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The Hummingbird

Bloodstone Marsh

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Located to the North-northwest of Genesaris, Bloodstone Marsh is a cool, yet tropical-like swampland of many strange, beautiful, and sometimes deadly poisonous plants and animals. Enclosing one of the Four Great Lakes of Genesaris, along with a segment of river, Bloodstone Marsh is said to the ancient battleground of strange gods and deities. Due to the natural beauty and danger of the biggest marshland in Genesaris, Bloodstone Marsh remains uninhabited by cities save for Mezthaluen, which rests on the edge south of the lake and Reyer City Prison, which rests on the northern outskirts. Townspeople tend to veer away form the depths of the marshes, preferring the safer, open space of the grasslands.


Bloodstone Marsh takes its name from the mineral bloodstone, a green stone marked with red spots that look like blood. This rare stone is said, though not proven, to grant magical abilities and knowledge of forbidden blood magic. At the very least, those who find it, with the chances increasing near the bank of the river and lake, are able to sell it for a fair price among merchants and traders.


Many animals make their home in the marshlands, both predators and prey. Exquisite jaguars, serpents, crocodiles, lemurs, cranes, and more are just a fraction of the wildlife to be found and often hunted in the thick swamps of the marsh. One must take care though, for colorful frogs, fish, and other creatures are venomous and pose a great danger to the reckless. The same can be said for plants, which range from edible ferns and milk vetch to poison ivy, oak, and the infamous angle’s trumpet, a rare and valuable plant of significant poisonous effects.


Bloodstone Marsh is a famous hunting ground and landmark for Genesaris, great for testing survival abilities and finding treasure buried there by those who wished for it never to be easily found.


A rare polished bloodstone. Colors may also occasionally be found in the sinister black. [url=http://s75.photobucket.com/user/FirstHerald/media/320bloodstone.jpg.html]320bloodstone.jpg[/URL]

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