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-Whispers in the Woods-

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Nica watched the young man stutter and stumble, and she smiled as gently as she could, doing her best to not to embarrass the poor fellow. Shifting her armful of weapons and armor, she tried to break his stream of rambling and started to reply, "Nice to meet you, Private Crim." Her voice was rougher than the typical woman's, but no less clear and authoritative. She observed him, seeing nothing more than a green warrior in a new situation. She waited behind the entire group of officers, letting them go first.

There seemed to be quite the mess.

Frowning, she followed them, not wanting to be left alone if something bad was happening--a general survival instinct. The blacksmith peeked over the heads of the militia, seeing a girl being cut down from a tree. Now, that was really curious. The forces Coban, though rarely utilized against larger human threats, were not weak or poorly trained. This did not bode well if someone had simply tied up the officer.

She looked around, seeing if anything was there, and then the crack of a tree being felled. Though it didn't sound like it just fell, it sounded like it was hacked into pieces all at once. Clinging to her pieces, she followed the group as they moved towards the forest. Nica wasn't sure if that was a wise move.

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The forest was a wall of black all around them—just the trees, Naria told herself. Despite that reassurance, something felt off. It was too quiet, after that loud crack. She should have heard leaves rustling in the wind, or small animals scuttling through the underbrush, away from the disturbance.

The light of the fading sunset trickled in between the treetops. Naria squinted at the forest floor. It was spongy beneath her booted feet, damp with fallen leaves and growing mosses. No footprints that she could see. Crim's question hung like an axe at the back of her mind. Was Coban under some sort of attack? Who in their right mind would just truss up a lone militia member and retreat into the forest?

Naria unslung her bow, held it loosely just to be ready. No one had spoken yet. She needed [I]something[/I] other than a few overactive imaginations to go on here.

"Sir?" she spoke to Seluride. "What exactly are we looking for, here?"

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[quote name='Edgar']"Everyone–"[/quote]

The signal went up - just a slash through the air and, if one asked Jack, not a terribly formidable one at that. With these greenies following them around, there needed to be a bit more bravado before they watered the forest with their own piss.

Speaking of...

Nimpra took the lead; she always did. The woman was a die-hard soldier.. always making everyone else look lazy. Giving the woman an eye-full, Jack squinted and figured he could do a little 'tree-watering' of his own before they got too far ahead. Giving a heavy, barrel chested hrrrmph, Jack pointed his thick finger at the two noobs he'd been assigned.

[quote name='Naria']"Sir?" she spoke to Seluride. "What exactly are we looking for, here?"[/quote]

"Not sure. Then again, when's we ever sure? Ain't like the bandits git us a head count 'fore we break'm up.. the job's the job." he explained simply.

"Now, the two'a youse, wait fer me. My eyes'r floatin'.." he said, already fumbling with his belt as he turned away and wandered off toward some bit of forest greenery behind them. Having found a suitable bush, the man took a few settling steps, unleashed the dragon, and..


It wasn't nice to get a man up without giving him some time to handle his business.

The sound of water splattering on mud went for what seemed to be minutes until all was said and done and, having zipped up and 'cleaned' his hands (since there were ladies present) on a dew-drop covered series of leaves, Jack ambled back over to the group, drew his axe, puffed up his chest, and [i]commanded[/i] in quite a formidable tone, "Men and women of Coban, [B]advance![/B]"

There, that oughta do it. Edited by Noko

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The obvious course of action was to immediately return to the garrison and discuss what was to be done. The events that had taken place out here in the woods were more than odd. If the thing that had tied Ren to the tree was any indication of what would follow, there was no way she wanted to get involved. This was a job for the real soldiers.

Of course, Sergeant Ren kept this idea to herself. No need to add to humiliation.

[quote name='"Captain Edgar"']"Everyone-"[/QUOTE]

A sudden snap back in the dark woods jerked her head upwards in the direction of the sound.

[I]What the...[/I]

Ren's eyes narrowed as the Captain signaled an advance. It wasn't like Edgar to be so reckless.

"Great," she muttered under her breath. There was no choice but to follow...reluctantly. What a mess. Edgar better be careful or he was going to get them all into a muck of trouble.

The sound of liquid splattering against the ground behind her made her stop. First the thunderous crack from up ahead. Now this slightly less ominous trickle behind. [I]Right behind. Why wasn't everyone else paying attention? Was she the only one able to hear it?[/I]

Ren slowly turned to face whatever the source might be....just in time to see Corporal Jack Seluride zip up his pants and wipe his hands on the closest leaves.


Ren growled angrily, making burning eye contact before spinning back around and joining Edgar at the front of the Milita group.

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