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Bestiary | Updated: 2017OCT28

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† Alphabetical | (f)—familiar | (u)—unnatural | red is unique/legendary †

D1E — Dice Combat


KING'S FEAST : LIMITED EDITION MOBS (Oct. 31, 2017 — Jan. 01, 2017)



heart.png — Special thanks to: Paradigm, Eriadu, Arcanist, Abstract, Garion, Alexei & Dastino —


Updated: 28 OCT 2017

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UPDATED: List & Format

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Attention, Potential Bestiary Creationist,
I pray not to regret this; the Alterion Bestiary is open-forum. Anyone may add their own mobs to the roster and I will update the ToC to reflect, however I ask that you consciously think long and hard about your submissions and make them not only relevant to the world, but also serious and to the point. Follow the layout given to you below and make them legitimate or they will be removed or you will be asked to alter it to fit the world better.



Class 1 / I

  • These are considered the lowest tier mobs. They are the weakest creatures in Alterion.
  • Notable: Pathetic. Often small. Often many. Often fodder.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling a 3 or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Ten or more posts a thread.

Class 2 / II

  • These are weak creatures, but are a bit larger or may put up a shade more fight than Class 1, but not likely.
  • Notable: Pitiful. Usually smaller than a meter³. Heavier fodder. Still lame.
  • If using Dice System: Rolling a 3 or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Fifteen or more posts a thread.

Class 3 / III

  • These are mediocre creatures. Average across the board or skewed to be weak in one area and strong in another.
  • Notable: Challenging. Often something of consequence in lower quests. Seen in small groups.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling two 3s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Twenty or more posts a thread.

Class 4 / IV

  • These are difficult creatures, often packing a wallop and are found to be difficult to take on alone.
  • Notable: Hard. Severe in a one-on-one. Not often more than two. Tends to kill lesser Classes.
  • Suggested to request a Storyteller of Valucre or NPC from the Alterion NPCer's Listing
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling two 4s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Thirty or more posts a thread.

Class 5 / V

  • These are usually rare or legendary creatures. Often found guarding rare or legendary items. Often ass-kickers...
  • Notable: Not suggested to solo. Heavy-hitters. Never more than one, unless all apart of one.
  • Required to have an Alterion NPCer.
  • If using the Dice System: Rolling four 4s or higher will defeat this creature.
  • Fifty or more posts a thread.

Familiar Notice: If you see some of the beasts say they can be taken as a familiar, then how you understand the Class Rating is the first number is the encounter number. A Fae encounter is Class 1, but if they are taken as a familiar, they can be trained to a Class 3. If a Dragon Spriten is encountered, it is a Class 2 and can be trained to a Class 4 familiar. Each of the classes requires that Class # of posts to Level your familiar.
Example: You catch a Dragon Spriten. It's Class 2.
To get it to Class 3, you need a new thread, separate from the first [or the same] with the [an additional] Class 3 posts, 20 or more.
To get it to Class 4, you need to add on or have a new thread with another 30 posts.

Someone who achieves this will earn titles, an award for 
Beastmastery and items for their accomplishments.



† All fields are required.
† Fields may be added.
† Images are required.
Image may be imgalign=right inside of Legend tag or above Legend box centered.
† If
field is not applicable, put NA.
† Fields may read 'Guesstimated' and will be edited once a suitable thread is completed.


You've stumbled across a tome in the Ancient Library and discovered the Legacy of Monsters. All of the recorded beasts of Alterion are in this book and some that have only been encountered a couple times, have less statistics than those who are battleworn. Flipping through the pages either in person or across the digital manuscripts in the Internet Archives, you'll come to notice that some monsters have only been sighted and fields annotated as 'Guesstimated' due to their lack of exploration.

Rediscovering these creatures and where they've been sighted as well as gathering intelligence on them may be a profitable task! Historians, Archivists, and Librarians alike are always looking for young, noble journalists, explorers, and adventurers to go and do their misguided biddings at the turn of a coin. Maybe the notion has been planted in your head, just from the OCD feeling that the incomplete archive gives you ...?


