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Artifact Questing

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All artifacts are open for questing, save for those crossed out. The rules for questing are simple:

  • You must post in the Artifact Quest Log stating the artifact pursued and the thread link.
  • You must have at least 30 posts to obtain one chosen artifact, 60 for two, and so on. If requested, you will receive VB bonuses for doing up to 45 posts, or 3 pages, 15 posts each.
  • You may have partner or partners if you wish. However, attempts to get as many people as possible to participate in order to get around the post limit will get you laughed at, and I will not give you the artifact.
  • If you wish to follow an outline or have any other requests as to starting your quest, PM The Hummingbird.
  • Have fun!


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Legendary Treasures

Mori: an armband of deep red jade, Mori once belonged to a powerful planeswalker as nothing more than expensive ornamentation, until the planeswalker aspired to save a friend whose home plane was on the verge of collapse, and gifted the friend with the  means to escape: the band is engraved with powerful runes representing more than twenty different planes, including the Shimmering and other, more common worlds. When worn the band is capable of opening gateways to any and all of these worlds, and is also said to channel energy from these worlds so that the wearer may use their esoteric powers for his own design.

Viverus: a living artifact, Viverus is a force of essence, wandering the universe with seemingly no purpose or goal. When finding someone of interest, Viverus binds itself to the person's dominant hand, beginning as a small, benign mole which then grows over time into the vibrant image of a dragon winding about a thorny rose extending from knuckle to elbow. The person's strength grows exponentially as this image begins to appear, along with their speed, agility, and foresight increasing. When the image finishes forming, the person has rightfully earned the term "superhuman".  However, there are records of Viverus detailing much more malignant side effects: a mysterious voice singing to the person at all hours, lack of effective sleep, a sudden disregard for morals and virtues, and sudden death when "Viverus" decides it is time to leave. It is said that anyone wishing to form a pact with Viverus must first defeat its current host in some kind of battle, whether physical battle or that of wits.

Primus: more powerful airships have been created, excelling in firepower, speed, strength, and mechanical feats seen nowhere else. Primus is a small airship and weak by comparison to such beasts, with its only apparent ability being to fly to superior altitudes than any other ship. A pilot was studying this ship firsthand when she discovered Primus' hidden features; When reaching a certain height, Primus' simple interior design changes, turning into an image of a past event, accurate in every way and realistic to a fault. While one cannot interact with the image to change the past, one can still enter the "body" of one's past self, experience the same event over again, pick up objects (forming a copy that dissipates upon returning to the present), and can view images of the past formerly completely unknown the viewer. Primus' current whereabouts are unknown, having been stolen some few centuries ago.

Draconis Totem: there exist a total of ten dragon totems, small figurines carved out of precious material. Scattered about the world, these totems were created by ten men, one for each, who wished for the power of the mighty dragons. Using powerful and forbidden magic, they sought out their chosen dragon and slew it, trapping its soul in the respective totem and gaining the power to transform into that dragon themselves. Unfortunately, all things come with a price: spending too long in this form causes one to become trapped, with the nature of the dragon overcoming their own. They turned on one another, with only the bronze dragon surviving the ensuing conflict long enough to scatter the totems to the wind.

  • Red Dragon Totem: carved out of garnet and the largest dragon, the Red Dragon breathes fire.
  • Blue Dragon: carved from sapphire, this dragon breathes powerful bouts of lightning.
  • Green Dragon: carved from jade and the most unsightly dragon, this dragon's breath weapon is a deadly cloud of chlorine gas.
  • White Dragon: carved out of diamond, the white dragon breathes sub zero air and ice.
  • Black Dragon: carved out of onyx, this dragon spews acid capable of melting even the hardiest of metals.
  • Brass Dragon: carved from a lump of brass, this dragon breathes fire much like the Red Dragon. It is small, but the fastest and most agile.
  • Bronze Dragon: breathes electricity and carved from melted down bronze. Interestingly, increased intelligence accompanies this form.
  • Copper Dragon: the weakest of the dragons breathes acid - however, the ability to shape change into other animals makes it most ideal.
  • Silver Dragon: Carved from silver, the silver dragon breathes ice and cold like the White. The man who possessed this totem was overall non-confrontational, which didn't work out for him when others turned on him.
  • Gold Dragon: most beautiful and carved from gold, next to largest in size, the Gold Dragon breathes fire rivaling the Red Dragon.

Silentium: meaning "silence", this golden cuff bracelet is embedded with turquoise and garnets, each one outlined in microscopic words of every language known to man, each one meaning "silence". When worn and concentrated upon, the wearer finds his world is immersed in silence. No one can hear him. His footsteps are silent, any sound he might make, including using any external source, is gone. One would literally never hear him coming. His own perception of sound remains unaltered unless he wills himself to also be affected; this has made it a prized artifact for those who like to meditate - the other group invariably being assassins or those who like to use stealth to dispatch their targets. For there is one more effect wearing this bracelet has: any ability to to discover the wearer's location is nullified as well.

