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Lore Article: The Plateado Plains

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[FONT=Garamond][CENTER] [IMG]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y222/lesbia_09/plains_by_kalambo-d5havcf_zpsef281789.jpg[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[B]Description:[/B] A greener place by far than its counterpart the Dorado Plains, the Platiado Planes are beautiful rolling hills of green grasses. The greenery of this place probably has to do with being farther away from the Cathedral Mountains or perhaps because they are closer to the Foothill Forest. Whatever the case may be, this is a more forgiving space, allowing the Brita people to enjoy the benefit of raising quite a few grazing animals, which greatly facilitates their lives. This may be at the root of the Nitsu’s dislike of them.

[B]Animals:[/B] The Platiado Planes house quite a diverse fauna, with animals freely traveling across the Bovania River. Here is a small sampling of some creatures you are likely to encounter if you venture into the plains:

Fire Fox
Its counterpart, the Ice Fox lives in the colder parts of the Cathedral Mountains.



[B]Climate:[/B] Rain is a bit more plentiful on this side of the river, and specifically closer to the Foothill Forest. With water not being quite as scare the abundant grass seeds are nearly always taking root allowing for sweeping green hills that are perfect for grazing animals. The climate is mild, though it gets significantly colder as you draw closer to the Cathedral Mountains. For the most part things remain around a pleasant 70 degrees near the edge of the Bovania River and the Foothill Forest, but hotter the farther mainland you travel.

[B]Travel:[/B] The Brita Tribe, which is a bit more advanced than the Nitsu Nation, have established a system of paved roads. There are only two main roads, one that travels from the mountains to the sea-shore and another that goes from the Bovania River to the Foothill Forest.

[B]Places of Interest:[/B]
1. A number of Brita Homesteads are sprinkled around the Platiado Plains, but they all tend to stay near or around the main roads of travel. Like their counterpart, the Nitsus, the Brita people are very friendly and accommodating and always interested in trade. However, if given the opportunity to talk poorly about the Nitsu they most definitely will.

2. Bretannaea—The Main Homestead of the Brita People. This walled city is located directly at the crossroads where the two main paths of the Plateado Plains meet, ensuring that all those who travel the paths may at some point actually encounter the stronghold.

3. The Cathedral Estate—A well kept secret among the DuGrace Family and their most trusted friends, this structure is located at the top in the hills directly below the Cathedral Mountains and upon the Bovania River where it empties below to the plains lands. This is a place were fine horses are bred, trained, and then sent into service for the Orisian Military. It’s a peaceful and isolated place.

{Written by Gabriela, pictures by various artists from Deviant Art as well as the Web}
[/FONT] Edited by -Hopelessly HopeÆ’ul-

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