Beast Title: -full name of creature-
Beast Alias: -names by which others have referred to this creature as-
Beast Class: -this is from the classification table above-
Familiar?: -can this beast be a companion or familiar to a player character, Yes or No-

Known Locations: -known whereabouts-
Assumed Locations: -for those monster-hunting, guesstimated starting locations-

Dimensions: -length x width x height; if varies, you may end with 'Varies' or give 'min—max' measurements-
Weight: -for consistency, please add pounds and kilograms; using "190 pounds to kg" in Google will automatically give you a conversion table in the browser.
Exterior: -skin, scales, fur; colors, tusks, horns-

Temperament: -aggressive, passive, neutral, within a certain distance it attacks, etc-
Strengths: -what is this beast good at?-
Weaknesses: -what faults does this beast possess?-

Weapons: -what might it have on it or be carrying?-
Items: -what might it have on it or be carrying?-
Drops/Reward: -some materials can only be obtained through mob-drops, what is the reward?-

Observation: -this can either be an NPC account of sighting or a player analysis after a hunt-


Beast Title:
Beast Alias:
Beast Class:

Known Locations:
Assumed Locations:





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Beast Title: Spink
Beast Alias: Spies, Interceptors
Beast Class: Class II
Familiar?: No.

Known Locations: Throughout Alterion
Assumed Locations: Everywhere

Dimensions: 3"~5" L x 4"~6" W x 8"~14" H; Varies
Weight: 1 lb / 0.45 kg
Exterior: Spiny exterior; biological and machine combination.

Temperament: Sly, sneaky, passive.
Strengths: Hard external shell with retractable spines.
Weaknesses: Lack any form of strength. Enough to move its own weight.

Weapons: Retractable spines with Spink Venom; nerve agent. A prick will put a grown man out for an hour.
Items: NA
Drops/Reward: Salvage up to 5 spines chambered with Spink Venom (SV).

Observation: "Those little bastards made off with some valuable information that night. My guys saw it, ran over and stomped on it. Put the guy down cause a spike went through his shoe and ran off. Damn-hard shell and weasely little fuckers. I wonder who has that information now..." —Head of Building Security, Aureus.

History: No one knows how they started or where they came from, but rumor has it that rats got into some machine hardware and the machines consumed them! Took them over and began doing as they pleased. Small enough to fit through duct work, it's commonly understood or a known saying that if you're missing a sock from your laundry, "The Spinks probably got it..."
Some people have caught them and supposedly reprogrammed them for personal use and work, but there's no validation to such an accusation.

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Beast Title: Fae
Beast Alias: Fairies, Anthrofae
Beast Class: Class I - III
Familiar?: Yes

Known Locations: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
Assumed Locations: NA; not thought to be in the cities willingly

Dimensions: 1'—3' tall, ~1' wide
Weight: 15—30 lbs. / 6—14 kg.
Exterior: Soft fur in a vibrant variety of colors coat their fur. Somewhat tribal in nature, they live within the trees or among them, no one really knows.

Temperament: Mild and Reclusive; fiercely loyal
Strengths: Crystal Magic and Illusions, hiding
Weaknesses: Strength and size

Weapons: Wooden objects made from the forest; small swords, mallets work best, due to bludgeoning and not based on sharpness
Items: Tiny familiars that aid in casting, gathering potencies and distractions. Mimics. Are they illusions or not?
Drops/Reward: If Fairly Defeated, may take one as a familiar. If killed, excellently crafted wooden trinkets and a magical pelt... murderer.

Observation: Oye! Wee lil' forest ghosts, they be! Good luck, me boys say, as they don't seem to attack. Tho' trickey they be, makin' me boy's desires manifest and be thinkin' trees be busty lasses. Ner'laughed so hard ta see Amesh run headlong inta' a tree, thinkin' it wuz a busty goio. Funny times. —Overheard conversation in a bar between adventurers.

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Beast Title: Dragon | Spriten
Beast Alias: Baby Dragon, Hatchling, Tiny Dragon
Beast Class: Class II - IV
Familiar?: Yes

Known Locations: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
Assumed Locations: Rarely seen inside the cities and only as familiars.

Dimensions: 1'—2.5' head to tail | 2' wingspan
Weight: 10—25 lbs / 4—13 kg.
Exterior: Variety of colors and smooth scales, almost unnoticeable

Temperament: Varies (think dogs), all how you train them once caught.
Strengths: Flies, incredibly fast and agile, breath attacks (elements vary)
Weaknesses: More fragile and light weight, susceptible to opposite element.

Weapons: Breath attacks (elemental) and claws.
Items: NA
Drops/Reward: If Captured and Tamed over time, will become a fiercely loyal familiar. If killed: dragon heart, dragon-tail, wings, and scales may be harvested.

Observation: Crafty little buggers, they are! Super fast and hard to catch. Sometimes they flee, but the crazy ones are the few you really gotta watch out for. Little bastards will charge head on, as tiny as they are, they're lethal. —Dragon Tamer from Izral.

