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. . . . Oh dear . . .

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I do believe, perhaps, I may have misplaced my brain . . . . or dropped it . . . . or put it in one of those notorious 'safe' places . . . . :weird:

You haven't seen it have it? *cocks head hopefully*

Wait a second . . . . if it's found, that means my sanity might be discovered as well. . . which, in turn, means I'll be reverted to 'normal'. . . . . . *shudders* Nevermind, my brain can stay lost!


Anywho, hello, nice to meet you, if you're still here after that complete and utter randomness. :toung:

While I am not new to roleplaying I am completely new to this site and still attempting to figure out how everything is set up and where I should head first.

Dragons usually show up in my writing somewhere, along with other mythical beings just because I can, and they're cool!


Psst, aren't you going to be nice and warn them that you're kinda odd?


Uh . . . why in the world would I do that?


It is only fair, dontcha think? Don't want to scare them away.


If they haven't been scared away at this point I don't think anything else I do will shock them much . . . . . possibly.


Aren't you going to at least warn them about-


NO! *slaps hand over alter-ego's mouth*  Anyway . . .where were we? 


Oh yes, hello! :cool:

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Welcome, welcome!


We are most certainly glad to you.. all here. ;) Feel free to make yourself at home, and get situated for the long haul. Many try and compete, but you will be hard pressed to find a better roleplaying home than what we have established here. We're a diverse group, but we are all devoted to our craft, and improving it.


Regardless of quirks, schedules, and the like, we make it work! If you've got any nagging questions, feel free to give a shout, I'm always happy to help out. The forum itself, has just begun a series of updates, so everyone is a little disoriented for the moment. Bear with us, as these updates continue, but the end product will definitely be worth it!


All that said, you seem about par for the course, and again, welcome and welcome to the family!


Best wishes on your future roleplays, and don't be a stranger



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*backs up warily at mention of meat and monkeys*

Um. . . . thank you? . . . I think? . . .  . . .

No, we don't think so, they called us meat! It's an affront!

Surely not, it's . . .it's . . . a term of endearment? Perhaps?

Hmm *purses lips, unconvinced*


Thank you all for the welcomes! Can't wait to get started and find something to wrap ribbons of imagination around!

And disorentation sounds rather perfect *grins* gives me an excellent excuse for bumbling about in all the wrong places and forgetting where I left snatches of this and that. :blink1:

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Welcome home..


Meat Sack


Much love.


Such Doge..








Good luck if you need anything feel free to pitch us some messges we will help you out any way we can..


Good luck plebian may the gods be with you and your disembodied voice.

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Oooo, cupcakes! *wavers at the delicious scent of chocolate, coffee, and delicate poufs of whipped cream*


My disembodied voice thanks you for the wishing of good luck Doge.

No I don't.

Yes you do.

No. I. DON'T! End of discussion! *ominous echoing effect*

IF YOU DON'T START BEHAVING I'M GOING TO SET THE ROC ON YOU!!!!! *Ahem* Yes . . . well . . . . . .

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I kindly thank all you lovely ladies and gents (meat references aside;) for the welcomes extended and the offer of help!

So, in perusing various threads and such I am attempting to discover a launching point to get started. Any suggestions? Because of my shiny newness to the area it was considered to start in the tavern as a warm up. . . Hmm, *inkling of characters spark into light*

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Welcome to Valucre Gypsyumpling, Valucre now owns your soul! :evil:


Make yourself comfortable and here's some uhh ... e-cookies? xD *offers a plate of cookies*. Hope you enjoy your stay here with us and maybe we can write together sometime in the future after the hectic holidays and partyoonies *fuuuuuun dip*


Have fun in our little nook of the intarwebz. <3

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I think the tavern of legend is a great place to kind of dip your toes in the water when it comes to Rp on the site. You can also ask questions IC, that you OOC might have, that will get answered IC.

Just note that the main staff person that watches the tavern, Acies, is out on vacation but others might respond and he'll reply when he gets back I am sure of it. 


Aside from that probably the best guide for you to use is the Valucre FAQ: http://www.valucre.com/content.php?r=892-Valucre-FAQ


Don't bookmark that or anything. It is in the process of being brought over to IPB (that is the old VB software) so the links may or may not work but the information is up to date and sound.


Any additional questions, you just let me know. Send me a PM or whatever tickles your proverbial fancy and I'd be happy to assist. If not me, then certainly someone from my team.


Welcome to Valucre :)

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Ooo cookies! *nibbles virtual bytes*

Perhaps we could write together sometime, that sounds like fun! After the fun dip and holiday sugar rushes though, of course. :bigsmile:  Though, now that I consider it, suger induced hyper-writing could be incredibly amusing. :P



Thank you very much! I've been slowly working my way through FAQs and walkthroughs. Will also keep that in mind about the tavern. Perhaps it will give me enough time to acutally pin down which one character I would like to start with and write up a nice intro post. :cool:

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