Sanju’s Horns: roaming Genesaris’ most uninhabitable forests and woods is a great creature said to be the lord of all wild animals. Pure white, fleet, and intelligent, Sanju is said to resemble a mighty stag with majestic horns that branch and curve like trees above his head. These horns, sharp as steel and pliable as cord, hold the power to control and bond to the elements of earth and water, to speak with animals, to be as swift and cunning as Sanju himself and as no other creature could be. Many hunters have hunted Sanju, but none have ever returned successful, few even being lucky enough to catch sight of this wily beast.

Hesareau, Root of Strength: Located somewhere in Gensaris grows a sacred tree said to have been planted by the gods themselves. Hovering above the ground and larger than any normal tree, Hesareau emits a wonderful tranquility over the area surrounding it. It is said even the most vicious carnivores or bloodthirsty brute would not spill blood near the tree. It said that even those who manage to find Hesareau’s secret location have found the peace to be irresistible, and refuse to leave. Those who do leave however, leave with a gift taken from the heart of the tree.

Growing amidst the silky bark is a powerful crystal encasing an ethereal energy that, when touched, lets part of itself flow into the applicant. It gives the power to summon a mystic sword that draws from the force of life and grows stronger over time, and grants the user years of life and youth. Not only that but should the user take a fatal blow, he is instead reborn again at the location of the tree, giving him a second chance… but only once.





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Cities & Towns







The Wandering Scroll

Appears from time to time, depending on the searcher’s need or want and displays a variety of spells and enchantments long forgotten, which can be powerful or weak spells.

Located at the Zenith Library, this magical scroll does as it pleases. Chooses who gets to read it, and how advanced the spells viewed are. It once belonged to a great Magi, who enchanted it to remember all of his spells, while writing in it with a magical Quill. After going mad and eventually dying a crazed lunatic, the scroll was confiscated and brought to the library, where it disappeared…

Location: Aelindra

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




The Stone Eye

What was once given has been stolen. The original stone eye from a statue standing outside of the Desolation Shrine has been taken.

The balance of the statue is off kilter. Someone has been stealing the objects of the people, and leaving nothing in return. What shall the eye see that no one else can?

The eye shows any form of trickery or theft taking place. Criminals will appear behind objects and walls in red misty outlines, showing their devious intent or theft. Exact identification cannot be made through the red mist, so one would have to gain a visual of the criminal with their own eyes. If a target is focused on by the eye for longer than a minute, whispers and flares of green mist will highlight the user’s location to the criminal, growing steadily stronger until the criminal can see the user as well. The eye can also be used to see nearby stolen objects.

Location: Saint Desolatus, The Desolation Shrine

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










The Wolf Pelt

Taken from the body of a slaughtered white wolf, the pelt represents bravery and courage to those who slew the creature it once belonged to. As the spirits of the dead began to drift off, one stayed behind to sew itself into the hide, leaving behind the shadow of a wolf’s body.

When worn, the fur has the ability to mirage the wearer into a state of invisibility. Any who look upon him/her will not see them. BUT slowly overtime with prolonged use, the wearer will become a werewolf/white wolf.

Unfortunately, wolves in our town are considered the enemy. I hope you have strong running legs…

Location: Valjer Town

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




The Time Keeper

A city with a multitude of magnificent libraries run by curt and pleasant librarians. Who is in charge of them all you wonder?

An intuitive woman with a lot of time on her hands that somehow skipped out on aging too much as the years passed her by.

On her wrist was a very special time piece created with a large amount of love and fashioned with a reasonable amount of incredible time manipulating magic. When worn the owner has the ability to switch time frames. Unfortunately the effects are similar to staying young on the outside while the body continues to age on the inside. In some cases they would age more rapidly than normal and die while looking the same as the day they put the locket watch on. The faceplate flips up to reveal another part of the watch. Underneath the face plate is a layer of hundreds of blue stones covered by a sheet of glass. The longer the user wears it, the more the stones start to turn red, one by one. As soon as the wearer puts on the watch, their life span is cut by one half. Ex: 20 years old, could have lived to be 90. Now only will live to be around 55. Has 35 years to live. The wearer however looks as young as they did when they first put the watch on. They do not get facial blemishes.

