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Mezthaluen- Quick Lore & Quests

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The Cliff Notes


Mezthaluen is the sister city to Union City, nestled just beyond the edges of sprawling plains leading up to low elevation mountains, and a large lake that separates them from the Bloodstone Marsh. Mezthaluen is a city divided into four districts in addition to his religious center, where its primary and secondary religious institutions reside. Mezthaluen is a prosperous city, with a high degree of religious tolerance (despite their devout religiosity) and mostly minimal racism (a little directed at half-orcs by way of mistrust). The city thrives on acting as a major shipping port, using the lake and river to connect back to the ocean or to smaller rivers cutting across Genesaris. While many most residents of Mezthaluen are at least within comfortable income ranges, this is not the case for everyone.


Overview of the Districts

The North District sits with its back to the lake and the religious center just below it, and serves as the site for incoming and outgoing travel, big businesses, adult education and the middle and upper-middle class residents. The north is known for their museum, their concert hall, theater, and a pavilion where bards play music and hold contests. The most famous tavern and inn in the city is also found in the north, located in what is generally considered the safest neighborhood in the north district and among the safest neighborhoods in the entire city, conveniently located near the market. In addition to its business centers and transportation services, the north district has seven residential neighborhoods.

The South district is the poorest part of town, separated from the rest of Mezthaluen by its own wall with its only gate carefully watched. In order to leave the south district, one must “pay a tax” used to “fund services for the mentally ill and the school” or else you are forced to remain. This creates problems for people in need of medical attention, as their only hospital option is to head into the east district—exceptions are only given when a clear-cut emergency is occurring. The tax is supposed to target those coming off the docks, including merchants and traders as well as travelers who came in by river. In addition to the docks, there are five residential neighborhoods in the south, as well as a set of slums owned by the steward of economics himself. The south district is riddled with crime and abductions, with some people (especially children) sold into slavery.

The East district serves as the primary industry district, containing much of the manufacturing of goods for use and trade. In this district, people smith weapons and armor, create clothing and leather goods, cut and chemically treat stone, and many other activities that require hard work and potential messes. The people who generally work in these areas are from the middle class down to the working class, with as many of the “working class” who can afford it staying in the neighborhood instead of living in the south district. The east district also has a rather shady neighborhood with significant illegal activities. This is the most populated district.

The West district is by far the least populated and wealthiest population, the Valucre equivalent of the “1%”. People in the west attend well-funded, well rounded schools and receive excellent educations. The west is a mecca for culture as the people have much time to work on activities of enjoyment and fulfillment. It is here that you also find the capitol, where the Chancellor of Mezthaluen resides along with the senate and his stewards. Only the wealthiest people are allowed to reside in the west, with the next greatest emphasis being place on how long your family has lived in Mezthaluen.



Mezthaluen is ran through an appointed Chancellor that the people vote to keep or discard after one year, and then serves until either forcibly removed or their death. To date, there have been no female chancellors but there have been many female senators and stewards. The senators work with the chancellor, proposing new laws and changes in policy and other related things, while the Chancellor oversees operations, takes council, and then makes decisions on behalf of the city. For the most part, the people of Mezthaluen are rather apathetic about politics. 

