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Our Ruler Returns

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Kayden Argyle Arghest


It had been several months since the ruler of Izabal, Kayden Arghest, had been stricken ill and fallen into a deep coma. Deep within the catacombs of the city, where none dare tread, the Lord had been alloted stay in a desolate room where nurses tended to him day and night. Every few days, Kaine, now Captain of the Third Division of Rommel's militia forces, and Rio, Captain of the Naval Forces, descended to check on Kayden's status. They silently walked as they had walked for the past months, words were sparse between the two as they always were. Both, now holding official titles in the city, wore the colors and emblem of the Black Queen as they entered the stone room.

The coziness of the infirm was a stark contrast to the stony paths that led to the streets. The room was dimly lit with candles and the beige and hazel furniture was stuffed with the finest of feathers and lined with braided gold yarn. The bed itself was soft and comfortable, all black, made with the finest of Izabal oak. On it was a barely dressed Kayden, whose body was profusely sweating and tossing and turning in fits of protest. With his arms crossed, Rio, was the first to speak, his azure eyes fixated upon the downtrodden Lord.

"It must be the nightmares again..." Rio sighed lightly. "He's probably running another fever. It's been like this for as long as I've been leading the Navy."

"I wonder if he will ever wake. It seems like his body is fighting against death itself... and he's refusing to give up."

The two looked towards the door as the nurse appeared, dressed in all white and a red cross adorning the base of her neck. She entered, a softness creating a glow in her eyes, with all of her medicines. Kaine, as usual, asked what each of the meds helped with.

"I already know what you are going to ask me. This one, the reddish one helps with his blood circulation. No doubt his muscles have atropied and this will help a bit with that. As for this bluish one, well this is a nice little poultice that will help with the fever. Also, if we can get the fever down..." she was now preparing a moist towel and placing it on his head, "...we can probably do something about the nightmares."

"Uhh... uhh... uhh..."

"He speaks..."

"Those are the only words I've been able to get him to say." She softly pulled his chin, prying his mouth slightly open, pouring the reddish potion in his mouth first. He gulped, a natural reflex, as the potion went down his throat. The nurse patted his throat, moving the rest down into his stomach. Next, the bluish potion. She kept his mouth slightly open, doing the same as before.

"You definitely have a woman's touch." Kaine said, smiling at her expertise.

"I'll have to agree with him, Madeline, you've been a great help dealing with Lord Kayden. And you've made dealing with him being sick, a little better."

Madeline smiled, warming the both of them to the core and her soft laughter soothed the restless Lord. "He's been doing that a lot lately, first he'll be in a deep sleep, and then he'll get one of those accursed nightmares and be in a fit. Lucky for you both, I... well was... a mother of two."


"It's a long story, Captain. One that I don't like to be reminded of." she sighed, leaving the two of them to their devices.

They were about to head out of the door when Kayden suddenly whispered: "I'm sorry..."


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Rio Bourn Belenades


"I still can't believe he awoke...."


"Don't be too surprised... he is an Edge Knight as well as our Noble Ruler and Supreme Commander. No sickness or ailment shall deter him." Rio spoke to the captain of the Trident, Dakota, and the third captain, captain of the Nibelung, Valerie.


"I suppose... but there should be at least some plan in place to continue running Izabal if Kayden..."


"Don't say another word. We will not think the worst, keep your eyes focused on the sea and keep the Black Bandits at bay."


"Yes, Captain!"


Rio rubbed his face, he knew what the other officers were thinking, but he knew he couldn't let fear cloud his judgment. In his mind, his ruler and leader was alive and well. But, the Bandits would not cease their assualt. Speaking of which, he drew a map from one of the drawers in his office. It was a map of Izabal and the seas that surrounded it. Red arrows marked where the enemy began their assault and would continue unless they stopped them here. Rio had limited knowledge of the land skirmishes, but he knew about the naval battles all too well.


Memories of his recent loss had hanted him for days. His Leviathan was still in shambles from the last battle he had with one of their ships. Due to the loss of his Navigator, his ship was battered and he was utterly defeated. If it wasn't for Dakota's Trident, he would've died. He refused to let his second chance go to waste. As of right now, while Kayden was recovering he would begin Operation Vermillion. He would gather all of the naval ships in the harbor and go on an all-out full scale offensive, with the sole objective of completely decimating the Black Bandits.


He began sketching out his plans, with a grim look on his face. For he knew that many, would die.

