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act i. At A Glance:
Height: short. » shy of six foot
Notable: iridescent skin markings. pointed ears.
Step: soft-footed. quiet.
Condition: lithe. agile. quick.
Look: mature. calculating.
Apparent Age: twenty.

act ii. Status Quo
Location: Alterion » Arkadia Prime » VFI CEO
Character Status: active.
D.O.C.B.: 08162012

act iii. The Profile
Birth Name: vortian einricht xros iii.
Nick Name: cross. ventus.
Title: PRIMARYCommander* SECONDARYSifter. » information bleeder.
Age: eighteen.
Race: technoarcana. | mana-infusedWATER. | celestialCOSMIC.
Class: technomancer.

act iv. The Diagnostics
Height: five-foot, nine-inches.
Weight: one hundred and fifty-three pounds.
Hair: prismatic.
Eyes: blue.
Voice: alto.
Skin: pallid. » transparent.

act v. Armament
Weapon: hands.
Armor: Furyi suit.
Accessories: N/A

act vi. The Dossier
Likes: traveling lite. quiet. money.
Dislikes: stupidity. the lack of common sense.
Attitude: solemn. withdrawn.
Habit/Twitch: nail biting.

Relationship: Established

» Partner: Keanu Lark

Known Associates:
» Affiliation: Order of the Valorous Sky
» Valiant Renown: 10


act vii. Family
Father: vortian einricht xros ii.
Mother: lucille marrion lacroix.
Sibling: veliux einricht xros. » brother.
Class: upper-class. » wealthy.
Power: military. money. status.

Past Image: X

act viii. History

Vortian Einricht Xros, the Second, is the sole proprietor of Einricht Technologies, LLC, a company that deals in military technologies, strategic defense, and weapons applications. Having contracts with the Renovatian government, he assisted in the outsourced development of the HAVEN project, seeing various defensive measures and programs through to online status and his claim to fame is a mana-infused material used for high-class buildings as an additional security measure -- a thin polymer coating that absorbs and disperses kinetic impacts, the same way Kevlar handles ballistic strikes, called Furyi™.

He found love and married Lucille Marrion LaCroix, who happened to be something of a mana-user herself and they bore twins on their first try. The first out took the name of Vortian's father's father and the second took the first name of Lucille's father -- a strong military man in his own rights, highly ranked and respected. The two families were pleased with the sons and immediately set their world in motion for the future to come.

It wasn't sixteen years later that Vortian, the Third, was to join the La Guardia Military Academy and join the ranks of SOLDAT and broke the lineage of his father's father, by rejecting his slot and position in the prestigious academy. Infuriated, Veliux was given the position in advance of his own position which would have been in Avylon. The young Cross was outcast and rejected from his family on the stance of being against the military life, seeing how it ruled the status of his father and mother.

Two years later, present day -- Cross works for rebellious groups, short-term contracting work, and rests on the side of espionage and treason, working directly against his own father in attempts to prove a point. Whether it works out in his favor ... or not ... has yet to be decided.

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act ix. Innate Abilities

  • [species: Arcana] Mana Control » Gaia herself inhales and exhales as a living entity and through her breast is channeled the Life of life. Harnessing this power, this 'magical' essence is what gives some users the ability to cast spells, summon great deeds or feats of power, and others physical changes. Using the human body as a catalyst for mana, allows the essence of Gaia to be used for a myriad of abilities.
    • The manipulation of the elements and mana to create elemental sprites.
    • Hydro-properties are ineffective against this specific species of Arcana; born of water.
    • Leviathan
  • [race: Technomancer] Technomancy » Using one's own mental faculties, coupled with the intelligent understanding of computer systems and technology, the user can 'speak' to and control technology, as though it were common knowledge or simple mechanics. By touch, circuitry comes naturally and the flow of electrons and protons through the system allows a manifested connection between the inanimate and the personal.
  • [lineage: Arcane Technomancer] Mana-based Technomancy » Reveling in the energy that Gaia provides to the user, the essence can be transmitted into technology to perform a vast array of feats, from espionage to rewiring and writing protocol for personal gains. This is to include running through systems that are interconnected from one particular access point, controlling drones and even automated systems.
  • [species: Arcana] The Life of Gaia » Arcana are often considered elemental beings because they are born straight from the mother Gaia versus being carried by a physical mother as humans are. In this understanding, the mothering Arcana passes on the elemental genetics to her offspring, which in this case is the extreme affinity to water. Water is life. With this newly formed cosmic arcana, water seems a natural thing—breathable even. The depths to which one can travel are entirely unknown at this point, but it's far beyond what any human could go—ten fold. Control over water is a natural thing that comes without practice and with vast knowledge of its properties.
  • [anomaly: Celestial] The Cosmic Essence » Having come into contact with the Herald-ruled, Laus Aeternus, the entire physiological structure and genetic coding of the Arcana has changed to incorporate a lost, ancient mana source, which only few have been able to survive and harness. Cosmic mana is more potent than the standard mana of life, more akin to the energy of the celestials and the heavenly hosts. With this inertial codex addition, blueprints and wondrous mapping has been unlocked and obtained from the greatness that has thrived before mortals had arrived.