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​Canonized Events



Child Slave Network Uncovered
Mezthaluen's Child Slave Network Uncovered: During the thread, “Time Heals All Wounds”, the character Stupple Hupple reveals to Starthos Strade that this whole time, he had possession of a ledger that showed slaver schedules for picking up or abducting children, including where they would do so and where they would drop them off. The ledger contained information that gave vital clues on how to find the Slavers’ Alcove and could possibly link the Treasurer of Mezthaluen to child sexual abuse. This proves to be a smoking gun for the former journalist Starthos, who could use this information to bring down the man who had him imprisoned despite innocence.
Stupple Hupple obtained the ledger during the course of “The Chronicles of Stupple Hupple”, a still ongoing thread detailing Stupple’s past endeavors. Sometime earlier in that thread, Stupple comes across slavers trying to take children, and with the help of a teenage companion, they took down the kidnappers and returned the children to their home. On those slavers, they found the ledger, and began using it to track down slavers and prevent kidnappings, as often as they were able and dared. Stupple, being mentally ill, and his friend Silena, being a youth, both failed to realize just how important that ledger truly was, until the day Starthos made that clear. These events jump started the Abolition Thread.
A Monstrous Disaster
In the year (by Terrenus tracking) 26AO, as the spring thaw set in and during the busiest time of day, strange creatures spontaneously appeared on one of the ships making for port. Nobody knows how the creatures got on that ship or what compelled the creatures to go there in the first place. What they do know is that every single one of the people on that vessel died before they ever came within sight of the Southern Docks, their bodies mashed and their brains removed. Despite the lack of a captain or navigator, the ship pulled in as expected, presenting the docks workers with a terrible surprise—the arrival of unnamed creatures who would soon begin tearing through everyone in their path.
Guards attempted to step up, but they were going down faster than they could gather in the first place, and an attempt to send official magic users resulted in the creatures becoming more aggressive, and rendering the brains of magic users free of their skulls, and then proceeding to consume them. It quickly became clear that the guards were overwhelmed and many would die that day, unless some brave heroes stepped up. Fortunately, several did answer the call that day, although only three would see it through.
The beasts tore through the five residential neighborhoods of Mezthaluen, attacking people as they passed, snatching stragglers who ran and one creature making a beeline for the school. The heroes engaged the creatures as best they could, but for the longest time, nothing appeared to work (stoneskin and magic resistance). Clever improvisation by the Hunter known as Tha` led to some significant damage finally being dealt, and over time the characters realized the best course was to either find bladed weapons that penetrated their carapace, or to cook them in their carapace using lightning. They finally began to slow one creature, and then even managed to kill it. Tha` consumed its innards.
Working in tandem, the other two heroes, Lysander and Kenshin worked together, tearing through the city hurling insults at the apparently intelligent creatures, drawing two of them away. Through a multi-prep planned attack, Lysander brought down a second, and began engaging with a third. Unfortunately, while Tha` ate and the other two battled, one creature made it to the school, where it set upon the children and teachers, causing much heartache and tragedy. Eventually, Tha` pursued the next, while the other two brought down another, coming back to work together in bringing down the one Tha’ attacked. At this time, one monster breached the gates, creating havoc with the guards who had come together to hold it back.
Kenshin charges up a huge attack, nearly killing herself in the process, setting up a takedown that through teamwork, led to the demise of the final creature. Tha` found the bonus item, a magical stone, and consumed that as well, gaining special powers. Together, they brought down the five terrors of the southern district’s early spring attack, an assault that cost nearly 200 lives by the end of it all. Nevertheless, the characters found valuable material among the creatures, which justified the OOC VB gains.
The participants: Thâ, Lysander, & Kenshin
Epidemic of Cats Within Grender (East District) and Surrounding Areas
A strange "Cat Lady" accompanied a group in search of a famed bard with an alcoholism problem, and along the way she kept setting loose numerous cats, apparently some of which were even on fire. It was not until the group had stopped to check a Tavern within the Grender neighborhood had she decided to unleash her ultimate contribution, setting loose an entire wave of cats, hundreds bursting out all at once. The ensuing chaos kept guards busy for hours (forcing guards to enter a neighborhood they otherwise avoided), trying to help people retrieve their dogs and to get ahead of the cat problem. Naturally, cats being cats means far less than half of them were recovered before they went into hiding, and now they have resided in the area ever since, increasing in number as they continue to breed. While this has had the added benefit of reducing the local rodent population, the number of cats in the area is beginning to get out of control. On any given street you can find a dozen or more cats running around, most of them quite feral and often territorial, skittish at best and aggressive at their worst. Additional action may soon be required, and more than one petition has been sent to the government. 

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Custom Materials and Resources


Perpetuum Clay: This clay comes out of the river, and while high-fire clays are known for being more durable than low-fire clays, this clay makes traditional high-fire clay seem fragile. This clay takes a very high temperature kiln to cook properly (they often use one empowered by exalta), but once thoroughly baked, this clay cooks to the same durability as a strong aluminum alloy (about 20x the strength of normal clay material). While still far from indestructible, this easily holds up to falls and even being thrown. The clay is silvery in color with white, sparkly streaks. This can be obtained for 1vb/5lbs or 1 post of RP for every 5lbs.