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Beast Title: Frost Wolf
Beast Alias: Frost, The Frozen
Beast Class: Class III - V
Familiar?: Yes

Known Locations: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
Assumed Locations: Rarely seen inside the cities and only as familiars.

Dimensions: 3.5'—6.5' head to tail | 3.5'—5.5' pad to eartip
Weight: 125—200 lbs / 57—91 kg.
Exterior: Often white. Extremely rare to see in other colors and not be of the frost element.

Temperament: Docile, unless provoked. Will sense danger and retaliate.
Strengths: Extreme cold. Freezing abilities. Tail whips.
Weaknesses: Extreme heats.

Weapons: Frost breath, frost strikes, tail whips, throwing ice spikes.
Items: Frosted Skull Buckler
Drops/Reward: If Captured and Tamed over time, will become a fiercely loyal familiar. If killed: Frosted Skull Buckler, Frost Wolf Tail Whips (x2), Ice Crystals

Observation: You'll never believe what I saw! I was sitting in my bedroom window, which overlooks the MaGNUS forest! And I saw a FROST WOLF! HOW COOL IS THAT!? AND, AND AND IT TOTALLY HOWLED! AND THE TREES ABOVE AND AROUND IT ALL FROSTED UP AND OVER WITH WHITE! IT WAS ~!! AWESOME !!~ —Young Lad

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—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Basilisk
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: King of Snakes
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class V
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: A creature of legend, rarely sighted

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 6' - 8' tall | 15' - 20' length
—[B]Weight[/B]: 100 - 150 lbs
—[B]Exterior[/B]: A reptile with bird-like characteristics. Covered in rock hard scales in a variety of colors.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Aggressive
—[B]Strengths[/B]: The basilisk is said to have the power to turn other living creatures to stone with its gaze. Its bodily fluids are poisonous, often creating blighted plant life in the basilisk's nesting areas.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Soft underbelly can be easily pierced

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Teeth, stone gaze
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Stone Broadsword - A petrified sword forged from the weapons of failed attackers, now trapped in the basilisk's gut. The resulting sword is stronger and sharper than many of the realm's commonly created weapons.

—[B]Observation[/B]: "No one's ever seen the basilisk and lived. Trackers say they've seen signs of its passing: dead spots where it slithered through the grass, the smell of burnt sulfur in its wake. But everyone knows those guys are full of it. You'd have to venture deep into the heart of the Forest to run into anything too dangerous, and who the hell wants to do that?"[/legend]

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[legend=Woodland Crawler][imgalign=right]http://i40.tinypic.com/ogvtdz.jpg[/imgalign]
—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Woodland Crawler
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Sticky, Tree Sucker
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class II
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Heavily wooded areas

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 3" - 4" tall | 8" - 12" long
—[B]Weight[/B]: .92 oz / 26 g average
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Slimy, sleek skin of a green hue generally accompanied by varying lighter-colored markings. Skin flaps that resemble leaves.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Placid unless attacked. Reacts with flight instincts.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Strong suction cups, camouflage abilities, poisonous bite.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Soft skin, zero natural armoring.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Salivary glands loaded with tetrodotoxin-producing bacteria. A bite can paralyze or kill an adult human in a number of minutes.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Crawler Toxin (x2), Crawler Eyeball
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Crawler Toxin[/COLOR]: Deadly, useful for arrow tips and to add an edge to any weapon.
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Crawler Eyeball[/COLOR]: Common in enchantment bags and other magical uses.

—[B]Observation[/B]: "At first, I could have sworn they were just leaves, but when I looked closer I noticed they were alive! It was like the whole forest was alive! Their camouflage works marvelously, and they seem to feed off bugs and small birds. They don't really get angry unless you poke them a whole lot." - Biologist Explorer[/legend] Edited by capricious

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—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Witwag
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Comedian, Shitface
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class II - III
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: Yes

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: [COLOR="#FF0000"]???[/COLOR]
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Plains and hills, other mountainous areas

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 2' - 3' height to shoulder | 2' - 4' length without tail
—[B]Weight[/B]: 110 - 190 lbs / 50-86 kg
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Hard, dry scales and skin; rough to the touch. Dark, bland coloring with blushed, ugly faces and reflective eyes, as well as tall ears.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Bold, sneaky; will attack if it perceives you as a threat.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Tough skin, resistance to heat, night vision, acute sense of hearing, live in packs, endurance.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Loud, stupid.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Sharp claws, sharp teeth.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Witwag Tail, Witwag Pelt
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Witwag Tail[/COLOR]: Common in enchantment bags and other magical uses.
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Witwag Pelt[/COLOR]: Makes fine, sturdy leather.