act x. Mental Faculties


  • [race: Technomancer] Photographic Memory » With a brain running multi-core processors and functioning like a solid-state drive, a TechnoArcana's mental capacity far exceeds any human's own data retention. The ability to remember small things that might have been in the periphery of the focal point like locations, colors, and objects to the intimate detail of locations, files, faces, and so much more.
  • [race: Technomancer]  Increased Synaptic Rates » Having such a mentality rarely leaves time to relax with a constant on-the-go mindset. Learning, achieving, consuming every bit of knowledge and data imaginable is the focus of such a high-strung individual. Because the brain is a live-wire of ever-flowing data, the synaptic rates and reaction times are skewed and increased dramatically, upward of seconds increased. Though this might not seem like much, the difference between a second of understanding and reaction and not -- is the difference in a bullet through your skull and passing by your ear.



act xi. Skills


  • [race: Technomancer] Information Sifting » Known as a Sifter, this task is lifting information from complex networks and systems of information, but not limited to and also includes filching information from passerby with personal hand devices such as PDA or mobile phones. The ability to scan frequencies and skim them as they pass through the atmosphere is something unique to TechnoArcanas, but only at ranges less than three meters from the host.
  • [lineage: Arcane Technomancer] Leyline Sifting » Following the same understanding as normal Information Sifting, this is the ability to scan the mana-rich channels of the Mother Gaia herself to intake information from the natural world and all it holds within, due to the communication of magic and the uncanny bond to the Hydro-elemental. 



act xii. Feats


  • Stun » With the soaring information that can travel to and from the TechnoArcana's hands, they can be used as 'stun guns' —which is nothing more than a sensory overload of data being forced upon the contacted person's neural networks. The array in which this can travel is touch and looking directly at the palms (which would be similar to looking into the end of a fiber optic cable (infused with mana)), as they tend to project iridescent blue light which is the accumulation of mana and data.
  • Excitotoxicity » If the Stun is held for too long upon a human's head, it causes the neurotransmitters to essentially fire into overdrive, which causes the brain to exhaust the entire capacity of energy within the host in a matter of seconds if contact is maintained. Death is a result.
  • Bio-rhythmic Theft » As biological processes are electrical impulses and data output, a TechnoArcana can absorb by touch, one's bio-algorithms in order to input biometric data.
  • Mastery of the RHINO suit known as Lucille; a pair acting as a single, lethal unit.



  • l'art du libertéSUPERIOR » thirty-six months of dedicated study [Equilibrio, Altalena & Laché, Montare-muro, Planche, Roulade, Saut de bras, Saut de fond, Saut de précision, Presto, Impossibile]
  • l'art du coscienzaSUPERIOR » thirty months of dedicated study [Sense of Danger, Lock on Target, Increased Five Senses, Accuracy]
  • l'art du artiottoADVANCED » twenty-four months of dedicated study [Natural Energy, Clonare]


act xiii. Current Interests

  • Hoarding as much information as possible on the study of PRIDE.
  • Building and making things to make the Order of the Valiant Sky more successful.


act xiv. Current Progress

  • l'art du pacificationBEGINNER » six months of dedicated study [Comprehension, Deconstruction, CREATION]





Riot Herald Interference Nanotechnological Operative
3.2 [update 02-04-2017]


verse a. Entirety

  • Furyi™ micro-coating » kinetic-impact absorption; < twenty-five hundred psi.: lacks external damage » redirect lightning damage; absorb.
  • Primal-Cortical Remodeling » The nanotechnological part of the suit comes from the understanding of the human body and mimics it with a Primal substance. When damage is done to the exterior, it will create micro-fractures which will 'heal' themselves over time to create a harder substance than prior. » Hardness present—3.6x
  • Atmospheric Pressurization » Suit pressurizes internally to keep host and components preserved; can withstand upwards of seventy-five G's: functionally tested.
  • Height » six-foot, three-inches.
  • Weight » six hundred and fifty pounds.


verse b. Headgear

  • Tracking » sixty-five targets » within two hundred meters. [TD-Omni: +50 meters]
  • Periphery Tracking » five hundred targets [non-primary] » within forty meters. [TD-Omni: +50 meters]
  • Telepathic rejection » mind-control. [TD-INT+WIS]
  • Comprehensive Tracking » Scanning targets for biological, chemical, energy, and alloy-based constructive features. Reading life forms. [TD-Omni]
  • Respirator » Underwater breathing: four hundred and fifty meters | (in the form of ultramicroscopic solid or liquid particles dispersed or suspended in air or gas) Aerosolized Toxin Immunity [ATI]


verse c. Torso

  • Deadlift » eleven hundred pounds.
  • Increased armor thickness to protect vital core equipment and host.
  • Spines » Retractable spikes in elbows, shoulders, toes, and fists offer additional protection and strike damage » 2" barbed spikes coated in Vakar


verse d. Arms

  • Single-arm Curl » six hundred pounds.
  • Right and left wrists allow for the throwing or extension of garrote wire up to thirty-six inches in length.
  • House blades on the medial portion of the arm, starting at the connection of the proximal phalange to metacarpal and running the length to the olecranon. » Blade extends 1"—Vakar coating.
  • Thrust-stabilizing verniers mounted over the distal humerus region of the suit.
  • Medial ailerons assist in drastic, dynamic flight.
  • Vakar fist spikes » retractable, 1".


