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Tavern Night [Open]

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[FONT=book antiqua][I]2 Hours after Age of the Sea...[/I]

Kayne Rhandal

The hustle and bustle of the bar and sounds from the bard covered the sounds of the knight's footsteps. His rank had increased due to the battle with the Scylla, one that spanned the entire town of Izabal. Izabal's borders had grown from where it once was. Rommel had become leader of the Army and all mobile units, while Rio had become Naval Commander, a captain status under Rommel. As for Kayden, he had become the new ruler of Izabal, taking the rank of Great Lord. The rule of Exa had been short, the Paladin preferring to go back to his homeland. As for the others, their ranks had been raised and the knight had even taken the head of two others: a recruit named Scarlet, and another named Selena.

The knight, Kayne [formerly called Kaine Zangetsu], had taken a seat in one of the far corners of the tavern. Glancing down, his hands shook with a peculiar ferocity. He had just gotten away with theft. His mind flashed back to when Lucis asked him to steal his resurrection stone and place it within his office at a nearby manse. His nerves had been on edge as the maid kept conversing with him, the stone glowing dimly in his pocket. He slipped past her, finally, and placed the stone, rushing from the manse and heading quietly through the barren streets to the tavern. On a tattered sheet of paper in his pocket, he had scribbled the words 'Kayne Rhandal'. Taking the last name 'Rhandal', he had hoped that he would be able to cover his tracks if any questions arose about the stone.

Another creaking of steps was heard from the door, as another group of adventurers came in with a large bag in tow. They must've just come from a hunt; their bright eyes had been widened by the allure of adventure. Kayne envied them; their love of adventure was something that was lost to him long ago. His young days were over and his adventuring days were long gone. Now his days would be spent watching over his two recruits and remaining to serve under Izabal's military. His life was pretty much set.

After a few minutes, a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes approached him, carrying a menu and tray with half-emptied bottled of downed brews. With nerves this shot, the last thing he wanted was a beer. Besides, he needed a clear head since his recruits training would begin tomorrow. She greeted him with a smile and said:

"Hi, I'm Emily; I'll be your waitress for the evening. What can I start you off with?" she gave a quick flick of her bangs which hung elegantly across her eyes. Had his eyes not already been set on a certain beauty, he would have offered her a seat next to him. But again, he wasn't a forward kind of man. So, taking a breath and letting the image of her seated next to him go, he finally placed an order.

"I'll have some breadsticks and wine."

She looked at him with a look of surprise. For his stature, he was built and slender. There was no way that a man like this would just settle for some bread and drink. A part of her wanted to offer him some meat, but she went against it. With a nod, she made her way to the back of the bar. Soon she would return with food in tow.

A few more breaths and the knight calmed himself down. The music had gone from its previous upbeat melody to a soft gracious collection of artistically placed chords. The music softened his hard exterior and he began to warm himself up to the atmosphere. There was a table with two older men who occupied themselves by talking about their youth.

The adventurers apparently had brought in a boar to be cooked at the behest of the chef. Kayne shook his head in disbelief, but he did admire their brashness, their feeling of invincibility, their lack of fear. Their minds weren't clouded by worry, doubt, or regret, but they only concerned themselves with the present.

There was another creaking of the doors as they flung open, revealing a blonde wearing red light armor and a rapier strung to her side. Her eyes widened as she saw Kayne in the corner. She made her way to him and eagerly sat beside him.

"Hi Kayne."

"You shouldn't be so informal, Scarlet." That's right; she was the first of his recruits, Scarlet Anastasia Heathfield. A look of discernment was strewn across his face, appalled at her open brashness. She reminded him a lot of those young adventurers.

"Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I just came here to spend the night upstairs before I head out."

"Head out? But we have a training session scheduled for tomorrow!"

Scratching her head and glancing to the side, she responded.

"Yeah, well... I've been put on a mission."

“Put on a mission, by whom?"

"Commander Noel himself, of course. He told me that you and Selena could have some time to hone in on her melee skills." That much was true, she was exceptional when it came to magic, but her dagger and sword skills were sub-par.

"Could you at least tell me what it is?"

"Fine... I'm supposed to slay the Behemoth of Frictaulpha and retrieve its hide. Some dwarf named Gulda sent it and the Commander asked me to party up with two others to do it."

"Good, protect yourself and stay safe."

The young recruit stood and saluted playfully.

"Sir, yes sir!"

She left happily smiling to herself. She glanced back and smiled again.

Kayne shook his head smiling back. She definitely was an impressionable girl, leaving a smile on even the hardest faces. Lady Scarlet Heathfield, the femme fatale armed with a rapier. She actually was a quick learner and managed to handle Kayne's teachings with little difficulty, but Selena had focused herself to magic. Her sword skills had been lacking, it was as if she was supposed to be under Jaina exclusively. But she wanted to learn sword skills as well and she was failing, but Kayne had a plan. One that would bring all of her blade skills to the surface. Kayne took one last glance, anticipating another face entering the tavern.


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