopped. Along with her heart. She took a deep breath from trembling. Before she knew it, the door opened to the great adventure and beyond! For her it was anyway. “Don’t trip,” she chattered back to her cousin and exited the carriage. They too, were staying at an inn but that was behind them now. Tesa approached the entrance. She could barely contain the excitement squeezing her gloves together.

Her gloves were a few shades darker than her powder blue dress, nearly lost in the flare of her sleeves. It was a rather simple style in velvet which hugged her torso and would drape over her limbs. The material dipped below her collar bone, revealing cleavage brushed by the subtle tan she received from Port Town. She wore two white gold chains, one thicker and nearly choking her neck. The longer one hosted a large aquamarine gem. Her sun bleached white hair was worn up in elaborate twists, tucked under a silver net containing more sapphires and aquamarines.

She submitted her invitation with a warm smile winked by the vigor in her youth then stepped aside to wait for her cousin. Her eyes, a deep color of ocean green, swept over the entryway a second before they checked on Ceradwyn. There could be no lie. Nervous excitement gave her face and breast a pale rosey color. She could not wait to take a better look around. Edited by Mixed Elements

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The carriage ride was surprisingly pleasant. She would have to hire some new coachman back home. She was used to poor driving, full of jostling over bumps and sliding into small potholes. It had made her dread the trip, but once they had begun traveling she found comfort in the plush cushions and privacy of velvet curtains. Her cousin, Tesa, looked increasingly excited as their drew ever nearer. Ceradwyn smiled as her kin pulled back the drapes to look out the window, proclaiming softly, "I can't believe this is happening."

Tesa turned around and took Ceradwyn's hands in her own. "Let's keep close together, all right?" Cera simply nodded in agreement. It was easy to get lost in the throngs of people going to events such as these, and she had no intention of losing sight of her cousin. Too many deliciously exciting things could happen when Tes was around. Women would stare at her beauty and cunning fashion sense (which Ceradwyn claimed was partly due to her top notch advice) and men would marvel at her unique hair and those lovely green eyes. All the people would gossip about the latest news around Genesaris, and if anyone was to pluck the juiciest bits, it was these two noble ladies.

The carriage rolled neatly to a stop, rather than jerking and sending her careening into the headboard. Her coachmen were so fired. Tesa leaped out of the carriage like a wolf after it's next meal, tossing a quick warning over her shoulder. There was no need. Ceradwyn exited her coach magnanimously, lifting her pale pink dress and daintily lowering her heeled foot onto the step. She carefully landed on the ground. Her dress was long; when she let it go of it, the fabric fell nearly to her ankles. The cloth wrapped in elegant folds, emphasizing her curves and cinching at her waist with a large white band. The ever present necessity of her wardrobe, fur, remained draped over her shoulders. The ermine was now a simple decoration and show of wealth rather than a practicality in this warmer weather. Her hair was, of course, pinned up in the latest fashion with gold to contrast her dark black hair and match her honey colored eyes.

After allowing herself a moment to thank the driver, she made haste to keep up with Tes, who was already handing in her invitation to the porter. Ceradwyn withdrew her own from a small and heavily beaded purse slung across her shoulder. A small smile on her face slowly grew larger as she glimpsed the Long Hall beyond. "Oh, this is going to be so much fun. Do I see a drink bar?" Edited by Star Sentinel

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Haelyn turned to view the person speaking to her, she saw Toren out of the corner of her eye and gave a small smile. She would address him later. Looking at Dollya she smiled and inclined her head. "It is a pleasure to meet you...." Haelyn paused. "I must apologize, I am not familiar with your system of nobility and titles. What may I call you?"

Indeed, in Luteru culture you were known by your title only as long as you fought for it. A child of a monarch would not bear the title of prince or princess, only because titles were earned through battle, not through bloodline.

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Leoni glanced around the hall realizing that they had indeed finally arrived, it was like taking a step back in time except none of her former masters had been this filthy rich. Not that Leoni had a problem with wealthy people, except when they were the sneering nose lifting kind that several of the people around her seemed to be. Glancing down she ran her hands along the folds of her dress finding the material quite foreign, Zyphia had insisted that they wear something formal but she would have been far more comfortable in her armor. Her fingers danced along the material dredging up old memories that came unbidden, a simple blink and she was back to herself though the smell of sweat remained. There were so many windows and entrances, the cat could be among the pigeons and no one would be the wiser. She sighed quietly as her head turned slightly to find her friend, it was always amusing watching her friend eat as you never quite knew what was going to happen.

