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Lore Article: The Dordado Plains

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[FONT=Garamond][CENTER] [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y222/lesbia_09/DoradoPlanes_zps768cc9d4.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[B]Description:[/B] A relatively dry place, the Dorado Planes are as magnificent and breathtaking as they are dangerous. An inexperienced traveler could quickly find himself in dire trouble if he doesn’t know how to survive in these lands. Being in the rain shadow of the Cathedral Mountains has ensured this to be an arid and harsh terrain, but still live manages to thrive in beautiful and unexpected ways.

[B]Animals:[/B] The Dorado Plains are home to equally diverse fauna. Here is a small sampling of some creatures you are likely to encounter if you venture into the plains:





[B]Climate:[/B] This place is mostly dry, save for a week or two early in the spring when rain is plentiful and the Bovania River overflows to branch out through both the Dorado as well as the Platiado Plaines. This is a time of bright green fields and new life. Other than that the climate is always near or around 90 degrees.

[B]Travel:[/B] There are a number of well established paths all belonging to the Nitsu Tribe, a group of native Orisians who live off the land and with little involvement in the government. Their paths are trusted and well traveled, but expect to pay a tribute if you get caught moving across them!

[B]Places of Interest:[/B]

1. Nitsu Homesteads—Sprinkled across the Dorado Plains are a number of Nitsu Homesteads, the largest of which can be found near the mouth of the Bovania River. For the most part the Nitsu are a very kind people, who are eager to trade and learn of the world beyond the Cathedral Mountains. They have a long head riveraly with the Birta Tribe across the river, which inhabit the Platiado Plains. No one is really sure why such discontent exists between the tribes, but the feeling is absolutely mutual.

2. The Cathedral Estate—A well kept secret among the DuGrace Family and their most trusted friends, this structure is located at the top in the hills directly below the Cathedral Mountains and upon the Bovania River where it empties below to the plains lands. This is a place were fine horses are bred, trained, and then sent into service for the Orisian Military. It’s a peaceful and isolated place.

{Written by Gabriela, pictures by various artists from Deviant Art as well as the Web}[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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