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Gaian Zodiac

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Gaian Zodiac


January: Hummingbird

February: Rhino

March: Scorpion

April: Tornado

May: Inferno

June: Owl

July: Lion

August: River

September: Weasel

October: Mountain

November: Wolf

December: Tortoise

***June 6th, 6 AM: Tree


Hummingbird > Tortoise (Speed)

Lion > Scorpion (Pride/Loyalty)

Wolf > River (Adaptability)

Owl > Rhino (Logic)

Mountain > Weasel (Integrity)

Inferno > Tornado (Passion)

Hummingbird: Those born under the sign of the hummingbird are usually very active and very sprightly individuals. It is a considerable task for them to focus their attention on a single object for an extended period of time, and they feel most comfortable only when they can split their abundant attention over several things at once. They are fun-loving individuals that always look to have a good time; sometimes at the sacrifice of responsibility. They love to tell jokes and have trouble taking a certain person, or a certain event, as seriously as they should. Because of this, some find hummingbirds to be annoying, light-hearted and immature.

Keywords: Grace, energy, center of attention.

Rhino: The rhino is a thick-skinned bulldozer. They are stoic and impassive more often than not, physically intimidating and powerful. The common rhino will boast thick arms, a broad chest, and a thick neck and even those that are not quite as physically impressive are stronger than they seem. They all share a single aspect and this seems to be both their best and worst quality; short-sightedness. If an obstacle is placed in front of their goal, they will charge full steam ahead and won't stop until whatever was in their way is torn to pieces without regards to their environment or the people around them. Though the rhino has an immense well of power to draw on, the very trait that lets them sprint towards an objective without rest can lead them down a quick and painful path of self-destruction. In order to live a good life, the rhino must temper his or her unstoppable drive with prudence. Trusting, those under the sign of the rhino are more likely to create deep, lasting friendships than superficial ones.

Keywords: Trusting, hard-working, determined.

Scorpion: The scorpion sign has the stigma of being wicked. Although it is true that most people of this sign have poisonous personalities, they are not always so evil deep down. Oftentimes, it is just a show and a ploy for power or dominance. Ones to lurk in the shadows, scorpions are masters at concealing themselves – either physically or with their many lies. An opposite of the lion sign, scorpions have no use for pride or loyalty and will backstab any and all who they once called friend if given what they consider ample reason.

Keywords: Ambition, manipulation, deception.

Tornado: The tornado is a sign of careless ferocity. Most often, those born under this sign have no true goal in life but, instead, desire only to travel aimlessly. Feeding their desires as they come up and leaving in their wake a slew of broken hearts, friendships, and sometimes some collateral damage. Of all the signs, the tornado is the most chaotic and sometimes breaks the law for anarchy's sake and nothing more. The tornado is highly energetic, volatile, and intractable. They are hard to please, hard to calm, and even harder to command. Those few truly close friends and family, however, see a side of the tornado that not very many do, perpetually living inside of the eye of the storm close to the tornado's heart.

Keywords: Ferocious, fearless, humorous, volatile.

Inferno: Those born under the sign of the inferno are often passionate, intense and persistent. There are few things that can stop an inferno once they have chosen a course, including logic or the law. Most often, infernos will dedicate their lives to the study of one thing or person and will literally devour all of the information they can find pertaining to that one thing. They are passionate in all things and frequently do things in a grand fashion.

Keywords: Dominance, temper.

Owl: The owl is logical and roots itself more in pragmatic intellect than mystical wisdom, with a natural talent when it comes to solving problems. He or she often excels in the field of mathematics, ballistics, pattern recognition, and real-time strategy. The owl is methodical even in every day tasks. It is the sign of an intellectual, but this finely cultivate acumen comes at a price. The owl often lives inside of its own head, preferring the rules of whatever system he or she is currently studying (or hoping to improve) as opposed to adhering to the intricate and confusing rules of the social world. The owl is a recluse and emotionally stunted. He or she is an introvert through and through, and may be seen as a perfectionist, inflexible, and slow to react.

Keywords: Generous, intelligent, rigid.

