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Jesus Negro

Montis Parvulus | Small Mountain Estate.

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Owners: Nogusta & Echodrop.

Montis Parvulus ◇

If traveled far south from the city of Avylon, you will stumble across this small mountain estate. Surrounded by fellow mountains of the like and lush valleys, which provide natural defenses, it is more than spectacular. Shine upon by light almost every hour of the day, it's appearance gives off elegance and divinity. Built to stand tall and proud, it is an establishment hard to miss; especially if boarded on an airship. Graceful as it is classic, one would assume that it was carved carefully from the alps by the gods themselves.

Walking from, or through, the mountainous area, you should be able to see the highest point of the estate covered by white stones that almost seem too delicate to touch. Of course, the rest of the body is matches up as well until the lowest part, where the castle sits calmly on. Jagged and dangerous, only fools would try to climb the part below and it just so happens that those fools are locked tightly away in the estate's dungeon, deep within the rocks of the mountain.

With the highest point being the observatory, it's ideal to stare beyond into the stars and heavens if one should happen to visit. it also holds the owners' master suite, accompanied by another room for family. the middle level of the castle are fill with various rooms for guests, entertainment and studies. the main level holds grand rooms to hold receptions, balls — anything of the sort. finally, the lower levels are occupied by dungeons, servants and guards tasked with defending the estate with their lives.

Points of interest ◇

Observatory: Constructed at the highest point of Montis Parvulus, it is perfect place for astronomical studies; or a perfect, quiet place to empty one's mind. Equipped with the finest instruments, it will help find wonders of the 'great beyond'.

Room of mirrors: Built for interrogation purposes, if someone is left alone for a long period of time, they will be near the brink of insanity since the room is nothing but walls of reflection. Dimly lit, it holds an eerie feel that will trouble whomever in the room for addition effect to interrogate. It is recommended that whomever is the interrogator is accompanied by ana so she can keep track of your vital signs – and only yours.

Drawing room: Exotic painting hug the walls of this room along with priceless décor and sitting furniture. The main purpose of the Drawing Room is for private conversations between those of importance or, in some cases, to wait until called upon.




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[ Sale Pending - 11-09-14 ]

[ SOLD - 11-11-14 ]


This property has been claimed by the user accounts linked in the initial post.

It would be wise to keep in touch with said owners if you wish to visit/plunder this location.

Congratulations to the buyers, especially in such depressing times Renovatio experiences without fail.

Given the location, this area will be free of the infected being that your nearest neighbor

resides tens of miles away.

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