Compression Alloy: A strange metal alloy that Mezthaluen scholars still puzzle over, this metal absorbs kinetic energy, in particular forces that transfer momentum and vibrations, and then it expels it as heat and sound waves, emitting a high frequency sound that most adults cannot hear, though youths typically can. The metal is extremely malleable, worked with like it were just stiff clay (a person can braid it by hand, though it does take work). This metal is popularly used with things that undergo constant friction or bursts of force. Often, weapon smiths and armors will inlay this metal within the surfaces, where it can absorb forces and then turn it to heat. To protect against burns, they insulate it with a type of rubber like material, and then leave exposed “prongs” that allows the heat to escape (these prongs can get so hot they start to glow). Warriors who use weapons inlaid with this metal often report having much more stable parries and using less energy on while executing defensive maneuvers. Those who wear imbued armor state that landed blows are much less likely to send them off their feet. This alloy goes for 2vb a pound and is as dense as tin.


Cold Rubber: This comes from an aquatic plant that grows along the river and in the marsh, with a woody vine that when juiced, cured, and mixed with sulfur compounds, creates a curious type of rubber. While most natural rubbers tend to be stickier and prone to melting, the composition of this rubber is highly resistant to heat. When inserted directly into a fire, it seems to shrug off the flames, withstanding high temperatures for spans of twenty or more minutes. The rubber only begins to heat up after exposure to hot flames for about half an hour, with the rubber starting to climb above 50 degrees Celsius. Continued exposure to a hot fire will bring it above 200 degrees Celsius, it’s melting point. This rubber is used as a coating for objects that need to be resistant to heat. The plant material is pretty common, but its creation is rather involved and a jealously guarded process by the company who produces it, thus driving up costs. It sells by volume, not weight. A square brick of 27 cubic inches (3x3x3) sells for 5vb.


More to come...

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The Quests of Mezthaluen

All quests are available on the bulletin board in the "First Stop Tavern and Inn". All would be questers need to go to that thread, enter the tavern, read the bulletin board and then find the contact (who is in the tavern, assuming you're in there during normal hours). Once you speak with the contact, I will set up a thread for you and you can go forward with it.

Quests are rated on the level of danger on a scale of one to five, with terms. Quests are then rated on a scale of 1 to 5 for posting depth. A "post" must consist of 150 words or more. A storyteller does not count towards the required number of posts, and their posts do not count toward the total. Thus, if you have an ST in a thread that requires 10 posts each with three other people, your total posts required remains 30, and the ST does not accrue towards that thiry.

The combined score determines the amount of post credits you will earn. Each thread comes with a related bonus item.

Danger Steps:

  • Light (1): Players might get superficial wounds at most.
  • Mild (2): Players can expect superficial or minor injuries that heal easily.
  • Moderate (3): Players can expect minor to moderate injuries that heal over time or require some healing.
  • High (4): Players can expect moderate to severe wounds, including things that take a substantial amount of time to heal, require healing, and small possibility of death. Many require a storyteller.
  • Critical (5): Players will at least receive moderate to severe wounds, and will likely be out of commission for a period of weeks without serious magical based healing. The risk of character death is now much more significant, and this will require an experienced storyteller or myself.

Posting Step requirements:

  • Level 1: 5 posts per person
  • Level 2: 10 posts per person
  • Level 3: 15 posts per person
  • Level 4: 20 posts per person
  • Level 5: 25 (sometimes more) posts per person

Post credits are earned based on how the quest lines up with the quest grades. Each level corresponds to one of the grades. The applicable multiplier for that quest grade is used for your post-credits earned.

  • Level 1: Quest Grade C
  • Level 2: Quest Grade C+
  • Level 3: Quest Grade B-
  • Level 4: Quest Grade B
  • Level 5: Quest Grade B+
  • Level 6: Quest Grade A-
  • Level 7: Quest Grade A
  • Level 8: Quest Grade A+
  • Level 9: Quest Grade S-
  • Level 10: Quest Grade S 


The List of Quests

Level One: Tag, You're It!