Lion: Those born under the sign of the lion are proud, strong, and brave, although it is a common misconception that they are always noble. Those under the sign of the lion, just like any other sign, do not have a particular inclination towards good or evil. Since birth, lions instinctively cultivate an air of respect and social importance. Lion men that are meeting for the first time do not mix well with each other, each one seeing himself as the alpha and others as subordinates, and are always in competition with one another to prove superiority. Lion women tend to be emotional stronger and much more independent than lion males, who tend to collect themselves into a "pride". Their ineffable arrogance is the one serious drawback of the lion, as it often gives them an inflated sense of ego and capability, and could very well lead the lion down dangerous roads.

Keywords: Competitive, honorable, confidence.

River: Those born under the sign of the river are incredibly adaptable and versatile. They engage themselves in various activities that call their attention to varying degrees, learning enough to sate their thirst before moving on. Consider those under the sign of the river a jack of all trades but a master of none. Generally, rivers will follow the laws and rules of others but have been known to carve out their own path in life as well. Rivers show the most extreme polar opposites, with some being as calm and gentle as a stream and others are ferocious as rapids. Good communicators, rivers are often the life and center of any social gathering.

Keywords: Avoid conflict, creative, expressive

Weasel: Those born under the sign of the weasel are often, and wrongly so, seen as being highly involved with dishonesty. They are masters of trickery but are truly just curious at heart. They are unlike the Scorpion in that their deception is often times facetious, with the Weasel taking the part of a jester, whereas the Scorpion will use lies and deception to actively manipulate. They live wholly in the moment and have no regard for the past or future. Even though their intentions are usually good, their fondness for pranks oftentimes alienates others against them.

Keywords: Wit, imagination, curiosity, trickery

Mountain: The Mountain is a steadfast and balanced individual. They are often set in their way and are very difficult to persuade. They are not necessarily stubborn, but rather deeply rooted in the system of beliefs that have carried them throughout their entire lives. It is clear, within the first few moments of meeting a Mountain, where that Mountain stands. They are patient, as the sign implies, even to a fault. They are also comfortable with whatever situation they currently reside in, and are loath to change. They will not put up with deception or threats.

Keywords: Dependability, strength, patience.

Wolf: The wolf claims a stigma that, though not completely deserved, cannot be ignored. They are pictured in the common mind as brutal ferocity personified. Wolves find strength in numbers and gravitate towards other individuals that are born under this sign. Within these groupings, however, a ranking order will prevail with dominant and subordinate people working together towards a common goal. Those that do not find a 'place to belong' are, nonetheless, strong and independent people who find they can live their whole lives by themselves if necessary. All wolves, whether in a group or alone, have a difficult time dealing with change and cannot adapt to sudden modifications. On the other hand, they prove to be extremely adaptive when it comes to their lifestyles – the same wolf will be happy as a pauper or a king.

Keywords: Loyalty, kindness, allegiance.

Tortoise: Those born under the sign of the turtle are slow to act and slow to vengeance. However, when they do decide on a course, they see it through to the very end, no matter how long it takes. Their decision to act takes a long time because they look at each possibility in turn and take all options into account. Due to this, they often cannot focus on more than one thing at a time and placing a time limit on their ponderings often distresses turtles greatly. Turtles boast an excellent memory. They are great with strategies and tactics, provided they have enough time, but they rarely go about carrying these ideas out. They are likely to remain in one area for most of their lives and maintain a steady lifestyle. Most turtles are thought of as being slow-moving physically but mentally apt, if not extremely thorough to the point of insanity.

Keywords: Determined, diligent, peaceful

Tree: Those born under the sign of the tree are the rarest of all. Only visible during one day of the year, the tree gives its nature to a select few. Trees are usually very nurturing and care deeply for the concerns of others. They are vengeful towards those who show only malice, but great pity towards the less fortunate. Those born under the sign of the tree seem to have an almost unnatural commune with the world around them. Animals naturally gravitate towards them and cultivating a garden or a farm comes with great ease.

Keywords: Serenity, wisdom, honorable.

Credits: Carlos & Riley.

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