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Pasion Pasiva

Veelos Event - Fete Ghede [Interest/Sign Up/Info Thread]

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Any ETA on that post West? I'm also a tad confused by Alexei's latest one- Jin is positioned on the outskirts of the Graveyard mentioned by West (where the desecrator is), and is thus (at least to my knowledge) no where near the beach/docks?

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Since there has been no post/contact from West in over a week now, and the follow up thread (We the People) is off to a strong start, I assume we're just going to close this one now?


Unless anyone has any objections, I suppose we can surmise that the local garrison finally came to Veelos' aid/helped sweep up the Banda plague, and that Jin destroyed the Desecrator artefact, in order to stem the tide.

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i don't see why we can't just leave it open until West does post since it's really just him that needs to finish the event off anyway

him taking a while to post, along with Steven isn't a big surprise, work is probably a major reason, and they do like to take their time to put out good posts

as they say, all good things come to those who wait

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