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Acies ab Vesania

First Stop Tavern and Inn

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The hospitality of this stranger he met gave him the impression that he had someone who got his back, he rejected the offer kindly with a swift gesture of a hand

"Not today, I appreciate the offer but maybe after this one on my treat" 

He chuckled slightly before looking at the pulverised door, the armor of the creature he faced was rather familiar as he continued scribing in his notebook

This behaviour is not strange for a bar or pub where someone would just barge in for a specific liquor or people, but the appearance of a tail made him curious of this bizzare feature of a seemingly humanoid creature

He turned to axel waving and walking towards said creature, he had the power to stop him but seeing not malevolence in his eyes, made him sure it's all AOK

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As Arashi entered and looked around, over at Axel's position, one of the nearby tavern patrons, looking over at the armored figure, a middle aged man, raising an eyebrow at the hybrid that walked in. He was equipped with a sword and armor that was revelant around these parts and she had just waltzed in here with a suit of bulky power armor.

He had the nerve to say the next few things which made her mad.

"You gonna pay for a new door?" He asked the armoured warrior in particular.

"No. I have no intention of paying for a easy door. It's pointless.

"Alright then, let me teach you a lesson--" By the second he got up, the draconian had rushed towards him and picked him by the throat and threw him into the wall, knocking him out.

All the other tavern patrons, looked in shock as she started to look scared of the armoured figure, not going to ask about the broken door again. She turned her attention to Axel, who didn't say a word about her appearance. She let off a little growl as she looked over at the other man. She didn't flinch or say a word as he approached her, only looking curious at the human.

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Axel sighed and laid back against the questing board in a relaxed, but alert position.

Things had already stopped going as he had expected... that's just how his life seemed to be sometimes, though. First of all, he hadn't expected to meet a man who claimed to be from another world! Secondly, it seemed almost fate-driven that an armored figure would bust into the tavern, talking about a job, which would lead the rogue's new companion to go make contact with them!

Axel figured he would just hold back until things sorted themselves out... a brawl might have been on the verge of starting, and Axel knew he could easily escape from one if he needed to... although, this odd man had been rather kind to him, so if he got himself into trouble, Axel didn't know if he'd be okay just leaving him.

Hopefully, the two individuals' spontaneous conversation would result in only pleasant things, as well as Otto quickly returning so Axel can get his Gods-damned rewards from this quest! He was still keeping an eye on their contact, who was keeping a low profile along with many other of the tavern patrons... Axel presumed from a quick tally of the folk at the bar, that at least three out of four of them were hiding some things and were acting so skulking for those reasons. This behavior had just increased since this armored reptillian had jumped in and threw a dude around. Now most people who hadn't been skulking mysteriously were hunching over in fear.

Axel was interested to see where this conversation would go.

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Looking slightly surprised by the rash nature of the Draconian lead  Otto to be a bit more cautious towards the Draconian flinging a man to the wall ,cautiously walking towards the armor with his hand resting on the handle of his beam saber he kindly spoke 

"Excuse me, ma'am this might be a farfetched assumption but I guess you and the man over there had the same thing in common, we all need some money to sustain ourselves, so I suggest you to remain civil or leave, bad attitude would left a bad taste for the customer you know" 

Trying to suggest the Draconian puts him on a great risk of being flung off to a nearby wall, but to stop this rather annoying problem it's a risk worth taking for....

"Mr. Axel I do believe we had ourselves a little party for this quest, shall we meet the contractor and ask for details?" 

He returned his gaze to axel, a kind face seemingly innocent but managed to hide a lot of things very well

"I might as well asked your name.... Who are you?"

As he asked the Draconian in a flat tone

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As the armored lizardfolk and Axel's time-displaced acquaintance shared some dialogue and introductions, Axel was struck with a sudden pang of restlessness. He had gotten these a few times before... they usually meant he was meant to do something, not that he knew what that meant, or even knew if it was true... Axel had always felt somewhat special, even beyond his true material accomplishments... because his power of sorcerous augery had always looked out for him!

As his two party members conversed, Axel stepped in. "Well, it's great to meet you both! I'll admit, I'm interi thested to know how you've heard of this job, thy well-adorned lady," Axel greeted the two others, his usage of the word "adorned" in reference to Arashi could mean many things, one of which may be in reference to her very interesting armor... though perhaps he was being playful? Even the damn slippery fellow himself didn't know!

He continued with a small sigh, "But I'm afraid I've gotten an urge to start on up with this quest, yes? The sun is still high in the sky, let us move forward!" he said the second part, in his best impersonation of an inspiring flagbearer or perhaps a navigator.

Though his words were dramatic, his movements weren't. Axel simply walked towards their contact... his feet moved almost silently even at this casual gait! His cloak swirled around him and barely swished! This man had some serious rogue skills.

As he and his two companions reached Wallace, Axel stopped nearly immediately and rapped his knuckles on the oaken table, practically ripping the man's attention away from his bottle of red wine.

Before the man could object, Axel pulled out a chair and sat down with utter grace and confidence despite the bold move. Before Wallace could retort, the rogue continued, "Ah, Wallace I presume?" he stuck out his hand, which the man watched for a moment, unsure of. "You are here acting as a contact for a noble in the city, correct?" Wallace nodded slightly, and Axel gave up on his handshake, letting his hand fall gently to the table, in a comfortable position.

Axel leaned back, "Well? That's wonderful!" he exclaimed with overplayed glee, "Because I have been absolutely searching for the master of this job!" he said with a bright smile, flashing his flawless white-toothed grin!

Wallace looked unimpressed and slightly irritated, "I saw you just over at the other end of the bar- you came straight here."

Axel threw back his head and laughed, "Gods! You must think I drunker than you, yes?" he said with a smirk, causing the man a moment of self-conscious doubt. He leaned forward, "I apologise! I am just very excited to get my foot in this door, if you catch my drift?" he wiggled his eyebrows and smiled.

Wallace sighed, "What are you, a damned bard? Act professional, boy!" perhaps the use of boy wasn't appropriate, Wallace seemed to be anywhere from late 20s to late 30s, maybe even in his early 40s, he was well-groomed, despite where he found himself.

"Ah, I apologize sir. Introductions first, then?" He stood up, as he did an aura of shadow seemed to surround him for an instant, before vanishing as if it hadn't appeared at all, "I am Axel Voidstar! Thief extraordinaire! I would be honored by your patron to solve his little thief problem!" Wallace raised an eyebrow at that statement, and Axeled chuckled, "I know! How ironic! Don't worry, the thieves' guild doesn't exist, and if they do they have no policy for taking bounties on failure worms!" Axel said, not even trying to hide the existence of a thieves' guild! How bold!

Wallace groaned, "Fine, you seem qualified. And your friends?" Axel waved to them, but said one more thing first, "Before they introduce themselves, allow me to stake my claim on those fancy surgical knives, yes? In case they would be in high demand!" Axel gave a bittersweet smile to his allies, as if to silently apologize for ripping the best reward right from under their nos--

"No worries lad, Master Wynnvalir has multiple sets of those knives, if your friend seek the same reward" Wallace informed the group.

Axel didn't respond, but instead gave the other two members of this quest the opportunity to speak with Wallace on any matters they wished to discuss.

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