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These Quests are Specific to Morgana and it's immediate surroundings. All Quests here are available to Anyone, please PM me before starting them. There are plenty of rewards out there for you to snag! Anyone who helps Morgana grow will be known famously throughout the city and their name will be added to the WALL OF HEROES! Thank you and Enjoy!!


A Dust Storm
An electrical sand storm, though not uncommon to the area, has been lurking around for several days. Some of the local guards have noticed large winged creatures flying around the storm, circulating it, as if it were protecting something or someone. Unravel its mystery, or get rid of it completely and you will be rewarded.

Quest Reward: 50vB and a Lightening Gourde: A large gourde containing the gift of electricity. Simply point, aim, and open to release it's raw power. The Gourde itself must recharge after each use, taking ten minutes. If used before the ten minutes, the next bolt will have a diminishing return value of half the last bolt. Whatever you do, just be careful where you shoot that thing!




Blood Samples
The Knight of Diligence is extremely interested in Blood Samples from all over Valucre. Bring him a sample of a creature you crossed in your travels and he will reward you. Must provide link to rp thread where you got it.

Quest Reward: 20 vB.




Bringing down a Behemoth
With the rise of Morgana's territory, a single Basalisk has become severely aggravated. Though they are normally found in Southern Genesaris, some have found the mountainous desert to be a comfort. The Basalisk has already killed two citizens and must be stopped immediately. Bring back its eyes and you will be rewarded for your troubles.

Quest Reward: 100vB and/or one paid title change to: Behemoth Basa. If successful, the alchemists of Morgana will conjure you a Vile of Stone (x5): The vile is a small two part container that contains ingredients from the Behemoth Basalisk. One part Basalisk Saliva with one part Basalisk Gland Secretion, when mixed after being thrown at a target, it will turn that target into stone. Just be careful, it would be a shame if it got crushed in your pocket! 




The Masked Bandit
Rumor has been told of a random man of an unknown species wearing a mask and running around the city causing "problems." From petty theft and vandalism, to possible kidnapping of children. Find him and turn him into local authorities before he does something outrageous. Wanted Alive for questioning.

Quest Reward: 50vB and/or one paid title change to: Vigilante. The person who turns him in will be given a chance to join the ranks of Morgana's Knights.




Enter Sandman
A creature has been stalking the streets of Morgana at night. While the peaceful citizens sleep, it seems that this creature slips in when they are most vulnerable. Killing the people while they sleep has brought much panic to the city. Even when people try to lock their houses and doors, the Sandman seems to always strike. It seems that no one is safe. Find and track this creature down, kill it if need be. The city guards will pay out a nice reward for its capture. Dead or Alive.

Quest Reward: 50vB and receive Dream Eater: A necklace that is capable of placing those around you under a sleeping spell. The wearer is immune to its power, but those around you will not be so lucky.




Setting up Shop
After the Merfolk people were free'd from an unworthy ruler, the city has been in need of people to help around the city to repair some damages. Venture into the River Trade District and help the Merchants rebuild their stands and shops. If you are kind enough, and show that you are a hard worker, you may just be rewarded with a space of your own! 
         Quest Reward: 75vB and a Vendor Pass to set up a shop of your own in Morgana.  

Hide and Seek
A group of kids have been spotted playing a fun game of hide and seek when one young lizard-girl went missing in Morgana. Perhaps she is still hiding, perhaps someone took her. Find her, and return her back to her parents for a handsome Reward. The city is huge, so find her fast before she is lost forever!

Quest Reward: 50vB. 




Three Unique Souls
For whatever reason, unknown to the many citizens of Morgana, it has been rumored that three very different ghosts have been causing a display of various scenes. While most people are petrified at the pale, almost human, yet transparent beings, their actions have brought great curiosity. The first ghost rumored has been chasing people, literally causing three deaths by simply touching them. A murderous touch plays with this soul that scares people away. The second ghost is a little girl, screaming in the middle of the night and crying. The disturbance draws many worried individuals to her aid, but the little girl disappears before anyone can help her. The last of which is said to be a mysterious one. Unlike the others, he is rather quite and always on the move, as if hunting for something. His presence doesn't necessarily scare the other people away, for if anything, he appears to be a warrior trying to complete a noble task. Find these ghosts, these poor lost souls, and free them or stop them from causing any more chaos in Morgana.

Quest Reward: 50vB and the Band of Souls: Allows the wearer of this armband to summon one ghostly comrade that fights for you. The ghost can take form and shape to whatever the wearer desires. The band simply channels the souls from the world beyond to summon them here with us. The wearer of this band controls that ghost for a limited time. Most commonly summoned are the warriors for combat purposes, or companions for those who simply need a friend. 



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[box]Quests In Progress


Attack of the Suujali - Click to View Progress!!
Rumor shows two random Suujali, native to Terrenus, have wound up on the Isle of Orisia and into the Valanian Desert that meets up with Morgana's border. The Guards have been noticing them getting closer and closer to the City with each passing day. Band together and take them down. It may be wise to note that this foreign species may have not wound up here by mistake. Bring back both of their tails and you will be rewarded for your troubles.

