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Acies ab Vesania

First Stop Tavern and Inn

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When they told you this was the place to go, they really were not kidding. The inn itself is huge, both outside and on the inside. Four stories tall and as big around as some government places, this place looks like it could fit a small army if it had to, and knowing Genesaris, it probably has a time or two. The outside décor is simple but neat, with fresh paint and nice trim, and a bright cheery sign that proudly shows off its name. When you walk inside, mixed aromas of honey mead, ale, pipe tobacco, cherry tree logs burning in the hearth, and whatever the special of the day is, greet you. The bar itself is long and managed not by just the owner, but by two assistants as well, the bar occupying enough space to seat forty.


Opposite the bar is as stage, where bards play almost every night, and directly in front of that is an open floor with specialized wood flooring, designed to take a beating from those who have had enough to drink to go dancing without the fear of looking stupid. Surrounding that, literally dozens and dozens of tables, operated by a crew of anywhere from eight to twelve servers, depending on the day and the time of day. Beyond the bar you have the kitchens, where a full on team of folks work to keep food coming and everyone happy. This place is not just an inn; it’s a fine establishment for middle class people looking to have a good time, or passing adventurers to take a load off.


Though it is in one of the best neighborhoods of the city, they still take no chances and keep two very large bouncers on hand, these two twins in fact. Short, wider than a barn and ugly as sin, you find out that despite how fearsome they look, these two are downright hilarious and love to kid around with ya—but don’t piss them off, because they’ll also just as happily toss you out on your face, and they keep score with how many teeth fall out. It’s a brutal game, but such as it is for those two brothers- gentile until provoked.


Rooms are available on the third and fourth floor, the second reserved for meetings and other important functions, often used by politicos or other “important people” (often college professors). If you aren’t looking to stay the night but plan on getting work instead, feel free to look at their vast bulletin board, where you can find people in need of assistance. Or, if you are looking for help yourself, put up a notice.


Happy drinking!


[offtopic]This is a general RP area, where you can drop in to claim a quest or just come in to have characters meet up and BS for a while. All I ask is that you respect the lore and don’t trash the place without at least letting me know, so that way I can provide you with a realistic response- not saying the place could never go down in flames, but it shouldn’t be as easy as striking a match either, right? Anyway, I will not man this thread, feel free to NPC servers, the bartender, his assistant bartenders, the patrons, anyone and everyone. Have fun and wear the place out.[/offtopic]

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The place to be. The people to meet. The sheer size alone of it was impressive and when entering the establishment, one wasn't bowled over by the smell of sweat, dirt and unwashed bodies all packed into a tiny place. Not to say that the smell of liquor and a tiny hint of male body odor wasn't present it just wasn't strong enough to knock one off their feet upon coming in. The theif's eyes took in the neat decor, the fresh paint ad the decorations upon the walls. His boots made no sound upon the floor, his ever present backpack was slung carelessly over one shoulder, from it peeked the head of his mech, a tiny feline companion that accompanied him everywhere. It's green eyes scanned the place as well and he made no sound, no warning like he usually would when they were surrounded by people. Perhaps because it was evident that the place wasn't safe, the threat here wasn't moderate, it was severe and it would only take one small provacation to bring the whole place to a riot.

But he wasn't here for trouble, at least, not the kind that would arise from careless words and more to the  kind that would arise if his hand was found in someone else's pocket. He needed cash and pickpocketing wasn't raking it in by the bucketloads. No, his attention was on the bulletin board which spanned the wall on one side with notices of jobs. "Just anything that won't get me blown up, neutered, captured or killed. Right Zek?" The mech only let out a soft mechanical huff, his version of an disbelieving laugh. Yeah, right.



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"'Ey, what's her problem?"


"Dunno m8 mate, been like that since I came in."


"She ok?"


"Hey barkeep, we need to haul her upstairs?"


"Nay, these'll do the trick, mark me words."






Varina sprang backwards off her barstool, hands tense at her side and immediately on alert. One of the men at the bar let out an audible gasp at the sight of her left hand; it had been hiding under her cloak while she slept, and he hadn't been inside to see it when she was still awake. Once she realized that the awful stench she'd been subjected to was nothing more than smelling salts, Varina relaxed and sat back down, staring grumpily at the bartender who'd woken her up. He stared back, clearly not amused with her behavior nor intimidated by her hideous left hand.


"What's the deal? I was resting!" Varina said angrily.


"Aye, so ye were. D'ya know for how long?"


Varina stared.


"Two hours, lass! Two hours ye been curled up on me bar! It's not proper to pass out in the middle of the establishment."


"It's not proper to wake up a lady when she's sleeping, either. But point taken, so I'll just be goin' now, thank you very much."