Location: Mageside

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:















The Wheel of Aethera

Type: Key
It was "decommissioned", and now sits as the largest object in Coastal Grande’s museum, believed to be dysfunctional,... but the truth is that Sethaniel Protego, seeing its devastation in battle, and the Invictus army's vile use of his ship, withdrew himself and his airship from service, and feigned fatal damage to the ship so that the city could decommission it. With the assistance of a secretive sector of the city government, they had the ship put on display at the museum, keeping it functional behind the scenes, out of the belief that while Coastal Grande has never been attacked, there’s no guarantee they will never BE attacked, and so the museum poses as the unofficial hanger (while everyone believes it’s just a big old ship that doesn’t work. .... Captain Sethaniel Protego was deemed in charge of protecting the Wheel of the Aethera, the only device/key that could activate the airship.

Location: Costal Grande

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Returning Arrows

They are a set of 10 total, all from the same family and in the same quiver. A few seconds after any arrow is shot, it reappears back in the quiver with the rest. No one is sure why it happens. A story long ago tells a tale often brothers who all died in the same battle. Each had a special bow made by their father, from his first quiver of arrows. The mother kissed each of them in hopes of blessing them for luck during the fighting. In the end all were dead, and the mother died of a broken heart.

Hung from the neck of a striped horse. Only one qualified enough to tame and earn the trust of the beast is allowed to use the arrows. A side effect is a diminished heart. The love that a person begins with is soured and putrefied, just as the mother of the sons. Taking aim in such a cold demeanor may leave one shooting the wrong person or creature. Hate of everyone close,the felling of betrayal and let down consuming them.

The user must kiss each arrow before firing it, lest they go and retrieve it themselves. If the arrow is fired at anyone who has close friends or family members, the friends or family member will feel a slight pain wherever the person was hit. The arrows hit harder than their appearance would suggest,striking with the strength of a charging lance attached to a bull. If the user misses and hits a stone wall, that stone wall will explode in a shower of dust and rock. Should a person die by these arrows, the friends and members of that person’s family will be stricken with a terrible heartache, and they will see a mental image of the users face.

Location: Kethlerin City

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Broken Compass

In each district, N, S, E, and W, there is a piece to something wonderful. Each smooth and flat stone is engraved with the corresponding letter to the district in which it resides. When brought together and placed in their special pocket watch sized container, they produce a very unique compass… This compass not only gives direction, but gives counsel to the one holding it. Not everything it says is correct as every other thing it points to is dangerous.First it'll point to an artifact or lost loved one etc... But before it'll point towards the next thing you want, you'll need to go to the dangerous thing first.

Location: Mezthaluen

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Fate Serum

Each cork and magically wax sealed vial is approximately 1 ½ in long with a ¼ in central diameter. The magical water can be used for a variety of this, to sense magical aptitude in people, cause mutations in plants and animals, and every once in awhile can give a user a brief glimpse of their possible future. A drawback to drinking the water causes severe addiction and mental instability coupled with hallucinations after prolonged use [15 vials].One the spelled wax seal is removed [even if still corked] the water loses its magical potency in 7 seconds. The reason for this is because once it is removed from its mother source it is no longer able to carry its magical ability and instead contains a stagnant flavor.

Location: Sunset Way

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Ice Dragon Egg

The egg of the ice dragon attaches to one to those it chooses specifically, sieving off of their good or bad nature. The dragon binds to the person’s soul and has the ability to realign the character as it sees fit, good to bad, vice versa, or something in between. If the egg is influenced or tainted by evil, the person will consequently become so until s/he gives it to a naturally pure hearted soul. Likewise if given to an iniquitous being. Maybe just easier to say that the dragon likes whomever picks it up?

At the command of its soul bound being the egg can transform into a full sized adult dragon and then back into an egg again. The dragon in its adult form has the full potential to use the element of ice on a master level. They communicate to one another through the holders bound soul. The dragon is 200ft long, and can be used as a mount. Perhaps can change into any age of dragon; from egg to adult? That way users can carry it around for show-off purposes, use it to sneak into tight places, etc... The dragon retains all knowledge and intelligence regardless of what age it transforms into. New bearers must retrain the dragon from infancy.

Location: Shrine City

Current Thread: The Scramble for the Egg

Artifact Owned By: Spacegy




In Frame

Hidden below the temple are original shards of glass from the windows. Each image holds the truth and religion of worship to the people from before the magestorm.

Once long ago, images depicting the gods were displayed in every window around the temple. After things took on a darkened light, they were removed and replaced, but instead of being destroyed they were hidden below the temple and now lay forgotten. Each must be pieced back together like a puzzle, in order to find the true story of the people’s origin.

Location: Saint Desolatus, Temple of Carrion

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:












Credits: The Hummingbird, -Hoplessly Hopeful-, Toren, Armin, Praetorian, Fallen Joy, Nam3lessOne, Exequim, -Lilium-, All images from wonderful artists on deviantart.

All artifacts are part of the Lore of Genesaris.

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    Cities & Towns continued...    