verse e. Legs

  • Squat » three thousand, five hundred pounds.
  • Land Speed » one hundred and five mph (steady pace) [TD | 75%]
    • Land Burst » ninety-five mph (ten seconds exhaust) [TD | 135 mph/13s]
  • Air Speed » three hundred and fifty mph (steady pace) [TD | 75%]
    • Air Burst » four hundred mph (five seconds exhaust) [TD | 440 mph/8s]
  • Water Speed » one hundred and fifty-two knots (stead pace) [TD | 75%]
    • Water Burst » one hundred and seventy-three knots (five seconds exhaust) [TD | 208.5kph/8s]
  • Primary verniers located over the gastrocnemius.
  • Stabilization verniers located over the soleus.
  • Medial ailerons assist in drastic, dynamic flight.
  • High-Frequency Straight Sword » Resonates at a frequency which can cut through steel as it would bone. » Located on the right vastus lateralis. » Width: two inches » Length: twenty-four inches. Coated with Vakar on one side and Nth on the other.
  • Housing two U9+ mana-pistols.


verse f. After-Market Additions

  • Remote A.I. » Cross does not have to be in Rhino for her to go mobile. Full A.I. control.
  • DNA-GPS » Rhino sees Cross as the sole owner of the suit and tracks the very genetic code within him like a transmitting beacon, due to his energetic resonance. Can aid and follow him anywhere.
  • Solabernite Mine Reactors » In the center of each palm is a one and a half inch, crystalline disc that is primal-fed and sliced into ¼" pieces, which may act as proximity mines or be fired upon for detonation. These same reactors may produced highly focused beams of photonic mana-driven energy, weaponized.
    • Repulsor-retrofitted with Star Metal to enhanced Kinetic output.
  • Refractive Nth Micro-Coating » Combine with Furyi technology the helmet, ailerons, and hard edges have all been given a micro-thin coating of Nth, taken from the Black Ridge, to increase speed velocities and reduce wind resistance. The refraction allows for the suit to mirror it's surroundings to fall off the visual spectrum and allow radar waves to pass through the suit. All speeds have increased rather dramatically from this enhancement.
  • Dead Eye Monocle » Terrenus Artifact » +1 Attack Accuracy » Coupled with the technology of Lucille, the monocle is able to not only plot precision trajectories, but calculate incoming strikes as well, to give a preemptive motion on Cross. From a long range missile strike, to a mana-rifle or weapon, and even a punch, it allows for a quick reaction to occur in one way or another, to either deal or avoid damage with the truest of accuracy.


The Dead-Eye monocle gifts the user with superhuman accuracy with virtually any projectile object, lethal force in employing that accuracy, and refined hand-eye coordination. For example, the user can throw a playing card hard enough to sink into a watermelon and with enough accuracy to hit a throat or eye. Firearms can be fired with expert skill after discharging it at least once to become aware of its kickback, range, and weight. The same applies for bows. This inclination towards "accuracy" can be extrapolated onto a larger scale such as plotting out a ship's course or large missile trajectories, as well as smaller scales such as fisticuffs. This is especially lethal when combined with the supernatural hand-eye coordination this artifact grants. —SUPERNAL


verse g. TetraDyne Crossover Enhancements

  • Dexterity » Increases the refresh and recharge rates, to include agile movements and general speed of the reflex of the suit by 7.5%.
  • Speed » Allows for an increase in overall output, due to cleaner movements, a better understanding of drag, and the capacity to make dedicated movements to deliver faster results. 
  • Intelligence » Increases the damage output of the suit's functions by 15%. Decreases telepathic and psionic mind-games.
  • Wisdom » Allows for the constant tactical storage of 15% energy. [1 prep equivalent] Decreases telepathic and psionic mind-games.
  • Flight » Because the suit is already equipped to fly, Vortian's weight is calculated differently within, using his own abilities in conjunction with the suit to gain speed, by decreasing weight and increasing power output.
  • Swift » Alters each of the flight variables for explosive speed with short notice to increase exhaust times and overall velocity.





Reference Materials

MMA / Boxer Punch Force / Pressure
G Force
Sports Science: Muay Thai Kick »



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Ϯ TetraDyne Ϯ

T-D Power Listing

  • Endurance and Strength are presently increased by 25%.  15% better than the average human.
  • Dexterity and Speed are presently at 75%. 65% better than the average human.
  • Intelligence and Wisdom are presently at 150%. 140% better than the average human being.
  • The higher that Intelligence and Wisdom go, the higher the percentage that effects the distances and powers of abilities. e.g. Omnivision is increased by 100% from base.
  • Statistical Average human being is roughly 10%.
  • Flight: Tier 2
  • Swift: Tier 3
  • Iron Defense: Max
  • Elemental Defense: Max
  • Chakra: Max
  • Elemental Strike: Max
  • Elemental Chain: Max
  • Elemental Rain: Tier 5
  • Elemental Boon: Tier 3
  • Mirror Strike: Tier 3
  • OmniVision: MAX