Quest Reward: 100vB and/or one paid title change to: Suujali Slayer. If successful, the blacksmiths of Morgana will make a Suujali Buckler: A round shield made from the near undestructible and magical resistant carapace of the Suujali. On top of the physical and magic resistance that it offers, the shield is decorated with the claws of the Suujali, adding sharp spike like contents onto the shield to help deliver that devastating blow.


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[box]Completed Quests[box]


Imposture Guard - COMPLETED!
While most of the rebel population in Morgana no longer exists, there seems to be a few here and there that keep slipping through the cracks. Word on the street is that some guard has been going around causing trouble in the city. The exact whereabouts of the unknown imposture have made his capture difficult. Solve the mystery of this imposture guard and bring him to justice!

Quest Reward: 100vB and Imposture's Mask: A mask that allows the wearer to conceal their identity. The facial features of the wearer can change on whim and as desired. Blond hair is now brown, blue eyes now green, big nose to little nose, even male to female. This is by far the best way to conceal your identity without anyone ever knowing. On the other hand, if you want to be famous for a day and strut around as a Queen or King you can. Use at your own discretion!




Morgana Scavenger Hunt - COMPLETED!

This hunt will take you all over the city to let you see everything that it has to offer. All first time visitors are welcome to take the scavenger hunt challenge. Of course there is a mystery prize at the end of this hunt that will make it all worth it.

Quest Reward: 100 vB and the Map of Revealing: This Map will never let you be lost wherever you go. The map will constantly change as you move throughout your environment to reveal itself to you. If you request certain locations or objects, simply tell the map and it will show you exactly where it is and how to get there. Great for keeping track of your friends... or enemies! Never wonder into a trap again!



Rabid Merfolk - COMPLETED!

Some of the native Merfolk are not pleased with the new River Trade District. New boats and people are flooding the rivers they once claimed, and while some have adapted to this change full heartily, others lash out and attack the River Trade District. With Tridents and Swords in hand, these Merfolk attack the harmless citizens of Morgana. Diplomacy is unlikely and the City Guards could use all the help they can get.

Quest Reward: 150vB per participant.




The Whispering Eye - COMPLETED!
Stories of men have gone missing from Morgana. Wealthy, family oriented men of ripe age have slowly been removed from Morgana one by one. While some think of them to be missing people, some rumors have shared stories of sirens, luring men by song from the streets and into the belly of River Trade District. An underground cavern is rumored to be somewhere around here, yet no one has found, or has been willing to find it's entrance. Your acts wont go unnoticed if you find and free these men, the last few who tried... never came back.

Quest Item: A Siren's Call: Seashell Necklace that allows the wearer breathe underwater, and have a natural alignment with water. The wearer can use any available water, and bend it to his/her own will.




A Quick Cure - COMPLETED!
A wealthy family in Morgana is requesting the assistance of anyone willing to adventure for them, in exchange for a wealthy reward. The daughter, Cassy, of four years, has become ill. Her youthful body is rejecting most medicines and healing that the family has been able to afford. Even by dumping their money into keeping her alive, she has slipped into a coma. With the family practically staying in the local hospital, a doctor informs them of a special herb that may be what they need. The Sand Plume, a rare flower that only grows in the Valanian Desert. It's rumored that there should be some just outside Morgana.

Quest Reward: 200vB.




The Black Rock Spider - COMPLETED!

A massive Black Rock Spider has slipped from the mountain side and into the Central Mining Enclave. While this is normally an off-limit zone to all guests, a one time pass and escort authorization order has been made to anyone daring to rid Morgana of this pest. It is important for normal activity to return to the enclave as soon as possible.

Quest Reward: Small Isradis Stone of your choice and 800 points split




A Black Shadow - COMPLETED!

It seems that during the night, a black shadow is cast upon the wall of a school house. While most would ignore it, this shadow is darker and blacker than normal. A swirl of dense fog lingers around it as well. Some speculate that it is a portal, but not even the scholars in Morgana have any real idea. The black shadow disappears during the day. Investigate the Black Shadow and report your findings for a reward.

Quest Reward100vB and a Shadow Cloak: A cloak that allows the wearer to blend into shadows, rendering them near invisible to mere sight. While the wearer is undetectable by mere sight, as long as they are in the shadows, other magical and physical means of finding the wearer is possible. This will surly give any assassin or thief a leg up against their competition!




Dream Come True - COMPLETED!

Rumors of a Sand Djin have been circulating through the city. This extremely rare creature is capable of granting a worthy individual a single wish. Whatever they desire, love, death, riches, fame, weapons, the Djin have no shame in granting your desire. It is said that the creature is rather fond of mortal sweets. Who knows what the Djin deems as a worthy individual to grant wishes to, but anyone would do their best given the chance. Find the Djin, prove your worthiness, and have your dream come true.

Quest Reward: 50 points.

Quest Item: A Wish: To be discussed OOC. 



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