Beast Flute

This wooden, Japanese style flute seems simple enough. It’s not overly ornate and even appears to be well aged with moderate ware. Ancient text illuminates scattered across its surface when played. To play without intent of a specific target in mind will warrant the attractions of any wild life within range of its alluring music, but to focus the mind on one specific type will warrant attracting simply that type of creature, even those of the mythical variety! Given that they are close enough to hear the music of course. 

Location: Cold Mountains

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Sun Wukong's Staff

Legend holds that there was once a Monkey King, divined of the heavens. His trusty bo staff of red oak with tips encased in gold, boasting the image of a dragon sailing through the clouds on either end was known to have the ability to shift its size to that of it the Monkey King’s whim. The staff can be as short as a foot or as long as ten feet. Careful though, prolonged use of the staff forces one to believe that they are in fact Sun Wukong himself! The staff even imposes magical mutation, causing the user to take on ape like features and capabilities, even growing a tail!  

Location: Stormward

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Robe of the Fire Rat

This scarlet robbing fashioned much like a thick fabric kimono or yukata. In cold environments, it keeps the wearer warm, and it remains dry in moist environments. It’s most notable feature however, is that the fabric itself is immune to the effects of heat and flames. 

Location: Valhatien Desert

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Kage Tatsukiba (The Shadow Dragon Fang)

A Danbei Sword (modified Dao) is crafted with a curved blade, in which the half closer to the tip features a double edge, while the half nearest the guard only harbors the one like a traditional Sabre or Katana. The blade is composed primarily of Hihi’irogane (Hihi’irokane*), known for its much more hard and dense nature than the likes of diamond or adamantium. It also features a mystical heat, the metal of the blade appearing to harbor tongues of flame; As well as the inability to dull or rust. The guard was mostly Orichalcum, the handle wrapped in lurid scales donated from the Dragon Emperor himself as a substitution for the more traditional ray skin.

Location: Datsuzoku Empire

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By: Datsuzoku, Koji (Twitterpated)












Kizuato (Scar)

This enchanted blade has no guard, though its curved blade was much like a Katana. Its composition is widely unknown, as is its origin. Though the ancient scroll found with the sword contains script, enclosing the details that any wound inflicted by this cursed blade will be permanently rendered unable to naturally heal. Even those fortunate enough to have gifted accelerated healing will find that their wounds originated from this blade are indeed incapable of healing without some sort of arcane assistance.

Location: Datsuzoku Empire

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By: Momoku, Kenshi (Etched in Stone)


























Credits: Twitterpated

All artifacts are part of the Lore of Genesaris.

Edited by -Lilium-

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Orisia Isle

These Artifacts are based on the virtues of Orisia, prized by the land and all it's people.







Mirror of Reflection

Reflection in the name is not the same as the reflection as one sees in a mirror. When one looks upon the Mirror of Reflection, the mirror looks straight through to reveal the purity or lack thereof in one’s soul. The holder looking into the glass can see the purity of the person’s soul that the back of the mirror is facing. Good nature shows up with blue wisps, while evil nature shows up with red.

Location: The Areder Mountains - in the ruins of Lord Areder's castle. He used the mirror to test his subjects and ensure that they were completely devoted to his wicked cause.

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Temperance - Scale of Choice

Scales can represent justice, or the weight of one’s honor. With the scale one can find where their allegiance or the allegiance of those around them lies. Do not judge, least ye be judged as well. Two individuals take a fist full of sand and place it on the scales. The two individuals then say the word they wish to be weighed between them. Whichever one drops lower, is the one who possess more of the desirable trait. If they are even, well, figure it out.

Location: The Foothill Forest—it is said that in order to gain the honor of using the scales one must either pay the guardian or earn the right through right of conquest. 

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Charity - Benevolent Heart

Generosity can be stretched as far as the benevolent heart is willing to take it. When one holds the benevolent heart, they feel a great urge and need to help others. If one of an iniquitous nature possesses the heart, they will be reformed into something of charitable quality. But it only lasts until the heart is given to another, or taken. Though the forced nature may be gone, the memory and feeling will remain.

Location: In the City of Veelos—in the cemetery where the traitor Vessna Countess was buried for her crimes against humanity. It is said that Vessna, who was a witch, poured all of her morality and sense of goodness into this small metal heart so that it wouldn’t get in the way of her wicked goals.

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Kindness - The Loyal Ward

A stone statue represent the deity of loyalty, of the largest representation are smaller statues. One of them holds the spirit of compassion and friendship within its stone body. With this miniature statue, a quarrel can be ended among friends. It can only rekindle trust and empathy in a small number of people at a time.

Location: It is said to be located in the Capital City of Versilla—under the ownership of Frank, the owner of The Broken Chant Tavern. At times he has been seen using it to end a conflict between two quarreling patrons.