Danger Step: 0 | Post Step: 1 | Quest Grade: C | Reward: Post Credits+Item

Someone thinks they’re quite the prankster, going around and vandalizing various shops in the East District. So far, a blacksmith’s anvil has been painted pink, a jeweler found what appeared to be the rough sketch of male genitalia on his door (painted with black tar), and a general store found one of their windows smashed and through the hole, cow dung was dropped inside. Needless to say, the East District merchants are sick of this. So far, all of this has been concentrated in a small area encompassing both “The Busy” and “The Yard”, suggesting the vandal lives in the area. A few nights of patrolling ought to help you find him, and once you do, turn him over the guards, or find some other (nonviolent) means of convincing him to stop. Once you capture the kid, you will find several quick drying buckets of paint- worth a handful of VB to the right sellers, or you could find use for it yourself.

The contact is a highly disgruntled Blacksmith named Geruh (owner of the now pink anvil).

Group Minimum: 3
Group Suggested: 3-6
Dangerousness: The level of danger is zero, the tagger is just some bored kid who isn’t going to bring you harm.
Storyteller Requirement: None


Level 2: “Learning One’s Place”


Danger Step: 1 | Post Step: 1 | Quest Grade: C+ | Reward: Post Credits+Item

A man from the west district recently had a valuable heirloom stolen right off the ship, before the dock’s workers ever had a chance to unload it. The thief new it was of great value to this man (an avid collector of rare figurines) and stole it so he could extort a significant sum of money from him. Now, the man is quite willing to pay the lout’s demands, it is pocket change to him really, and the idiot doesn’t even know the value of the item he hordes- it’s worth more than what he is asking. The rub, however, is that this man is one of long established nobility and does not appreciate the disrespect shown towards him, especially from some lowly small-time thief from the south district. He refuses to lower himself into stepping foot into that district and also wishes the man be taught a valuable life lesson.

Your task will be to take him his gold and make sure he gives you back the heirloom, as thieves like this are just as likely to try and get more coin by refusing to hand it over. Before departing, he also wants you to violently thrash this man in any way you see fit, short of killing him or leaving him so permanently disfigured that his life would be significantly shortened. Teach him a hard lesson about crossing powerful men, and make sure he will never forget it. Your employer encourages creativity in your endeavors, and will pay you upon bringing back the heirloom, both in VB and tools. A choice between high quality brass knuckles (master crafted and guaranteed to never break from normal use, short of magical destruction), a high quality steel baton (specially designed for weighted slamming) or a beautiful set of surgical knives. Clearly, the tools are both for your keeping and for possible use on this task.

Your contact is a personal assistant to the man from the West District. He is dressed in formal attire and sits alone at the bar. He goes by the name Wallace.

  • Group Minimum: 2
  • Suggested Group: 2-4
  • Level of Danger explained: The thief will certainly try to fight back, but he is just a lowly thief, not much of a threat to decently experienced adventurers, especially in groups.
  • Storyteller Required: No.


Level 3: "Cat and Mouse"


Danger Step: 1 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: B- | Reward: Post Credits+Item

Thanks to the actions of someone (*cough* Genkuro *cough*) Grender has a real cat problem right now. In the time that followed the great “catastrophe” the neighborhood now as a real catdemic on their hands. Cats are everywhere, and they are tearing up lawns, tripping people up, constantly making noise and generally being a nuisance. Sure, the reduction in rodents has been nice, but the cats are still out of control and the guards are sick of spending time trying to chase burgling cats than actual cat burglars. The city is requesting assistance in getting the cat problem back under control. 

The group who chooses to undertake this role will have to enter the Grender neighborhood and chase down cats all over. The problem with these cats, however, is that they tend to be smarter and more clever than the average cat and its rumored a few of them spontaneously catch on fire (don’t ask). Catching the cats will be a difficult task. The city requests that you remove at least twenty-five of them, which should get the population back under control. The rub here is that you can only catch one cat per post*, as they are clever pains in the backside. Given that this thread will take a minimum of 30 posts, you should be able to swing that. 

To aid you, the city will give you some specially designed “net launchers”, a firearm that loads a packed down shell with a weighted net. It uses an exalta shard to set the net flying, and the weights on the end slow down the captured quarry and cause tangles. The nets are only big enough to catch small game (like cats) but hey, if you shoot it at someone’s face, it is sure to distract them. Or if used on an enemy’s weapon hand, it might prove useful as well. As implied, you get to keep them when you’re done. The exalta shard will last for 5 shots- after that, you got to buy shards through the market place or come up with an IC means of acquiring more. 