The trip to the castle had been nothing short of exhausting, Leoni wondered if she had dark rings under her eyes to show how much sleep she had sacrificed to get her hyperactive friend to this party. Were she not used to this kind of treatment already then she might have likely collapsed at the door, a few years of trailing in the girls shadow had toughened her body enough to keep up with her. Her eyes wandered down to the dress Zyphia had picked, simple but perfect was the words that ran behind her eyes which did not stay watching for long. A few years in her friends company had not removed the affection she felt for her when they first met, however it was now tempered with time and compartmentalized enough to not affect their daily interactions. A smile split her features as she remembered being asked if heights were one of Zyphia’s fears, she remembered her answer quiet clearly.

[COLOR="#800080"]“If it was I think it no longer is, now get down from there.”[/COLOR] Her words were soft and meant for only her ears as she repeated the phrase, her smile widened for just a moment more before returning to it’s more stoic look.

She must have looked a sight come towards the door, her body was thin and toned though most of the conditioning could be blamed on Zyphia’s nature. Leoni’s form was also a haven to thin white scar lines, the regeneration from her bear nature was enough to repair almost any wound with time but the lines always remained. Some even mingled with the ink green tattoo that snaked it’s way from her left upper chest and shoulder to the tips of the fingers of her left hand, it had been a gift from one of her owners for saving his life though even now she still wondered how it passed as a gift. Her hair thanks to Zyphia had been amalgamated into one long braid which reached down to just past her backside, she missed the wild locks that normally hung around her face but for now were tamed into the braid. Her thoughts were interrupted as Zyphia began moving again as she scarfed down more of the snacks, to most this might make them hungry or sick… possibly in that order. Leoni on the other hand wasn’t feeling like anything right now though there was no valid reason why, her mind wandered again to the woman who had asked for her weapons.

[COLOR="#800080"]“I didn’t bring any weapons.”[/COLOR] Had been her simple reply which was in itself a lie, her weapons weren’t with her that much was true but they were but a simple gesture and a thought away.

In the case trouble arouse she would be prepared so long as no barriers preventing magic existed, if so then it would simply fall to her natural weapons to fulfil the task of protecting Zyphia. The hand Z had been holding moved open and closed a few times as she realized she was missing the warmth of her friends hand, it must be the event that was evoking this feeling. As usual she wore a soft smell of lavender all across her form to hide her scent in case any were hunters were visiting the castle, she would glance around as they walked her eyes flicking from person to person just long enough to take their measure. Good looks and jewellery had little effect on Leoni as she had long ago learned her station, even the last few year of Zyphia’s companionship hadn’t weeded that out of her. Anytime her friend would glance her way Leoni’s demeanor would change and a smile would light her features, it would stick around for a short while before dying slowly. She knew she didn’t like it here, too many windows and too many unfriendly faces… too many veiled motives. Leoni spent most of their time walking steering her friend away from anyone who she didn’t like the look of, not that she was overly successful mind you as the high pitched squeal she was so used to split the air.

[COLOR="#800080"]“So who is the person who sent you the invitation? Might be nice to thank them.”[/COLOR] She whispered quietly in Zyphia’s ear as she moved to steer her friend away from the two by the window, Leoni didn’t know what the night had in store but she was going to make damned sure that nothing happened to Zyphia. Edited by Rivermane

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[I]Oh dear[/I]… Tesa couldn’t help but follow Cera’s line of sight to what she guessed to be the drink bar. She never actually saw one before to be certain but had heard of them. “So early?” she asked quietly. The color couldn’t quite drain from her face as worry lines set in. “But, I’ve never had that kind of drink before. It’s always been water, milk, tea, or warm cider.” The other things she heard about were the demons lurking inside drinks which messed with people’s minds. It brought a light frown to her lips. She didn’t want to find a demon anytime soon.

She took a step toward Cera. Before she realized what she was doing, she grabbed her by the arm and began pulling her out of the Entryway. “Let’s look around first. You can show me those drinks later. Maybe you can help me find one without demons in it. Deal?” She didn’t leave much room left for argument and smiled endearingly, hoping to coax Cera along. Fairly sure she had her cousin in tow, she looked over the room at last. “Hmm.” She’d let Cera join her side before leaning in close. “Who do you suppose we should talk to first?”

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