Class: Spellweaver



Endurance: start_25% | 75-57=18 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500 xp_100% | 1000 xp_ 150%
Strength: start_25% | 75-57=18 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500 xp_100% | 1000 xp_ 150%

Dexterity: start_25% | 75 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500-318=182 xp_100% | 1000 xp_ 150%
Speed: start_25% | 75 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500-318=182 xp_100% | 1000 xp_ 150%

Intelligence: start_25% | 75 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500 xp_100% | 1000 xp_150%
Wisdom: start_25% | 75 xp_50% | 150 xp_75% | 500 xp_100% | 1000 xp_ 150%


Deflect: Using celestial strength, one can deflect attacks without taking damage.

| 100 xp_Tier 1 | minor attack

| 200 xp_Tier 2 | mediocre attack | or 2 minor attacks

| 300 xp_Tier 3 | major attack | or 2 mediocre attacks, or 3 minor attacks

| 800-471=329 xp_Tier 4 | major attacks | or 4 mediocre attacks, or 6 minor attacks


Brute: A celestial surge of power allows for massive destruction.

| 175 xp_Tier 1 | Able to smash through a wood enforced structures.

| 300 xp_Tier 2 | Able to smash through concrete/rebar enforced structures.

| 450 xp_Tier 3 | Able to smash through steel reinforced structures.

| 1250 xp_Tier 4 | There isn't much that can stand in your way. A celestial wave and hulk-smash.


RUS!: A blinding flash of light.

| 5000 xp_Finale | Surreal heavenly light, so bright, that it will cause permanent blindness to those who look directly at it, temporary blindness to those who use shields, arms, or anything else to cover one's face. Temporary blindness in combat lasts for 5 rounds.

Flight: An angel without wings, flight ensues.

| 50 xp_Flight | 65 mph

| 200 xp_Tier 2 | 125 mph

| 300-293=7 xp_Tier 3 | 250 mph

| 500 xp_Tier 4 | 350 mph

| 1000 xp_Tier 5 | 600 mph [Requires Tier 3 Elemental Defense]


Swift: A celestial surge that allows for breakneck speeds within 3 seconds.

| start_Tier 1 | 1.5x speed; max 20mph

| 100 xp_Tier 2 | 1.75x speed; max 30mph

| 250 xp_Tier 3 | 2x speed; max 40mph

| 450-193=257 xp_Tier 4 | 2.5x speed; max 55mph 

| 800 xp_Tier 5 | 3.5x speed; max 85mph  [Requires Tier 3 Elemental Defense]

Iron Defense: Hardened skin via celestial protection.

| 50 xp_Tier 1 | Can turn a direct hit into a glancing blow.

| 125 xp_Tier 2 | Can turn a critical strike (lethal), into a direct hit. Survival.

| 300 xp_Tier 3 | Can turn a Critical Hit (Lethal) into a glancing blow.

| 1000 xp_Tier 4 | Can turn Catastrophic damage into a glancing hit.


Elemental Defense: Psion and Mana-alike cannot withstand the defensive stance of the celestial.

| start_Tier 1 | Can block base-element / kinetic abilities.

| 100 xp_Tier 2 | Can block Tier 2-element / kinetic abilities.

| 300 xp_Tier 3 | Can block Tier 3-element / kinetic abilities. | Coats user in a protective, heat-resistance skin. -75% fire/heat.

| 800 xp_Tier 4 | Can block Catastrophic-element / kinetic abilities. | Negates 100% of Fire/heat damage with protective skin.


Chakra: A kiss from heaven, life regeneration.

| start_Tier 1 | Cures fatigue and minor wounds. Cure.

| 100 xp_Tier 2 | Heals a broken bone, mediocre wounds. Cura.

| 200 xp_Tier 3 | Heals two broken bones, major wounds. Curaga.

| 300 xp_Tier 4 | Heals all broken bones, major wounds, casts Regen. [2 posts long, cures any minor wounds taken by following post.] Curaja.

| 1000 xp_Tier 5 | Fully-refreshes the host to include health, broken bones, severed limbs, status ailments and mind flays. Holy Order.


Elemental Strike: Attack with one of four elements.

| start_Tier 1 | A level one spell-strike. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Thunder.

| 50 xp_Tier 2 | A level two spell-strike. Fira, Aera, Watera, Earthra, Thundara.

| 100 xp_Tier 3 | A level three spell-strike. Firaga, Aeroga, Wataga, Earthaga, Thundaga.

| 150 xp_Tier 4 | A level four spell-strike. Firaja. Aeroaja. Wataja. Earthaja. Thundaja.

| 800 xp_Tier 5 | Ultimate spell-strike. Flare. Tornado. Hurricane. Quake. Lightning.


Element Chain: Strike an enemy and watch it happen again! (and again!)

| 75 xp_Tier 1 | Will strike the same enemy twice, or two enemies.

| 150 xp_Tier 2 | Will strike the same enemy three times, or three different enemies.

| 325 xp_Tier 3 | Will strike the same enemy four times, or four different enemies.

| 500 xp_Tier 4 | Will strike the same enemy five times or hit five different enemies!

| 1000 xp_Tier 5 | A six-hit combo on a single enemy with one explosive spell! Or hit seven different enemies!