  • Group Minimum: 3
  • Suggested Group: 3-5
  • Level of Danger explained: The cats can scratch you, they may bite, and if you get caught near one conflagrating you might get burned. All that said, they really are just cats and the injuries you get will be primarily superficial. Just get them cleaned out or see a local healer- wouldn’t want to get catch scratch fever. ;)
  • Storyteller Required: No


Level 4: "A Giant Problem"


Danger Step: 1-2 | Post Step: 2-3| Quest Grade: B+ |Reward: Post Credits+Item

A cluster of local farms have all recently reported a similar issue. Apparently, there is a rogue giant living up in the hills who was cast out of his clan and now survives by stealing livestock. Well, Giants are not known for being small eaters, so this giant is going through a lot of sheep and the like. The continued complaints of the farmers to the city council has led to their forming a committee to address the problem. Six months later they finally took up the proposed solution of hiring out help from committee to debate, and another three months later they voted in favor. Here is where your group comes in.

You are tasked with going out into the mountain range and dealing with this giant. The traditional approach of course would be to dispatch it with extreme violence. However, you are welcome to get creative with your solutions. A sufficient resolution results in quest completion and credit for your job well done.

The contact for this quest is a secretary from the city council, who is here to hire you out. Finishing the job nets you the post credits in addition to some healing potions. These healing potions heal wounds in any sanctioned t-1 event in Mezthaluen (can probably extend that to Genesaris in general) and can be used for healing yourself at critical times in a quest or thread you intend to canonize.  

  • Group Minimum: 3
  • Suggested Group: 3-5
  • Level of Danger explained: If you choose to go fight the Giant, you can expect this to be a two, because he is a pretty tough giant. Direct fighting reduces the posting workload. However, if you go with a creative solution other than a direct fight, you can reduce the danger but then need to increase the post requirements, as more complex and clever solutions require greater set up. 
  • Storyteller Required: No


Level 5: "He Who Would Steal My Steel"


Danger Step: 3 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: B+ | Reward: Post Credits+Item

A Dwarven Blacksmith who lives here in the North part of the city but does good work over in the East side is furious. So much so, the whole damn Tavern has been listening to him curse and bellyache all night. Someone got ahold of his Selarian Steel shipment, and it cost him a real pretty penny getting a hold of it- this stuff is incredibly rare. He caught wind that some of the pawn shops over in Quaid (East District) are selling small amounts of it- seems like someone has been selling it off bit by bit. He wants you to go find a way to get these pawn dealers to cough up where they got this steel and who where you might find the individual. It’s probably going to take getting info from a few of them to be able to pin down a reliable location for the guy, but there are more than a dozen pawn dealers, so that is no problem.

How you get them to speak is up to you. One might bribe them (lose 1 post-credit) or one might bully them (10% chance per "victim" you end up on the bounty list) or do them a favor (additional 2 posts per person). The Dwarf hiring you does not care, just so long as he gets his metal back. Once you track the person down, you might have to deal with some hired cronies who try to get between you and the man with the steel. Bring both him and the steel back to the dwarf at his shop- he is going to "lecture him" on why you should never steal from a dwarf... just to make sure things are clear.

In return for getting the steel back, he'll make you a weapon made from this steel- Selarian Steel. You can take it as is, sell it back to him (3 post credits, then made available on Genesaris market for 6 post credits), sell it for yourself, or get it enchanted at a discount. Yep, the dwarf will get you his discount with a Mezthaluen enchanter, a 30% discount. The cost depends on what you have enchanted, but it can range from 3 post credits to 50 post credits normally--with the discount, you can get it for 2 post-credits to 35 post-credits-- significant savings.

  • Group minimum : 3
  • Suggested group: 3-4
  • Danger explained: Well, there is always the off chance that you try to intimidate the wrong pawn broker or at the wrong time, but more likely it will come from the guy fighting back or sending hired help after you.
  • Storyteller Required: No, but recommended.


