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Coral Catastrophe!

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Further up along the coast they were able to locate a small fishing shake. What lie hidden within was almost terrifying in nature. Decaying bodies and tanks of the little teeth chattering fish they’d encountered in the water.


Folders and notepads littered the room with information filled on the attempt to splice multiple species of fish and creatures to form something more ghastly and sturdy than had lived in the sea already. After setting fire to the rambling shack and underground chamber, they buried it in the sand, so that no one would be able to renter it.


Later on, they met with the Environmentalists stationed in the north, reporting what they’d encountered and how they found the shack. They refused claim to the work of their former brethren, and exclaimed how one of their finest had been missing for weeks. To which they reported her as dead, handing over images they’d taken in the shack to further identify her.  


With all reports made, the dispatched the information to the Terrenus Government and turned all findings over to the authorities, to be handled as they saw fit. Further reports were sent to their Valorous Commander Grievous in the wake of the completed mission.

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Along the coast of Biazo, Terrenus, something attacked the coral reef, degrading the life of its ecosystem. In the wake of such devastation, a trio of Valorous members sought to find the heart of the problem. After speaking to local folk, they came to find a multitude of strange occurrences were happening, threatening their people’s livelihood and setting the stage for something much worse. Starvation.

In their travels farther along the coast, they found a small boat with two boys inside, being attacked by a school of unknown fish. After careful analysis the fish, deemed threatening, were destroyed. A little deeper in their investigation they came upon a shack, where scans exposed an underground lair. In here were tanks of various splices of fish, even a few of the ones encountered when saving the boys, and two decaying bodies. They took all paperwork and research they could find, before burning the underground laboratory and shack to the sand and burying its existence.

With everything said and done, reports were made and payment was received by the Terrenus Government. The bodies were identified as rogue environmentalists and discredited as true scientists. The environmentalists took no claim to the work being done without their knowledge or permission. Today, relief efforts along the coast are still in continuance to preserve and bring new life to what was damaged by the spliced creatures of the mad scientist.


Name: Unknown
Type: Fish
Size: Adult 1 - 2 feet long
Populations: Thousands and counting…ERADICATED...?
The clear white slime is not only from the production of oil on their bodies, but also their saliva. Each mouth has three circular rows of razor sharp cookie cutter like teeth. Along their bodies are tendrils covered in an oily substance that can exude an electric current much like a jelly fish. When bitten by one, it is important to quickly cleanse the wound, as the jelly like saliva degrades flesh, to make it more easily eaten and digested. Despite all the teeth, the mouth is rather small. In order to obtain more food, they travel in large numbers. When they form a swarm, it can be dangerous to enter the water.
The electricity produced by them can flow along their closely connected bodies producing a devastatingly deadly electrical current. They are the product of some seriously twisted genetic manipulation on the surrounding oceanic life. Once the food supplies began to run low, they started attacking the actual coral reef… They are extremely attracted to motion and blood. 
Vibranium A – Enough to build one gauntlet
Vibranium W – Enough to build one gauntlet


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Tetradyne Growth

[legend=TD]Posts: 47 = 47 XP

Pages: 47/10=4 = 4XP

Bonus Mission Completion: 50 XP

Savior of the People: 25 XP x 2 Children = 50 XP

SubTotal: 151 XP

Number of TD present: 2

Total XP Earned: 302 XP[/legend]

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