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Hello. I am new.

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I am highly interested in getting to know you. This interest does not stem from your gender, your appearance as it has been displayed thus far, your username, or your command of the English language.


i herd u liek mudkips

I giggled.

Welcome to Valucre, Crystal.

Hope you enjoy your stay.

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You've managed to clean up a bit in that picture.

Yeah, well I thought about it and figured you all deserved to gaze upon me looking a little more dapper.

I am happy you noticed. I was afraid no one would.

And to the tits comment, I just got those implants, how do they look? Still healing. Tender. Ouch.

BTW, if anyone is looking for RP'ers have a look at Meanoi, Hestia, she's in the M's obviously. If she fits into what you're looking for let me know.

Yeah, I am that lazy.

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