Level 6: "Trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom"


Danger Step: 4 | Post Step: 2 | Quest Grade: A- |Reward: Post Credits+Item

Well, it isn’t Bowser, but something particularly nasty all the same. A local mushroom picker named Olivaid has been unable to get down to the lake for fear of losing a limb or worse. The occasional alligator is a normal part of the job, an occupational hazard he’s willing to deal with and has dealt with on a regular basis. However, this time is different, and it cost him one of his hired help. A beast unlike anything he has ever seen before rose out of the water, standing at 10ft tall (on two legs) with five claws per hand, each claw nearly a foot long each, in addition to teeth about 4” long themselves. He was able to get a sketch of the creature made, and with a bit of imagination, you can see something like this.

As if that were not bad enough, the creature seems to be hanging around, aware that people go down to pick the River Mushrooms, looking for more human-prey. On top of that, it seems like his presence as made more alligators show up, causing the waters to be completely infested. At the very least, this big one has to go, or else the local mushroom economy might be in trouble- it sounds silly, but some people make their living picking these things. The man is offering good money to the first group willing to go down there and get rid of it and any other Alligators that get in your way, as well as a dozen mushrooms each—quite the deal, as those carry a fair price themselves.

Just make sure to do your research on River Mushrooms before chowing down.

In addition to Alligators, watch out for Manes and Ambush Mangroves. They are known to be in the area.

  • Group Minimum: 3
  • Suggested Group: 3-5
  • Level of Danger explained: This is more of a "soft 4", but rather than call it a 3.5, I rounded to four and gave a lesser item instead of cutting back on the VB. Alligators are tricky as it is, but the primary target is very strong, fairly intelligent, magically resistant and has tough skin. Also surprisingly fast. Remember, in the company of other Alligators and there are those nasty mangroves out there.
  • Storyteller Required: Recommended, not required


Level 7: "Fish Story"


Danger Step: 4 | Post Step: 3| Quest Grade: A |Reward: Post Credits+Item

This “fish” always gets away, because when it strikes, it hits hard and fast, and makes off with shipping crews. The docks are terrified of this thing, and never know when it will strike. Its appetite is unpredictable, and it sometimes goes months without bothering anyone, only to come back and strike twice in one week. Rumor has it that the creature is called a Morkoth and that they are normally found in deep oceans—so what it is doing in a lake is anyone’s guess. Recently, it struck out at a major shipping company’s men and someone of higher regard did not return to the surface. This has prompted the company to put out a hit on the creature personally. Take the provided breathing gear, search the bottom of the lake, and dispatch it.

This quest entails searching the confines of a large lake while moving at a reduced speed (walking in water is hard). Then, once you do find the creature, you have to try to take it out, which will not be easy. The beast is resistant to weapons that lack magical qualities and it sometimes reflects targeted spells back on the original caster. It also has an arsenal of spells itself. Not to mention its ferocious bite and tough tentacles.

The contact for this is a representative from the company, a real lawyer type. He's stuffy, kinda squeamish, and looks unhappy about hanging out at a tavern looking for help. 

The item is an underwater breathing apparatus. It has two tubes that connect to a specially created blue-exalta stone on the back end and to a mask on the front. It provides a constant, steady supply of normal atmospheric air (mixture of the typical Valucre air) for up to two hours at a time, with a one-hour cooldown between uses. Each person gets one to keep.  

  • Group Minimum: 4
  • Suggested Group: 4-6
  • Level of Danger explained: See the description for how tough this creature is. Not only is it hard to deal damage to, but it takes a lot of damage as well. All while dealing with a clever beast in its home element. Good luck.
  • Storyteller Required: Yes, for the encounter itself. Find a suitable candidate or I will do it for you. 


Level 8: "Kicking the Hornet’s Nest"


Danger Step:5 | Post Step:3 | Quest Grade: A+ | Reward: Post Credits+Item

Actually, not hornets, but Wyverns. Very large Wyverns in a huge nest located somewhere out in the mountains, coming out to the farms during the early morning hours and stealing livestock from the farmers. These farmers rely on the livestock to keep themselves fed and to feed people in the city, using those sales to supply their typically paltry incomes. The Wyverns have become absolutely problematic and need to be cleared out- they’re an invasive species anyway, hailing from other parts of the continent.

You will need to go out into the mountains and root out the nest. There is estimated to be between one and two dozen creatures and they are tough as hell. You will need to use magical weapons at the very least and would benefit from having a magic user on hand (as well as a healer). Once you eliminate all of them, the farmer’s want you to bring back the carcasses, as they will turn the meat into dog and pig food, and they will harvest the scales for you. There will be enough scales for all participants to have one set of armor made for them, and the armor is quite good. To have it made, it will cost you 2 post credits, and the armor confers you with the following protections.