Elemental Rain: Rain down on their heads with the element of your choice.

| 100 xp_Tier 1 | Area of Effect. Rains a chosen element from designated height in a 5' radius.

| 200-89=111 xp_Tier 2 | Area of Effect. Rains a chosen element from designated height in a 10' radius.

| 300 xp_Tier 3 | Area of Effect. Rains a chosen element from designated height in a 15' radius.

| 450 xp_Tier 4 | Area of Effect. Rains a chosen element from designated height in a 20' radius. 

| 1000-159=841 xp_Tier 5 | Area of Effect. Rains a chosen element from designated height in a 30' radius. BRING HELL!
[Player made]: Custom ability. GM tiered assistance.

Immolation: Burn your foes alive, if they get too close.

| 75 xp_Tier 1 | A short-ranged burst of fire from the body outwards. All directions: 2'

| 150 xp_Tier 2 | A short-ranged burst of fire from the body outwards. All directions: 3'

| 325 xp_Tier 3 | A short-ranged burst of fire from the body outwards. All directions: 4' 

| 500 xp_Tier 4 | A short-ranged burst of fire from the body outwards. All directions: 5'

| 1000 xp_Tier 5 | A short-ranged burst of fire from the body outwards. All directions: 8'


Frozen: Opponents dare not come close for fear of freezing in place!

| 100 xp_Tier 1 | Frost rings expand from the host outward. Cause Freeze & Slow. 5' radius.

| 300 xp_Tier 2 | Frost rings expand from the host outward. Cause Freeze & Slow. 10' radius.

| 500 xp_Tier 3 | Frost rings expand from the host outward. Cause Freeze & Slow. 20' radius.


Mana Golem Ally: Summon help!

| 4000 xp_Finale | A shock of mana into the earth, and a golem rises to assist your battle!
[Player made]: Custom ability. GM tiered assistance.

Elemental Boon: Increase your Resistance!

| start_Tier 1 | For the remainder of battle, all magic-based spells do 25% of their normal damage. Shell!

| 100 xp_Tier 2 | For the remainder of battle, all foe magic-based spells do 40% less damage. Shell!

| 300 xp_Tier 3 | For the remainder of battle, all foe magic-based spells do 55% less damage. Shell!

| 500 xp_Tier 4 | For the remainder of battle, all foes magic-based spells do 75% less damage. Shell!

| 3000-288=2712 xp_Tier 5 | For the remainder of battle, all foe magic-based spells do 99% less damage. Shell!


Mirror Strike: Send that elemental attack back!

| 100 xp_Tier 1 | Rflect! Sends a minor (1 prep) spell back at the foe.

| 200 xp_Tier 2 | Rflect! Sends a mediocre (2 prep) spell back at the foe.

| 350 xp_Tier 3 | Rflect! Sends an advanced (3 prep) spell(s) back at the foe.

| 500 xp_Tier 4 | Rflect! Sends a major (4 prep) spell back at the foe.

| 1000-39=961 xp_Tier 5 | Rflect! Anything they've got - you can send back! Give 'em hell!


OmniVision: Never be surprised!

| start_Tier 1 | Sense foes and attacks within a 10 m. radius. 

| 50 xp_Tier 2 | Sense foes and attacks within a 15 m. radius.

| 100 xp_Tier 3 | Sense foes and attacks within a 25 m. radius. Penetrates "Cloaking, Magic-based camouflage"

| 350 xp_Tier 4 | Sense foes and attacks within a 40 m. radius. 

| 600 xp_Tier 5 | Sense foes and attacks within a 100 m. radius.

Once you have unlocked anything from Tier 4, your secondary job class becomes available.
You can only pick one to level at a time.

Experience Obtained

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act xv. Location Tracking

Personal Endeavors

i. Established — Chapter 1 — 03082013 - 03172013 — 15 posts — It has been two years since Cross left his home and went out on his own. Doing anything to get by has been his motto, but now that business is booming - he looks to alternate schema than his present model in order to mature not only himself, but his contacts list and voice -- how he's heard from here on out. His mantra.

  • Venicius job: Data Infiltration
  • Obtained: RHINO
  • Job Finished: 15,000 credits

ii. The Hunt for Supplies — Chapter 2 — 03172013 - 04222013 — 101 posts — On the prowl to increase the RHINO unit, Lucille, and her capabilities. Looking for substances and materials throughout Terrenus. Teaming up with a Great Pines Barren local, Keanu Lark, the two set off to find some solabernite. Insanity ensued.

  • Purchased a Premium Adventurer's Pack from Last Chance
  • Befriended Keanu Lark.
  • Acquired a Crystal Soul Shard and became a part of the Tetradyne because of it.
  • Found Solabernite
  • Acquired Nth
  • Purchased Vakar [500 vB]

iii. Business and Pleasure — Chapter 3 — 04272013 - 05282013 — 66 posts — Cross and Keanu make it back home in La Guardia. Keanu's first experience in a new place finds them in a broken in condo and Cross' place smashed. Assuming that it was going to happen, Cross and Keanu set out to the Bravo location, which houses a lot of Cross' gear—tucked away. After a four-day binge, Cross reveals a new suit, having used the schematics of Lucille's RHINO to create a second for his new friend, which leads them into a mission with The Valiant Order.