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It was like awaking from a long deep sleep. Kayden felt as if his body was sore all over and his mouth tasted of aged medicines. To his right, he saw his greatsword resting against the wall. He struggled to sit up, his abdomen as sore as the rest of his body. It took all of his stamina and effort to rise, but a rough smile lined his bright face. As he sat up, Melanie entred the room, dropping Kayden's medicines and food. Her eyes lit up the room and her smile was even brighter. She rushed over and hugged him, causing even more pain to the sore Knight.

"I can't believe you woke up!"

"Urgh! Yeah, how long was I out?"

"You've been out for months, about six to be exact..."

"And what happened to Izabal.."

Melanie lowered her head in sadness. Although she was happy that Kayden was alive and well, Izabal was dying. The Bandits that hailed from the Areder Mountains were assaulting the guards in the city and at the gate. Still others plagued the city from the sea, pitting their vast fleet against the dwindling numbers of Rio's ships. As for the economy, their coffers were nearly empty and supplies were running low. Izabal was in bad shape.

"I take it, we're in over our heads, right?"

Kayden stood up, being driven by his love for Izabal. He was tasked by the Black Queen herself to take care of Izabal and he was all but sleeping on the job. Tattered and littered with bandages that wrapped around his chest, legs and forehead, he took his Greatsword and headed out the door. His eyes were narrowed with anger and he made his way out the underground cavern where he was held.

Madeline went to stop him, but she knew in her heart that he cared for Izabal like she had done for her lost sons. She watched as he silently left her, his air of anger and sadness overwhelming her.

- - - - -

Kayden was shocked when he saw the buildings charred to a crisp and dead guards lining the streets. Fires from the night before still bellowed with the citizens throwing buckets of water hoping to douse the intense flames. It was a terrible sight, the city was in ruins and battles were still waging through the night and even in the morning. He was certain the soldiers' morale was shot and they were about to drop right in the middle of a fight. A few soldiers that were scouting the streets found him and gathered around him.

"Lord Kayden, I thought you were dead! Thank the Gods!"

"The worst isn't over yet, we need to drive our foes out of Izabal! Or else I'll be back in the grave again!"

"But, my lord, how are we going to do that, they have claimed most of the city!"

"Get yourself together soldier! I need you all to do one last push, if we do this right, we can retake the city by nightfall. And I'll throw all of you a hearty feast. But first, the enemy must be driven back! Stick with me and leave none of them alive."

He saw their worn black armor, the sigil of the Black Queen shining brightly. In stark contrast, he was only wearing his black greaves and his chest was covered by worn, dirty bandages. Although, he knew full well that no enemy would strike him, not with this anger he had in his heart.

The soldiers followed him, clinging to their newly awoken leader. Their swords were dulled, their armor was worn, and their faces were haggard, the trials of the long skirmish of Izabal wearing on their bodies. Kayden glanced back, saddened at the sight of his guards and the sight of the ruined city. No doubt word of the skirmish had reached the Black Queen, and that is what Kayden was truly counting on.

"Alright, if we hold out for about a few more days, then the Black Queen will definitely send help!"

"Ha ha ha, are you blind! We've been at war for months, that useless broad won't even send a letter!"

"That's not true, most likely the Bandits have blocked all communication and have probably blocked all of the main roads. It's not her damn fault!"

The soldiers went silent.

"If you want to blame anyone, blame me!"

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Kayden and his men pushed forward, succesfully defeating all of the enemies within the Administrative District and reclaiming City Hall as their own. From there, they gathered as many forces as they could muster. He could see it on their faces, all of them had fought against overwhelming odds. He would give anything for this to be an easy battle. But it wouldn't be. They would be facing off against the bulk of the Black Bandits and knowing Rio, he'd be taking care of the enemy by sea.

After going over the supplies and rations they had left, Kayden split the soldiers into groups and assigned them to eradicate the enemies in their assigned districts. There were five in total, including the Admin district, the one which had been cleared by their valiant efforts. These included the Mercantile, the Residential, the Military, the Docks, and the Gate.

Kayden's body was exhausted and tired, but he rufused and amidst his pain, he saw a familiar face. A knight donned in black armor, wielding a jet-black lance. Kayden glanced behind him.


"Yes, Lord Kayden."

"I thought you and the others escaped to the capital?"

"I was about to, but then rumors had spread of the relentless assault on Izabal."

"I know, this is my fault."

"Look, now's not the time for blame. Now," Kaine raised his spear in the air. "...is the time for action."

Kayden smiled a smile that shone through his ragged appearance.

"I agree, we need to head to the Gate and rout the enemy either inside the city where our soldiers can defeat and we can corner them, or we need to push them back to the Areder Mountains and have the Black Knights finish them there. If this works, we can defeat them once and for all."

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