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Diligence - Pendulum of Persistence

The sway of the pendulum can bring energy to any around it.When the pendulum is swayed in front of a person's eyes, they gain a boon to the task they have set their mind on. It can only be used once every 24 hours, as the mind needs to relax lest it becomes overworked. In tight situations it'll help one concentrate to find a way out, or in a battle it'll grant a higher level for a skill of their choosing; swordplay, agility, spell craft. If working on a task such as crafting, the skill and precision of the worker are enhanced, thus enhancing the quality and speed of completion of said task.

Location: Like a needle in a haystack—the pendulum of persistence is lost among the white sands of the Valanian Desert. Only the truly diligent can find this prize.

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Humility - The Selfless Poppy

Poppies don’t bloom because they’re forced to. They bloom when conditions allow them too, or even when they don’t. The Selfless Poppy does so to bring happiness to the beings around it, sharing its fragrance and beauty only to die. Selflessly the poppy does this time and time again, awakening those of selfish tendencies to their misgivings of the world.

Location: Among the fields of deadly blood-red poppies that now cover southern fields of the Ellwood Forestthere is a single golden flower. It is said that it grows in the exact location where the High Lord Alazar spilled his blood to save Orisia. Its existence has never been confirmed.

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










Ahisma Charm

Those with even the worst temperament and rage can be calmed. The pendant can lull them into the feeling of safety and care they so dearly need.

When worn by a person of sound mind, even the most vile threats and slurs will seemingly brush off their hide as though they were nothing more than childish insults, which they are. Gives the bearer the ability to navigate around impulse and rage in most any situation.

Location: Somewhere in Ceyana

Current Thread:  Dragon's Greed: Welcome to the Jungle

Artifact Owned By: PandaHat











Hand of Lightining

Misshapen piece of lightning glass that resembles the deformed hand of a child. Though relatively plain clear glass doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary.

What most don’t know is that not only was it created when lightning struck the land, but it fused some of its elemental properties into it to the glass it created. In the right hands it can be used to wield the torrential power of a lightning storm. The natural destructive and powerful ability can electrify whatever it strikes.

Unfortunately it picks and chooses its strength. So in order to use it, you must roll the dice and play the game of chance.

It is currently locked in the Warden’s office and is resting on a stack of papers to keep them from being blown away.

Location: Reyer City Prison

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:










The Mini Mill

At some point in time someone designed a miniature windmill that could be held in one hand, and at the flip of a small switch on one of the legs could be activated to give them the effects of a cool breeze on a hot day.

It turned out to be a great invention, but someone complained about the power of the air it produced not being strong enough, so with a touch of magic the fan speed was increased. But a little too much.

The Mini Mill is about 6 inches tall and 3 inches wide. It consists of two sets of rotating metal sails in the front followed by smaller ones behind each of those two in the back. Originally it was powered by a small propulsion system, like a tiny motor. With the added magic the sails blast air at the rate of a jet engine. The blast of air it can produce can be strong; however it does not cause an equal opposite reaction for the one holding it. While most complained about the speed and force of the wind, these individuals were flicking the switch all the way up, and nowhere in between. Turned slightly up, it can generate a cooling breeze to relax on a hot day. When flicked all the way up, one can push small portions of the clouds away, or even power the sails of a boat. Draws its power from the air around it, so it cannot be used underwater; duh.

Location: Wicker Town Prison

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:




Dragon's Light

Many believe this to be the light shone from the breath of a dragon, but in truth it is simply the glow and warmth from a Crystal located in the Garden of the Dragon. There once was a prisoner so fascinate by the beauty of the crystal that he was able to bore of a chunk to carve into a dragon tail tip. When held, the Dragon’s light can replenish dark moods by dampening the evil and brightening the spirit. It can also heal minor aches and pains, tiny scratches and bruises. BUT if one carries a major and death seeking injury with this crystal in hand, they will slowly be turned to granite. Preserved to forever live through the pain of death.

Once the prisoner made it, he sold it at the Hall of Artistic Pursuits, the person said to own the object lives somewhere around Strider City.

Location: Strider City Rehabilitation Center

Current Thread:

Artifact Owned By:












These artifacts are from cities that were destroyed or had extensive lore/name changes.








Captain Jaiker

Long ago the ship of Captain Jaiker along with his crew, his treasure and the dear Captain himself disappeared… Aboard was a chest of secret treasure he kept for himself. After so long, could it still exist at the bottom of the sea? Or could it be hidden on land?

