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Although I already have a section in the [URL="http://www.valucre.com/showthread.php/19925-Bulletin-Board"][B]Bulletin Board[/B][/URL] for Groups and Organizations, after seeing a like thread in Adaviel, I thought it would be a nice idea to have a thread dedicated to groups both NPC (like a few guilds I am about to throw up) and user-made. It's a good way to bring attention to Terrenus specific groups.

Enjoy. Edited by supernal

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[CENTER][B]Thieves' Guild[/B]
[SIZE=1]Art by: [URL="http://medok81.deviantart.com/"]Medok81[/URL][/SIZE]
[B]Thieves' Guild[/B][/CENTER]

The Thieves' Guild is an unassuming textile shop, somewhat larger than the shops surrounding it. As the textile shop also houses the living quarters of the merchant family that owns it, the property and the ground it was built upon an inheritance from an opulent ancestor, its size raises no question.

Although legitimate business is done through the shop, its primary purpose is to house, train and hide members of the Guild. A majority of the Guild infrastructure is underground and hidden from view.

[BOX][B]Room Levels[/B][/BOX]

[B]Level One[/B]

Young thieves are trained to pick pouches and slit purses by approaching a waiting instructor from behind. If the instructor hears the scuff of feet or the touch of a dipping hand or, worse yet, hears the clunk of dropped mock coin, the thief is cuffed. There is also group training on this level, where one thief jostles a mark from the front, the other snatches from behind, and the lifted items swiftly passed from thief to thief.

[B]Level Two[/B]

Older, or merely the more skilled, students do laboratory work in lock picking at this level. Long tables were attended to by an even number of evenly spaced students. They hunched over their portion of the table, probing the keyholes of half a dozen locks set side by side by slim lock-picks, while a supervisor watches them all keenly with a sandglass near at hand.

A larger group of students is held in rapt attention by an older, graybeard thief with a lame leg who, while lecturing them on the theory behind exploiting mechanical defects, takes apart a complex lock piece by piece and puts it back together again.

[B]Level Three[/B]

The mess hall.

[B]Level Four[/B]

This level is lightly padded all over, sections of it devoted to the training of different aspects of agility and endurance. Thieves are taught slipping, dodging, ducking, tumbling, tripping and other methods of foiling pursuit and avoiding capture.


Aside from having a hideout and training at the hands of skilled instructions, the Thieves' Guild is also proud to offer its members a [B]5% discount[/B] on all Terran Market items. The guild can also provide basic tools of the trade, limited to small daggers and basic poisons. Edited by supernal

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