—[B]Observation[/B]: "Hate the damned things. They raid all the crops and they'll eat the livestock, too. Pests, they are. Ya always know when they're out there by howls and laughter they make in the night." - Farmer[/legend] Edited by capricious

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[legend=Gearan Bear][imgalign=right]http://i44.tinypic.com/2vbk9sj.jpg[/imgalign]
—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Gearan Bear
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Mighty One, White Demon
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class III
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: MaGNUS Forest, The Forest
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Usually snowy, tundra-like areas, uncommon, but not rare, to see in the Forest

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 9'5" -12'
—[B]Weight[/B]: 250-470 lbs.
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Variates from a dark brown, to a powder-gray, to even a beige. Soft to the touch, sometimes crusted with dirt or berry juice

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Docile, intelligent; will only attack if attacked
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Razor-like claws and teeth, intelligence, an ability used to summon other Gearan Bears called "Fallen Warrior"
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Big and slow, non-territorial

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Sharp claws and teeth, "Fallen Warrior"
—[B]Items[/B]: N/A
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Gearan Bear pelt (x4), small stamina and Mana boost due to the Gearan's wise spirit

—[B]Observation[/B]: "MMM... MM-HMM-MM-M MMMM...." -Severely Injured Hospital Patient[/legend] Edited by Dastino

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[legend=Sundive Sparrow][imgalign=right]http://i40.tinypic.com/2i8jia9.jpg[/imgalign]
—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Sundive Sparrow
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Diver, Fairy
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class I
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: Yes

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: [COLOR="#FF0000"]???[/COLOR]
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Open spaces by lakes, waterfalls, and other bodies of water.

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 14 - 18 centimeters tall
—[B]Weight[/B]: Around 42 grams
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Soft feathers, variations of bright and colorful patterns, pink legs.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Even-tempered, docile.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Speed, flight.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Small size.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Beak, claws.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Sundive Sparrow Feathers (x2)
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Sundive Sparrow Feathers[/COLOR]: Common in enchantment bags and other magic uses.

—[B]Observation[/B]: "I saw one down by the lake, and the light reflected off its feathers! It was [I]sooo[/I] pretty!" - Young Girl[/legend] Edited by capricious

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—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Hadronachi
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: J'ba Fofi, Bonepicker
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class III
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: [COLOR="#FF0000"]???[/COLOR]
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Mountainous and dry areas, caves.

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 5' - 5.5' tall | 4' - 5' long
—[B]Weight[/B]: 100 - 110 lbs / 45 - 49 kgs
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Mottled ivory coloring with sinewy dark red underbelly, dry and bony-textured shells, back spines, facial horns, eight legs.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Solitary, violent.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Hard shell armor, sharp spines on the back, venomous bite, a magic ability to generate acid in its throat which it can spray.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Softer underbelly.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Acid, sharp arms/legs, facial horns, venomous bite.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Hadronachi Chitin, Venom (x2)
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Hadronachi Chitin[/COLOR]: Useful to craft high-defense heavy armor.
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Venom[/COLOR]: Add to weapons for mix some into your enemies' drinks!

—[B]Observation[/B]: "We don't see them often, and thank god for that. Mages seem to be interested in them. They live by themselves but they sure do put up a fight. Scares the hell outta the children too." - Local Man[/legend] Edited by capricious

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[legend=Fawny Neeper][imgalign=right]http://i42.tinypic.com/33ljii9.jpg[/imgalign]
—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Fawny Neeper
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Guide
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class I - II
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: Yes

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: MaGNUS Forest, "The Forest"
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Wooded areas, populated areas.

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 12 - 15 centimeters total body length | 16 - 21 centimeters wingspan
—[B]Weight[/B]: .32 - .49 oz / 9 - 14 g
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Soft and fluffy feathers, white underbelly, brown back with speckled wings, dark blue-green eyes surrounded by white, tall ears.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Patient, relaxed.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Intelligence, swiftness, flight, speed.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Small size, lack of ability.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Quick wit, beak.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Neeper Feathers (x2)
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Neeper Feathers[/COLOR]: Can be used in enchantment or mage bags, but you aren't really going to kill one of these, right?