Somewhere from the inlet to the town…

The chest must be open by four people. The strongest man, or craftiest locksmith couldn't open this chest to save their lives. Inside is: an eye patch that grants night vision; a telescope that shows trails of red smoke leading to land and purple smoke leading to ships; a pistol that fires a rope that ties itself around whatever it can; a knee-length pirates coat that has four interior pockets, the mouths of which stretch 12x12 inches around ( can only hold one item per pocket, and as long as it fits 12x12 it can go in all the way, yet you can't feel the object from the outside or inside of the jacket once it's in the pocket); a peg leg that has a blunderbuss built into it; a hook that will always catch a fish when its cast, be it a minnow or a wale (Dice system D10. 1 is a minnow, 10 is a humpback or larger); a bandanna that is always chilled, 27x27 inches(for your head or perishables); and two gold and jewel trimmed compact mirrors that act as two way visual communicators. The rest of the chest is filled with gold, silver, and jewels. The catch is that the keys to the chest are the four people's left index fingers, which are cut off and the wound burned shut as soon as the chest opens.

Location: Testerossa Town




A Sticky Bandage

A special box of bandages used to heal any and all non-life threatening injuries. The only problem is, once a bandage goes on, it’s hard pressed to come off. There are only 17 left in the box and each can be used only once.They can be stretched to whatever size is necessary, starting out the length and width of the pinky finger.

The bandages are meant for quick fixes during battle until you can take time to properly take care of them. The extent of their use is for very deep cuts that need blocking and stitches lest you bleed out, or patches over chopped off limbs, but no putting them over your tummy if your intestines are spilling out.The longer they are left on, the harder the bandage is to take off, as they meld with the skin.

30 minutes- You're fine, it'll pull some hairs.
1 hour- You may rip off some skin.
11/2 hours- Skin rips will cause slight bleeding.
2 hours- Warning. Leave it on unless you want to make another wound, as it is now a part of your body.

Location: Celin City, Radiant Hands Infirmary










The Olive Branch

Has the power to bring warring nations tribes, nations, and just brawlers in general together in peace and harmony if held by the two opposing leaders at the same time.

Last known location is Kuratel somewhere among the brambles of the Olive Tree Plantations. Good luck. Needle in a stack of needles… or rather, a branch in a pile of branches. It only works when two hold the branch. Differences are seen from the other’s perspective and the most logical courses of action are brought to mind and unspoken between the two in agreement. The branch can be stirred into beverages to bring about a soothing, and calming state of mind. Must be offered between the two by one who has the best of intentions, if not, the power is corrupted, and anger and frustration are heightened.

Location: Kuratel City




Tinker Soldiers

Much the collector’s item, after some advanced tinkering with magic and a hint of technological advancement, these tiny soldiers can transform into life sized warriors. How you ask? Well now…. That’s a good question isn’t it?You may have to ask the madman in the dungeon that one.

A set of what looks to be ten simple toy soldiers. Each soldier is approximately 2 inches tall, depending on their stance approximately 1 – 1 ½ in wide, and wears the sigil of the High Crest Militia. Each has its own uniquely designed sword, though it’s hard to see without a magnifying glass. This set of soldiers was made in honor of 10 heroes who went missing during the completion of a special mission. (In order to activate them, they must be placed in a pot of water while in a rolling boil for about 10 minutes, then taken out by the hand of the brave and placed along a stone wall where moonlight can reach them.In a few moments time they will transform into average sized men capable of defending themselves and others. They can only be controlled by the brave hand that drew them from the boiling water, as the flesh of the fingers is branded with their imprints. They will only stay ‘alive’ for three days at a time. And once they are done it takes 10 days before they can be reactivated.)

Location: High Crest










Spirit Sphere

The collection sphere… When we pass we wish to enter the beyond…Sometimes there are those who will not let us pass as we please. Trapped inside of this golf ball sized sphere are some of the spirits who’ve tried to trespass in the Crossroads. Kept from doing so, they were trapped on accident by a young girl, now long gone. When held, the spirits can be drawn forth one at a time,and their powers used for limited portions of time.

1.The Locksmith – use him in a jam.

2. Master Archer – To hit a target you cannot see.

3. Fire Mage – Can do one average action.

4. Fluffy – A cute little bear with a dark side. Need a monster quick? Well here you have him.

Location: Union City




Spellsong Ammo

Ammo created by the legendary gunsmith of Genesaris. Long ago while tampering with weaponry, she decided to craft ammunition for a specialized weapon. The bullets are simply shells with engraved runes. Much like a person, it needs to be filled in order to be used… Maybe someone has enough soul to fire such a bullet.

Unfortunately things went awry as hooligans attempted to steal it. Hidden away somewhere in the city, the ammo sits gathering dust, waiting to be used by an owner of good fortune and a strong, sound soul.

The bullets are fast, and strike with deadly precision. When wielded by one of a morally good alignment, the projectiles are blue ethereal, and heavily stun the target with the force of a charging animal. When wielded by one of morally bad alignment, the projectiles are red ethereal, and pierce and cut the target with the force of a... bullet. When wielded, clear intent and purpose must be made and focused on to give the projectiles a strong enough punch. Intent must be declared (internally or vocally) with each shot. If used repeatedly in a single battle, moral alignment and purpose will become obscured, as the current will of the user's soul is being fired to achieve their means. The first three shoots are the strongest. Good EX: Shots 1-3, charging rhino. 4-8, charging mule deer. 9-over, charging fawn.

