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Terrenus Quest Index

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Quest Rules
Here, a quest is defined as any plot with a defined end and which incorporates the writing prompt, or "plot seed", from among the index in some manner. Whether the outcome is good or bad, what the exact problem is other than what's contained in the prompt, and how this is resolved are details all left up to the player unless otherwise specified. This makes quests very flexible and not strictly for the adventuring or combat oriented character. 

  • PM supernal before undertaking a quest to check for and update availability
  • Include a [quest] bracket in your thread title
  • Threads should follow the canon process requirements  
  • If a quest goes 30 days or more without a post, the quest will be considered idle and made available
    • If no one has claimed the quest during its availability period you are able to continue your quest from where you left off, just contact me
  • Rewards include: canonization into the lore, player determined IC spoils, post-credits (see table below) to use in the Terran market, and your thread will be Featured Depending on the impact and rewards, if the quest is too easily accomplished your canonization may be denied or modified
    • Players should keep in mind that injury and even death aren't permanent in a magical setting like Valucre
  • At the end of every quest, follow the Canonization Process. The Opportunities and Notable Consequences section are your chance to really explain to future players the significance of the events of the thread, and how they can interact with the event or its aftermath

If you pick up a quest and are by yourself at the start, you can use the Water Cooler to both players for your team and/or cast a net out for anyone that might want to GM. Class S quests require a third-party storyteller. 

  • Class C (Easy): 1.25x post-credit value. 1 player (or more). 1+ page (16 posts or more).
  • Class B (Medium): 1.5x post-credit value. 1 player (or more). 2+ page.
  • Class A (Hard): 2x post-credit value. 1+ players. 3+ pages.
  • Class S (Crazy): 3x post-credit value. 2+ players. 5+ pages.
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Quest List (updated 2018-10-31)


Biazo Isle

  • Class C [repeatable]: Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB
  • Class C [repeatable]: On behalf of PeaceKeeper Michael, establish good relations with a local merchant to trade with the settlement
  • Class C [repeatable x4]: Escort a crew of builders to an agreed upon site so they can construct a faux-ton post for travel within the island
  • Class A: Help the military establish outposts for displaced refugees from Biazo City and protect them from raids (contact amenities)


  • Class C [repeatable - x5]: Blairville is still reeling from the aftereffects of the madness of the Spire; many murders and other foul acts were committed. There are several openings for new Constabulary Officers, including temporary deputy positions, to clean up the chaos and try to bring justice. (There are many thread opportunities here, including missing persons cases, rewards offered for stolen valuable items, and capturing feral beasts and ambulatory plants driven mad by the effects of the Spire).
  • Class B: There is also a troubling movement among the local populace to blame the gypsies and their arcane ways for the disaster, and there has been a sudden increase in violent acts against that segment of the population.
  • Class B: The Rat King's seen better days - now bringing his skills to light in the competitive world of Blairville magical study. He needs help finding exotic materials from Blairville's Unterholm for a spell said to 'truly transform' him into man-sized, bipedal rat.
  • Class A: The Gypsy Market's Mob boss has become even more ruthless and harsh as time has gone by, and that's making the market a hostile place for everyone. Help his ex-wife, a kindly but equally ruthless old mobster, end his reign of terror.


  • Class C [repeatable]: Help a local fisherman catch a filta-filta, a man-sized fish that can be found 100 miles south of the Casper coast. The trip takes about 3 days. 
    • Class B: Rumors have it that the entire board of a trading company was slaughtered, and the building is now haunted by the ghosts of the owners that were found dead inside of it
    • Casper B: A recent rash of drug related deaths lead anyone that investigates to an alchemist that is using unwitting addicts to perform experiments.


    • Class C [repeatable]: A local caster has summoned a creature that they cannot control and it is on a rampage, destroying the area. 
    • Class 😄 A dare among children causing them to perform a ritual to invite spirits into their home is rumored to be the cause of the high rate of missing children. Find out if this is true, or what's really happening.
    • Class B: A local merchant seeks a group of adventurers to recover a relic from cultists hiding out somewhere in the city.
    • Class A: Evil clerics gather in secret to summon a monstrous god to the world.
    • Class A: Recently, a hermit magician living in town has died of old age. With no one to maintain his wards, strange things are happening as his spells break down.

    Hell's Gate

    • Class C: After a quarantine has been declared in a sector of the city, military operatives, in particular FIST, continue the investigation. Which side are you on?
      • Class C: Taking the information from Truth of Bombing, find out who hired the mercenaries that blew up the airdock. (contact supernal) 
      • Class B: Racial tensions between humans and elves are rising. Escort a local human ambassador to a local elf enclave and keep them safe throughout the discussions.


        • Class A: At the eye of the storm that tears across the land lies a floating citadel.