She got up and began to walk towards the exit, only to find her way swiftly barred by the tavern's twin bouncers, who glared at her with arms crossed. They had been so friendly when she first entered..... now, not so much.


"Uh uhh uhh! Not so quick, girlie. Ye still need to pay yer tab. You know how much it is?" the bartender asked.


"Does it matter? I thought the point of a tab was that you can pay it later," she responded.


The bartender snorted a brief laugh at this claim.


"It is later, lass. Or don't ye remember blacking out on yer stool? Now, where's yer gold?"


"Well, you see.... th-that's why I thought I could just pay later. I don't, uhh, I don't exactly have any money on me right now...."


"Why am I not surprised? Well, fear not, little lady. It's yer lucky day--my bard ain't shown up to work, likely passed out drunk somewhere just like you, and me staff don't have time to go out and drag his sorry ass back here today. Bring 'im in fer me, we'll call it even, eh? Only seems right, sendin' one drunk out to round up another, hehe."


Varina scowled for a moment, then raised her good hand to her head and swooned backwards, falling into a nearby empty chair. She held her forehead and moaned before speaking.


"Ohhhhh, but I'm so hungover.... My head hurts so much, I don't think I can go out and do much right now, mister!" she said, not very convincingly. This display drew confusion from a couple of the patrons, but only laughter from the barkeep and bouncers, who knew better.


"Do ya think me daft, lass? I watched ya drink up nearly yer own weight in liquor a while back yet here ye are still alive 'n kickin'. And then there's the hand. Yer not foolin' anyone, it's pretty obvious ye ain't human. I'd bet yer tab twice over again that you've got no such thing as a headache or a hangover. Nay, two seconds ago ye were jus' fine. Now enough tomfoolery. Go find me bard! Or I'll be callin' the guards and informin' them of a little weasel what owes me a small fortune in drinks!"


The young woman lifted her head up slowly and rolled her eyes, clearly upset but just as clearly defeated. It seemed that she would have no choice but to go along with the task given to her. Why did she keep winding up in these situations?

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“And lass, before I forget, take this.”


The bartender tosses Varina a small pack wrapped with some parchment.


“Smelling salts to get that good for nothing off his arse, and a list of places you’re most likely to find him.”

The parchment reads:


  • McAel (North District): Around the First Stop Tavern and Inn itself, as well as down the street where his home is. If he came by for drinks the night before, he might have made it home or passed out along the way.
  • The Emporium (North District): Business district with other taverns, if he got another job the night before, he might be lying behind one of them, or passed out at their tables.
  • The Busy” (East Distrct): Numerous taverns in this neighborhood—check the ‘nicer’ ones, as he avoids low class taverns and inns.
  • The Grender” (East District): It would not be the first time that he drank himself so sick that he needed medical attention. Won’t hurt to check the hospital.
  • Quaid” (East District): This is the seediest and least savory places in the east, but it also has the only openly functioning brothel.
  • Fete (West District): These are where the frivolous shops and nice establishments are. He gets jobs there from time to time and he might have passed out in an alley along the way. If you have to check here, you might also look into the jail where they take drunkards. 

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Kal entered with Dent behind her, hovering just off the ground.
"Dayum... this place is big...huh?", The dragonfly spoke in an impressed expression.
"You are way too easily impressed...", Kal responded in an amused tone. 
Dent grunted at that, but he smiled anyway. 

The pair strolled slowly up to the bar, Kal, taking in her new surroundings, her lizard-like
eyes scanning. Dent landed and walked behind her, also gazing around him, folding his wings he sat at a lone
table with his friend. Kal sitting beside him, still keeping a watchful eye, she takes out a sketch pad and pencil out of her
blue satchel, leaned on her knee, "must you draw everything and everywhere you go?" Dent asks. "Well, it's good to keep 
track of everywhere you go, it's like a map
", she whispered. "So what should we do here after your done that?"

"we could probably do a job after if your up for it" Kal responded, looking at him. "I think I might explore this place...it's pretty big..." the dragonfly flicked his
wings, they gave a small glitter as the light hit them. He looked around once again, impressed by the size alone. 'where do I start?', he thought.

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A boy who looked about 14 strolled in the front door he had dark brown eyes and curly browny-ginger hair. As he entered something vanished from his hand and he walked up to the bar to nuy a drink

"hmm big enough. here will do for the night and tomorrow I'll look at the request board and see if there are any well paying jobs" he said. After being served he sat at a table near by to kal and dent "how irritating he's late again"


A young blue dragonfly bursts through the door and zips into the bar looking around before shooting over to the boy and landing

"overslept?"the boy said looking at him

"shut up Lee" the dragonfly replied

"Dash if you over sleep all the time your never gonna learn how to controll your water better"Lee told the dragonfly sharply

"I know Lee" Dash the young dragonfly replied

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Dent watched them carefully, then he thought for a second. 
The young dragonfly stood up and strolled over to the bar and sat at a stool. 
"Whisky for me please barkeep", he grinned. 