The mission was a success after the Red Hand, a terrorist organization tried to collect up the daughter of a renowned inventor, who had been working for PFi at the time. The pair of Valiants collected and delivered the woman to safety, not before being thrown around like rag dolls in a fight with a mutated man... still more work to be discovered there.

  • David created. Second RHINO suit.
  • Valiant Job Begins—Success!

iv. Downtime? — Chapter 4 — 05282013 - 06172013 — 30 posts — After the Valorous mission, Cross and Keanu find themselves with a little downtime. Grievous shows up to pull Cross out for defensive security set-up on the new headquarters of Laus Aeternus in New Martyr.

v. A Hunting We Will Go — Chapter 5 — 06302013 - 01062014 — 53 posts — Cross and Keanu's affection for one another is shared and the first date set to their relationship that's not combat-related or mission-oriented is a simple, fun trip to Lake Ponkapoag. The adventure turns hairy when a Summon Beast seeks Cross out specifically for his Water-Arcana and begins a battle for submission. Afterward, Star Metal and a curious, looming past is discovered about the lake—a lost city with unknown origins...

vi. Of Humble Origins — Chapter 6 — 10072013 - 06272014 — 50 posts — The Atlas is under Lucille's control as Cross is indisposed with the study of a summon found in Terrenus' Lake Ponkapoag and she's traveling into uncharted territories to map out what has not been. A continent of accelerated technology is discovered, revolving around a crystal-structure for its energy and way of life, but something else is hidden within this weird world—a looming, impending darkness...

vii. The Festival of Seven — 05102016 - 06052016 — 25 posts [not added] — Cross' hiatus has come to an end and he has returned from hiding with an enlightened perspective and new goal to continue his leadership of VFi.

viii. A Crystal Heart and Consciousness02132017 - ######## — ## posts [not added] — Together with Dr. Ceilia as lead on Crystallyss Research Project [CRP], Cross develops the surrounding technology to manifest and create a sentient being. The research alone is groundbreaking and on this scale, never been performed before.


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Order of the Valourous Sky & Missions

¬ assemble — 03182013 - 05082013 — 23 posts — Following a discovered transmission, Cross stumbles upon a meeting by a group that calls themselves The Valorous, who are recruiting Bounty Hunters...

  1. Eye Spy — 04092013 - 05192013 — 34 posts — Artifact Hunt — Cross finds materials on a crashed pirate ship, sifting accounts of a captain with an impeccable keenness. Cross-referencing materials from various sources, Cross discovers a broad, general location of where the artifact may have been lost. The prowl begins. Having found the monocle, Cross gets tangled up with local law enforcement—a company that called themselves Spear Tip, which is now on his shit-list. They fail to capture he and Lucille and make a break for it, safely back to Renovatio.
    • Success! | 1 Renown
  2. Azrea | Valorous Mission 1 — 04032013 - 08152013 — 31 posts — Bounty Hunting.
    • Success! | 1 Renown
  3. Business and Pleasure  Read: Chapter iii. Business and Pleasure
    • Success! | 1 Renown
  4. Three if by air — 04252013 - 01172014 — 30 posts — Retrieving a political prisoner from the Terrenian floating prison, Aeixxa. Keanu's second run with The Valiant. The airship was merely a food freight for the transport of the Muhrian political figure. Grievous snuck in beyond the cell, while Cross managed the transportation. Safe, sound, and silent.
    • Covert & Pacifism
    • Success! | 1 Renown
  5. Four if by air — 01172014 - 03152014 — 38 — On Muhiran territory, the crew follows through to return their political steal from the Alexxia prison. It goes without a hitch and Grievous is chosen by the Tetradyne to become a part of its ranks.
    • Covert & Pacifism
    • Success! | 1 Renown
  6. A morrow of barren promises...  Laus Aeternus — 06082013 - xxxxxxxx — {21} — The home of the Valorous is founded. Set up begins.
    • Cross' Ascension
    • 1 Renown
  7. Coral Catastrophe — 06222013 - 01092014 — 47 posts — Cross hasn't seen Keanu in a while and decides to drop in and surprise his friend, finding himself in some sort of monster hunt with contaminated waters, a new species of violent and electrified fish, and poisoned, starving villagers. The hunt ensues to save the people and fix the issues that plague their civilization.
    • Saviors
    • Success | 1 Renown
  8. Derailing Ignatz — 07212013 - 09122014 — 49 — Terrenian Satellites and help from a splinter cell of the Valorous in Ignatz finds a wanted man, Farkis Marisante, active and in the capital city of Terrenus—a dangerous place for a high-class criminal. The team assembles and heads to Ignatz to find and stop Farkis before he commits any terrorist actions.
    • Captured!
    • Success | 1 Renown
  9. Lucrative Business — 10142013 - 11192013 —16 posts —Meeting up with some builders in Hell's Gate, Vortian runs across Van Volsung, the 11th Peacekeeper. Accompanying him for lunch, the pair chat about life and technology.
  10. Robbing Genesaris Blind — 12202013 - 12242013 — 31 posts — A specialized cargo train set out to transport priceless artifacts, items, and money—moving valuables from one bank to the next and a heist is set in motion. Cross of the Valorous, hired on by Genesaris finds a rag-tag group to hit the train, which ends devastatingly for them, as the Arcana's own involvement is relatively minimal and the group internally destroys itself and the mission is found successful in transportation.
    • 5 v 1
    • Success | 1 Renown
  11. Desert Fortress — 09162014 - xxxxxxxx — {34} — Ceasing a hostile takeover from an enemy foreign.
  12. Glory to be had — 06112016 - 12192016 — 60 posts — During a brief transmission between Grievous and Cross, the Cosanastrian Chapter Commander requests that Cross take to Genesaris to find a missing queen and return her and her people to safety, for the benefit of future endeavors between the nations; an act of good faith, which Cross willingly agrees and sets out.
    • Leviathan Summoned!
    • Success | 1 Renown
  13. Necessary Evil — 12312013 - 01192017 — 21 posts — R E D A C T E D
    • Merchants of Death!
    • Success | 1 Renown
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TD—UPDATES [ Red: Not Calc | Green: Calc ]