          Last Chance

          • Noko's quest index
          • Class CFree inoculations are being handed out at the offices of the Civilian Defense Force. There is a scientist that claims to know the truth behind these health initiatives. Escort her to the offices of the Public Defender news agency (note: quest ends with delivering the scientist and so should focus on challenges getting her there)
          • Class C: A dangerous tribe located west of Last Chance and known as the Wahr-bear is paying local bandit gangs to kidnap children and deliver them as slaves.

          Predator's Keep

          • Red's quest index
          • Class 😄 Rumor is that PK holds a political alliance with Patia. Find out if true and to what extent, then report back (Contact Red the Ambivalent).


          • Weland quest index
          • Class 😄 While the plague affected Weland has mostly been eradicated, people in the poorer sections of the city are still suffering from it, mostly in the Teka District. There is a rumored herb known as Fengge that grows near the Day River and is said o cure any disease, but is only found in the dangerous swamps. Bring back what the local apothecary needs and the apothecary will provide an excellent reward.
          • Class B: Clerics who have resurrected a long-dead hero discover she's not what they thought.
          • Class B: Catacombs have opened beneath the city, guarded by ancient undead. The recent events of the Lightning Rail attack and the assassination of the previous regent have caused unrest. Local legend has it that a society of Kharn live beneath Weland’s surface guarding treasures that linked to the Old Welander god of retribution, Meibatsu. The regent is looking for a small expedition to enter the underground society and secure these treasures before Meibatsu finds out about their presence. It is a race against time as the god is also hunting for the same items. Destroy the undead and investigate the rumors of the presence of the Kharn society.
          • Class B: Help Lord Tamashi Akihiro find the last missing piece to finish his magitech computer. The last piece is a rare lotus shaped crystal located deep in winding cavernous mountains. Party of 4-5 is recommended. When you return, you will be rewarded handsomely and treated to a feast. Your party will become known as local heroes for discovering the crystal.


          • Class C [repeatable]: Various. A village is getting terrorized by a band of vagabonds that takes their money and raids their food stores. 
          • Class A: No Man's Land. Holy artifact Odin's Mask was stolen from the First Temple. Inquisitors have begun and furthered an investigation, providing the details for the bounty listing, but still requires someone to find the artifact and those responsible. A civilian report places the mask in or near the mountain ranges of No Man's Land. (contact supernal)


          • Jaistlyn's quest index
          • Class C [repeatable]: Catalogue in-depth bestiary information on known local creatures. (Contact jaistlyn)
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          Completed Quests  (updated 2018-05-08)


          • Class C: A group of bandits have been using the lake as a means to seek out victims. Investigative efforts have not located their hiding place but it is believed they have a cabin somewhere in the Southern foothills. It is believed they are carrying the boat onto land and hiding it somewhere nearby. Further speculation suggests that only about half of their group go out at a time, leaving the other half behind- given that the average robbery has four men, it is believed there are 8-10 perpetrators. Fortunately, they have been mostly nonviolent Though armed, they have not seriously injured anyone . . . yet. They are wanted alive to face trial. Suggested number of people: not beyond the capabilities of one, but better off with a group of 3-5.
          • Class 😄 Various monsters and creatures of the dark have begun preying upon hapless locals from the sewers.
          • Class B: A wronged half-elf needs a champion to fight for her in a gladiatorial trial


          • Class 😄 There's an ancient temple somewhere on the Isle. Locate it and report back to Biazo Abbey
          • Class B: Shipments of ore from a nearby mine have stopped and the miners haven't responded to communication. Those that investigate find the miners alive but unconscious, covered with red welts and green mold.
          • Class B: Steal one of Archbishop Twizzen's personal items and deliver it to the hex-witch in the Casper shanty-towns
          • Class 😄 Escort a crew of builders to an agreed upon site so they can construct a faux-ton post for travel within the island
          • Class S: A joint effort by church and military to clean up the ruins of Biazo City and weaken the presence of Unnaturals on the Isle. 
          • Class S: Help defend Biazo City against an attack
          • Class B: A warforged exiled from Tia has gathered disgruntled golems to his cause and has been raiding squatter camps.
          • Class B: Some unknown thing or presence is killing the life in the coral reef near Biazo.
          • Class C [repeatable]: Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB


          • Class 😄 A subtle red fog has invaded a select few portions of Blairville, causing those that inhale it to be afflicted by headaches and nausea, accumulating in rage and sporadic violence. Investigate the rumors, and safely capture those affected.
          • Class A: Map a floor of The Tower
          • Class B: Your character(s) wakes up in a dark, dank prison cell. S/he has been captured and must escape the Unterholm before an even worse fate befalls them.
          • Class 😄 A wizard tower has a rat problem;progressively comedic sized vermin swarm from the basement. Some are the size of full grown men, others are no larger than a moth. Solve this mystical problem and try not to get bit, just in case.
          • Class B: With Safeguard's introduction, convicts are being registered into a database so the imprint of their magical influence can be scanned for at select locations. Ways around it are already being introduced in the black market. A bounty offers a modest reward for routing out the criminal activity, but you might have other plans.
          • Class B: A twin gypsy has gone mad and is cursing anybody that wanders into her store. Find out what the cause is (has she been threatened? cursed? children kidnapped?) and put a stop to the chaos.
          • Class A: Clear out Artifacture tower of threads
          • Class A: There is a dragon's egg being sold in the illegal section of the Gypsy Market.
          • Class A: One in a series of mysterious black spires has sprouted in Blairville. Find out what's going on and take it down.