  • An advantage (see Chosen T1 rules) against slashing and piercing weapons—this advantage will be honored in any T1 situation in a Genesaris thread or sponsored tournament. Other locations is up to the person who runs it
  • Ignores damage from non-magical weapons
  • Lighter than plain leather and tougher than platemail made from high quality steel
  • If you choose not to make the armor, you can sell the scales to the city for 5 post credits, and it will be made available on the Genesaris market list (retail 10 post credits). You have the option to sell it to another person of course, for whatever you can get for it.

Your contact will be someone from the Farmer’s Association- it varies by the day, so the flier says just to call out for the rep from the Farmer’s Association.

  • Group Minimum: 4
  • Suggested Group: 5-6
  • Level of Danger explained: A great deal of it actually. These creatures are tough, they take a lot of damage to bring down just one—and you have a whole nest. They have poisonous stingers on their tail, which injects a venom that causes paralysis and excruciating pain in the form of unbearable burning—if enough venom is injected, it can stop the breathing of a full grown, healthy man. Their bites have venom as well, these causing necrosis and immediate breakdown of the tissue bit, as well as massive swelling and fatigue. They have claws on their wings and their scales are resistant to piercing and slashing weapons as well as immune to non-magical weapons. They have breath weapon that spews out a cloud of sulfurous gas that causes nausea, teary eyes and possible vomiting. All of this information will be given to the characters by the contact.
  • Storyteller Required: Yes--they should handle large scale skirmishes.


Level 9: "Maintaining the Monopoly"


Danger Step:4 | Post Step: 5 | Quest Grade: S- |Reward: Post Credits+Item

It appears that a new guild started up in town and as one could imagine, the established guild isn’t happy about the competition. Normally, the guild would just go to war with the new upstarts and remove them from the picture themselves, but as it turns out, the new leader is a clever bastard. Part of the reason why they are so difficult to pin down is that they are not operating out of one location, but out of several cells connected to the greater network. Rumor has it that there is a central location, but only the guild leader remains there, none of his lieutenants. The organization is complex and difficult to pin down; it will take a great deal of legwork to unravel.

Hence, the longtime guild is hiring out, looking for a group with the right combination of investigative skills, tenacity, and “muscle” to take care of the problem. In order to bring down the guild, you are going to have to locate all of the lieutenants and eventually the leader, taking each one of them out. There are a couple ways to “take them out”- you can capture them, obtain evidence of crimes, and then turn them over to the guards or you can just kill them, keeping in mind that discovered bodies lead to bounties. Either way, it will not be easy. If you choose to seize them and turn them into the law, you will have to extricate each one of them without alerting the other thieves, as they will just warn all the rest. If you choose to kill them, you’re going to have to take out all the present members as well.

When you successfully complete the mission, the thieves will make it worth your while. Not only will you get paid, you’ll receive what is called a “Guild Token”, a mark of honorary guest membership to the guild, granting you access to certain privileges. You will be alerted to where guild contacts reside in the city, which opens up access to favors they can grant for you.

  • They can tell you where to find available fences (people who buy and sell stolen or illegal goods)
  • They can provide you with info gleaned off the streets as well as generally reliable rumors
  • They can set you up with hired help, should you need someone to do some… sneaky stuff for you
  • If you are trying to outrun some thugs or have guards hot on your tail, they can get you situated at a safe-house or bring in backup to help you fight them off.
  • You will be told the location of some guild networks, which will help you move about the south district without detection, and can get you past the south gate and into the east district without paying the tax.


  • Minimum group: 4
  • Recommended group: 4-6
  • Danger: You will be dealing with a criminal enterprise who would much rather stay in business. When you threaten the wellbeing of anyone, they tend to fight back, and when you threaten the wellbeing of a not so nice group of people, you can expect some not so nice responses. They are organized, carry big numbers, and you can expect many to be pretty competent combatants- tread carefully, and do not underestimate anyone.
  • Storyteller: Recommended, not required.


