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Every day I mourned the loss of your company. Every moment I spent with the knowledge of your departure and the growing measure of your distance from me seemed a knife twisting endlessly in my broken heart. How I loathed to wake in the morning, knowing you would be not closer but farther than ever before. Each night I looked up at the stars, and oh, if you could only know how much they glowed so pale and dim without you to warm their presence. How I cried as many tears as there were those ghastly stars, wishing only that you were back among us. I prayed to the gods of a a hundred different faiths, hoping hopelessly that one would heed my desperate pleading. How I cursed my life when none of them did. My desire to live dwindled with each passing day.

But at last my suffering is over. A world that seemed so horrid returns from the blackness to the light now that you have returned. I feel my strength returned, my love re-ignited at the sight of you. Now at last my affections can be shown and, if destiny wills it, if fate is kind, they may be reciprocated. Let us be bound together for the rest of our lives, setting the fire of our devotion to one another alight. I believe, as you must, that we were meant to be.

Yours for Eternity,


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