          • Class 😄 Bugbears are demanding a toll on a well-traveled bridge
          • Class B: There are rumors that corpses have been dug up, and people killed to make more, and the cadavers used to either make or fuel a trackless train.
          • Class B: The door into an abandoned house in the middle of town is in fact a magic portal. Find out what is on the other side, map it, and get the information back to the mayor.
          • Class B: Gargoyles are killing giant eagles in the mountains (Further investigation into this rumor reveals that the mayor has a vested interest in saving the eagles)
          • Class A: Investigate the Full Deck and rumors of it housing criminal activity.


          • Class A: Evil clerics gather in secret to summon a monstrous god to the world.
          • Class C [repeatable]: A local caster has summoned a creature that they cannot control and it is on a rampage, destroying the area. 
          • Class A: There is a 15 mile radius around a lone cabin in the woods that drains people of their energy (not enough to kill). Purify/exorcise the land.
          • Class 😄 A cursed looking-glass in the home of a cobbler takes people to the spirit world. Steal it and sell it on the black market. 
          • Class B: Investigate the rumors that there is a personality altering disease rampaging throughout the city.
          • Class B: An enchanter is compelling others to steal for her. After a group of adventurers got close to her, she's been more cautious.
          • Class B: The keys to disarming all the magic traps in a wizard's tower have gone missing.

          Hell's Gate

          • Class C [repeatable]: A construction company has just leveled some land to make room for new construction, and in the process have discovered an underground that doesn't exist on any maps. What will you find if you explore it?
          • Class C: Three gangs that were running a racket on a tenement have been overturned. But now there are whispers of a new, even more vicious, less scrupulous gang emerging out of the tenement itself. Stop them or help them. 
          • Class C: Another serial killer is on the loose, ripping out the hearts of civilians. Is this a copycat of the Broken Hearts Killer or someone entirely more dangerous?
          • Class B: A  tenement is being terrorized by local gangs. Either stop the gangs or help them take the tenement as a base.
          • Class B: The city has three primary docks for airships, and one of them was destroyed in a potential terrorist attack. Rebuild the broken primary dock and/or investigate who was behind it.
          • Class A: An ancient curse is turning innocent people into evil murderers.
          • Class B: A plague brought by wererats threatens a community.
          • Class B: There are rumors of corruption in the police force operating out of the more run-down sections of Hell's Gate. Find the truth. 


          • Class B: The funeral for a good fighter was disrupted by enemies he made while alive.
          • Class 😄 An illusion of peace and tranquility is projected over a nearby village. The players must escape the illusion and see what's really happening.
          • Class 😄 Evil nobles have created an adventurers' guild to monitor and control adventurers.
            • Completed: DTH
          • Class 😄 There is said to be a Cyclops whose eye is a protective gem; he sleeps at the heart of the land

          Last Chance

          • Class 😄 At the bottom of Pator's wishing well is said to be a portal to an underworld, which can only be opened by diving in and nearly drowning. An aristocrat has hired you to travel this underworld and find him a silver finger bone that rests on a golden pedestal
          • Class 😄 Argus Inc. is alleged to have engaged in civil rights violations. Find out if there's any truth to this (Contact Noko) 


          • Class B: Water drawn from a certain well in town is animating into elementals and sprites that then go on to cause mischief. 
          • Class A: Medical supplies meant to combat a highly infectious disease have gone missing. Without them an untold number of refugees are sure to suffer and eventually expire. [Military sector - Paroxysm]
          • Class 😄 Anarchists occupying the Bell Tower ruins must be removed to permit safe construction of an important factory. Clear the troublemakers by any means. Any effort to discourage further interference will be met with a heightened reward. [Industry Sector - spacegy4]
          • Class B: A duke of a local village is rumored to mistreat his constituents. Your mission is to stop him, by whatever means necessary.
          • Class B: Two orc tribes wage a bloody war.
          • Class B: A recently recovered artifact causes arcane spellcasters powers to go awry.


          • Class B: Regent Nica needs the 230 mile stretch from Tia to the Ponkapoag Lake surveyed for and cleared of danger for the establishment of a certain kind of transportation system.
          • Class 😄 A wizard needs a particularly rare spell component found only in the Haunted Glen.
          • Class B: An antidote to a magic poison must be found before the mayor's nephew dies. A great reward and prestige is promised.



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