Level 10: "There’s Something Strange in the Neighborhood"


Danger Step:5 |Post Step: 5 | Quest Grade: S | Reward: Post Credits+Item

There are dark forces moving into the area, and apparently, they have been for quite some time. The contact for this uncovered the information ages ago, but the guards refused to believe him, and even now that he has solid evidence, they will not hear him out—so now he turns to others to put an end to this danger. There is a cult of necromancers and their acolytes who have moved into the area, keeping a secret hideout somewhere in the marsh, but having their members infiltrate the city as business owners, commoners, and assistants to the politicians; it is only a matter of time before they get into positions of real authority. This cult is very bad news and malevolent, their intent to take over the entire city, perform a massive ritual and turn all nonmembers into undead creatures. Could you imagine what could befall Genesaris is this cult were able to turn 2.5 million people into an army of undead?

The proof is in documents and confession by an acolyte who had a change of heart, and will meet with you at the contact’s home. Their story is a terrifying one, a tale about brainwashing and kidnappings, sacrifices to unheard of dark gods and a sect of hundreds vying for powers similar to that of the grandmaster—a very old necromancer who centuries ago became a lich, and now is perhaps one of the most powerful liches in all of history. She confirms that if they have the time and the proper logistics, his ritual will work, and they could do it within two years’ time- the longer you wait, the less likely you can stop them. Their numbers of fully fledged members grows, as does their hidden army of undead. At the time she left (a month ago) they had thousands—fortunately, if the grandmaster dies, so do all the undead bound to him.

You have a monumental task ahead of you. You must find members of this cult- likely, acolytes first (easiest), then low ranking members, then high ranking members, and then the coven itself, so you can get to this grand master and destroy him, which also requires knowing the location of his phylactery. You must be prepared to deal with powerful magic users (high ranking members are long time accomplished wizards and clerics of dark gods), possible undead threats, as well as acolytes who could be anyone. The battle with the Lich will be an epic challenge sure to be the stuff of legends, should a bard hear of it. This is the opportunity to be an unforgettable hero.

To help you, the contact has gotten the Three Brothers Church to create a talisman for you, one that vibrates anytime you are near something that is composed of ‘Negative Energy’ or has recently used it. Namely, it will warn you of nearby undead or alert you to someone who has cast it recently, which is usually those who practice dark arts (including necromancy). It can detect this as soon as you are within 100 meters of a source, and the lingering presence left on a magic user can be detected up to 48hrs later. It will shake much more violently when you are within 25 meters, and it will practically dance within 3 meters.

A second spoil you will find is particularly powerful (and cool, imo), one found on the highest ranking members (1 for each participant). These are implants that give “The Aspect of Undeath” to the wearer. They come with two spikes, which you drive into your forearms, from the underside (they are about 1.5”). They fuse to your body, spreading out a spider web pattern of blackness, and the head itself turns dark red. They grant the following powers.

  • Immunity to poison
  • No extra effect by “critical damage” (vital organ hits—treated as a normal wound)
  • Increase vitality by 30%
  • Required Cold Iron or a magical weapon to be hit
  • Healed by negative energy

There are drawbacks though.

  • Double Damage by holy attacks
  • Normal healing magic causes damage, not heals (magic, not herbs)
  • Detection spells targeting undead or evil detects you as a slight source (must be within 10 meters to detect you)
  • It influences your mind- causes mood swings, makes it harder to adhere to previous morals (does not make you outright evil, but those who were borderline typically fall over the boundary, and those who are not will struggle and likely feel a lot of guilt).
  • Removal leaves you in a coma for one week, and it permanently saps you of 10% of your vitality.
  • The binding is also the most painful thing you will ever endure and will cause most to black out.

If you do not want it, you can sell it for 15 post-credits and it will be listed on the Genesaris page for 30 post-credits. You can also sell it on your own.

  • Group Minimum: 4
  • Suggested Group: 5-6
  • Level of Danger explained: Of all the quests, the chance of character death is highest, and one that will be enforced. You will have to play smart, be careful, and be on your toes. Use good teamwork, plan ahead, and be prepared to face serious injuries- be glad you have a city full of clerics (makes you wonder how this threat has gone by undetected, doesn’t it?). You will not be put into impossible situations, but you will be put into ‘holy shit what the fuck did I get myself into I’m going to piss myself” situations.
  • Storyteller Required: Yes, absolutely.


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