"Aren't ye' a little young to be drinkin' laddy'?"
"no sir, just handsome on the skin", he kept his grin. 

Kal watched him. She facepalmed, "don't get drunk again bozo", she sighed.
Dent looked at her over his shoulder and gave her a cheeky grin. "you want one?", he chuckles. 
"No thanks, just, don't pass out." She chuckled back at him. 

Kal notices the new arrivals and how close they are. Too close, "actually, bozo I think I'll
join you...
", she says in a low, slightly irritated. She stands up and walks to her friend.  

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Lee: looks at dash "hmmmm" looks at dent 

Dash: "what you looking at"

Lee: "you and the ther dragonfly"

Dash: looks over his sholder at dent "why" looks back at Lee

Lee: "you just look similar"

Dash: " how? 

Lee: " you just do " strolls up to the bar close to dent and kal but keeping his distance " two portions of chips please " he requests the bar tender as he slides 7 gold pieces onto the counter

Bar tender: "sure thing" he says before calling the order into the kitchen

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Kal smiles at Dent as he looks at her "you said you wanted to explore..., Or do a job"
she says in her low voice. 
He smiled back. "Yeah let's get a job", he sipped the whiskey slowly. he looked at Lee.
"Hi, um, who are you?", he mutters. 
Kal face-desked herself, "you can't resist can you?", she moaned. 
Dent nudged her in the ribs with his elbow, "learn to talk to people Kal, stop
running from them "he smiled and whispered, "don't be shy" quietly. 

Kal glared at him for a moment, 'you are so dead later' in her expression.
Dent just smiled cheekily and patted her. "Relax" He chuckles. 

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"You've been quiet over there, kid. You want anything to eat? It's past noon," The pale waiter had said to the boy, who was quietly sitting in the corner of the small restaurant.

"No...I'm good, thank you." The boy responded. His dull grey eyes glanced at the waiter as he spoke.

"Well, alright. I'm heading out for break, soon. I can't have you in here alone." The waiter, at that point, walked over to Landon.

Landon looked up at the tall waiter. He had height like a giraffe.

"Yes, sir. I'll walk out..." The boy hopped off the chair and started to walk out of the restaurant.

"Where will you go, son?" The waiter asked with furrowed brows. He knew that the kid hung around different stores; he was a total appeal to other young adults who wanted to see well-behaved children.

"...I don't know. Maybe I'll hang with the ships." Landon looked a little upset. He was never good at making choices on his own.

"Well, hey, how about this? There's an inn a few blocks down from here. I'd bet they'd like to see you." The waiter smiled gently as he pointed in the general direction with his thumb.

Landon silently stared at the direction the man pointed in.

"...." He said nothing as he headed to the door.

"You'll be safe there, no worries. I'll see you again." The waiter smiled as Landon left the restaurant.



The boy stared up at the building. That was very big.

He took a minute of staring around the place before actually walking in timidly.

He frowned at once, the mixed aromas making his nose itch.

"...I don't like it here." He said at once. But he couldn't go back to the restaurant, the waiter was on break.

So Landon sighed and walked forward a few steps, ignoring the many folks-a drinking. 

He set himself down at the far end of the bar, facing the wall.

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Dent held his head with a brief groan, going cross-eyed. 
Kal looked at him immediately, "I told you not to drink too-", but her dragonfly friend
cut her off, "it's not that", he interrupted. His hetrochromia switched colours, his vision blurred 
for a moment. Kal looked rather concerned for him, "maybey we should get some air", she patted him
on the back. 
Dent took a second before finally regaining full vision, he looked at her. "Yeah, that'd be nice
" he responded quietly and stood up. He took out 5 gold pieces and placed them on the counter
for payment for the barkeep to collect. 
The two stood up and strolled to the door, Kal put her sketch book into her satchel as she reached the door,
she looked over her shoulder to study her surroundings once again, taking a look at the boy who just entered
for a second, then at Lee and Dash, before following Dent outside. 
"Yeah, that's a little better", Dent spoke as he breathed in a breath of fresh air and leaned against the wall
of the big tavern. Kal smiled at him, briefly, but she smiled, she sighed a little, going into thought. 
All the while smiling, Dent looked up at the sky.

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He felt a strong aversion to this city—just the idea of returning repulsed him, but he could not deny that the urge to pass through overwhelmed his misgivings. Even still, he had not yet worked up the gumption to pass through the gates into the Southern District, his home of two decades before he went from one shit-hole to the next, the second worse than the first. The Southern district held many memories for him- muggings, drunken brawls, a mother who could barely be motivated into raising her children and often threatened to send him off with those “folks offering gold for healthy young children in need of opportunities”. He knew now what those opportunities entailed, and he supposed he owed his mother at least that much for not going with the easier option of sending him into slavery for a quick buck and decreased responsibilities.