—[B]Observation[/B]: "While they aren't the strongest things out there, they make great pets and familiars because of their friendly nature and natural sense of direction and navigation." - Familiar Specialist[/legend] Edited by capricious

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—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Maelstromamba
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: Cloudeater, Storm Snake
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class IV
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: [COLOR="#FF0000"]???[/COLOR]
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Around bogs and swamps, other foggy locations.

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 3' - 4' tall | 13' - 15' long
—[B]Weight[/B]: 740 lbs / 340 kg
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Dense, slippery skin in dark gray and blue hues, four arms, dark claws, breath vents located on side of the head, dark eyes, wide mouths, scent glands, serpent-like tail.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Wary, peaceful unless provoked, in which case it will retaliate with little hesitation.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: Large size, swimming ability, low-altitude flight ability, brute strength.
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Being stuck over land.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Claws, teeth, heavy weight, serpentine tail.
—[B]Items[/B]: NA
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: Maelstromamba Skin
» [COLOR="#FF0000"]Maelstromamba Skin[/COLOR]: Could be used to make some kind of tight-fitting leather, or maybe a fashionable wetsuit. Surely someone would find it useful; maybe you could make some coin off of it.

—[B]Observation[/B]: "Seein' it in tha water scared me right enough, but through all the fog, I watched it take off into the air! It didn' seem ta go very high but aye, it flew, I swear on me third wife's grave!" - Fisherman[/legend] Edited by capricious

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[legend=The Maw]
—[B]Beast Title[/B]: Hyperion
—[B]Beast Alias[/B]: King of Beasts, The Assimilator, The Grand Maw
—[B]Beast Class[/B]: Class V
—[B]Familiar?[/B]: No

—[B]Known Locations[/B]: MaGNUS Forest, “The Forest”
—[B]Assumed Locations[/B]: Creature of Myth that seemingly exists in tales alone

—[B]Dimensions[/B]: 15’ - 20’ tall | 30 - 40’ long
—[B]Weight[/B]: 1,000lbs – 2,000lbs / 453kg - 907kg
—[B]Exterior[/B]: Hard scales cover its entire body, green which will often to match the forest floor as well. Its hide also shows the ability to freely shift its color to better camouflage itself. Possesses many tentacles armed with scything claws.

—[B]Temperament[/B]: Violent, Highly aggressive, Territorial, will devour anything in its path.
—[B]Strengths[/B]: [abbr=Incredibly strong, it can cause devastating damage to even armoured Mechs and is not to be underestimated.]Strength[/abbr], [abbr=Boasts highly acidic saliva, capable of turning organics into mush in the blink of an eye. It also possesses an immunity to acids and poisons]Acidic Saliva[/abbr], [abbr= Assimilated powers could be from any creature in the bestiary, at most it will have two, NPcer‘s, Storytellers, or Rolls can be used to decide.]Assimilation[/abbr], [abbr=Varies, NPCer, Storyteller, or Rolls can be used to decide.]Elemental Magic[/abbr], [abbr=Highly intelligent]Intellegence[/abbr], [abbr=Scales are very tough, it has a strength value equal to Boron Carbide. These scales also boast a resistance to magics of what ever magical element it possesses at that time.]Scales[/abbr]
—[B]Weaknesses[/B]: Soft spot on its underside, like all living creatures if its vital organs brain, heart, lungs, etc are damaged it can die.

—[B]Weapons[/B]: Intelligence, Claws, tail, saliva, magic, tentacles, camouflage.
—[B]Drops/Reward[/B]: [abbr= Bones made from the Hyperion permeate Fell energies, hungering for the lives of its next victims, capable one ability at a time, for a whole thread.]Hyperion's Blade[/abbr], [abbr=Alterna acquired from this monster is of a higher value, and can be considered highly valuable.]Alterna[/abbr], [abbr=Once defeated the scales can either be a great source of income, or can be used to create some of the strongest armour this side of Valucre.]Scales[/abbr].

—[B]Observation[/B]: “Only tales and legends past down by my family. Really it’s all just tradition, stories to make children behave, well here let me tell you a bit. Before you had the corporations perhaps before the Mason’s, well let’s just say my grandfather’s grandfather knew about this and even before then it was a well-known story. It’s often called The Maw and for good reason, it is said that if you step too deeply in the forest you might never return again. I was told as a young lad that it eats even the most vicious predators, turning even the basilisk into a snack, not only that some have said whole towns have vanished overnight, now I don’t put much stock in stories, but I reckon it could be true, with all the crazy shit going on nowadays.”[/legend] Edited by Garion

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