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Blaidd's Barony

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(Blaidd and his daughter, Nara. Credit: Raze/The Hummingbird)




It is written in history that a man known as Renar the Repulsive brought his people across the great sea to the Shawnee Glacier. It was at this point that Renar gave these tough people a new name, Quethua, meaning "way of the old", a name that will carve out their fates in this new and wondrous land. 
Soon enough these people started to learn the difficulties living in the Glacier. Their nomadic and hunter lifestyle put to the test, a lifestyle that makes it difficult to fashion a suitable living out of the harsh terrain where lifespans are short and food nearly as scarce. Moving away is a deadly and limited option due to the natural barriers such as the Shawnee Mountains and frozen tundras, although that does not stop most from trying. Even to this day, with all the magic and all the tools to be found, the Shawnee Glacier remains a barren land daring anyone to cultivate it if one feels so inclined. 
After Renar's death, the Quethua splintered into dozens of separate tribes and began to fight amongst each other for power. For over 400 years the region known as Shawnee Glacier was a perpetual battlefield populated by a collection of transient and constantly-warring nomadic tribes, and foreign raiders crusading against them. Due to these events, the number of Quethua were greatly decreased due to starvation and killing by the raiders who were beginning to enter the lands. These constant fights against one another made it impossible to put up a unified front against the raiders; each tribe was out for itself. Eventually, this cost them control of their region.
Years pass, the fighting has come to a simmer and tempers have waned, those that are left are now split into four remaining tribes. All four sharing a common culture: shamanistic rites and the belief that a warrior from distant lands would unite them once more. A chance to find greatness after so many years of constant failure.
The path leading to the time of being United was set in motion upon recurring visions Nogusta experienced after entering Terrenus. Nogusta Diotrephes later became known as Blaidd, rising in power as chieftain and uniter. He began to unify and organize the scattered Quethua people into a superior fighting force as he conquered them one at a time, some through force, and others with the support of oracles and druids. Blaidd had been ruthless and ambitious, yet rightly so. 
By the year 9AO, all the known tribes of Shawnee Glacier had come under the leadership of Blaidd. He transformed all of them into one single chiefdom and reassured the safety and independence from any outside force. Education has been of tremendous importance since the unification, the new generation speak the Common tongue and knowledge is looked on as a blessing. Quethuan lands have stayed in ways of the old, but there has still been some progression within the tribes. Women are equal to men, can own property, and now can choose their own husbands. They can even be war leaders. 
One year later, 10AO, Nara Nightgaze, the first daughter of Blaidd is born. Recent prophecies speak of her becoming known as The Wolf Princess, and that she will lead their chiefdom to greatness.
A growing empire continues to forge in the North. 
Edited by Nogusta

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Nightgaze Fortress


[background=transparent]Most visitors rank the beauty of Nightgaze Fortress above all else in Shawnee Glacier. In the north it stands unrivaled with architectural and scenic beauty of gothic design. The fortifications and frozen garden are in a ridge-top site, illuminating against the backdrop of icy mountains. It's vast outer walls are comparable to a massive gravestone, a reminder of their constant struggle in tough terrain. Being on high ground serves as a military strategical advantage. It was constructed in year 10AO after the birth of Nara Nightgaze. Blaidd's daughter was the main inspiration for the construction of the massive fortress.[/background]

[background=transparent]The nights here are dark - no cities from afar. Stars provide minimal light, but the moon makes the structure visible. An area is cleared around the fortress for guards to see any army or travelers approaching.[/background]

[background=transparent]There is a gate tower as you approach, followed by the courtyard, inner keep, main hall, and bedrooms. A library is the newest addition as the Quethuan people begin to educate themselves of life outside of Shawnee Glacier. Approaching up the hill, the fortress seems bigger than it really is. [/background][background=transparent]The courtyard has the look of a frozen botanical garden. One can feel the love behind the garden and structures around it built with hand, full of energy and tranquility.[/background]

[background=transparent]All of the buildings inside are of wood. They consider the most important area to be the trophy room, containing hunting conquests stuffed and mounted on walls. All public areas including the bedrooms for families and guests were designed to impress. The rooms are made stones and an overlay of wood. Open halls have 20 foot ceilings, fireplaces, and narrow openings on the exterior of the fortress. The great hall seats over one-hundred with rooms enough for many of the dinner guests to remain over-night.[/background] Edited by supernal

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Quethuan Code


"Honor unto death, our battle is our song. All of us are bound together."

[background=transparent]C[/background][background=transparent]ivilized behavior is enforced by a sovereign power in order to escape a miserable and anarchist state of nature where existence is simply “war of every man against each other." [/background]

[background=transparent]In other words, the people in Blaidd's Barony have decided that they wish to live under some sort of system that can at least guarantee that when they go to sleep at night, they will not be murdered in their beds.[/background]

[background=transparent]Stepping over the line has far-reaching consequences.[/background]

[background=transparent]Important criteria is required to be considered a Quethuan, and simple fighting does not make a warrior. [/background]

[background=transparent]- Defend your tribe, even with your life. [/background]

[background=transparent]- A warrior may be required to kill, but it should be for a purpose or cause greater than his own welfare.[/background]

[background=transparent]- People who win all the time aren't always what a warrior should be.[/background]

- Rise up above the mass of people who are afraid to act. Courage is not blind

[background=transparent]- Murder has no real purpose or cause. The warrior restricts his killing to willing combatants.[/background]

[background=transparent]- Through training the warrior is both quick and strong. His developed power must be used for the good of all. Compassion is instilled in daily living. He is to help his fellow man and woman at every opportunity.[/background]

[background=transparent]In most cases this code of honor seems to hold the Quethuan to a higher ethical standard than that required for the general population. This code is not imposed from the outside. The warriors themselves police strict adherence to these standards. Violators are shamed, or even killed by their peers. [/background] Edited by supernal

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In simplest terms, the druids are the priests of the tribes in Shawnee Glacier. Serving not only as priests, they also tend to be political advisors, teachers, and even healers amongst the Quethuan. Druids have the right to speak ahead of the earls within the chiefdom, and in some situations have a superiority equal to Blaidd. They serve as ambassadors in time of war, and help uphold the law. Most Druids take up in old natural shrines, where they hold their rituals. Tributes and sacrifices are held annually, the demand changing based on visions of the oracles. Druidry is a spiritual practice that serves for two of their greatest desires: to commune deeply with the world of nature, and to gain access to a source of profound wisdom. For the Quethuan people, it serves as a spiritual connection in which it draws wisdom and strength from ancestral heritage.

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