1. Glory to be Had — 398 xp

  • 60 posts = 60 xp
  • 4 Page bonus = (x2) 8 xp
  • 6 player bonus = 30 xp
  • Leviathan Summon = 100 xp
  • Valorous Success = 150 xp
  • Savior = 50 xp

2. Ch. VI - Of Humble Origins — 536 xp

  • 50 posts = 50 xp
  • 4 Page bonus = (x2) 8 xp
  • 2 player bonus = 10 xp
  • Delivery = 50 xp
  • Family Growth = 50 xp
  • Chapter Finish = 100 xp
  • TD Bonus Multiplier = Total x2

3. Festival of the Seven — 69 xp

  • 25 posts = 25 xp
  • 2 Page bonus = (x2) 4 xp
  • 8 player bonus = 40 xp

4. Necessary Evil — 550 xp

  • 21 posts = 21 xp
  • 2 Page bonus = (x2) 4 xp
  • Merchants of Death = 100 xp
  • Valorous Success = 150 xp
  • TD Bonus Multiplier = Total x2
Edited by Syncopy
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The Atlas



¬ Length: 300 feet | 100 yards | 91.44 meters
¬ Wingspan

at nose: 75 feet | 25 yards | 22.86 meters
at tail: 215 feet | 71.67 yards | 65.54 meters

¬ Height—belly to dorsal

at nose: 35 feet | 11.67 yards | 10.67 meters
at tail: 115 feet | 38.33 yards | 35.05 meters

¬ Weight

empty: 360,000 pounds | 163.29 metric tons | 163,293 kilograms
loaded: 680,000 pounds | 308.44 metric tons | 308,442.81 kilograms
max. takeoff: 750,000 pounds | 340.19 metric tons | 340,194.28 kilograms


¬ Lift: 680,000 pounds | 308.44 metric tons | 308,442.81 kilograms

Note: Due to the Primal Alloy Pockets designed in the storage bay, the true lift weight is incalculable.

¬ Main Powerplant: 5x ManaMAXForce Turbofans generating 25,000 lbf each
¬ Back-up Powerplant: 2x Mana Force Turbofan generating 15,000 lbf
¬ Generator: 1.2 MW ManaMAX Power—overclocked Solabernite [stabilized with TechnoArcana™], aftermarket booster built and by Vortian
¬ Crew: 15 quarters; maximum occupancy—150

¬ Maximum speed: Mach 3.1—2,050.56 knots | 2,359.74 mph | 3,797.64 kmh @ 35,000 ft altitude
¬ Cruise speed: Mach 1.2—793.76 knots | 913.45 mph | 1470.05 kmh @ 35,000 ft altitude
¬ Range: Indefinite, barring service repairs or damage taken.
¬ Service ceiling: 40,000 ft | 13,333.33 yards | 12,192 meters
¬ Wing loading: 540.2 lb/ft² | 22.76 kg/m²
¬ Thrust/weight: 2.3

¬ Primary: 120mm Rail Gun System—forward fire only—1rph
¬ Secondary: (back and belly turrets) 40mm mana cannons—50rpm
¬ Tertiary: Solabernite-core Rockets—500mph, 30ft blast radius, 1.5mi. range
¬ Assistance:

Mana Shield: Negates anything under heavy strikes (3p)
ReFlexT: Rebounds any spells under heavy strikes (3p) back at the aggressor
Chaff: External flares to throw off heat-seeking ordnance

¬ Shell: Boron Carbide and Titanium meshing core. Thalumite-lined wings and edges. Tungsten layered nose-cone and cockpit for added security.



Marcus Father, mentor

Christian son, mechanic [pilot]

Tamara daughter, cook

Damus son, builder

Aleras son, carpenter

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Two years passed . . .

"Gods be DAMNED that your my child!" Vortian, the Second, stormed through the dining hall in a fury of pacing with the news that his eldest son, the son that had taken on his name, the one to follow in his footsteps was denying his earthly privilege to follow in such a tall shadow. The man's stern face was wrinkled and held its age well, yet the toll of a hard life had bled through sufficiently. Reaching into his pocket, he brandished a chrome lighter and flicked the top back as he revealed a cigarette from an inner breast pocket and lit it with a bitter snort.

