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{Name} Sorano

{Age} 21

{Birth Date} 7/20

{Birth Place} Forgotten.

{Place of Rebirth} Frontier of Muhir

{Marital Status} Single.

{Race} Human


{Hair} Pale blond.

{Eyes} Light brown.(Golden in the sun)

{Skin} Neutral tan.

{Height} 5"5'

{Weight} 117 lbs.

{Handed} Right.

{Physical Condition} Thin, toned.

{Voice} Exquisite.


{Head} None at this time.

{Upper Body} Long sleeved jacket. [black in color, long in length.]

{Lower Body} Black slacks.

{Feet} Boots.


- Satchel


Xolomon, and Xeshua

Worn beneath her jacket, not quit on her hips, more toward the rear.

Obtained Here


- Observant. Quick to notice things around her.

-Recollection. Takes note on observations, and remembers them.

-Empathetic. Understands and share feelings of another.

-Diverse. Easily able to change course.

-Heightened senses, blessed upon her.

-Bending Miasma.

-Calling upon Mana.


Born into poverty, Sorano left home at the age of 13. The transient lifestyle suiting her thus far. A newcomer to these lands, she seeks out that in which she has been unable to attain... Her story.


After a fated meeting with a man she immediately knew would hold some key to her future in this city, she left him, only to find herself seeking that which she had just left, only unknowingly. The beautiful stranger known only to her as Rocsephon.

The fates would soon be sure to have them meet yet again, only this time, with purpose. Impure she appeared, and cleansed she was. Born anew to a life she still has yet to fully grasp. A gift from God was blessed upon, two in fact: Xolomon, and Xeshua, true only to her.

Again on her path she seeks out her stranger, her Rocsephon. A message to deliver, a destiny to claim.



.: Act 2


Years had passed, love had been found and lost. Adventures had been sought after and defeated, and she had traveled many miles, to many places. She had grown, seen things she would never forget and achieved heights she was certain she would never reach. Through her endeavors in the back of her mind and always in her heart he sat. For some time now she spent day and night alone replaying her past over and over in her mind, certain it all was meant to be just how it was despite not being able to put all the pieces together.)

The night was damp and heavy, and the moon hung sadly in the sky; alone, with not a star around. She sat on weathered crate that apparently had been unloaded on the dock earlier in the day. Gingerly her legs were crossed, each hand resting beside her, curled over the front of seat. Between her lips a poorly rolled cigarette hung listlessly, only coming to life when she inhaled deeply upon it: each exhale leaving momentarily a plume of smoke that dissipated slowly in the evening air. 

"Is this really it!?" Her voice echoed as she stood, flicking her cigarette to the side. She had known physical pain, and was glad for it. She learned from it and became stronger, able to endure things a woman of her stature shouldn't be able to. Mental anguish was also no stranger, and for that she was also grateful. But how was it possible that after all this time, every land she had visited or wandered through that not even a whisper of him had been heard? Had her personal growth not been enough? Had she not known true pain? 

At the docks edge she knelt, staring at the reflection of the cityscape and moon. "I have loved selflessly and lost it! I have traversed lands I would have never believed existed, and slayed beasts of unnatural origins!" Her posture crumpled as she shook her head, resting her hands in her lap and slowly her eyes closed.  

"I just need your guidance..." 

Edited by Sorano

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