Still, he never saw this side of the city, not before he went away and not until now that he stepped through the front gates, entering as a stranger nearly nine years removed. His appearance had changed- he aged a great deal and scars decorated once smooth skin. He no longer walked about as someone proud of his features but instead as a quiet man who preferred others leave him to his business. Years ago, he would have spent a fourth of his earnings on getting drunk enough to forget the stink of the city and the way everything about this place repulsed him. Now he came back, eager to lay eyes on it at least one more time before moving on to pay off dues that might accrue greater costs than the freedom he gained in exchange.


Rumors of this establishment made its way through the Southern District as commonly as tales of the High Rises and the luxurious lifestyles of Mezthaluen’s finest. Stories told of drinks never watered down and beds clean enough to eat off and now fear illness. They said the patrons were clean and the opportunities for adventure never scarce. It all sounded like dreams and fairytales to him back before he went away, but after having seen the world beyond his two cities of origin, he knew that such places could in fact exist- and so he wondered, were the stories true? He supposed it would make for a fine first stop while he worked up the never to face the underbelly of Mezthaluen, the humblest of beginnings for a man now legend inside the walls of Reyer.


Shivers sits down at the bar and waves down the bartender.


“Two fingers of your best scotch, one ice cube and just a splash of water.”


Nursing a drink that could never again make him intoxicated, Shivers watches the Tavern, entertaining curiosities more than nine years old. 

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The tavern is busy tonight, a good crowd filling the tables and keeping the wait staff hopping. A trio of bards plays old classics from the stage in the corner, attracting a crowd of dancers. Few, if any of the patrons, take notice of the doors slamming open and a pair of men in suits storming inside as if they were the owners of the place. Both have dark short-cropped hair and clean-shaven faces. It is clear that they mean to keep their faces impassive and unreadable, but the anger buried beneath that calm veneer leaks through to any who have any ability to read facial expressions.


“Listen up!”


The first of the two tries to shout over the music and conversations, but his voice is drowned out and largely ignored, everyone keeping to their business and expecting others to do the same. In response, he grabs some patron’s mug of ale and throws it at the band, shattering the glass against the back wall just inches from one of the three musicians. Glass shatters and goes all over the place while perfectly good ale goes to waste on the floor. Total silence steals over the Tavern and all eyes fall to rest on the hot head slinging people’s drinks.


“I said listen up! We need a handful of competent fighters with a penchant for gold and a talent for making problems go away while keeping their mouths shut. If you’re looking to make some good profit tonight, come meet me at the bar.”


He and his partner walk over to the bar and take a seat, never once giving an apology- or even so much as eye contact, with the guy whose drink they ruined. The man looks pissed, but he doesn’t say anything.

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And so began Immaru's career of adventuring. Retrieving artifacts, healing strangers, fighting bandits... the possibilities for the future were endless for the young, inexperienced mage. To find even more jobs, she had traveled to Genesaris, curious what the famously magical continent had to offer; magic was kind of her thing. So she sat in the corner of a busy tavern at an empty table, a thick black cloak around her shoulders, the hood up. It probably wasn't a good idea as a woman to present herself too obviously in such an unruly setting.


The bartender had given her a peculiar look when she requested water instead of wine or ale. Immaru wasn't partial to drinking, it clouded her mind too much to preform spells correctly. As an apprentice of sorts, intoxication was dangerous.


As the tavern quieted, the young woman looked up, intrigued. A man spoke his desire for a team of adventurers. This is my chance! She thought, standing up suddenly and spilling the water all over the table. She scurried away, eager to take on another work. Something high paying, useful, difficult, challenging... As she stood in front of the employer, she removed the hood of her cloak. 


Her hair was styled in two buns, with straight brown bangs across her face. Strange purple and gold robes were displayed under the black cloak. Her brown eyes studied the man intently, but her mouth smiled. "My name is Immaru Ziana. Mage. Expert of the arcane and elemental magic. I'd like to solve your problem."

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Landon at once flinched. He didn't know there was going to be any danger. At once, he wanted to leave, to go back to the other place. But the man wouldn't be there. Landon was at lost for what to do.

Slowly, he turned around. His face was difficult to read, but he was feeling nervous.

He decided it was one of those times to think for himself.

Well, the guy made everyone silent. That is a good sign right there.

Money equal toys..and sweets...

Following his logic, the boy stood up confidently and walked over.

He tip-toed over glass,, not disturbed by the mess at all.

"I want gold." He spoke quietly and monotone.

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