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Terrenus | AMA (Ask me anything)

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1 minute ago, Warlock said:


Does the lowering power cap only apply to Terrenus or to all of Valucre in general? 

You can safely assume that things in the Terrenus canon update thread apply only to Terrenus

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A member asked an interesting question in another thread I wanted to cover here

35 minutes ago, Tyler said:

I don't need a point of view. I know for a fact that the Jedi are evil!



Okay, now to address the point brought up by Alexandrian about weapons and technology. This maybe the one big criticism I'd have of Valucre, which is that the technological lore/setting makes absolutely no sense to me. The gunpowder not working on Terrenus due to the abundance of magic is fine, but then the fact that there are so many other advanced technologies that exist on the continent still should have rendered medieval weapons or armor (unless enchanted by magic) to the dustbin of history. 

And even on the other continents, there exists cars, electricity and proper firearms (since, apparently, the gunpowder thing only applies to Terrenus), but yet some people still go around with swords, shields and bows and arrows. That still makes no sense unless magic is used to enchant the items or if the user is superhuman. While it is understandable to dress in a medieval way due to tradition, or to use a horse because of some form of social status, or to carry a sword for ceremonial events or duels... realistically non-animal based vehicles should be the overwhelmingly dominant form of transportation and guns in some for or another should be standard for all military forces.

I've tried to create solo universes before with the idea of blending medieval weaponry with a more modern world, and you quickly find out that there isn't just a simple way to achieve that. Whatever works best will inevitably become standard, even if it is more expensive at first. And unlike the universe I was trying to create, Valucre apparently has all the real world substances and more, meaning there is no excuse for at least a modern standard-of-living to be the norm around the world.

Now, I understand that Valucre is very large, and there are many civilizations with low or no outside contact, but all things considered the technological norms of the world just don't make sense to me. Maybe I haven't exposed myself to the world enough yet and am just babbling out of sheer ignorance.  But of all the things on this site, trying to understand the setting tech-wise has confused me the most. /rant


14 minutes ago, supernal said:

You should take some of your questions and criticisms to the board leaders because I don't think that anyone that is part of this group is necessarily equipped to field your questions authoritatively

Except me it just so happens! But am concerned what would happen if I didn't happen to have this interest in checking the thread. Like I don't want you floating around confused and frustrated 

I can only speak to Terrenus since I didn't build the rest of the nations but they each have their own AMAs so that's one thing I hope continues to prove helpful 

Enchantments and magic in general are in a superabundant state in Terrenus. Despite the gunpowder restriction, a "gun" is basically (usually) some sort of tube capable of delivering some sort of payload, some sort of distance at some sort of speed with some kind of trigger. A bow, a crossbow, a blowgun, and a gun all fit this basic delivery method, except for the tube requirement usually

There are so many different awesome ways to account for projectile weaponry that "gun" isn't the litmus you should be using to measure the technological level. You shouldn't contrast "Gun" against "so many other advanced technologies". It's culturally seen as primtiive and mechanically either easily reproduced, or easily curtailed, by magitech and magic. Barriers, magnetic fields, stoneskin spells, slow spells, haste spells, wind spells to mess with projectile accuracy, etc and so on. Enchantments, magi-tech, and magic in general are very commonplace and so yes, your "unless" condition actually applies for Terrenus!

For Orisia, as a contrasting example, their native magic system of La Ruta works against higher levels of technology which is that board leader's rationalization for why there is a cap on the type of technology that you see there. In the Terrenus perspective of magic, which you can read in the laws of magic thread, this would be explained by the genius loci, who establish different rules of operation for different geographical locations. The loci might favor traditional ritual magic in one region, and suppress it in favor of mechanical technology in another

Also in Terrenus because of the predominantly Gaianistic perspective of biomimicry and green engineering, the face of it isn't covered in asphalt and telephone lines like you might find in the united states. They have limited paved tracks between the cities. So inner city travel is accomplished by automated wagons unless that place's cityscape is purposefully rural like Dougton, inter-city travel by lightning rail and warp gate which tend to be on the costlier side due to their speed, not to mention boats and airships and submarines. But for people that don't live in the cities or are not trying to get to the cities per say but want to travel between points on the extremely large continent without road service may have to make do with a rider dragon if they can't afford an airship

Another factor to consider is player habits versus what the lore establishes. I personally can't help if every player likes to ride horses, instead of automatic wagons, or even cooler animal transports like a rider dragon or a suujali or something. But the player sphere of activity isn't truly representative of the lore as-is and can be taken as isolated cases. Like just because these three people are riding horses instead of automatic wagons doesn't mean that's what all of Terrenus is doing. And there are plenty of players that DO integrate what I've put in the Transportation section, for example Pasion is using an automatic wagon rather than a horse to get from a city with no Rail to a city with a Rail so she can travel to another city quite a distance away. But naturally you can't be aware of all the roleplay going on either

Edit - I also have to admit upfront that I don't have the system down perfect and am always open to suggestions on how / what to improve 

Edit 2 - I also quoted us and put the posts in the AMA so we can have a breezy discourse without derailing this thread, if you'd like 

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That explanation does help me a lot, at least with Terrenus. Though I've seen bits (somewhere) that most of the Terrenus army uses more traditional melee weapons (maybe I'm mistaken) which I'm still not sure why that would be since without magic those offer little advantage. Maybe this was incorrect information somewhere or just my mind merging two unrelated facts together.

On this note though, I don't want it to look like I've just ignored the lore articles. I've read a lot of them, but I don't retain every bit of information I read, which is why I have to take lots of notes or reference back to things very frequently. I'm not trying to be lazy or anything, it's just a lot of times I don't see enough for things to make sense, or at least I don't retain enough to explain to myself the question that may come up.

Thanks for being patient and always answering me though!

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