On the other side of the room stood a young man who was a head shorter than his father. Shocks of sable and cerulean spilled from his crown and his soft, doe eyes took the words which aimed to pierce like a glancing blow and remained strong. Not only his stubbornness, but his defiance, height, and hair he'd all received from his mother with the intellectual brilliance of his father. Such was a mess of a combination, but it was then that his mother and brother entered the room from the center, looking to the left to see a pacing man and the right, a still boy. Velius remained in the middle, as not to judge and take sides, because he already knew what was happening. Marrion however rushed across the room to her son and touched his face, looking into his eyes. They understood one another.

She then turned to make her way to the Second, and he shrugged a hard arm to keep her at bay and grumbled, "I cannot believe this. He is to La Guardia. Velius, to Avylon. This will not only secure our family for generations, but our honor, prestige, integrity, and my company will be immortalized with two ports -- two inlets of defensive and offensive contracts. The best and brightest at my disposal from both cities." His anger bubbled over and he crushed the cigarette in his bare hand before throwing it to the ground and jerking toward Cross with an extended hand, "WHY ARE YOU RUINING THIS PLAN?! WHY?"

Marrion worked to calm her husband and the youth sighed indignantly, "This was never my dream, Father. Time and time again, I have told you this. You chose to ignore my desires. You chose to deny me of my own life, to continue living yours. And now when the time has come for us to move into adulthood, you still ignore my voice. You assume that I will bend. As you have taught me to be, Father -- I am the mountain."

The rage of the man's fists impacted the table and he squeezed the solid oak in anger, wishing it to bend to his will, but as his son -- it stayed his own hands and he scowled, "You are no son of mine..."

Two years passed . . .
Hours after the incident . . .

A knock came at the door. It was a lithe rapping that could have only suggested that Cross' mother was outside wanting in. He sighed heavily and moved away from the bed where stuff was strewn about wildly. He hit the back of the doorknob and the lock popped. Before Marrion could open the door, Cross was already at the bed stuffing a pack with a few shirts and things that he would need for his end-trip. She stepped without a sound and sat against the desk, Velius appeared behind her and leaned against the wall, merely watching the display before him.

"You know he didn't mean it, Vortian..." She whispered. She was an Arcana, a woman born of the bosom of Gaia; often called Children of Gaia, their innate presence of mana was everlasting as long as they lived, bonded in perfection with the earth beneath their feet. She watched the expression of anger with each stuff, punching things into the bottom of the bag and filling it more as he went. "If you keep going with the way you are, honey -- you will have more rage in your bag than clothes."

"You know damn well he meant it, ma. He has favored Velius in every way since we were children." Cross looked to his brother who sighed and nodded softly, "He's right, mom."

"Had I been born like him and Velius like you, it would have worked out exactly as he planned. I don't have the strong jaw, the tall build, the muscle. I'm scrawny. I'm a nerd. And I'm not going to an academy to be smashed into some cookie cutter to be like everyone else." Cross growled and turned back to his bag.

"Vortian... you are a free-spirit like me, and for that - I am sorry. I --"

"Mom -- I'm not sorry, and you shouldn't be either. I love you and I love myself. I even love this numbskull." He said, waving a hand to his twin who laughed and swatted at the extended appendage. "I even have the compassion in myself to love dad, knowing that he hasn't ever loved me like Velius. And I've come to terms with that and I'm okay -- I've been okay since we were ... nine?" Cross looked to Velius.

"Yeah. The trip?"


Velius nodded and looked to the ground, "That was fucked up."


A long, hushed pause clung to the room and Cross grabbed the bag, closing the canvas flap and locking it up before turning and slinging it over his shoulders. Turning he looked to Velius and have his brother a weak smile. The two embraced as brother's do and Velius whispered, "Dad wants me to take the La Guardia slot..." Cross nodded, "It's a better school. Do it." Velius squeezed, "You sure?" Cross laughed, "Yeah, yeah baby brother." Velius chuckled and pushed him off with a grin, "By two minutes!"

Cross turned and his mother's eyes said everything that she couldn't. The large pools swirled like wells of the darkest, saddest blue mana as the turmoil within her couldn't be hidden. Cross wrapped his arms around her and took her in tightly. "I love you so much and this is the way I want it. Please don't be sad. I don't want to live under his name forever... I need to make my own." She squeezed at this response and chuckled through tears, "I understand, my baby. I am just sad to see you grown so quickly." She slipped something into his pocket and gave him a kiss on the cheek before pulling away and scrunched her face. Cross moved to reach for it and she took his hands and smiled. Her eyes spoke and her son smiled back understandingly.

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  • RHINO ver 2.2
  • Locations and Completed threads | Synopsis updates
  • TetraDyne updates


Robbing Genesaris Blind | TetraDyne Experience Document


Posts: 31 = 31 XP

Pages: 3 = 3 XP

No additional TD.

Kills: N/A

Bonus: 50 xp / player denied (x5) = 250 XP

Genesaris Bonus Completion: 50 XP

Total: 334 XP





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  • Primary character sheet updated to reflect recent changes.
  • Abilities updated to reflect time passing.
  • Updates to R.H.I.N.O. "Lucille" have been made. v.3.2.
  • T-D code clean-up and Experience distribution.

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