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The Hummingbird

Laws of Altus Arcantium

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Laws of the Arcantian

Diety: Altus Arcantium, the God of Secrets and Mysteries.

For whom is served by worshiping not him but his gifts to this world; the gift of the unknown and the passion of the quest.


In that greatness of life lies in the mysteries of life, and the purpose thereof is to discover the truth and destroy the false myths of such mysteries; to uncover secrets and expose what is real and what is false.


You are given a name at birth, a name known only to she who birthed you and Altus Arcantium himself. This name is sacred and is to be told only to those closest to you, never to be spoken in public. It is by this name that Altus Arcantium knows you. It is the name of your eternal soul.

(Example: Kaesivi Verus)

You are given a name when innocence is lost. This name is known by all who know you, whether as near-strangers or more. Used for all purposes it is the name by which you life your life. As a symbolic phrase it states the nature by which you will live.

(Example: White Crimson Night)

Your time of birth is of no importance. What is, is that you are alive and that your soul has been accepted into this world, given a body and life that can never be duplicated.

You are given your own insignia, which you yourself create. This is a symbol which acts as your signature and your mark. It is your name in the form of art.

[Example: Kaesivi Verus, White Crimson Night (which means "To Illuminate Dark Lies with Violent Truth"), born under the shadow of the New Moon, of the Mark of the Black Flame]


Respect the space of others. To stand at a distance of five to ten feet is respectful to strangers and acquaintances; closer suggests a personal relationship, such as with kin and relatives.

Physical contact is a personal privilege given only by one to another under special circumstances, such as kin and family.

To look into another's eyes is warranted only to show extreme sincerity; by doing this you are baring your soul and laying your intentions for all to see. To force this upon another without his or her consent is shameful and crude.

Altruism is to be given only to those who have tried to the best of their abilities to aid themselves. Only when their resources have run dry, only when they are truly lost, do they warrant any kind of generosity and/or aid.

There is no good and no evil. Simply heed the call of Altus Arcantium, and you are accepted without question in his fold. However, to commit an act of violence against another Arcantian or to commit an act of violence against kin is forbidden. To commit an unwarranted act of violence against another, save for self-defense or mercenary purposes, must warrant permission first from one of the five superiors of Altus Arcantium.

Your formal titles of your leaders, from lowest authority to highest, are as follows:






The purpose of authority is to seal the Arcantians together in unquestioned brother/sisterhood, thus maintaining loyalty and order among all who serve Altus Arcantian. The Protector serves to shield, as the highest skilled warrior, all other Arcantians in times of crisis. The Watcher stands among the people and solves all disputes, and serving to bridge cultural gaps among strangers and outsiders. The Observer watches the people and is the one who validates major change in tradition, or voids as needed. The Guide is the rail that restricts power and holds all other leaders to their respected post. The Speaker, as the chosen of Altus Arcantium, is responsible for the ultimate safety of the people, the accumulation of knowledge and the dispersing of such.


To be accepted as Altus Arcantian is a great honor and a great responsibility. It is not a choice made easily, but on that comes after a crucial time of watching and judging the character, personality, virtues and faults of the individual. By joining the fold of Altus Arcantium, you agree to,

Honor the God Altus Arcantium, Lord of Secrets and Mysteries.

Respect his gifts, his magick and his ways.

Respect your kin all Altus Arcantians. Honor them in life and death.

Protect your kin. Avenge unrighteous deaths and follow the laws.

Search always for your meaning, for the purpose of your life, and uncover by the grace of Altus Arcantium the mysteries and answers, the truths and the lies of the world. Dedicate your life to this, be enlightened, and thrive.

If, by the grace of Altus Arcantium, you become a leader yourself, be it Protector, Watcher, Observer, Guide, or Speaker, you vow your life also to your people and strive always to protect a single chosen individual. By protecting him or her, you protect all Arcantians.

Once you are accepted, you are gifted with the magick of the god himself. The language of his tongue is carved into your left arm. Though the process is painful, once done the runes upon your body grants you the power to accomplish anything you wish through the Great Elements of the Eldest Gods, whose power gave birth to Altus Arcantium and sustains the beginning of all life.

Earth: By Aezar, Elder God of Earth, you manipulate the soil upon which you stand. Become strong, stable, and solid of mind and will.

Water: By Luquura, Elder Goddess of Water, you manipulate the crystalline liquid of oceans and rivers. Be graceful, fluid, and travel the whole of the world.

Fire: By Pyrozen, Elder God of Fire, you manipulate the flame of volcanos and the children of the sun. Be vicious, quick, and ever-growing.

Wind: By Glizer, Elder Goddess of Wind, you manipulate the air and the breeze. Be light of foot, all-encompassing, and speak the words of the world.

Lightning: By Zare, Elder God of Lightning, you manipulate the golden strings of earth and sky. Strike down your enemies, become beautiful, and never falter or sway.

Light: By Orelian, Elder Goddess of Light, you manipulate the chaos of purity and manifest it. Transcend above the world and above others. Clear your sight and accept the truth.

Dark: By Falerian, Elder God of Dark, you manipulate the chaos of the impure, and the shadows of the night. Transcend above yourself: you are limitless. Rise above the lies and recognize the false for what it is.

These are your gifts from Altus Arcantian and those who gave way to his creation. Use them wisely and well, and know that they are privileges, to be taken away if used wrongly and restored upon redemption by the will of the god and the leaders he has chosen.

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Chain of Authority

In the case of wartime, the current Five Leadership titles have been terminated in favor of the traditional command rights. The foremost leader is the Commander of all Altus Arcantians, the army and people both. The three below him hold the responsibility of following and giving orders to their own assigned armies. When one dies, the one below moves upward in command, with their former position given to the one below him or her.

Supreme Commander

Hourglass Dream

Second Commander

(Seething White has resigned) High Seer White Crimson Night

Third Commander

(Silver Line Umbra has died) Piercing Genesis Abolishing Tempest, Captain of the Blade Sweeper

Fourth Commander

(Dark Star has died, Burning Aphotic has been demoted) To be decided

Edited by The Hummingbird

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