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Useful Writing Resources

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Some good free stock photo sites are listed here. Photos are better for showing landscape, rather than characters (unless you want to go for realism), but at least these are images you know definitely will not run into copyright issues.


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Remembered Deep POV after having a convo about it, it's a good resource for tightening up writing.

"Deep POV allows writers to do away with he thought, he felt, he wondered, he saw, all those phrases that intrude into the fiction, that unnecessarily encumber story."

Link: https://theeditorsblog.net/2011/11/16/deep-pov-whats-so-deep-about-it/


Also general graphics/design resources

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46 minutes ago, Csl said:

Fun resources for making character/NPC portraits:

https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/ - AI-generated faces that don't exist. Grab an image here then...

Put them through https://portraitai.com/ to style them as renaissance paintings

Come up with images like this:


They're a bit low-quality but they've got a neat style and you're not violating any copyright since these people don't exist! Far better than taking random pics off pinterest imo, and far cheaper than commissioned art.

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Was playing around with google and figured this one out.

In google images if you type in "Creative Commons" Image Subject (Dragon for example) google images will populate results that only have a creative commons license. 

If you have a specific website that you want to search for say a creative commons dragon you can do something like ("Creative Commons" site:deviantart.com Dragons) and the google image results should strictly be Creative Commons licensed artwork from deviantart of dragons.

Edit: Always double check the image. If someone includes "Creative Commons" in a comment about the artwork, it my appear in error.

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