Bad EX: Shots 1-3, cannon fire. 4-8, 12-gauge slug shot. 9-over, over charged 10-pump BB gun.

Location: Kaurilia City










Bean of Vitality

Somehow, due to their constant appreciation and oneness with the nature around them, they are sometimes gifted with a crystalline bean when harvested.These beans have been collected and safely stored within the Airship Base to keep them from being stolen. Each bean has the ability to revitalize the weak person who swallows it. In any one person’s lifetime, they can only survive ingesting one of these beans, so they are coveted for times of extreme emergency only. If one who is already strong in body tries to ingest one, they slowly crystallize from the inside out, until they are entirely solid. One breath, one bat of an eyelash and the solidified person becomes dust in the wind.

Location: Vintel City




The Mastered Graduate

A book comprised of the written hand of multiple students on all academia necessary to become the ‘perfect’ student. Multiple spells and course material exams are hidden in this hardback leather clad book. The only problem is that it tends to disappear in a person’s greatest time of need, the creators believing that a good amount of study before an exam is just as important as having the book. Knowledge is earned through learning, not taken lightly through the work of others.

The book contains the greatest listing of source material on any subject you can think of; all found in the index. The book will give information on what is known throughout the world of Valucre as if the creators were telling you. However, if one were to attempt to read the book right before a test, during a test, or during battle, the pages will go blank.

Location: Ballard Bay, The Silver Scroll Academy










All Beat as One

With the beat of every heart, it is the thump of a drum. There is only one drum that can set the rhythm of all the people into one distinct pattern. During the time of the grand bonfire as they gather round the flames to dance and sing, a sole drum sets the beat. This drum had the power to move the people, stringing their hearts together weaving them all as one entity. With this drum one could cultivate the masses.

In the town center of course, guarded by high hippies.

The drum is not played by anyone. It simply floats and plays at the user’s command. Those that hear the drum do not tire as they march or walk to their ends. All worries other than that of the collective are swept away in a surge of motivation. The ferocity of the group is replaced by a can-do attitude, and the will of a hero. The group strikes harder, blocks better, and dodge faster. Light attacks are shrugged off by those marching under the drum, while killing blows are met with laughter, happy to have taken part in the cause. This odd behavior is unnerving to the opposing force, causing a slight drop in moral and vigor. If the drum is played longer than an hour, it will result in the users group throwing a party, if they are not already doing so.

Location: Talthanus




Patch of Honor

A Thundermaster once so powerful and great had fallen. Deep beneath the pressure of his own greatness, he wanted nothing but his honor to be recognized for generations to come. His thirst for approval was never quenched, as no matter how much he was told he was honorable and noble, his pride always expected more applause. After battering a crowd for their lack of appreciation for his skill, he was attacked, the patch of his uniform torn away. One who wears or carries it, will be able to control the will and vigor of the crowd they speak to, giving them the honor of their presence. But it comes with the price of their sanity… It begins slowly, but the more you call upon the powers of persuasion and rouse the people to whatever cause you want them to believe, your mind begins to fracture twofold. Eventually… you will be as lost as the original bearer of the patch.

Pinned onto the uniform of the original owner. Currently on display with a photo of the man in the Military headquarters of Stormward. It is kept under spells to keep it safe, clean, and out of the wrong grubby hands.

Location: Stormward










Put a Cork in it

Unlike any normal cork, this one has found itself a distasteful personality. Making horrid ditties about whom ever decides to pop it from the bottle, it has nothing but unkind words to share. If one can stand to listen to the cork long enough, they may find a pattern in its words, to decipher the secret it is actually telling. The formula for the absolutely most epic wine the world will ever see which could be sold for a decent amount of coin, if slipped to the right people…

Fruited Gems Winery shoved in a cloth bag shoved in the back of a junk drawer somewhere.

[The cork is also useful in acts of spying, as it can gather and withhold information, if controlled properly. Otherwise it does not shut up.]

Location: Lanternway City




Model Airship

A mishap of a gift, the master designer handed a model for a new design of airship to one of his cities children. Unfortunately, imbued with the same magitech as the actual airship, the design can be dangerous not only during child’s play, but the wrong hands as well.

Somewhere in the hands of a city child… perhaps?

Comes with a hand-held magitech controller. Despite its size, the model airship can haul 300 pounds, making it possible to straddle and ride with enough room on the back for a passenger or light baggage. Though you will look rather childish. The engines have the ability to travel up to 80 MPH. Considering its size, the engines and exhaust cannot handle prolonged use, thus one can only travel 80 miles before it will overheat, and in turn needs a 24 hour break between flights. If the 80 mile mark is not taken into consideration and the user continues the flight, a siren will alarm the user before blowing up in a two meter radius. Take care of your toys.

Location: Telerian City










Crest of the Crow

Made for a ruler long ago by his secret lover. Upon murdering her, the ruler’s wife cast the pin into the sea. It is cursed with the forlorn soul of the lost lover. When held by one with the ability to invoke the dead, the spirit can enhance the user’s magical abilities.

Tossed into the Inlet where the North Seas laps against the City shores…

It Grants a master’s ability to raise the dead, control spirits, and cast a wide variety of spells involving destruction to others bodies.

While in the user's possession, loved ones and friends will seem distant, and thoughts of betrayal and repulsion will fill the user's mind. While not weakening the user, with extreme use the body will take on the appearance of the dead. Ex: Flesh will pale and tear open, teeth will blacken, and hair will wither.

Location: Saber City




Enchanted Tools

The tools are geared for quick fixing of any mechanical issue. Enchanted for accuracy and fast fix.

Most likely hidden somewhere within the Epicenter.

The tools seem to find the problems and fix them on their own, welding, hammering, and soldering whatever may be wrong in a matter of minutes. Ex: A watch will take a few seconds, a chip or break in a weapon will take five minutes, but a power-suit engine will take half an hour. Exacts a toll from the user upon completion of the task at hand, based on use. For instance if you fix a helmet or pocket watch, you'll experience a soreness in the wrist for a few minutes, while fixing a whole power-suit will cause severe pain throughout the body for a couple hours.

Location: Joran City










Scale Mail

A variance in chain mail to mark the name of the city in which it was designed for. The links are chains connected to specialized metal disks made to represent scales. The overlapping scales make it a sturdy armor piece. Durable against blunt attacks, and direct strikes would slide right off due to the surface of the scales manipulated over the chain mail.

Each disk and ring is comprised of Salerian steel with ore that was mined from the city whence it came. Forged by the villages very own smithies for one of their Legionnaires and endowed with Mindflayer’s blood. The armor is imbued with the power of the Mindflayer's ability to exponentially increase the aura and range of one's psionic perception. It also helps precognitive perception and grants the user "whatever you want here".

Note: Mindflayers are good about seeking into the souls of people.

Location: Scales Village




Shield of Ice

The Ice shield is a metallic buckler forged from the sorrow of an unnamed witch. Legend has it that the witch's husband was killed by the Gaian inquisition. When the witch found out about her husband's torture and death at the hands of the inquisition she was struck down with depression and eventually took her own life. The ill emotions associated around the event solidified into a hunk of enchanted metal. By happenstance a thief that had been casing the house for some time broke in only hours later. Never one to let opportunity pass him by, he seized the hunk of metal along with many other valuables.

The metal was eventually sold to a fence, who then sold it to a smithy.The smithy was the one who shaped the metal into the buckler.

The buckler in question has a diameter of only two feet. However, its ability to constantly cause endothermic reactions allows it to augment its size by freezing the air around it.
This endothermic reaction, however, is not limited to just physical energies and in fact actively seeks emotional energies. Thus individuals who remain in prolonged contact with the buckler frequently fall into a state of melancholy.Any weapon that strikes the shield will be burdened by ice, making the weapon heavier to bear for a brief time. If placed to surfaces for an extended period of time,the shield will freeze said object to the point of it becoming brittle. Ex: Lock breaking, or breaking a friend out of prison through shattered stone.

Location: Cobran Town








The Fire Gauntlet

Two Pieces: 1. Fiendish Hand & 2. Eye of Manipulation

The gauntlet shall be worn by a natural born elemental to enhance the abilities of said wielder. Not only does it enhance the element they contain,but also provides a trained understanding of other elements as well: Fire, Air, Water, Wind, and shadow,(“umbramancy”.)

The Gauntlet is worn on the hand and contains an orb that can be sent forth and recalled at will.
In the hands of a non-elemental it would merely be the equivalent of a baseball and mitt.

Deep beneath the city where the criminals hide, is an old and hidden treasury. Once belonging to the original Kings of the less than honorable, they collected and hid precious treasures that were forgotten as the years went by.There is a map hidden somewhere in the catacombs that can lead one to this artifact.

Location: Celin City, Catacombs





Credits: The Hummingbird, Pasion Pasiva, Terrenus Artifacts Layout [supernal], -Hoplessly Hopeful-, Toren, Armin, Praetorian, Fallen Joy, Nam3lessOne, Exequim, -Lilium-, All images from wonderful artists on deviantart.

All artifacts are part of the Lore of Genesaris.


Edited by -Lilium-

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